1. Laurence

    It launched in the UK two weeks ago and claim to work in 200 countries world wide including Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Antarctic and so on.

    It works in all those countries, because there is no CashBack, it is simply a money circulation scheme.

    The $3,000 cap on ‘CashBack’ seems very strange to me.

    Maybe it is their way of keeping ‘opportunity’ below the radar.

    Along with LTW promotion of this business is banned from the Facebook groups I run

    • Thanks Laurence for the update. On their website they mention that shopping cash back is only for people who live in America and the travel cashback is the one available world wide.

      • Sande

        Thank you for your insight to this business. good friend of mine keeps asking me to join but I knew it was an MLM right at the get-go. Of course she won’t listen to me on that. She’s making good money off the backs of her other friends. One of the things you mentioned that I was unaware of is that you need to spend over $600 to actually get your $125 back each month. I am on a fixed income of just a little over $700. There is no way I could spend that much on groceries.

          • Victor M Valencia

            Please be aware this is not a MLM concept, as you mention one of the rules for a MLM, you have to exchange a product for your Money. Is just a way to buy products directly with the company, and get rewarded for sharing or make a little extra for reselling.
            It is because of this companies like Savian that MLM gets bad reputation. Savian is a Scam, MLM is not!!!
            Thank you.

          • Luis Villanueva

            I studied the works of saivian. The concept is just like facebook, google. They make billions of dollars without selling any product except for the data of each users, they sell your data to their marketing partners then to the advertisers.
            Saivian sells your shopping habits that it’s in your receipts that you upload every month to their marketing partners and to the advertisers. And thats how you get paid. A friend of mine has been doing this and making $300 a day. These nay sayers are the one who is being paid to make negative coments about any business there of.
            This person who did this negative comments about saivian does not know what he is talking about.
            There is a company that pays somebody to do negative comments about anybody so they can advertise their own.

          • Did you read the review to the end? There is no problem with Saivian selling data and paying you a cash back on money spent on shopping. The only problems is when you can join Saivian, do not claim cash back and get a cut each month from the people you recruited. l bet, there is no legit company that want people like you who enjoy fleecing those below them and don’t give a hoot about it.

          • That is a good question James. Kindly note that this is not a forum, it is a website which reviews ‘make money online programs’ and allows visitors to openly share their opinions and views. l own several other money making websites in various niches. l only created this website to boost my ego after being scammed. l earn a few hundreds of dollars each month from Amazon, Google Adsense plus other affiliate products that l promote. Just some pocket change and a few dollars to keep the site running. l now only deal with established companies and will NEVER get scammed again in my life.

    • sam

      Amazing business it just got the new app coming soon – no sounds like this is the same guy who is working for another MLM who is pretending to be a critic – This is an great co – i work here earn and get cash back on all my products – I even gave some of the money to charity – whats the problem – it is selling data I saw the proof too and I am an accountant so figures are ok – your totally just set on negating this – really? no daytime job

    • Bob

      I was told that it was 20% cash back. I was told 1250 limit on cash back but I could have multiple accounts to get more cashback. I was never told about $300 per receipt limit either. I was excited becsuse I have a company and use over 5000 per month. I was going to recruit other contractors. When I found out the crazy low limit on cash back its just an incredible waste of time and a scam. I am very disappointed.

      • Marc

        Talk about limits: (first year)
        1- The 28 day payment: 125 every 28 days = 13 x 125$ = 1625$
        2- The 30 days waiting for the redemption agreement:
        So pay 125$ receipts showed after 30 days, so you already paid 125 $ the 28.
        So you have to pay your third 125$ before receiving your first redemption,

        3- but wait… limit of 125$ for that first one…

        So 1 years:
        Spending 1625 $ 2 months 0 income, 1 month 125$ and 9 months at 250$ (2375 $ – 1625$ = 750 $) yeah 750$ is the MAX you’ll get.
        4- Oh well that’s if you are lucky enough to have receipts that combined will do 250$ flush cause hey there is a limit here too. You will usually come close to it, but at 245 or 248 etc…
        5- OH WAIT: To receive your (Not so cash Cashback) You now have to BUY a 25$ prepaid card from your cashback account.
        So lets say you loss 25$ because being flush at 250$ is not possible. then that other 25$…
        YOU WILL WIN 700$ In a year…
        (Let’s say you just worked 1 h a week) that’s a job at 13.47 / hour.
        Your call.
        Now they say, but hey you won t have to pay if you recruit… Then that makes it a Ponzi scam.

  2. J

    I hate saivian. Screwed me out of several dollars. They can’t decide what or how they want to deduct the 125 each month because they’ve changed it 3 times. I have around 600 in RSM money and tried to redeem it 2 x. Nothing, nada. I think they are scamming folks.

    • l am sorry to hear that you lost your money to Saivian. Consider filing your complain with Best business Bureau (BBB) as it will help others avoid being scammed. If you are lucky, you may recover your money if BBB finally gets in touch with the owners of Saivian. All the best.

