• Betterluck nextime

      It blows my mind how many people out their still have dog shit for brains. Use Common sense people. Just reading the first two sentences anyone can see it’s a scam. Really people wake the hell up. it’s a advertorial on Facebook. Meaning it’s a opinion. Common sense nothing in this world can predict how the balls drop in machine bouncing around few seconds. NO GRAPHS, NO SOFTWARE.

    • Anbe

      I looked up his so called winning fantasy 5 ticket on florida lottery, 11/13/2013 winning numbers is not that ticket !!

      He’s A Fraud

  1. This asshole hijacked my email address and is sending emails representing as me to his list spamming people with this product. 

    I am working with Google and my hosting account to ensure no one uses my name and email address to spam others. I'm furious that this person Everett Thompson has no integrity and is using my good name and business reputation to rip people off. I'm going to sue this piece of crap person and ClickBank needs to have a system in place to stop these fraudsters from harming businesses and people's reputation. 

    • Thank you Ana for stopping by and caring to share your experince with The Lotto Crusher system. l am sorry to hear about your high jacked email and l hope you have been able to solved the problem. Warn all the people on your list if possible, never to fall for this scam. All the best.

    • Vince

      First of ALL scammers have the same thing in common. They start out by asking that you listen to their brief message, which turns out to be VERY LONG. We want to hear the facts; not some bull about your boring life, low paying job, and the lack of attention your kids get. IF their system is so good, then they don’t need my $147 that they should be able to win week after week. Stay away from all these scam artists. …Period!

      • Vince

        By the way. The scammer never once mentioned that he reported the store manager/owner to the cops for pointing a .44 Cal. gun at his head! BULL!

        • Alan

          How would he know The caliber of the gun??Liars provide too many details. Under the stressful circumstances of looking at the business end of a gun even an expert would have trouble determing if it was a .44 Cal, .41 Cal, .45 Cal etc.

  2. Zeke

    I have a email account set just for this purpose. To think scammers have a sucker on the line. The more work you make them do to reel one in. The more discouraged they become and try to find a new gimmick that might work.

  3. Bernard

    Why would the store owner be mad? He makes a percentage of the winnings and his store is known as being lucky, causing more foot traffic and sales. I started not believing when the paid actor said “.44 caliber”.

        • Rube

          I have a Smith & Wesson .44 magnum model 29 Classic six shot revolver with a 6″ barrel, it also comes with a 9″ barrel. It’s an extremely powerful and accurate handgun, it’s the gun made famous in the Dirty Harry movies.
          Maybe if I win all of this lotto money I can buy a S&W .50 cal revolver for my collection and competition shooting to win more money to invest in this fool proof winning formula. I must act fast though as that clock is counting down as I type. I can’t believe that I’ll never have to work again or worry about money. I must sign up and get in on this fabulous offer immediately!

  4. Lynda Myers

    thank you i will not now even try to do this .
    what a terrible person to take advantage of vulnerable people in need

  5. jean fritzmartial

    Please explain the formula for the lotto crusher formula after picking up the numbers from the 7 or past 10 winnings how long do I have to play them please replay

  6. Steve

    If you got ripped off, donate your system to a college or your public library. You can show some young people how the scams exist and take the donation receipt to your tax professional. I’m saying this because I’m terribly curious how the scam gets $100 to start and does it make them take additional steps when rationalizing their loss? If it’s in the library, I’d get to see the program anf it might save someone from the countdown.

  7. Mike

    There is a problem with the logic here. No matter what numbers you pick, even if they are the same numbers every time, you have exactly the same odds of winning. You can play the last number that won and still have exactly the same odds. The same winning number can win every time, and you still have the same odds. Why? Because the numbers are recycled, they stay in play for the next drawing. If i say pick a number between 1 and 10 and then ask you what number you picked, the odds are 1 out of 10 that you are right. If I remove that number and ask you to guess again, now the odds are 1 out of 9. The more you play, the better the odds are that you will finally guess it. If I dont take the number out, every time you guess its 1 out of 10. Do worrying about previous numbers that won is irrelevant.

