• This is NOT a review Debra. Just letting anyone who is interested in joining Wealth Affiliate for FREE what to expect. You are free to visit my affiliate disclosure page on which l openly reveal all monetary rewards generated from AvertScams. Let me know if you have any other complaint against WA and l will include it on the list.

  1. Anne

    There are several inconsistencies in this report. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and another course.
    1. Empower Network charges $25 monthly, but WordPress is FREE.
    2. I have 4 domains with Bluehost, they were live in 2-3 minutes.
    3. “Other Keywords cost $200 per month” !
    Google Planner is free, Keywords Everywhere is free, https://kwfinder.com/ is free!

    I can’t list all the discrepancies. I have realized those highly impressed by WA haven’t been exposed elsewhere. Not that Wealthy Affiliate is bad, but the truth is the truth.

    • Thank Anne for your well thought contribution. Thank you for pointing out the said ‘inconsistencies’ which really showed the little you know about the subject matter under discussion.
      1. Yes a lot has changed inside ‘Empower Network’ over years, that is if it still exists. Thanks for the heads up. For your own information, not every WordPress if free. There is a .com and .org. They operate differently. Do you research.
      2. l am talking of the time it takes when you create a Bluehost account to the time when your site can go live. This is different from creating a website using an old account. If you have been in the IM field for a while as you claim, you would know that Bluehost is now part of the Endurance International Group (EIG). Any experienced or serious IM knows what this means. They would stay away from such. Do yourself a favour and search for Endurance International Group (EIG) reviews.
      3. Google Planner is free – for your own information Google planner is for people who advertise using Google Ads, the very reason it is no longer showing search ranges if your are not an advertiser. It was NEVER a tool for SEO keyword research. For example, if you search for ‘blog’ it shows you that it has ‘low’ competition. That is obviously low competition in terms of bidding because no-one bid on such generic terms and in terms of SEO, you won’t rank for that keyword in a lifetime.
      4. Keyword finder is a great tool for finding keywords. It offers 3 free searches and you can analyse 3 keywords for competition. If you are really a member of WA, you would know that Jaaxy also some free searches so does hundreds of other keyword tools. Some tools such as Long Tail Pro offer free free trials.

      ‘I can’t list all the discrepancies…’ you better not because you will reveal your ignorance.

      ‘I have realized those highly impressed by WA haven’t been exposed elsewhere’… if exposure to Gurus brings such confusion. l will certainly stay with WA which taught me how to rank this website on the first page of Google, the very reason why you landed on this page out of a billion others. WA rocks.

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