      • Della Ethington

        If you are actually interested in scams, you should check out the Better Business Bureau. As owner of a small business, I was contacted by them requesting me to register. When I told them I could not yet afford the $500 that they required, they actually threatened me and tried to coerce me to join. The BBB is just a racket who push people around as though they are the mafia, making them pay for good ratings!

        • Hi Della. l totally agree with you that BBB is good for people who want to check out scam reports before joining opportunities. For companies it is not compulsory to join or pay BBB. l however do not think people pay for good ratings otherwise every company labeled a scam would pay the $500 to get their name squeaky clean and A+ ratings. If no one did send a complaint through them against your company, then there is no need to register or pay BBB, otherwise you will be donating your money. Indeed BBB has got its on issues and they are not saints. Thanks for the well thought comment.

    • Dorothy

      Hi J,
      That must be really frustrating, however I do have friends who are affiliated with the company and they are just starting to be able to get their money out with their circa credit card.. Have you ordered it? It seems it is more of a growing pains of a new company, that surely can be frustrating by itself, than a malicious intent.. Not sure if you tried but my friends had a good experience with their customer support. Even if you are leaving the company, try to get your money out of the account.. I think they are legit.. All the best..

      • Frank

        Great write up Dorothy . I think people are negative in general. They destroy good opportunities to lead those to their opportunities. Of course like any business it’s people that makes the ball roll. Imagine Walmart or Target without an ongoing clientele? Wouldn’t last to long! So people think positive and have fun in life. PS: BEWARE OF THESE SO CALLED PROFESSIONAL MLM CRITICS THEY’RE JUST LOOKING TO POWER TRIP

        • We just tell people what MLMs don’t want them to know. Let people know that you are not recruiting them so that you can line your pockets from their monthly subscriptions. We write reviews for adults who l believe can make their own independent judgements and choices. Greedy can not be tamed.

          • JB

            Kind of like a site that feeds off the fear of being ripped off just to draw in more readers so that they can advertise…. Please.. You are worse than the worst scam out there. Fear mongering and libel.

          • Cool down JB you don’t own Saivian. Sorry if l made your target run for life .. lol. l only tell people what they should expect after joining certain programs. l only recommend training and programs that are 100% free to join.

          • Jeffrey Barker

            This “scam buster guy” seems to havn done over by a good few mlm’s. It seems his bad experiences have affected his general view to the point of a bias. Mlm’s in general have been known to start pyramid schemes where someone has a monopoly over everyone under that person. however I’ve noticed that Saivian is different. It’s not a pyramid scheme because although obviously it’s a mlm because there are levels/Ranks. But no one can claim a monopoly over another because it doesn’t matter who you sign up that gets you money, it depends on how many people you know and how fast you can help them to benefit from the company. So that means that you could very easily surpass in money the person who enrolls you in the first place. That’s impossible to do in a pyramid scheme. Also time is a factor. You can’t expect to have all the money right away when someone who enrolled you has been in it for months. Anyone can reasonably attain $300/day within a 2-3 year period which is incredible! It’s a WORLDWIDE company. You only need 8000 people to enroll in your team to make maximum profit of $3000. The population of just Rio de Janeiro alone presents an opportunity of almost 700 people who sign up today to attain millionaire status in a matter of 6 or 7 years. I don’t let fear mongering who claim to “Expose the company’s secrets.” There’s nothing to expose. The company isn’t selling any products. By you signing up you are simply selling them your information submitting it to them every week. And you are being recompensed for it and for enrolling others to do the same while helping them profit from those same compensations and saving 20% everytime they go shopping. I’ve only seen people progress in this company so far. Not a single drop out because in this company everyone looks out for the other. And you have to because it’s in both partie’s interests to help the one underneath. You really think you’re going to deter people just because you don’t like mlm’s? Smart people aren’t gonna overlook the opportunity and potential offered by this company. There’s loads of opportunity for anyone who joins. Even if they only reach the $300/day mark. Just because you’re not gonna benefit from Saivian, you desperately try to destroy the hopes of anyone that will. All the while you promote your own internet site shedding light on all the “scary mlm’s.” Man live and let live. All the best to you. Negative comments are contagious. You should lighten up. Saivian is awesome!

