1. Justin

    Facebook is one word, not two. Every time I see it as two in this article, it's nails on a chalkboard. Like if you spelled Apple with one "p" or something. Please fix. 

  2. Scott

    As the author basically stated in the article, it is NOT a scam. At least not any more than any other website or app that asks you to sign up through Facebook!
    Most of these also say that if you join, they have the permission to access your contact information.
    And guess what ANY of them are going to do with that information? They are going to advertise their services to your friends. Nothing new or different (not that it is very desirable).

    • Thanks Scott for the heads up. When joining such platforms people must make sure they reject some of the requests such as ‘Zorpia will post content on your behalf’, ‘access to your contact list’ etc.

  3. hey ,i reach in my e-mail box a message ,that say me ,that i have win 1,500,000,00$,from users of zorpia and will send me this amount by ATM CARD form ,is true this fact yes or no ,i would like an official respond,waiting

    • Sorry l don’t own Zorpia so l can not give you an ‘official response’. However, in my opinion that is obviously a scam and soon you are going to be told to pay them money for bank charges and many other charges. Once you send the money, that’s the end of it. Just delete the email and forget about it. If you respond, they know you are intrested and they will send more spam messages.

      • Ralph

        Zorpia IS a scam/spam site. I’ve been getting e-mails for a long time, not knowing who they were and NEVER signing up for anything (35 years in IT myself).

        Someone named “Vijaykishor” is now inundating me with spam, and looking at the link without clicking it is obvious it is an automatic sign-up page that immediately gets you deeper into the pit of this Chinese Satan.

        AVOID IT

    • younis shahzad

      Iam Younis from Pakistan received same massage from Zorpia.com and asked me to contract with Zorpia promotion,I contacted with Zorpia. com to know that is this massage of winning of prize15,000,00 dollarsis correct or scam Zorpia.com reply that it is a true.when I applied for this prize. they demanded 100 doollers for postel charge what I will be do now please guide me Zorpia. com or any other.

  4. Zorpia is a big SCAM

    This shitty site called Zorpia tricked me into signing up its account by sending me an email that I have a private message from someone I know. What a fucked up way to gather subscribers. I just hope that my contacts don’t get fake invitations from me into Zorpia

    • Caryn H

      I’m sure your contacts will receive emails from Zorpia with a fake “message” from you. Sorry to say. It’s completely messed up, but hey, that’s what scammers do. Lesson learned – make sure you do a Google search on the sender FIRST before opening an email from anyone or any company that seems suspicious.

    • curtis

      Hi im curtis from SA. There’s this lady by by Aisha Mohammed 1 or 2. Is she indeed in Uk London? I believe she have accomplices in South Africa robbing people their money. Be careful it seems they are using some Indian woman’s photos.

  5. Syed Rooh Ullah

    Well thats a great information you provided.I have terminated my account i knew it would be all Fake and Scam SO i searched for it and got this information

    Thanks A Lot
    God Bless O:)

  6. Adeline

    I keep getting invitations to visit a private message via zorpia from my daughter’s email address. She never signed up for zorpia, nor sent me any messages. She assumed this was some kind of virus. What’s really going on here?

    • Delete the message and forget about it. They will tell you to send them money to cover the bank charges and that will be the last time you hear from them. Don’t show them that your email is functional by responding to the message, they will send more spam messages.

  7. Dathan

    My girlfriend got quite a few emails asking her about what she thinks about this guy or this girl. She got probably 10 emails or so. Then she got an email that called her by name and said she could find her match.

  8. I also received a winning notification and gave me an email is this true also for the samsung lottery and other two and even send me a photo of the credit card how do i know if this is real or not

    • There is nothing ‘real’ Lozano. What ever method they use you end up being told to send them money to either cover bank charges, processing fees or any other funny explanation.

  9. Every woman that I have contacted, eventually asks for money. Full of scammers, I get a lot of likes and that’s a sign to me that it’s a scam. You are probably talking to a guy when you think it’s a girl.

  10. Mary Hephzibha

    Whao!!!! Thank God I read this post because I got a message to my official mail id stating that Henry has sent a private message to you, I just clicked on that link and asked me to sign up through my Facebook account but since I was in my office I didn’t wanted to login. After reading your post I Just clicked on ‘Block future invitations’ as you had said in your instructions.
    Thank you!!! 🙂

  11. Paul Willett

    I want your sleaze bag company to stop emailing me. I am not signing into any account for you to steal any data from me. You can remove me from your system please do it.

  12. Trixie

    Unfortunately for me I must have signed up from one of the message and truth be told, I don’t remember doing it. Now my email inbox is getting loads of emails and I’ve tried to unsubscribe to no avail. They are asking for my password which like I said before I’d forgotten about coz I don’t remember signing up. I’ve trie d the ‘forgot my password’ route but they don’t help you get a new password to unsubscribe. Now I’m stuck!!

  13. I have yet to find an actual real person on this scam site, they do little to stop these scammers because like most sites they make money off of adds so the more people that sign up the more they are likely to get clicks on their advertisements, most profile can be easily found out by going to the following sites.
    (Reversed picture search)
    Another scam sign is if there is a telephone number on the profile which is easy to find with the following sites;
    Most likely it will come back being a Google number &/or another VOIP provider when they can pretty much pick & choose their area code which nine times out of ten will not match where their profile says they are supposedly coming from.

    • Everest Chen

      Greatly appreciate…I only help to read your comment before I was hurt and lost money……I lost $611 and lost the girl of my dream……

      Thanks for telling the reverse picture finder. I was seeking that thing but did not know how to search…..

  14. I’ve just received an email stating that I have won $1.5 million dollars from the Zorpia website from West Africa….Are they for real? And they want me to pay postage for the deliver of an ATM Card….Are they for real…There are so many Scams out there…Damien

  15. Everest Chen

    Zorpia is a good platform to meet people, but too many people take advantage of it and turn Zorpia into a negative place just like others.

    I personally have no negative mind toward Zorpia…but I did lost $611 to a girl whom we really like each other, chatted online almost 2 months….and….for some family thing…she had to flew to NIGERIA…..yeah…when I saw that country, I had alert in my mind, but for the time we have invested to each other, I was not very sure she was a real or a fake person….. I bet on the friendship we have built and lend her money.

    She gave me a phone call to thank me for helping her out when she was in a serious condition. But later, she had more problem and I could not help her more, she gave me a last phone call to explain things to me,……after that…she stopped talking to me.

    I can only say, I had a dream and that dream almost came true with the girl I have been dreaming about, but…..at the end….dream is just a dream…..and I waked up with the sadness in my heart, and lost $611……………

  16. Hi I am a member of Zorpia I have rececived emails from us office telling me that I have won 1.5 million,then another one stating I won 2million and a letter from mega millions attached with your name . Im scared and need to find out if this in fact real for the 1.5 mill; they had me contact the bank of UBA I truly would love a quick responce back from you before i procced with a payment to that bank.Thank you Chris Fezatte. phone 480-823-5228

  17. Hi I just saw that you couldnt respond to the man who ask the same thing as I did about money won ,well that isnt aceptable if you can how can we find out from because its in the zorpia site that I receive these emails from a Mr. williams Smith from zorpia promotin office and a Frank and rita,Jane . at least can you give me a us.phone number to contact PLESE thank you Chris fezatte

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