1. Patricia Banks

    This article contains TOO many ERRORS to even list!
    There are many credible facts around Vemma products!
    Studies are published by National Institute of Health &
    Agricultural Food Chemistry & Journal of Medicinal Food.

  2. Ryan

    Why did vemma act as if michelle was a top earner? She moved on to mōdere. It shows once you get into these types of businesses its hard to get out of them. And shes a mom? What mother could risk going to prison and of lose everything?

    • Yes, top earners just move from one MLM to another. It is very easy to say to your recruits; hey guys, this company now sucks and l have found another great one. Here is the link to join. Some do even create their new MLM companies. The owner of Zennoa is ex Miranda and the owner of Plannet is ex Paycation. The list is endless. Mlm is addictive.

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