          • 1) Yes, l had VERY bad experience with MLMs and indeed don’t have kind words for any business that uses that business model.
            2) ‘… Saivian is different’… there is NO difference, you will get a share off the subscriptions of people you recruited into the program as long as they are members. That is monopoly!
            3) ‘…it depends on how many people you know…’ why should a business depend on who you know? In anycase, the people that you know must be spending enough money each week to justify paying for YOUR subscription. The only reason why you recruit others.
            4) ‘…help them to benefit from the company’…What help do people NEED? You want to help them with photocopying their receipts or recruit other people so that they can make money off their subscriptions?
            5) ‘So that means that you could very easily surpass in money the person who enrolls you in the first place’. This is interesting. l thought this was a ‘cashback scheme’ with a ceiling on the amount of cash backs you can claim per year? Ooh! You mean making a killing from your recruits’ subscriptions? It is people like you who only joined the company to recruit new people and earn money off their subscriptions without giving a hoot about the cashback who give MLMs a bad name.
            6) ‘It’s a WORLDWIDE company’… Cashback on shopping is NOT available Worldwide for your own information. Kindly read the company’s comp plan and educate yourself.
            7) ‘You only need 8000 people to enroll in your team to make maximum profit of $3000’. … and 8 000 people ONLY NEED 64 000 000 … to make a profit of $3 000 each. 64 000 000 ONLY NEED 8 000 ….to make a profit of $3 000 each = 512 000 000 000. This is getting exciting and we are only at level 4. 512 000 000 000 ONLY NEED 8 000 ….to make a profit of $3 000 each = Calculator error. You made my day. Let me go buy a calculate which can handle this MESSY!
            8) ‘By you signing up you are simply selling them your information…’ I am sorry who is paying who the $125/month for information?
            9) ‘And you are being recompensed for it and for enrolling others to do the same—‘ This sounds familiar. Recruit NEW people, get paid OFF their subscription, they in turn recruit OTHERS who do the same … DUH!
            10) ‘I’ve only seen people progress in this company so far’. This is what we call HEARSAY! Who showed you how EVERYONE who joined Saivian is progressing inside the company?
            11) ‘Not a single drop out—‘ Kindly show me the figures please for the sake of humanity. You may need some professional counselling to reverse such levels of indoctrination and brainwashing. l don’t think you believe this is true yourself?

            l only write reviews for ADULTS, who are free to make their OWN independent decisions. l only recommend internet marketing training that will stop you from annoying people who are unfortunate enough to be known by you. l am glad that you DON’T know me and you will NOT recruit me so that you can profit from my subscriptions …. how annoying!

        • Jessie

          People have nothing to do except lie to make MLM look bad – I tried this and have now moved on but its a great business – they recently donated 50k to 5 charities and one being the Poppy Mae Foundation for a ex soldier who lost his girl to a illness – Why would they do that – Also how is it a pyramid when I earn and so did my lower down line and some of the spline didn’t – its based on effort not mlm formula – you are crazy ou int know what your chatting about and (referring to the post writer) so please stop trying to make ppl get the wrong idea of something that is just soon easy its cash back man they not taking millions off you omg

          • Kirstie Mackenzie

            Its NOT Pyramid system, you get paid for helping other people just like being a boss passing on information , giving them ideas ect . Pyramid selling is actually buying a product and selling to someone else at a higher profit then they sell to someone else also making a profit and eventually the product isnt sellable anymore cos everyone has had their share Amway was a prime example .ANY MLM IS NOT A PYRAMID SYSTEM you jus paid for supporting other people

      • Thank you, Dorothy. Yes, I have been in MLM for 35 years and have not seen as great opportunities like this. Most of my downlines are making money and saving money too. All companies go through “growing pains” but now, their system is in place. We are harvesting the fruits of their labors” thanks be to God for this wonderful company that is making a difference in peoples lives!!!

      • Asian

        In Saivian web FAQ written that “You may cancel at any time, but you must cancel at least 1 business day prior to your membership renewal date.” However, “All cancellations will immediately forfeit any current or pending Cash Back account balances.” That means before you can get your $115 cash back on max $3000 spending in the first month, you must pay at least 2x$125 to maintain the membership. Unless you can recruit 3 people, whom paid also $125. Simple calculation, your $240 cash back and $140 commission (from recruiting 3 people), totally $380 are paid by you and your friends (4x$125=$500). The company can be sustained just by the membership fees. No mention selling big data, which is actually to pass off fish eyes for pearls. They collect no valuable data during the process. It is just to fool people to believe they are doing proper business.

    • Did you try calling their help desk? Then now have a phone number where you can call.


      They are in California. Not sure what business hours are but I think it is from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM PT. I live on the east coast and found calling any time after 12 PM ET works for me.

      Saivian is fairly new and they are trying new things to be more efficient. So it is normal that there will be some kinks along the way. I would also like to say that the review here was not very fair cause AS completely ignored what Saivian is really about and that is Marketing Data Collection which is where they will be making all their money. and how they can pay out the 20% and and down line commissions.

      • Thank you for letting everyone know that you pay Saivian so that it can collect personal ‘Marketing Data’ which it will in-turn sell to make money. If it is true, l will add it on to the review.