  8. Dr. Jeffrey Anderson

    As a statistician, after listening to Thompson’s bs, I would think running simple stats on runs of weekly winners would be just as profitable. Still, as noted above one play has one in seventy chance of hitting each white ball and one in fifteen chance of the Mega ball in Mega Millions.
    So one could run modes on six winning sets, then play fifteen plays using one through fifteen Mega ball numbers.
    Thus, if Thompson’s hypothesis had any merit, one would be using the most winning numbers over the last six plays. Do this every six plays and add more chosen individual numbers to one’s plays. Take all these frequencies and use them in multiple plays mixing them up. Do this using fifteen Mega balls. One could win one out of every play, but probably only one dollar for the Mega ball.
    Perhaps one could get “lucky” one in a while and win two dollars.
    All I am saying is that if Thompson was correct with his hypothesis, then the above approach would be just as good as his lotto-crusher.
    If you need more money, get some training and improve your skills, then get a better job.
    Good luck.

  9. Guy

    I don’t know if your aware of this a while back there was a lottery employ that was fired an believe arrested for giveing a family member insight on which number to pick. An family member won
    How did this employ know what number were going to hit . So there is something we don’t know about this lottery bull shit
    That’s what we need to find out how is it this employ new What to pick why was he fired an or arrested if u know more about this let me know Thanks

    • Noell

      We see a 2D pic on TV. What we don’t see is inside of each ball. We also assume each ball is the same weight. There could be a small magnet in the Winning balls that we cant see. Plus we all think the balls we see are the same from the prior week. So many ways they can prepick the numbers after time is up of buying tickets. They can see the data of numbers that is bought. A super computer is quickly cruch the numbers and spit out a payout or numers that will be a loss for all tickets.

      • Gramma Dee

        I agree!! I just think that they weigh down the balls that have been played the least, so that their payout is less..period! Otherwise, the cutoff time, could just be a minute before the drawing. Why ISN’T it, you ask?? Because they need time to “fix” it, and they can’t do it in 60 seconds!

        • At least in Texas, they have multiple sets of balls. They rotate the sets, and do test runs to make sure the balls are ‘true’. Over time if set #5 keeps ball #45 keep winning, the set is retired, and a new set of balls goes into rotation. Presumably, the set balls are randomly selected.

          Think of it this way. If there were only 6 sets of Lotto balls, they could throw a die, coming up 1 through 6 to choose the set to be used tonight. Then 10 tests on the chosen set, if they appear to be random and not tampered with, throw number eleven would be the ‘chosen’ number for the drawing number.

          Next drawing, throw the die again, hence a random choice of all the sets, multiple test drawings, and they are sure it’s not rigged.

        • Teri Hill

          In California, they quit selling tickets an hour prior to the drawing…so they would have plenty of time to do a switcheroo with some balls.

    • Samantha Hepford

      You are talking about Eddie Tipton and he was a lotto security guy. He implanted something in the computer to spit out certain numbers on certain days and had friends claim it and split the winnings. It’s true because I know one of the guys he split funds with that is trying to fight extradition. The really crazy part is they got away with it until he tried to cash in a huge win like 14 million and tried using lawyers and trusts that made the lotto people nervous. Look it up!

      • Jeni B

        Titpon’s fraud involved Hot Lotto, which uses computer-generated random numbers, not actual lottery balls with numbers on them. Powerball and MegaMillions both use actual physical balls, not a computer, to choose the winning numbers.

  10. Wayne

    If this man has a system in place for constant lottery winnings, why is he willing to share it with everyone. The only time he is laughing all the way to the bank is when someone purchases his program.

  11. Vince Rogers

    I’m shocked that there are people with $$$ that would actually pay for this “product”!!! Like someone else said -if he had a system, why would he share it lmao!!! I knew it was a scam just by the name lol!!

  12. Annette

    I want to know if he has this super secret why would he not share it with his sons? Why would they need a $65,000 college fund?

