• Ergonomic

      Hi Jim, It is possible to make money online without a list or a product. Amazon, Clickbank, JVO and many other merchants already have products you can sell for commission. You can join my recommended program, 2 build free websites and sell any affiliate product of your choice for free. No account details are needed when you join and you can upgrade your membership to premium if you so wish. You can always create a list by including an option to join you e-mail list on your website. The 200 000 plus members will help you inside the community. All the best.

    • Hi Jim, I see that your looking to make money online. Have you every thought about dropshipping. I’m doing that my self and have done $9,500 in sales which yields me $1,200 or about 12% profit. Not to bad for having no inventory and working from laptop. if your interested go to https://abovealloffers.lpages.co/cesvc/
      after you enter your name put (avertscames) so I’ll know your replying from this post here.


  1. MaJo

    I don’t have time to be scammed hell i’m trying to make a living like everybody else. I was trying to find a online job but everything is a scam. If you want something you have to pay when it said trial free. A job you start the job and get paid not get ripped off before you get paid or after you do your job. So much scamming going on it’s sad. I know it’s some online jobs that are not scams because I have a friend that do it and she makes good money everyday and it’s no scam. All I want is to make my own money i’m up in age trying to survive and help my hubby out with bills take some pressure off him. If this could happen then my relationship, life would be so much better cause now it’s very stressful. I just ask for the right help cause I don’t play no games I don’t expect nobody to be fake with me.

    • Ergonomic

      Thank you Majo for taking your time to share your experience with online scams. 99% of make money online opportunities are scams. They take advantage of people who are genuinely looking for opportunities to supplement their income. The best option would be to ask your friend that you have mentioned to introduce you to the scam free ways she is using to make money online. NEVER surrender your account details if it says its free. If you would like do give affiliate marketing a go, you can join Wealthy Affiliate for free and see how it works. No account details are needed.

  2. Tamra

    if this is a scam why has it been seen on the media, fox, nbc, usa today, abc???? just wondering, i would love to work at home myself but am scared to get ripped off.

    • Ergonomic

      That is a good question Tamra. For your own information anyone can advertise their business on ‘media, fox, nbc, usa today, abc’ and even CNN or BBC. People don’t pay money to read news online and the only way the online news companies make money is through advertisements. All of those click baits at the bottom of news websites are adverts often labelled ‘You may also like this’. Some are labelled ‘sponsored’ with a faint watermark. If you check the websites you will come across an ‘Advertise with us page’. If you Google search for ‘nbc news advertising‘ the top page description will be ‘Contact us about NBCNews.com display advertising‘. However, if your advertisement is seen on popular media sites it doesn’t necessarily mean that your business is legitimate. After all these media sites do NOT police businesses like organisations such as FTC and neither are they held responsible if you fall for a scam after clicking a link on their websites.

  3. ravi

    Be careful his taking money from us , he say no credit card required, when I sign in his asking for credit card you can see in this website advertise

    • The system or kit is said to be ‘free’ and the bank details are needed only for paying for shippment. Yet, your automatically billed after 10 days according to the TOS. Good that you realized it on time. 

  4. Thomas

    Can’t thank you enough for you your article.
    I recently got hurt on the job and from the looks of it won’t be able to return to my previous employer. Unfortunately the bills don’t stop and I’m just getting by on W.Comp.
    I was looking this morning at HPSys. when I came across this. The scams out there today are amazing and to think they get away with it for so long is a shame.
    If people out there are using the internet and looking for work use it to investigate FIRST.
    You’ve heard it a million times ” If somethings to good to be true it usually isn’t “..
    Thanks again,

  5. K. Dickson

    Thanks so much Scam Busters! I read through the entire website for Home Profit System. It was first shown as a Google company on the website I read. When I got to the end, I figured it was a scam, HPS wanted a “Special One Time Investment of $97.00”. Then when I tried to get off the website, a pop up said that I could get a $20.00 off if I would proceed and join the “Community”. Boy, they really tried to hook me. I made my comments about how it was really a rip off. If the website was legit, why wouldn’t they offer to take the “The One Time Investment” out of your first pay check and not ask for any financial information from you? All they would need is your address to mail you your “great” checks! But thanks anyway for the heads up. (I’m disabled and stuck at home in a wheelchair with only a small check once a month…did I say “small”! So I really need a legit way to make some extra money on line. It’s too bad that the scams are allowed to continue.)

    • You are most welcome Dickson. l am glad you found the review helpful. If you read Home Profit System complaints around the web, once people surrender their credit card details, money is continually siphoned from their accounts. You can check out the affiliate marketing training program that l recommend for free. l will help you all the way, if you have the time and you are committed to it.

  6. Marilyn

    Hi Avert Scams, Many thanks for letting us know about the H.P.S, scam. I am needing to earn money by working from home, doing an on line business. I had an accident and had to give up my work. I would like help with getting started in affiliate marketing but I don’t have any money to do this. I don’t have a web site either, but I use the internet and can send e-mails. Can you help me please?

    • Hi Marilyn, l am glad if my review helped you avert a scam. You can get started with affiliate marketing for free. You can use this link to access the free training, build free affiliate websites and support. l can show you a website where you can host your websites for $10 the whole year. l will welcome you inside and show you the next steps. All the best.

  7. Ron

    “avertscams.com” is a valuable website; I dodged a bullet on this one by checking here before opening the first form for “Home Profit System.” A trick that I use when signing up for ANYTHING involving a membership and credit card numbers is to get a pre-paid VISA card (like Green Dot) with only the total initial purchase amount loaded. It eliminates the hassle of dealing with your bank over a new credit/debit card, not leaving the rest of your money vulnerable to being cleaned out, and allows you to purchase everyday items uninterrupted. If the membership is legit, the pre-pay card can be reloaded piecemeal, if not, the scammer gets nothing and it would be hilarious if they tried to sue. The empty pre-paid card then goes in the garbage. Again, thanks avertscams.com , ‘Kelly Richards’ is still the poster phantom for that organization (Home Profit System).

    • l am glad you found the review useful. Thanks sharing the smart tip on using ‘pre-paid VISA card’ to make payments. It really makes a lot of sense. For me if a company doesn’t accept payments through PayPal, bells will start to ring. Some do not accept PayPal but they are legit though.

  8. Thank you for the heads up. I should have known better….anything that sounds to good to be turn is usually a scam. I’ve been on trying to get by on disability but you can only stretch it so far and the bills keep coming in. I was really looking for something I could do from home so I guess I’ll keep looking unless you might have have a few suggestions. Either way, I do greatly appreciate the warning.

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