        • John

          This is the problem with your review. It start right away saying it’s a scam and you dont even have all the info about the program. It’s website like this that prevent any kind of mlm or opportunities to go further. They collect info for shopper and they also give you direct discout to a great variaty of store. Im also wondering if this person works on a compagny where he have a boss who also have a boss who also have a boss and they all make money over you. MlM are good way to promote products and ideas as long there don’t give any problem paying the compensation plan and givan the product or cash back in this case to the people. Its like saying visalus, acn, herbalife, fivelinks, etc are all pyramid scheme or mlm scheme. We all make money over someone. Try it. It look like a very legit and nice opportunity.

          • Thanks John for your contribution.

          • l stand by my word, the selling of ‘membership’ alone to new people so that they can also do the same and earning commissions off their payments is what is called a Pyramid Scheme. Such a scheme is illegal and a scam. Saivian hides this scheme behind a legit cash back program.
          • Bosses are at the top because they have relevant qualifications and do have the experience. In MLM, even an idiot or retard can be at the top, they just need to be at the top of the pyramid by being the first to join the opportunity. Comparing the two to each other is lame.
          • ‘MlM are good way to promote products…’ — it is NOT. There are always loosers at the bottom of the pyramid at ANY given time.
          • You are really a newbie to this MLM business. Can you tell me why the Herbalife you are citing agreed to pay $200 million fine to FTC recently if this is clean business? Why was Vemma closed by authorities when it had no problems with its compensation plan? They where paying members in full and on time but they got busted. Educate yourself before sharing opinions as facts.
      • I’ve been around for along time, and have never seen a 20% Cash Back on ANYTHING! Saivian is offering this 20 % Cash Back on products and services that 99.9% of Americans MUST use just to live in AMERICA! Maybe the big time CRITICS are upset because their BRAINPOWER is STILL yesterday’s FAILED attempts! What are they offering that will COMPETE with 20% Cash Back on almost everything RETAIL! I’ve had OUTSTANDING customer service from the supports groups in California, and New York

        • Della

          If you do the math, you don’t actually save 20%. When you spend $3000 and get 600 back, you need to deduct your $125 from that. You save $475. That is only 15.8% that you actually saved. Just sayin’.

          • Johhny

            If you do the math, that $125 is covered via the $5/day, and this is just the minimum daily amount once you have your first 3…$5×30= $150, which means this not only covers your $125 but gives you an additional $25 profit, which then makes that 20% slightly higher…

          • So you can make profit just be recruiting new people without even claiming a single cashback? In other words without selling any ‘product’ as they do in pyramid schemes?

          • Asian

            Most of the people are fooled by these words they used: “cash back”, “saving” & “big data”.
            Please have a look at their website’s FAQ:
            1. How much does the Retail Shopping Membership cost?
            The Retail Shopping Membership costs only $125 to start, and then is payable once every 28 days. That is only $1,625 annually to receive up to $3,000 in cashback rewards, “potentially saving” you $1,375 just for doing your everyday shopping!
            – Why do you wish to pay $1625 but only get back $1375? Is it truly cash back? Please remember the $1625 is not your daily spending, you pay extra to this company.
            2. Is there a minimum or maximum Cash Back redemption amount?
            Once every 30 days, as an active member, you can redeem a minimum of $125 and a maximum of $250 from your accumulated cashback account.
            – The membership cost must be paid every 28 days, but you can only claim every 30 days. Therefore, you must pay at least $250 to claim the 1st month max. $240 cash back. (There is a limit of “cashback” maximum $60 per week.) Still you lost $10 after a month + extra work on this system & process.
            So, if you do not recruit people in, you will just keep paying them and work for their so called big data. How ridiculous this is?

      • money

        No way Jose in this world paying someone 20% cash back on credit card shopping is not a scam.
        Even Visa, Master or AE combined don’t make that much. It doesn’t make sense by selling your shopping habit or marketing data can make that much money. The company has to make much more than 20% in order to pay you the 20%.

        • Luis Villanueva

          Money, where the hell did you came from. Do you know how facebook google and other search engine make billions of dollars? Damn dude, you are so iffing ignorant. Everytime you push like in facebook or search using google, they automatically get your info on what you search even your personal data. They take it without your permission and sell it to their third party marketing partners and in turn make their billions. How do you think zucherberg became a billionaire in a very short time? He does not sell tangible products but instead your data( intangible) to their partner. His billions didn’t fell from heaven but he used his intelligence to make it happen. Net working is the 21st century gold rush and do not it pass you by. These naysayers wants pull you down and be poor forever. Take risk.

      • Asian

        I do not believe the so called data they collected is valuable. Because they only have a list of 10 shops & date you shopped. They do not know what did you buy. The data they collected is much less than banks or VISA/ Master have. So it is just to fool people.
        You get paid doesn’t means the company or the way is a proper one. Like gambling in some places is legal and some people really get money by gambling, but would you promote it to your friends? These people play the law & use the greedy mind of human to make money. I dislike these things & people.

    • Luis Villanueva

      If you just followed the requirements you wont have any problem. It is very simple to follow, even a middle schooler can do it without a hickcup.