  13. Q

    The sad thing is I was looking for a algorithm lotto program i would input lotto numbers I was willing to pay for a program but not 200 bucks maybe 20 I will go in knowing that it’s not guarantee to win any such programs?

  14. Misty

    For one, Everett Thompson is a made up name! There are so many “clues” in the way ALl scam “personal stories” are told and words, and dates never match up if people would just PAY ATTENTION!

    “Everett Thompson” shows a screen shot of his bank account. Look closely, it says “Amanda Lewis’ Bank Accounts.” Then above the Savings and also Checking account balances it says “as of today” instead of an actual date!

    “Everett Lewis” claims to be holding a check for $5200. Look closely, its not a check. Then he says 10 days after that he won $10,000 getting 4 #s correctly plus the power ball. He is holding a state of Ohio Keno check. Maybe its real. Lol. Its dated Jan. 2012. Then he says just 20 days after that he won $200, 000 playing Fantasy 5 which is in Florida. The date on the ticket? Nov 2013!

    And dunt dunna naaaa! The BEST clue that this is a scam!? I heard about this in 2011! A few letters and names rearranged but the SAME SCAM! Here is a link to the 2011 video ad !

    Man am i good at paying attention to detail! I knew i shouldve been a P.I.!

    NOTE: On several occasions on completely different scam sites selling completely different “products” Ive seen the EXACT SAME NAMES of people who gave their “personal testimony” that the product really works ! Again PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE!

    • Misty

      Ok i meant Everett Thompson up there not Lewis! Its 3:30 a.m. and i dont have my reading glasses on so no comnents from the peanut gallery on my little mistakes! Peace !

    • These guys have several websites registered to a company in Florida. Since I emailed them, they have changed their domain name registration to ‘Private’ so no owner, admin, or technical contact names are listed at ICANN now (I wish I took screeen-shots). Each website offers some magical cure for people’s ailments or a supposed tool for the realisation of their hopes eg. Lotto Crusher.

      If you bought this 135-page PDF of utter rubbish (Safari’s ‘Developer’ tools come in handy), it is worth your while to claim a refund directly or through their aggregator (the previous aggregator dropped them – wonder why). Going through lotto-crusher’s page data I was surprised to see they actually have an FAQs page with a section on seeking a refund: http://lotto-crusher.net/help/troubleshooting/ (seems to have worked for some).

      The most ridiculous thing with lotto-crusher is that someone actually spent quite a bit of time to compile the 135 pages, interspersed with some mathematical formulas that can be found free online (or in a maths class) – Mind you, they’ve changed the flow of data so downloading without paying is no longer possible.

      Don’t worry, beacasue there is absolutely no mathematical way of beating a random number generator systems – Becasue it is RANDOM 😉

      Best course of action for any scam is to report them to the local authorities:

      * In the USA – Under ‘Additional information at the bottom of https://www.fbi.gov/scams-and-safety/on-the-internet page look for ‘Report Cyber Scams or Incidents’.
      * In CANADA – the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC) http://www.antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca/index-eng.htm
      * The UK’s national fraud and cyber crime reporting centre http://www.actionfraud.police.uk
      * AUSTRALIA – The government has a dedicated site here https://www.scamwatch.gov.au
      * NEW ZEALAND – NetSafe The Orb http://www.theorb.org.nz

  15. McConnico Maxwell

    Yea the sons should want for nothing and not have to worry bout college or anything at all for that matter… He must be an ole stingy bastard with his new found lottery crusher fortune…lol

  16. Bev

    One should realize it’s a scam, when he goes on and on about nothing and can’t get to the real point–just reeling you in with suspense. The fact that he didn’t call the police on the store owner is ridiculous–that would be on camera.

    • Gramma Dee

      I though the same thing! I was like, first of all…why would a STORE OWNER be pointing a GUN at him? Then I thought, what a ridiculous a$$ story! After that, it was like a train wreck. I HAD to keep listening, just to see how far it went, and how it would take him to get to “the good stuff”. I made it all the way through the “just can just add this to your cart” about 7 times, then I finally just clicked out of the page! What a hoot, lol!!

