1. Alex Wa

    Wow, talk about a detailed review 🙂
    And I gotta agree with what you’ve said here, MOBE is not something people should consider. I am actually surprised this company hasn’t been sued for millions of dollars yet!

    • admin

      Thank you Alex for stopping by and leaving words of encouragement. These guys are difficult to sue because they have formed an alliance and they pull together funds to defend their Ponzi schemes. After all, they do not sell any ‘products’ and hardly incur any overheads which means they can easily spare millions to defend themselves. Thats is why l love my Wealthy Affiliate, reviewed Here.

  2. Jack

    I just got finished with the 21 steps a few days ago. I only paid $49.00 for the application fee because I wasn’t going to get scammed out of the thousands of dollars they try to up sell you with in the 21 steps. As of right now buying the 21 steps is a waste of $49 because the steps teach you nothing about building a business but in fact just try to upsell and get more money from you. I have the rights to sell the 21 steps to people but you have to pay for ads and you can’t pay the ads back with $25 commissions from selling the 21 steps. And in the last few days I haven’t been able to find anyone who is remotely interested in it. I just want a refund haha

    • Ergonomic

      Thank you Jack for helping others avoid being scammed by MOBE. I am sorry that you lost your money when you purchased the useless 21 steps. However, l am happy that you quickly realized that MOBE was a scam and refused to fall for up sells. When you purchase the hyped 21 steps you really think that other people will not resist the offer, only to realize that it’s like you are selling a skunk…. lol. The worst thing would be selling MOBE to your friends who will turn on you after failing to sell the program to anyone. Good lucky with the refund and lets meet inside Wealthy Affiliate.

  3. Fred Boggs

    went to a workshop yesterday in singapore, smelt a rat straight away when they were all dressed like " the men in black" no one would give there full names or hand out business cards, quite strange for such a professional business. within 20 mins the speaker was pumping financial education and how singaporeans could get grants to pay for the 3 day course. People were leaving the meeting room only for the speaker called Russell to quote " look at the losers going back to there JOBS. I was asked to sign up and made an excuse I could bot pay the USD 997 as my card was maxed out. The salesman then said can you phone your bank and get a loan or call a friend to pay for a course on 22/23/24 jan, hell no i replied, done some research today and seen loads of comments, glad I sniffed the rat first

    Take care and beware

    • Scam Busters

      Phew! That was close Fred. Now they are sending letters to hosting companies instructing them to pull down websites with negative reviews. l had to take this review several times after receiving such threats. They are so desparate to make you make the initial payment which they know they will not refund. Now Solo ad sellers are refusing to promote MOBE for fear of loosing people on their lists the moment they realise that it is a scam. You can really do a lot with $25 000 than purchase rights in the hope that others will do the same. Thank you for sharing your experience and warning others to stay away from this endless funnel.

  4. Nunki Valinas

    My story with Mobe starts when an acquaintance mention this business in his facebook, I checked the link and looks fishy everywhere, but as I know him (actually I worked for him a few years) I trusted him.
    I look for reviews, I found several saying it’s a scam and several saying it’s not… but I couldn’t find any negative review from someone who bought the license, so I bought it.
    This is what happens…
    First, Mobe has a warranty, if you are not satisfied and make at least $1.000 after completing the 21 steps within 30 days, they will give you $500 back, but the step 6 requires buy a $2.497 license that makes you a Mobe Licence Affiliate and gives you access to the real commissions.
    When you purchase the license a coach is assigned to you and he contacts you daily, unblocking the steps by 1 or 2 every day.
    Also, there is a 1 year warranty for the license… After you pay the license, you receive the contract with a disclosure agreement and you realize the condition for the 1 year warranty requires you to prove have been promoting at least in 3 different methods the products during 12 months.
    After the purchase, you have access to the commission chart, where you learn you have to upgrade your account to Titanium in order to get the $3.300 commissions , upgrade again to Platinum to get the $5.500 and of course, upgrade again to Diamond to get the $10.000 commissions.
    The upgrades costs are: Titanium $9.999, Platinum $15.999 And Diamond $29.999
    When I was hesitant about it, my sponsor (the person who introduced me to this program) told me the license can be purchased later, is not relevant. So I got in with the $49. After that, my coach told me if I don’t get the license I’ll waste my time and energy because is too hard to make money in this way and the commissions are practically none. So he was honest and told me to get the license when I get the money and he’ll help me get my first 2 licenses to recover the money. (That never happened).
    Believing in my sponsor, I got the license and a second coach was assigned a more “experienced” one. This guy pushes me to buy the Titanium upgrade, I told him I did not have the money for that and he insist with new options every time I said no, saying I could pay it with several credit cards, ask for a loan in the bank, a loan with friends or family, sell my car. I told him the money for the license was more than enough and when I see some revenue I’ll think in reinvesting. He got upset, told me without the upgrade is a waste of time in the program and ignored me since then.