    • Yota

      It appears to be a very good company the compensation plan adds up however by recruiting and getting these prospects how can that money be physical in your hand A card is not being given and there’s no answer as to when I card will be issued even though the contract stated 7 to 10 business days after ordering ..especially for someone earning $50 per day as per the back office. The Jamaican people wants to know a simple answer to a question and the owner refused to answer at the business meetings his response was “who needs cards anyway ” . If someone pay with their hard earned cash and keeps recruiting people that paid with their hard earned cash why isn’t there a card given to retrieve these earned payments?

  3. Thank you Dorothy for your thoughtful comment. l really appreciate your contribution. Will be checking out the Saivian ‘business advertising program’.

    If I have paid $125 and than my membership is free (3people)‘, then your 3 people will bring in 9:27:81:243:729:2187:6561:19683:59049. Imagine if there are 1 000 Saivian affiliates with a down-line which is only 10 levels deep = 50 904 900. The 50 904 900 people will also bring 3 people each so that their membership becomes free 170 714 700 …. you can continue building the pyramid. l bet you don’t give a damn about what happens to those who are sucked in at the very bottom of the pyramid, as long as you are enjoying paid for membership and cash backs. As you said, ‘it is not for everyone’ which means there is always a limited number of people at any given time willing to join the opportunity = saturation. That is why pyramid based programs suck.

      • Usual rhetoric by brainwashed people who join MLM companies. Was your Government ever charged of being a scam or pyramid scheme like what happened to MLMs such as Vemma whose business opportunity side of business was shut down or Herbalife which was recently fined $200 million dollars?

      • Asian

        There is no long-term contract required. You may cancel at any time, but you must cancel at least 1 business day prior to your membership renewal date. However, all cancellations will IMMEDIATELY forfeit ANY current or pending Cash Back account balances.
        If the products is the cashback, then I should have my first month cashback even I joined only 1 month. But the product is the membership – a right to recruit people in this rubbish program, which worth nothing!

    • Luis Villanueva

      This is the problem, people are afraid of change, that is why according to millionaires, the hardest people to be convince of a new oppotunity are poor people.

      • What has changed? Is your first time to learn about cash back schemes? Is building a pyramid scheme where members earn money from subscriptions paid by new members something you discovered when you joined Saivian? Which millionaires are you talking about? What a generalised statement which means nothing in the end. So are you saying millionaires are joining Saivian to earn $3 000 the whole year? OR are you implying that you are going to become a millionaire by joining Saivian whose earnings from cash backs are capped?

      • Yota

        So how do we get paid I am in Saivian since November 24, 2016 look at today’s date and a card cannot be given being a top earner in jamaica earning $50 per day?

  4. Cathy

    This is hilarious! SaivIan is NOT a pyramid scheme! They are selling a product and that is the membership. I have seen first hand that people do get the money they earned. It is a legitimate business opportunity. I feel sorry for the people that don’t agree and are passing up on this. WOW

    • Hahaha… ‘membership’ in itself is NOT a PRODUCT? In Pyramid schemes, ‘people do get the money’ too and it does not mean they are legit. Vemma was paying its distributors in full and on time but it was closed for operating an illegal pyramid scheme. l feel sorry for people who get sucked into this scam!

      • Dave

        While this post is very informative and I thank you for posting, I think throwing the “pyramid scheme” label around is a bit wrong.

        A pyramid scheme is where people invited in to a system make less than the person inviting them. If your downline with CashBack20 was 5 strong, the person 5th in the chain technically has the ability to make more than all other participants combined. This is not possible in a pyramid scheme.

        They are providing a service in that they are hosting capture pages and other stuff for you.

        While I have friends that are making money using this system, I’d definitely steer clear myself.

        • Thank you Dave for your contribution. Here is FTC’s legal definition of a pyramid scheme ‘They promise consumers or investors large profits based primarily on recruiting others to join their program, not based on profits from any real investment or real sale of goods to the public’. It has got nothing to do with the earning potential of your down-line. The capture pages are solely for promoting Saivian to others and the day you quit you loose it all.

      • Luis Villanueva

        So, the place where you work is a pyramid scheme too. For example a big retailer like walmart, if all the people from the bottom, like you, farmers, contractors should stop delivering goods and workers and baggers stopped or quit, do you think that company will survive? I don’t think so.
        Negative mind set is what makes people stupid?

        • This is your last comment l will be approving on this website. You really need to get a life and whining over recruits that rejected your sugar coated pitch after they learned the truth about Saivian. Why are you crying more than the bereaved? You are only one of the victims desperate to recruit people to pay for your subscriptions.

          Yes, my dear friend. It is possible to create wealth online without begging friends, relatives and fellow workers to join a pyramid scheme below you. As you can see, Google send people like you on this website for free while l am sleeping. If you click on any of those ads Google placed on my ‘real estate’, it will send me a fat check. How easy money can be made online without annoying anyone or going around spreading vitriol defending a company that YOU don’t own.