    • BG

      Ha ha!! I love that in the “pitch” a user says that even a toddler can do it! The booklet has pages upon pages of System-10 & System-25 charting formulas (nonsense from what I can see) that would take someone hours to do by hand. SMH

    • MindyMac

      Wow, thanks. I went through it and MEGO bigtime! It’s more work than a full-time day job. The best parts were in the early chapters – don’t play consecutive numbers, play regularly, play equal groups of high-low and even-odd numbers, etc. Like you couldn’t figure at least some of those out yourself! And he sneaks in there that the most wins were to Quick Picks!!! And group wins… And now you know the most important parts!

      • MindyMac

        That reply was supposed to go with April’s posting with the link to the PDF. My MEGO problem was still with me when I pushed Reply, lol!

        • MindyMac

          Oh, oops again. I did put it in the right place – the first link. Thanks to both Giving Tree & April for posting the link. What a waste of money it would be to actually spring for that garbage!

    • Linda

      Thanks. …..that was WAY too complicated for me, as math is my worst subject. I believe this guy said on the video that an 8 yr. Old could figure it out….LOL.
      SO glad to be able to see this for free instead of buying it and trying to get a refund!
      Thanks, again. 🙂

  17. Jeriah Edgar

    Figured this was garbage.. The best you can do is go to your states lotto page and it should offer a list of all numbers drawn, create your own table and you will see some numbers hit more frequently.. Whether or not using those numbers actually works is not likely with needing to match 4 or 5 numbers but it can help with pick 3 or pick 4 if available in your state.. I’ve done this for roulette at the casino and it helped a little but gambling in any form is likely at a loss.. Unless you are a card counting genius or corrupt lotto agent.. Everett Thompson can go kick rocks tho 🙂

    • Mike

      Sorry Jeriah but you are very wrong. It will NOT help creating a table and tracking past wiinning numbers, that is a WASTE of time. The Lotto numbers of the PAST do NOT affect the lotto numbers of the future. Everyone: Remember that, tattoo it on your neck, whatever!

      It’s like a coin flip: 50/50 every time. If I flip a coin 234 times and it lands on HEADS 234 times in a row, that 235th flip is still a 50/50 chance to get HEADS.

      Whether it be Roulette or Lotto, the numbers do NOT have a memory and are not repeatable or predictable.

      Blackjack DOES have a memory because the cards of the PAST directly affect the cards of the FUTURE. 1 deck has 52 cards and 4 kings. If you play single-hand blackjack, by yourself at a casino and you get dealt 2 kings the first hand, there are now only 2 kings left. Fact. Predictable. Blackjack has a memory. Same math/logic can be applied to multi-deck shoes with some more complex “counting”. The only way this doesn’t work is when a casino uses continuous shuffling machine.

      Rant over. No offense intended. My late father was a professional card counter avg 6-figure blackjack-only annual income.

      Those interested please buy “Blackjack Bluebook II – the simplest winning strategies ever published” by Fred Renzy. Debunks a lot of gambling myths.

    • Jeremy

      That’s interesting, because lately, I’ve been noticing which number hit more, also notice that the winning numbers are still random, so it will often come up completely different from what you expected, but for mega million it’s often either a high, low, two consecutive numbers, sometimes you start out with a higher number followed by a second much much higher number and sometimes it can be three lower numbers followed by two much higher numbers…the result is that I’ve been able to quite often hit at least one number, and a couple times I hit two numbers. This is all within a span of just weeks as well. One time on june 25th, which was a huge one the winners were 11-14-54-57-63 * 11. The ticket I had chosen was 10-16-54-66-68 * 11, based on my half-method. I was so depressed after that. I literally couldn’t get over that drawing for at least a week. I couldn’t imagine how those who picked numbers only 1 digit off across the board must feel. Soon after I went to europe to visit family, and this is my first time buying a lottery ticket since I got back. This last time is a classic example too of my recent “success” with the winners being
      18 29 30 54 66 * 01
      My ticket was 18 31 42 54 55 * 06
      So two numbers on point, and one a couple digits off! C: and notice that the numbers I got correct were always in the correct order too! So i think I’m onto something. I don’t even know what it is, but I MUST be onto SOMETHING…afterall, if it were completely random then why do you NEVER have numbers entirely above 50 across the board but you ALMOST ALWAYS have at least one number above 50? I notice there are certain types of combinations, so I usually get $5 worth of tickets, one combination for each kind of likely scenario I think is going to happen. But every time I did this but did not choose numbers based on what I most expected, my chances of hitting at least one number went up drastically.

