1. Neomi

    I think you have given a fair representation of the company from someone who is not involved and has done research. My boyfriend is in WV and firmly believes in it. We have used their dreamtrips, but not always because sometimes Priceline is cheaper (I'm very frugal). For people who dont know how to plan a trip and look for the best priced hotels, flights, and attractions it is great since they do all that for you.

    I am not an extrovert so It does not work for me, but he has made money. The only way to make money is to work hard at finding new leads, this requires lots and lots of hours (sometimes more than a fulltime job). Lots of No's and presentations and talking to everyone you know as well as everyone you see on the street.

    The trips are good, they have great vacations planned out for you for good prices, since they purchase them in huge group rates. This is only worth it if you travel often though.

    The trainings are expensive, and for me, seem like more of a hype rally. They bring out the few people who have become millionaires to make everyone else believe they too can achieve this status. They also give you a BMW after you've signed so many people up.

    It is a legit company, works great for some, but not others like me who'd rather keep a safe day job.

    • Thank you Neomi for your thoughtful comments. l totally agree with you that on the travel business side …… there are some benefits for regular travellers. The training will indeed cost you a leg yet there is nothing to show for it. The replicated websites are difficult to rank in search engines and you will have to find other ways to promote your business. Of course, there is always a few people at the top who have mastered the art of sucking people into MLM and Pyramid schemes. They dominate the MLM industry and seems to be at the top of every pyramid scheme. People just buy into ‘hype’ and later realize that it is a ‘responsibility‘ …. to recruit and to pay NOT an ‘opportunity‘. Making money online is not for everyone.

    • Birdie

      World Ventures-Dream TripsI I completely understand your reservations. As you could see in presentations, W/V never pressure anyone. W/V are looking for people who are looking for us
      When I was first shown this, I thought it was too good to be true too. A quick way to get rid of my business and start some thing that will involve my friends, and family.
      As it happens, I had my business on the market but I started doing this part time any way. My business sold in August and am doing this full time now, but when it suits me…I’m no longer a slave to my business.
      The travel got me interested firstly, so to invite my like minded friends was exciting, and not let them know of the benefits of the business at the same time, was not an option.
      Having said that, there are a lot of people signing up for the Dream Trips Travel side of things only. They are just seeing the business option side as they progress, and later on, if it is right for them, they join the business.
      I also looked at the web sites, that blast this whole Travel concept, calling it a scam and a Pyramid scheme, which incidentally is illegal in Australia.
      World Ventures is a PTY LTD Company with 14 lawyers and a Barrister in our ranks. We are a “referral holiday club.” This is a fully sanctioned business, passed all the legal scrutiny and registered in Australia and 29 other countries around the world, (N.Z. and China coming aboard) Every one can make it big, every one is the CEO in this business.
      There are always detractors in every industry, especially when one new one, is disrupting the established ones. Uber on Taxis. Cost Co on Retail, etc. That’s what Dream Trips is doing to the Travel Industry, disrupting it.
      The detractors, we found, were simply disgruntled people, who didn’t want to do the work that is involved with running a business like this in the first place.
      This was never a get rich quick scheme, though having said that a lot of people are making a shit load of money, but those ones are treating this as a business, and seriously working at it.
      Any one can do this at their own pace.
      Do you mind if I ask you a couple of really direct questions?
      Firstly, in business and in life do you usually let people who have failed at something influence your thinking so much?
      Second question; Does google have a crystal ball, because we are sharing a vision, and building for the future. What’s your vision?

      • Thank you Birdie for your well thought input. No one ever bashes the ‘Travel concept’, it is the recruiting of new people into the ‘concept’ and making money off their subscriptions and getting a chunk off their sales. You know it is NOT true that ‘—every one is the CEO in this business’, that is why there are levels and common sense will tell you that anyone joining today with no recruits on their down-line have no-one to lead as CEOs.

        Coming to your questions; 1) l will answer this with another question, ‘Would you join a business where 97% of the people are failures and only 3% who are at the top are making a killing?
        2) My vision is to see a better world where innocent people are fleeced by retards and high school dropouts because they are at the top of the pyramid or they got to know about an opportunity before their friends did.

      • JK

        Amen!! It’s not for everyone because they are not tuned in mentally the same way.

        If you want it to work and if you have the desire and drive, it will work. 90% of the world’s population is ok working for a boss and being dictated to day in and day out. That same percentage also complain about the rich getting richer and poor getting poorer.

        That is not the case, Henry Ford, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Walt Disney etc all came from poor backgrounds but they got off their backside and became frustrated with the slave mentality and made something out of themselves.