    Also, after the purchase you start to realize all the products you think you can sell, like the Masterminds, are ONLY for MOBE promoters…so, what we have left for make money (other than incorporate more people)???
    At least in Canada, Pyramidal scheme are illegal, but Mobe insist they are not pyramidal and the last answer that takes 4 month and several emails, messages, etc. was:

    “MOBE sells business training programs, with a special emphasis on internet marketing. The business model is such that customers purchase various training materials, masterminds, classes, etc. and MOBE provides those training programs.
    MOBE also has an affiliate program for those who wish to refer interested business owners to MOBE’s training. MOBE will pay a commission for any sales made. There are no incentives simply for recruiting.
    I believe your reading of the law is inaccurate.
    MOBE complies with all laws in the jurisdictions in which it does business.”
    In the government web page you can find this:
    Pyramid Selling Is a Criminal Offence
    A scheme of pyramid selling focuses primarily on generating profits by recruiting others and not from the sale of products. These schemes may offer products; however, the products may have very little value or the plan may offer limited incentives for their sale.
    Definition of a Scheme of Pyramid Selling

    Section 55.1 of the Act defines a “scheme of pyramid selling” as an MLM plan with one or more of the following features:
    • requires a payment for the right to receive compensation for recruiting others into the MLM plan (compensation for recruitment);
    • requires purchases as a condition of participation (purchase requirement), other than a specified amount of product at the seller’s cost for the purpose of facilitating sales;
    • lacks a buy‑back guarantee on reasonable commercial terms or participants are not informed about the guarantee.
    It is a criminal offence to establish, operate, advertise or promote a scheme of pyramid selling.

    The 3 features mentioned above are in Mobe, you require buy the program, next the license and the warranty is very tricky.
    If they are so good why is a problem a refund when you are not interested in promoting their products?

    I know I was naïve and dumb in buy this, and of course, broke and in debt (I’m a stay at home mom in a very difficult economy) but also I have values and I can’t incorporate anyone else to this and if my experience can help others to not get in the loop, I’m happy to share my story.

    • Thank you Nunki for sharing your bad experience with MOBE. My heart bleeds when l read such heartbreaking stories yet those at the top keep on misleading people to join their down-lines. It was not your fault that you joined MOBE, the person who knew the truth but sucked you in is the one to blame. When you quit you realize that you bought a name and rented tools to promote it which unfortunately you can not take with you or use for anything else. They are also aggressive in protecting their business, l had to edit this review after MOBE had instructed my hosting company to take down my website. They don’t want the truth to be told. For you to qualify for a refund you need to prove that your spend a fortune advertising the ‘opportunity’ through FB, Solo Ads etc. Any money that you make will go towards the next up-sell until you are broke. Take it as a bad learning experience and move on. All the best.

  5. June

    MOBE is absolutely a scam. They are scamming more and more people. I’m going to sue them. Let’s take them down

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