      • Jeremy

        Of course that might be a part of the rules. But didn’t one person say that all five numbers have an equal chance out of the 70 numbers?

  18. Katherine Templer

    If he was so poor not able to buy toy or pay electric why not share the wealth with other poor people who are unable to afford to buy a bag of groceries I cannot being a responsible person op n afford $10. For a latto ticket I receive ma y offers from my the same man on free internet. I need a safe enviornently safe house I could use money to be able to live but how with no funds for scams been their done that nothing is free he isn’t giving charity to me I’m too sick to play that game MCS is a devastating illness if I won a lottery I’d lose the little dissibilty and food for the amount Luck! To keep trying. To get me to buy his $175. Profit how hundreds or 57 left
    times he did hit the jackpot!

  19. Kristin Butler

    I just watched the Lotto Crusher video and that was a horribly long almost painful video… its a SCAM!!! While searching for scam reports I came across this report that shows the same pic of the man that’s in the Lotto Crusher video and this scam site I was on found out who he really was and it’s SO sad!! He was a lot to winner but was actually murdered!! To use a murdered man’s picture to seek personal gain when he can’t even defend himself is beyond words!! This Everett Thompson guy is a SICK man!! Here’s the link to that story: http://news.blogs.cnn.com/2013/03/01/lottery-winners-death-ruled-homicide/
    I hope no one gets roped into Everett’s lies and wastes their hard earned money on his “lies”

  20. Luis Rivera

    I do not understand what you people are talking about I bought this product about 2 months ago and I’ve won over 10,000 dollars it’s awesome if anyone needs help using it I can assist you for a the insane low price of 147$ I will personally come by your home and make you a millionaire but you must proved food and beer and my also need to crash on your couch.
    Obviously joking I’d never buy that crap or even download it for free!lol

  21. K-Mac

    Some years ago i read a news article about the Colorado Lotto, they had 6 different lotto machines and 16 or 20 sets of balls. The machine used for each drawing is picked at random and the set of balls used is also seperately picked at random. This was just the beginning of the insurances they take to insure randomness of every lotto drawing.

  22. David D.

    How did he find out what the caliber of the weapon was…?! Did he call the store back to inquire..?! Did he report the guy and the cops told him, (which is unlikely)…?! Would the size of the weapon make any difference at all in the first place…?

    If true, he simply should have said that the guy pointed a gun at him; the unnecessary detail of the caliber adds the certain element of BS to the whole thing.

    I may be getting older, but I’m not getting feeble minded. This has “magic beans” from “Jack and the Beanstalk” all over it.

  23. Jack P Winkler

    Laughing out loud. I viewed the pdf posted above and perused it for a few pages and immediatly found a curious couple of statements. Keep track of the numbers and play those numbers based on the formula. That would mean filling out your ticket with “you picked” numbers..About a page or so on he states the odds are better on easy pick numbers. lol

  24. Gary

    I didnt buy the system but I have a feeling is based on bias. The idea that the lotto balls are not completely equal in size and weight so some balls may have more chance to win while others have less chance. This bias of course would be so minute that you can not take advantage of it though.

  25. Globetrotter

    If this clown won so much money, why does he waste his time trying to earn more with this b/s? You’d figure he would stick with what works. Greed is all I can think about

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