        WV gives people the opportunity to do so, at the very cheap rate as well. Call it multi-level marketing, call it a pyramid scheme, call it what you want, it works, it’s reputable and it is for those who BELIEVE in their abilities and those of the people motivating them to do so.

        • Can you surely compare Henry Ford and Walter Disney to MLM business opportunity? Do you know what happened to an MLM called The Trump Network? Do you know where people at the top of MLM get money from? Where do new people who join MLMs get money from until they suck in their own victims into their downline? For your own information, NO MLM will survive without people with ‘the with the slave mentality’ who are fooled into joining and part with their hard earned cash. Imagine a world where every company is a member of an MLM and each person is making money off people they recruited?

        • angela olsen

          If you have hundreds of folks to contact without hitting on your close friends and relatives it may work. I know from experience it is the hardest work you will do. Do not get caught up in the hype and abilities of those who make it big.. My best comment is stay away and keep your day job. The odds are against you being able to do well.. and can cost you money in the long run.

    • Hey Ron,
      if you haven’t joined yet you should. You will be traveling with some of the most interesting people. So if you haven’t by now give me a shout and I gladly will help you to join.

      • Rob

        Why would anybody join an organization that doesn’t pay their employees?
        I know RMDs who haven’t been paid since September of 2017. No commissions, residuals or dream car payments. WV has also not paid their vendors and owe about $15 million. Vendors are starting to withhold services until payment is made, meaning that members are paying their monthly and for their trip, then they get to the destination only to find that they don’t have a room, because the vendor isn’t honoring their agreement because WV isn’t paying them for past services. Go to Glassdoor and read what corporate employees are saying…open talk of bankruptcy. Wayne Nugent having to use his personal funds to pay corporate payroll. The Flye card disaster, which drained tens of millions of dollars from WV. The falling apart of the European market. The Chinese scam, that took millions from WV. The illegal deals WV has attempted to make in the Asian market and the sex assaults.
        WV being out of cash and cash reserves. C-level officers leaving after seeing the true financials.
        And then throwing EVERY REP under the bus in the Empower fiasco.
        Sorry that you got in so late. All you’re doing is paying the people in your upline.
        If you knew anything about MLMs before you joined, you should have know, if WV has a corporate headquarters, that means you’re too late….the top spots are already filled. You’ll never make the big bucks.

  2. Esther

    Hello Ron, to answer your question I would say YES ! You should definitely join. I’ve been on 4 different vacation because of WV. It is one of the best decisions I’ve made so far. Thank you wayne, he has changed my life.

  3. Phoenix

    I say whoever is writing must not know a lot if not you gave up. Everywhere u work has a pyrimd scheme even if you deny it! Every job has a pyramid scheme. This is the best decision my family and I have made in our struggling lives. We are excited and we are so happy my family became closer, we have more time to spend woth each other, and we have lots of fun! So it’s not what you “think” or “like” or “heard”. It’s about the experience! Overall the experience and money is great! Work hard you play hard, you help others work hard they are also able to play hard. 🙂

    • Hahaha— usual MLM rhetoric. Ask Trump, he will tell you that he was joking about all companies being pyramid schemes after his own Trump Network hit the ground with a thud. People are at the top because they are educated and experienced. In MLM, primary school drop outs and retards are at the top. Read their parroted rhetoric and recited comments all over the internet. You forgot to add the line ‘… we are earning passive income while we are travelling…’ LOL.

  4. Lea

    We are talking about two different things here; the travel and the business opportunity.
    1) Travel
    Worldventurea main product is Dreamtrips. So if you like to travel, then Dreamtrips is definitely the way forward. When people say they find trips cheaper elsewhere that maybe the case, but they haven’t found everything that’s included cheaper I.e. the entire package, hotel, food, excursions etc. The guarantee Dreamtrips offer, of a free trip if you find the exact trip like for like is awesome. So what have you got to lose. I have been on 12 trips over the last two years and I am very frugal and thorough when it comes to finding bargains. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, you can’t judge something if you’ve never experienced it or from reading a random blog anything can write anything these days just do your due diligence.

    2) Business
    I am also a rep for WV and it most definitely isn’t a scam! As with any business you get out of it what you put in, it’s not a get rich quick scheme either. I never tell anyone they are going to make money over night but I have seen it take people 3-5 years of pure hard work and focus. The business is not for everyone. It’s not for people who are comfortable in what they’re doing or are happy in a secure job (even though job security is really non-existent right now). You need to be really strong willed, determined and willing to invest in your own growth and personal development. Not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur and that’s fine.

