1. Theo

    THIS IS A SCAM. These testimonials are fake and the disclaimer raises eye balls. You can easily fork out $3 000 if you go all-in. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS EMPOWER NETWORK SHQ THESE PEOPLE ARE ALL FRAUD!

  2. Rosiline J T

    Please do not join this good for nothing scam. If you joined by mistake or out of ignorance, l advise you to cancel your credit card and get a new one before money is siphoned from your account. I hope this helps. Good luck people, God bless.

  3. Viktoria

    Don’t give these jerk-weeds your hard earned money. Thank you for recommending WA to me. My website for free, is now live.

  4. Kanshin C

    Network empower training is too generic, useless and a scam at its best. The videos are quite deceiving, how can a Newbie make money equivalent to the EN founders with more than 10 years in business and thousands of suffering affiliates under them? Don’t believe this people please!! They will screw you!

    • Ergonomic

      I totally agree with you Kanshin, the training is poor and over priced. l also made the same mistake and thought that l would make lots of money, forgetting that these were the founders displaying their accounts. We always forget that we are the customers when joining such scams.

  5. Michael Korson

    Thank you for the review. This empower income network just takes money from working citizens who want to genuinely supplement their income. Let’s get these maggots and pull off their towels!!

    • Ergonomic

      Well said Michael, the Empower Network founders are indeed abusing people’s trust to meet their selfish ends. Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go if you want to get started with affiliate marketing without paying a dimme.

  6. Samira

    Thanks for this review about Empower Network. Most reviews are biased and are selling EN at the end. This is just another pyramid scheme scams. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Smith

    Essentially, they are selling “HOW TOS” that teach others how to sell the SAME “HOW TOS”!
    There is no real added value or any service to external customers.

  8. Chantel

    Thes people must get a life. Thank you for the comprehensive Empower Network review. This is just similar to debt settlement scams 19422 which is equally exploitative.

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