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    Go ahead Kainat, click on any of the Wealthy Affiliate links and in a minute you are in. If you encounter any challenges, get in touch by visiting the Contact Me page.

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      You are welcome Kuzo,indeed Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to learn the how tos of affiliate marketing for beginners, experts and anyone in between. l am happy you love the scam free community.

  2. When I first joined Wealthy Affiliate, I was very apprehensive. Luckily, during the 7 days, I was given the opportunity to explore every parts of it before I am convinced that it’s a legitimate site that I can trust to put a year worth of investment to start building my foundation for an online career.

    Surely not a scam, but in order to succeed, you’ll need a lot of perseverance and patience.

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      Thank you Cathy for stopping by and taking your time to offer more insight about the goodness of Wealthy Affiliate from personal experience. Indeed, any legitimate business requires you to ‘sow’ before you can ‘reap’ while internet affiliate scams will tell you the opposite. Keep up the good work and opportunities inside Wealthy Affiliate are endless. All the best.

    • Ergonomic

      Thank you Sumarty for leaving such an inspirational story about your success with Wealthy Affiliate. It took me a month to succeed because l was not implementing everything that l was learning. Once l did, the puzzle became complete & results began to show.

    • The program is FREE to join and you can get started with your training plus 2 Free websites and support. Why should you listen to ‘sounds’ when you are free to try out the program at NO cost to you. You are free to join any other program l reviewed. l can NOT surely stop you from being scammed. It’s a personal choice.

  3. Paul

    I was about to join Empower Network at one point. Followed all their online business training’s, followed their e-mail chains, started creating my sites, etc…But damn…they wanted so much money in order for one to be able to make money. How is yours different other than what I had read above? It seems that a lot of these say, NO MONEY, or Low Monies needed. But on the back end, you always have to push thousands just to make a few hundred at first. If this is legit, I will use it to push some other companies that I may be involved with. Cause I will tell you, my warm market is completely cold cause of all the MLMs I had become apart of……

    • l only refer people to programs that allow them to try them out for free without surrendering your payment details. l specify all the amounts required and there will be no any up-sells or hidden costs. Feel free to try out the 100% free program that l recommend and find out for yourself. See you inside.

  4. Masuma

    Was reviewing the other online marketing and stopped by yours , want to try it but don’t know what differentiates your business model from the infinity freedom team , that is what their page called on Facebook , they provide webinars and thing about health products . Anyway I am looking for online job to create my freedom from office job and if you can help me great 🙂

    • Unfortunately it is my first time to hear about ‘the infinity freedom team’. Since you already know about The infinity freedom team’s business model you can compare it with the business model l recommend by visiting this post.

  5. Brett Harris

    I joined WA a few years ago and was impressed with what was inside. However the thing that bothered me about it was ALL the users continually try to sell something else to you, including the Carsons.

    • Thank you Brett for your contribution. Kindly give example of what products people tried to sell to you inside WA? The only offer you get is for the external keyword tool Jaaxy which is offered during training or through auto-response. l don’t think a Carson would stoop that low and sell other products to 800 000 affiliates which can obviously cause an uproar.

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