Top Ten Tools l Use To Grow My Business.

Affiliate Marketing Tools

Tools that you need to build your own business online. l only recommend tools that l have used or l am still using so if you have any questions let me know in the commentary box below.

To be frank … l want it stupid simple and cheap. As long as a cheaper tool can achieve my intended goals, why bother paying for an expensive one?

For my money sites, l upgrade the websites once they get traction and can finance the expenditure.

l am loss evasive.

There is no point in spending money on a website or blog unless it starts ranking on the first page of Google.

Now, l want to help you to start or grow your own business by giving you a little glimpse of what happens in the background of l will even show you a screen shot of my website’s back-end … Most bloggers don’t like sharing inner workings of their business.

l will.

I want to share with you the tools that will shortcut your journey of getting started online the right way.


After a few years of testing – here are the

“Top Tools” I Use In My Own Business:

Cheapest web hosting online1. Web-hosting – l host all my websites at Wealthy Affiliate. The Premium membership allows me to host 25 own domains plus a bonus of 25 sub-domains on which l carry out most of my testing of various plugins and themes.

Unfortunately, hosting comes bundled together with internet marketing training, tools and support.

The cost is $47/month – $1.88/domain. The package comes with a website email address, auto-back up and lots of other benefits. Strictly NO upsells of add-ons unlike other web hosts. l pay the subscription annually ($359) to benefit from the generous discount. l end up paying almost $30/month.

Remember the payment is not for web-hosting only, but it includes training, other marketing tools and live chat support.

If you are on a budget, then you can buy and host three websites for under $10 for the whole year with Name Cheap. Most bloggers will ONLY refer it as a place to buy your domains and then they recommend  that you host it on platforms such as Bluehost which pays them monthly commissions as affiliates. Yet, Name Cheap is one of the reliable hosts with instant live chat support 24/7. The platform is intuitive and you have access to your website’s’ CPanel.

The only downside is that Name Cheap, will charge you almost $40 come renewal time. But when come to think of it; why would you want to pay money to host a website which can not generate enough money to pay for its own hosting in 12 months?

2. Theme Detector (Free) – This is the tool you must use to check out the name of the theme being used on any WordPress site. Stop asking website owners ‘what theme are you using on your website‘, check it for yourself. Just copy and paste the website’s URL into Theme Detector.

What theme was used on this website

It will also list some of the plugins installed on the website. That is how l identified that free ‘WP Front Notification Bar Plugin‘ which I personally use to direct website visitors to ANY page, post or offer of my choice. You just need to enter some text, choose bar/ button color and insert the destination URL … you are done.

Cool isn’t it.

3. Omega WordPress theme (Free) – The theme is great for creating review websites. You can customize the size of pictures and length of text displayed. You can choose a static page as your landing page if you want to. l inadvertently discovered that the theme can rank ‘keyword tags’ quickly and easily.

Zennoa Review

The theme is great for SEO and you can easily rank a new website with little effort. It only compliments your keyword effort though.

4. Keyword Tool (30 Searches free/$19 per month)

Matt Keyword Tool

l used more than 30 keyword tools, mostly those which are for free or do have a free trial period.

That was a great mistake.

You only need to choose a single premium keyword tool and master how it works. With time, you can predict with some degree of accuracy which keywords your website will easily rank for according to the analysis. l later settled for Jaaxy keyword tool due to its clean dashboard, Google suggest feature, ranking analysis and many other features. You can download a list of keywords l  created long back using this tool.

Forget about the ‘l use Google planner myth’. This is why…

alternative to keyword planner

So, the low competition for the word ‘blog’ is NOT for organic searches. It indicates the level of competition among advertisers for keywords. The word ‘Blog‘ is too generic and no-one wants to spend money on it … period. You need a keyword tool to reveal how likely your website is to rank for the chosen keywords.

Worse still, now Google has decided not to show exact number of searches ….

6. Active Campaign (Free then $9/month). If I were start all over again, l would start capturing visitors’ emails from day one. This is one of the cheapest email auto-responders online. The dashboard is quite intuitive. You can  set a new campaign in 5 minutes or less.

It is cheap, yet it has one of the advanced automation and segmenting abilities based on the action the subscriber’s takes. The downside is; it does NOT allow you to use affiliate links in your email.

7. Similar web or (Free Version) – l only use the free versions at the moment although l plan to upgrade membership soon.  l call them my ‘no nonsense tools‘.

Honestly, how can you join a recruitment based MLM or Network Company without checking the traffic to the main website?

Imagine being introduced to join an opportunity such as MMM Global which is almost grading to a halt? (see traffic volume to the main website below).


l laugh at websites with posts on ‘Proven methods of generating traffic to your website‘ yet when l check the traffic volumes — it’s pathetic.

Similar web will allows me to legally steal keywords that are bringing most of the traffic to my competitors’ websites. It also shows me the ‘sources of traffic‘ visiting a website. l therefore, don’t write a review which brings the ‘wrong traffic‘ to my website. as the name suggest, allows me to follow certain websites and obtain information on who shared their content around the web. You can also follow your own website so that when ever someone mentions it anywhere on internet you can check it out in real-time. Both tools do have browser plugins which allow you to check website metrics on the fly.

8. Google alerts (Free) – they notify me when there is a new post targeting my selected keywords such as affiliate scam, pyramid scheme and others. The notifications are send daily to my email for free. l also find programs to review from a little known website where anyone can promote their offers for free to new members. Here, l can find programs that are still in the pre-launch stage and have never been reviewed.

Now l have let the cat out of the bag… lol.

9. Freelance Writers – you can only expand or scale up your business if you outsource some of your tasks. l only write reviews for Avert Scams to spruce my ego that was bruised after being scammed. For my money sites, l let English native speakers do the heavy lifting. l use iWriter and only pay for reviews that meet my standards. The content cost me between $5 to $10,50 depending on the level of writers. l bet, even for $5 you will get better content than the spun content on Fivver. Copyscape is used to check the originality of content before it is passed on to you for reviewing.

10. Pictures: l get pictures from ($9/month, $89/lifetime or $69/year) and edit them using Canva or Evernote. l even created my own logo after paying almost $100 on Fivver for substandard logos.

AvertScams Back End.

Avert scams receives more than 50k visitors per month, has got less than 100 posts and pages combined. If you write one post a day, you can duplicate the website in 3 months. Or pay $500 to freelancers and get 100 posts in 72 hours…lol.

Below is a recent screenshot of my dashboard. l can access all the important  information (numbered) without wasting time visiting my website’s dashboard.

Avertscams Hosting

If you like my web host’s dashboard, you can create your two free websites  and check it out for yourself.  You can also install and use the Omega theme l was talking about on your website. Important plugins are automatically added to the website .

If you have any questions let me know in the commentary box below?

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