      • get ur info straight

        Verma was not shut down for pyramid scheme. It was shut down because a few of their top distributors were making false promises. You were also wrong about Savian pay structure. I was presented with the opportunity and passed on it after deciding it wasn’t for me. But you sir, should get your shizzle straight before making these posts. You could get sued.

        • It is NOT mandatory to leave a comment on every website that you visit. Especially when you claim to be knowledgeable about an issue that you know nothing about. Anyway, here is the full Vemma judgement, do yourself a favour and read it. In anycase, it was just the ‘pyramid’ side of business that was closed. You can still visit the website and buy Vemma products without any problem.

          1) ‘It was shut down because a few of their top distributors were making false promises’ – really? Kindly read this extract for the court’s judgement;

          The Court finds that, even in light of the argument and evidence provided by Defendants, the FTC has met its burden to show a likelihood of success on the merits in demonstrating Vemma, Mr. Boreyko and Mr. Alkazin are making material misrepresentations and omissions, as well as furnishing Vemma Affiliates with the means and instrumentalities to make material misrepresentations and omissions, in violation of the FTC Act.

          Mr. Boreyko is the owner of Vemma. He provided that material that affiliates used to peddled the lies. So who was making false promises?

          Cool down, you don’t own Vemma neither do you know a thing abou it.

    • Victor M Valencia

      Membership = The right to use a privilege facilities to get personal gain or benefit, Gym to unlimited exercised, Sams Club to unlimited purchase retail prices, etc.
      But a membership that requires a monthly fee that gives you nothing is SCAM !!!
      20%, submit receipts and wait for 30 days to get money back. Main while they charge $125.00 + the 30 days waiting period another $125.00 so you already pay $250.00 … would not be better to put those $250. In a savings account and I already save $250.00 in two months and I do not scam any friend or mess with our friendship, and beside by the end of the year I will have $1500 in my savings acct.?
      They promise that if you get 12 people you will get $600. So who keeps the rest $900.00 , and just in the membership, but to be able to make money out of the 20 % back the minimum is $5 the top is $3000, so even if I could expend the $3000. A month that I could save $600. So to save $600 I have to expend $3000 in a month??? = $36000 in a year that i can get $7,200 cash back???
      That looks beautiful in the paper but so unreal in Life…
      So in reality the money comes from the membership to nothing, that will pay month to month to support your income, because if you do not get your 3 people to override your membership you are stock with a membership from month to month for nothing.

      I guess you right so simple is not A SCAM, THIS IS THEFT !!

    • money

      Membership is not a product. Maybe it is a service.
      From Webster: Product is something that is made or grown to be sold or used.


    The conclusions of this review are wrong for the following reasons:

    1) If you are joining just for the 20% then it is true that you have to spend a minimum to break even with the membership fee. It is not for everyone but a lot of people do spend more than enough to make this work for them. If you spend more than $160 each week then your membership is paid for and you net money back. Most families spend way over that and even exceed the max of $300/week that is allowed.

    2) Unlike other MIM’s recruiting is not the primary focus You only have to get 3 people to join to start collecting money. If you never recruit anyone after that but your down line does the amount you get back will increase. Your down line can also increase from your up line too.

    3) MIM’s in general have you selling a product whereas Saivian is not selling you anything to make money. The only requirement is that you record what you buy. The primary source of revenue for Saivian is the marketing data that they are collecting from you. MLM’s in general are making the bulk of their revenue off of recruiting. Savian is making their money off of the marketing data which is a multi billion dollar industry which they are trying to tap into.

    4) Let say this is a scam. If you are spending over $160/week you are NETTING a return on money you would be spending any way. So why not get some of it back? If Saivian goes belly up in 6 months you still netting a profit even if you don’t bother to sign anyone up.

    So where is the scam here?

    NOTE: on the people who are having problems there is now a help line with actual people answering the calls. They can help you through some of the snags that occur when trying out a new system. I recommend that you try taliing to them first. They are in California. not sure what their hours are but found them accessible after 9:00AM PT or 12:00 PM ET


    • Since your other comments are spewing the same rhetoric and confusion from a brainwashed affiliate, l will only publish the first one. No offence.

      1. ‘If you are joining just for the 20% then it is true …’ l thought your headline was THIS REVIEW IS INCORRECT? So how can it be TRUE and INCORRECT at the same time? Do not let emotions overtake your reasoning. Cool down, you don’t own Saivian.
      2. ‘You only have to get 3 people to join to start collecting money‘ .. that is what is called RECRUITING in MLM Mr Mike! Your 3 recruits will then pay for your subscriptions in the hope that they will also ‘…get 3 people to join to start collecting money’. The pyramid then expands at the bottom until everyone has been recruited including cats and dogs. The millions at the bottom are left with no-one to recruit …. the rest is history repeating itself!
      3. ‘….whereas Saivian is not selling you anything to make money’ Do you know the pyramid scheme FTC definition? Here it is ‘They promise consumers or investors large profits based primarily on recruiting others to join their program, not based on profits from any real investment or real sale of goods to the public’. l totally agree with you Mike on this one … lol. MLMs just wait as siting ducks for the day of doom. Ask Vemma, how it feels or the ancestor of MLMs, Herbalife which paid 200 Million fine a few weeks back.
      4. There is nothing wrong with getting a cash back if it is not linked to an ‘opportunity’ or rather a ‘responsibility’ to recruit others. Why is Saivian not just getting a commission for facilitating the cash back without building a parallel scheme?

