1. Robert Hutchings

    Scientific Publications: There are 16 Unicity products listed in the 2016 PDR. http://static.unicity.com/media/pdf/PDR2016_Unicity.pdf
    The scientific papers are cited at the end of each product.
    Doctors & other healthcare providers offer Unicity Balance to their patients. It is easy to Google Unicity Balance and health specialty (i.e., obgyn, interventional cardiology) to discover practices that include Unicity Balance.
    Many people, like myself, maintain distributor membership in order to purchase the products at wholesale much like SAM’s. I’ve been using Unicity products since 2001 and am very satisfied.

    • Thank you Robert for your contribution. Yes, l have read the disclaimer on the PDR you referenced;

      These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

      The scientific research is not specific to any specific products. There are thousands of papers that demonstrate that there are certain fruits which can assist is weight loss. That does not necessarily mean that if you collect those fruits, mash them together and produce a fruit juice you have created a weight loss juice backed by scientific evidence. The very reason why UniCity products are not approved by FDA even if there are claims that they are scientifically backed by research. l am glad that you personally found Unicity products to be helpful. Unfortunately, discount seeking customers who register as MLM distributors are counted as failed affiliates which inflates the overall MLM failure rates. In the long run, the amount of products sold to distributors exceeds sales to outside or non-participating customers. When that happens, as in the case of Vemma MLM program the MLM is labeled a ‘pyramid scheme’.

      • Robert Hutchings

        Thanks you for posting my comments and for sharing your reply.

        As I am sure you are aware, very few research papers name a product and patents usually only refer to methods. This is just the protocol for formal scientific writing. However, there is one publication that I know of that specifically mentioned Bioslife 2 on the American Diabetes Association website at http://professional.diabetes.org/abstract/clinical-impact-fiber-supplementation-reduction-postprandial-blood-glucose-and-risk. Unfortunately, the page lost its formatting when their site was converted to a responsive web design but all of the words and numbers are there. Bioslife 2 is in the middle of the 3rd row.
        It is worth noting that the 4th or 5th leading cause of death (back-and-forth with strokes) in America is prescription drugs taken as prescribed by a physician and as approved by the FDA. These days, FDA approval does not prove safety or efficacy.

        I did appreciate you fair statement that Unicity did not have any scam complaints. I would be interested in reading the law for the State of Utah and for the jurisdiction for the Vemma case if you can provide the url.

        Thank you for this opportunity to share my rebuttal. Regards, Robert

        • Yes, l totally agree with you that research papers don’t mention products by name because they are not focused on analyzing any particular products. It is the producers of products such as supplements who reference the same ‘general’ scientific research outcomes to back their claims on the efficacy of using particular products. Until and unless the research is focused on a particular product in its entirety such claims remain unsubstantiated and marketing fads.

          It is worth noting that the 4th or 5th leading cause of death (back-and-forth with strokes) in America is prescription drugs taken as prescribed by a physician and as approved by the FDA

          Ooh, so people are dying because they are taking FDA approved drugs. What a sweeping statement which does not consider other confounding variables. For instance, what was the percentage increase in the use of prescribed drugs in America during the period under observation? What percentage of deaths is attributed to doctors prescribing wrong drugs or wrong combination of drugs? Where the drugs stored according to recommendations by the manufacturer both by the hospitals and the patients themselves? What about the percentage of patients that died because of miss use of the prescribed drugs? l can list a 100 more variables which demonstrate that correlations don’t indicate causality. Your statement only makes sense when it is told to indoctrinated MLM distributors.

          By the way, how many people are dying because they are being taken off their prescribed drugs and are influenced into consuming overpriced supplements just because someone is desperate to earn a commission? Even if there is no slight evidence that they work, save for parroted statements by brain washed distributors?

          You can read the full Vemma court case on this link https://www.ftc.gov/system/files/documents/cases/150826vemmacmptf.pdf. You can always Google all the other information as it is available in the public domain.

  2. Robert Hutchings

    Thank you for posting the Vemma court case. It clarifies what is an Illegal Pyramid Scheme in the opinion of the FTC. What I found most useful were 2 paragraphs:

    Paragraph 63. In sum, unlike legitimate multilevel marketing businesses, Defendants reward Affiliates for recruiting and for purchasing products to maintain bonus eligibility rather than for selling products to ultimate-user consumers.

    In COUNT 1, Illegal Pyramid
    Paragraph 67. Defendants’ promotion of this type of scheme, often referred to as a pyramid scheme, constitutes a deceptive act or practice in violation of Section 5(a) of the FTC Act, 15 U.S.C. ?45(a).

    This helps clarify in my mind what are legitimate multilevel marketing businesses. I am glad the FTC is vigilant in going after the Illegal Pyramid Schemes.

    Thank you again for posting the Vemma case link.
    Sincerely, Robert
    This should conclude my posting of comments.
    Vigorous discussion/debates on boards such as yours helps consumers and business people alike improve the integrity of commerce in America. Thank you.

    • You are most welcome Robert. Thank you for taking your time to share your thoughts on MLM business model. You may also find the analysis of Vemma’s verdict by Kevin Thompson useful especially the statement;

      Legalese aside, this means that Vemma can’t compensate Affiliates unless 50% or more of their sales come from genuine Customers. Because of this, Affiliates will be required to have more than 50% of their personal volume (or “PV”) requirement come from Customers outside the organization

      Most MLMs do not stick to this rule, neither do they make any effort to balance sales to affiliates and real customers. Unfortunately, customers who register as distributors to enjoy discounts are excluded from real customers. Besides, MLMs do have a tendency of over-pricing retail products to influence customers into signing up for distribution and auto-shipment which are heavily discounted. In layman terms, no distributor must consume more products than they can sell. Finally, no-one can brag that their MLM is legal UNLESS they have the figures on the said balance of sales.

      If you have time, you can also have a look at Kevin’s Journal on the thin line between a legitimate MLM or network marketing companies and Pyramid Schemes.

  3. Siloo Kapadia

    Mai Re! This Unicity seems like a real scam. Glad I read this before joining. Better not to get involved with these people.

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