1. Richard Washington

    I am a current customer who is frustrated with his services. I paid for 2 done for me sites a couple months ago, and still have not received my purchases. I have put in numerous support tickets for the last 2 months, and barely get any response. I feel like I have been scammed. I really wish I never spent a dime into this.

    • guess g.

      Hi , I just may be going through very similar situation , its getting exhausting waiting for my three sites to get developed . I had to ride him like a horse just to get my domain names applied to bluehost . Also having lots of trouble getting and keeping products i purchased in my so called members area (bootcamp 3.0 , 21 days to profits ) , let yA know how this evolves ,I wonder if he ever heard of Class Action Law Suite or Attorney General . Ha lol. This gotta be stopped . Later

    • Andrew Hutchings

      I have Marcus in “simple sites big profits” and have received no support from their non-existent support.
      I have also not received my “done for you blog” ($320)
      Although the one tone I got through to them powers cuts, storms and floods were put in play! Four months later still nothing except other offers and “simple sites big profits” 2017 is now available.Well thanks a lot

  2. Hey guys Marcus Here from simple sites… sorry to hear of your frustration… from june till now… end of august we have had some major changes…

    moving across the country, finding new customer support reps… ect…

    support has been slower than usual… but if you need help just ask… we’ve been here for 16 years 🙂

    i always try to take care of people especially if they fall thru the cracks which happens from time to time in any business.

    • Hi Marcus, l am glad you passed by and promised to beef up your support. l can’t wait to update the article accordingly. It is the very reason that you have been around for 16 years that we have great expectations. We know of internet marketing trainers who have been around for a couple of years but have put up great training, tools and responsive support.

    • Ben

      “i always try to take care of people” ….don’t believe a word of it. There is no support….all he cares about is taking your money….stay away!

      • Ken


        You are right. The same complaints here I still see in 2018!. I purchased High Ticket Niches 3 weeks ago and still waiting. The customer support is horrible. They NEVER give me a straight answer. It’s full of possible this or maybe that or , let me ask Marcus and I NEVER get an answer. If anyone is thinking about buying, don’t!

  3. demetre

    This guy is a joke. Got no support what so ever. purchased his product and received garbage. Asked for a refund but got the run around. I eventually called my credit card and got my money back through chargeback. Thank God. Stay away from this guy

    • David

      Agreed. Customer service either never replies or takes weeks. I signed up for a program that said “tons of plugins. There were NONE. Contacted CS and after 2 weeks a CSR said Marcus is redoing the plugins and when they are available he will let you know. 5 months later he hold a webinar about his 7 great new plugins. I question what about the program I bought. He says only 2 were included and I have to buy the rest. Considering contacting the FTC. Scammer — don’t buy his shit.

  4. guess g.

    oct 11 th 2016
    I really hate to write this but I got almost $2000.00 in this course ,it sounded great ,several months later have not made a cent yet ,so far can not give a good recomendation.Lots of time trying to straighten out the confussion. I wish I would have known about Wealthy Affiliate , they sound like there reasonable priced and very structured.More info to evolve.

  5. Justice

    I spent almost 2 grand on his programs. He never helped me make my first profitable website like he said he would. Most of his programs aren’t finished, there are steps MISSING from it. He always says he’s “updating” the videos. They never get added. You are essentially paying for 60% of the program you bought.

  6. Smarter Next Time

    I’m experiencing the exact same problem. It’s been over three weeks since my purchase and I’ve received nothing. Support is a non-existent run around. I’m feeling like a real chump. I’ve requested a refund. I don’t expect it will come easy. I’ve also initiated a dispute through my credit card company. Very disappointing and aggravating. Hoping he will surprise me and process a refund without turning it into a long drawn out process.

    • Low profilehere

      Unfortunately , my simple sites big profits experience was below expectations and there’s lots of up selling too.
      Wealthy Affiliate is a well structured course I can recomend and have not been disappointed and am learning much, Thanks Kyle and Carson !!!

  7. for the comment above by “smarter next time” i just wanted to clear the air here because it looks like a customer was completely ignored… which is not the case… here is the log of support tickets.

    ticket opened 2016/12/20 22:49
    support replied 2016/12/21 18:38
    customer replied 2017/01/02 15:37
    customer updated reply 2017/01/02 15:37
    support replied 2017/01/03 18:42
    customer replied 2017/01/03 18:46
    customer updated 2017/01/04 00:52
    support replied 2017/01/04 16:26
    customer replied 2017/01/04 21:13
    and so it goes… with the exception of holidays… she was getting pretty fast answers to her tickets.

    also she had several live chats with myself personally as well as our support team.

    FURTHERMORE she demanded a refund which i granted AND only after refunding it did she tell me she had initiated a dispute which will result in a double refund which i will have to fight.

    so the whole idea of the customer is right and innocent and everything is the big bad fault of the business is just simply not true.

    ive been in business 17 years and helped a lot of people… we have also had a lot of people try to take advantage of things here… as it goes its part of the business.

    just want to clear the air that not all reviews are fair to the product vendor… we are here to help but we are not 24/7 support and we do not work holidays.

    if you think that is fair and you appreciate the fact that you get help direct from the product owner… you will love my course.

    • Thank you Marcus for chiming in and caring to explain what really transpired. l really think this is one of the most favourable review l have ever written after actually taking my time to check out the program. Just like in any other field. Things are changing and Google is becoming smarter by day. It is becoming difficult to rank sites and finding non-competitive niches. Honestly, l really loved your concept and l am happy that you are now working on your support system. All the best.

  8. Ralph Bufkin

    If you do proper due-diligence, you’ll run away from this guy as fast as you can. If you’ve got a couple of grand that you want to get rid of, just set it on fire … at least that way you won’t have to go through all the frustration …. Stop and THINK – If he can make SO MUCH money with his “system”, WHY does he spend so much time and energy trying to sell it to YOU? The money he makes is YOUR money. He wouldn’t know customer-service or integrity if it bit him in his butt – DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME or MONEY!!!

  9. EVE Arnold

    I love Marcus Campbell and his training is amazing! I have learned so much from him. He gave me so much useful information, I started making money from my blog and sites I created. Now i can stay at home with my infant daughter full time and actually raise my own kid! I think Marcus Campbell is awesome!

  10. I love Marcus Campbell and think he is an experienced marketer who has a lot to teach. Just check out his free videos on YouTube – he gives away valuable content every day. He has overcome a lot of challenges and I think his prudent, thoughtful way of marketing and analyzing campaigns is unique and very helpful.

  11. Mark DeLung

    as i see he still does the same old thing.Late replies, gone for family emergencies, non responsive emails, and when i do get a response Allysa says he forgot to set it up so because he has it set up as he has to refund and u can’t talk to him WHAT CAN I DO??
    For months i have been trying to have them fix my purchase and NOTHING. My system never worked, she offered me an extra 90 days help, but no help from first 90 days.She also offered me 2018 Simple Sites but the 2017 version 2.0 or 3.0 as both show up as not working. He is worth about as much as any other con man who just spouts big promises and leaves.

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