      All the same, thank you for sharing the Saivian’s contact details. l hope people will get informed help.

  6. Why did you delete my comments? You review is in error on how you judged the company and rather than have an honest debate over the facts you deleted my post. I think the real scam is you pretending to give an honest review of a company.

    • When you submit a comment, it is held until it is approved. l have published two of your comments. l hope you are now satisfied. Thank you for sharing more information on how Saivian collects and sells affiliate’s personal information in your other comment.

  7. Mm

    I joined Saivian a month ago,I am positive,that this company is not legitimate because I checked the website and Google the address ,they didn’t put the suite# and they don’t have the main contact #. My upline gave me the contact # in L.A. And asked them the contact # in New York and they don’t know it.So,I decided to cancel my membership,and I asked them if I can refund my money.They said ,it is not refundable.I told the guy with other companies with products,if you are not satisfied with the products,you can refund your money.With Saivian,it is strictly non refundable.Beware!!!

    • Thank you for sharing your bad experience with Saivian. It is quite disheartening and that is how MLMs can ruin relations. There is a warning on Better Business Bureau to the effect that ‘Mail sent to the business on 02/04/2016 was returned by the U.S. Postal Service as Undeliverable as Addressed‘. Such companies can go offline anytime and disappear into thin air.

  8. Pip Earn

    Oh my gosh, this page seems like a personal vendetta, not an informed and impartial review… I do believe though having read everything a few small technical bits of information have been pushed to the side for the average reader like myself … However I must also thank you ( AS ) you have managed to peak my interest of the company enough for me to join.. MY findings in relation to some of the post are as follows..( oh and this is direct from me, A now member) ..
    1- Saivian is selling a membership for a global cash back deal.. Where potentially if you spend up to an amount each week, you can get this additional cash back benefit each month..(which may I add is very easy with a family of 4 ).. Now at the end of the day you have two choices.. you do NOT refer ( which is the members choice) and receive a smaller amount back each month… OR you can refer and have your membership payment covered, thereby being able to avail the whole of the potential 20% cash back on the value of your receipts per month… ok, so either way , by joining I have made some money back regardless, and If I had not joined .. I would have had nothing and would be no better of … ok .. now where is the scam part in this ???
    2- data sharing… again this is from first hand … Saivian do not hold any personal details.. bank accounts or anything.. they do know the 4 last digits of a members card so that they can check if it is in fact the member buying the product from your chosen store… Now the data they get from your shopping bill,…. where you buy, what time you buy and what you buy is then sold to large corporate retail marketing people , so that they can then market their products to consumers in a better way in their shops. (Not directly to members or from cold calling )… ( bit like Facebook do with its members liking and sharing pages,,, main difference here though, is Facebook do have all our details …)

    3 – In regards to the word Pyramid… this word is very overly used and yes I agree that in most cases this could be the case.. but having watched your page and many others , the quickest way to start a fire is to light a match .. and this word ‘pyramid ‘ is just that a word to evoke a reaction despite looking at the full facts..
    “A Pyramid scheme/ organizations seldom involve sales of products or services with value. Without creating any goods or services, the only ways for a pyramid scheme to generate revenue are to recruit more members or solicit more money from current members. Eventually, recruiting is no longer possible and most members are unable to profit from the scheme.”
    Saivian… Does sell a membership which enables its members to avail 20% cash back on their weekly shopping, and does not solely rely on the memberships to pay its members for shopping.. Thereby already showing it is not a technically pyramid scheme..
    So to round up my post.. I have to thank you , because If I had not read your post and watched the way you responded to peoples comments, I would not have decided to join this company and for a fact receive an additional amount each month doing what I have to do .. which is shopping 

    • Thank you for taking time to share your experience with Saivian.

      That is exactly my point – Why is Saivian ‘selling’ membership which you can in turn sell to others when it can just deduct a commission from your cashback to cover its costs? The answer to this question will solve your confusion about where the word ‘pyramid’ comes in (point no. 3). Saivian is creating a ‘pyramid’ based on selling ‘membership’ behind a legit cash back program just like how all MLMs do.

      You can make money from recruiting others without claiming cash back which is the ‘service’. No service or product exchanging hands = pyramid scheme.