    In regards to people having difficulties in getting money beach I have never experienced that. I have had a number of people over the last two years that have cancelled their membership for a number reasons and after requesting their refund they received immediately with no problems.

    A pyramid scheme is the exchange of money withou receiving a product or service. We have a very good product that has got better and better. You only have to look at reputable, independent companies like 500inc, Ernst & young, World Travel awards etc and you will see that Worldventures has received nothing but positive responses and awards over the years. Also consider the fact scams/ pyramid schemes do not last generally more than 2 years. Worldventures is now in its 11th year. The people that are at the top are people that have sacrificed and worked their butts of to get there and in turn have helped hundreds of others get there too. It’s a business and any business requires work. I’m no where near where I want to be but, one things for sure I will not travel any other way because what’s coming is going to be huge. If you’re someone that is scared about losing $360.00 dollars that is more of reason you should do it because if you compare it to what other things we spend money on $360 is not a lot of money. Anyway, I hope that helps. Like I said the the business isn’t for everyone but the travel is a no brained in my opinion.

    • Thank you Lea for your thoughtful comment.
      1) ‘When people say they find trips cheaper elsewhere that maybe the case…’ you forgot to mention that ‘elsewhere’ they get deals for FREE without any commitment or payment.
      2) ‘… consider the fact scams/ pyramid schemes do not last generally more than 2 year’ — This is laughable, Vemma was closed after 10 years in operation. Herbalife was recently fined $200 million dollars for poor business ethics when they have been in business for 35 years. Age is just a number when it comes MLMs.
      3) ‘….people that are at the top are people that have sacrificed and worked their butts of to get there…’ — they only got to know of the opportunity before others and got positioned for the down-line harvest.
      4) ‘…in turn have helped hundreds of others get there too’ — have your ever studied the compensation plan of an MLM based company? How does everyone get to the top too when the comp plan is pyramid shaped? What about those struggling to recruit and are abandoning ship in droves?

      Calm down you don’t own World Ventures. Travel is indeed a ‘no brainer’ if it is not linked to a compensation plan.

      • Snuffjuice

        I could not agree with your stance more. I was a part of an mlm known as financial destination. They had a few decent products like credit repair and one of the better things they offered was options trading advice. The guy who was the stock market guru eventually left the mlm and that turned a big plus into a minus. But I digress. Anytime I hear anything about a down or upline or Robert kyiosaki and his bullshit books and board games, I cringe. When I see these seminars with the presenters working people into a frenzy, it just irks the shit outta me. I can speak from experience and say that in this day and age, all mlm’s are obsolete. Thanks but I can find a great deal on a vacation all by myself without having to pay a monthly fee.

          • Snuffjuice

            Robert got his start with amway. I don’t think he’s currently a part of an MLM but most of these MLM’s will tell you that you absolutely have to read rich dad poor dad. That’s why I mentioned him.

  5. Cypher

    “I’m here to help.”
    Excellent explanations by all. For those on the fence about doing this as a business,it boils down to one word, faith. You must have faith in the people you’re working with. This company offers a chance to travel more and earn money. It has a way of shortening the learning curve with both. All you need is the desire to travel more, and willingness to introduce others who share that interest. You “must” find someone knowledgable in the business that will talk for you. Introduce people with “interest” to people with “knowledge”.

    “I’m here to help.”

  6. frank

    hello statistics say that 99% of individuals participating in a marketing networ lose their money, that means that 1% that and managed to steal the money of that 99% that has lost, should be called con man, the people who lose money then has problems with depression because they feel failures, in reality these skilled scammers, use of the network pyramid to make easy money and exploiting others, I do not understand why there is not a law which provides for imprisonment up to 30 years for these promoters

  7. Eli

    This is a horrible concept! They make it sound so easy and are so secretive about their presentations that quite honestly, feels downright like a scam. Yes they provide dream trips and the ability to make some $$$ but the notion that you can live freely and just get paid to travel, sounds very idiotic! They highlight those at the top level (less then 1%) and fail to speak about the other 99%. The fact is that most people doing this are dead broke! Don’t join. Think about this: you pay $250 to join and then $50 per month that’s your starting membership package. So in year one you paid $850. You can research online for free and put together a trip for that amount. Then they make you feel like you need these trainings (basically over hyped rallies) and very expensive. Flights / stay / food / and they also charge for you to attend ($200 to $500). Here’s is the problem if you are joining how can u possibly pay for these things when you don’t have people signed up? It is a financial nightmare when u sit down and do the math. Know some people involved, really committed and are dead broke and brainwashed. Is it a scam? To me YES but you are doing it willingly! Be careful and do your research! God Bless!

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