1. WP

    Internet business need huge time & dedication and more over huge patience to keep things going on positive note. Thanks for this share.

    • l am sorry to learn that your country is not supported. You can still go through the free training without creating an account. You can still create your website on other plartforms such as blogger or wordpress.com. Thank you for your interest.

  2. K. Dickson

    IF this program is really legitimate, I’m all in. I cannot pay anything up front and I will not give my financial information. I WILL work hard and achieve my goals. Thanks for this info!

    • Yes, the program is 100% legit. It is the program l am using to date. There is nothing to pay upfront, the Free Membership is FREE forever. No account details required. In your first 7 days, you are free to check out everything the Premium membership has to offer without paying a dime. You can create 2 websites which will be hosted for free. No ads will be placed on your websites. Any money you generate from your websites is 100% yours. See you inside.

  3. Brian

    I really think people that are reading about scams should really keep up to date. some of the stuff you’re writing about is an absolute lie you have old information. Plus I see you have advertisers on your site that are scamming people funny how the scam reporter feels it’s alright to be made by people who are scamming other people. You should really keep up to date if you want to write this stuff

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