      ‘Membership’ in the case of Saivian is NOT a product or service. Membership is totally divorced from the cash back program. One can operate fully with out the other. We can literally have people who join the program, never claim a cash back but still make money – where does the money come from? ‘Solely’ from recruiting new members. What is that called? – a pyramid scheme.

      If you read the review between the lines you will understand that it is NOT focused on the cash back program which any one is free to join and l am glad you did. The problem is with selling ‘membership’ to each other to earn commissions which benefits those at the top of the pyramid.

      • sharon

        Wether the affiliate decides to take advantage of the 20% cash back or not, is totally up to them. Since the service is still offered by Saivian, it is not in anyway a pyramid…..

          • Luis Villanueva

            Stop spewing negative about somebody or something without knowing all the facts inside out. You as a moderator of this thread And all the people that works with is ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Making money out of your lies, do you even have a piece of when you go home, knowing that you misguided people out of greed?
            Dude, I am praying for while I am doing this message. For God sake, please change to an honorsble career.

          • l am not a ‘moderator of this thread’ for your own information. l own this website and pay the bills. l don’t GO home, l work from home or anywhere in the World where there is internet. What’s your beef, you DON’T own Saivian. Did your potential recruits refuse to pay your Saivian monthly subscriptions after reading this review? l am really sorry about that. ‘…an honorsble career’, l have many websites generating income for me on auto-pilot. l only created this website to share the other side of the story.

    • L

      I’m getting ready to join the company as well and as you’ve stated, reading all of the comments have actually helped me understand the company better lol. I took notes from your post…. Very informative!! After reading all of the posts, I have NO hesitation abt joining!!!

  9. Jim Peiffer

    It amazing to me that so few people today can use a calculator or apply any semblance of critical thinking. You are so dead set against MLM’s that you miss the entire business plan Saivian has worked out.
    No. 1, do the math on just a tiny group of only four levels of three by three, it’s not difficult and it has to work that way because with Saivian NO ONE can have more than three on their first level. OK, just four levels means there are 27 on the bottom who have not referred anyone, 9 on the next up level and 3 on the next level up and 1 at the top = a total of 40 members X $125.00 = $5,000 total Saivian income for the month. Now lets see what the MLM sales commission PAYOUT is for these 40 members. Actually the bottom 27 get no MLM sales commission as they have not referred anyone, so the top member gets $900.00, the next three get $600.00 each, and the next 9 get $150.00 each. According to my calculator that’s a total Saivian PAYOUT OF $4,050.00 leaving the princely sum of $950.00 for Saivian to divide up for expenses, salary, etc.
    Next lets do the math again at the 6th level, on second thought you do the math, I’ll just tell you the margin gets MUCH thinner the higher or more members are added, would you believe that at a full 6th level group of just 364 members Saivian PAYS OUT all but $50.00 from the entire groups $125.00 monthly income?? AND from that point onward they go deeper and deeper into negative territory. Do the math on a full 14 level group for a real eye opener.
    Of course either Saivian has hired the fed’s to do it’s business plan or…just maybe they understand something most people have missed to date….HMMM!! What could that be???
    Are you aware that Facebook reportedly expects to bring in more than $25 BILLION this year..ALL from advertising the data you, I and everyone else GIVE them and Google will do somewhere near three times as much…and THEY keep it ALL for themselves! Saivian shares 20% with members.
    Do you have any idea just how valuable this data is that we Saivian members give when we register our receipts?? When I go to my grocery store and buy $100.00 worth of groceries that usually only amounts to maybe 50 or 60 products out of the 25,000 to 30,000 or more the store carries, but my receipt has the EXACT item, how many, date of purchase, cost per item, store location, etc on every receipt. Don’t you think EVERY product manufacturer, grower, shipper, distributor, package and label designer, competitive retailer etc. etc would be interested in as much of that data as they could get and as soon as they could get it?? Saivian’s data is far more valuable that Facebook’s “likes” of Googles search data…..and the more Saivian data produced the more valuable it is, therefore Saivian just might have decided to use a lucrative MLM to hurry up the collection of such valuable product i.e. data knowing they can sell that data over and over and bring in tons more income, far more than enough to cover the 20% Cash Back AND the growing sales commissions.
    Yes, Saivian has had plenty of growing pains, but they have solved them and are still growing very rapidly and my bet is we have yet to see everything they have planned. I await your comments and hope you will do the math for yourself. Math is an absolute discipline.

    • Bryan Williams

      You can bamboozle us with a myriad of calculations but the simple fact is, that the commission payments from the ‘MLM’ portion of Saivian comes from recruiting others NOT from a Product or Service. Irrespective of whether or not cashback on retail shopping or travel is available in a particular country, the ‘MLM’ commission payments are not, in my view, legitimate.

    • moneygotme

      It is not about how many levels. Paying 20% and able to may $300 a month continually don’t make sense.

      Facebook has 1.8 billion active users., if it pays $10 to each user every month, in two months, Facebook will expense all its cash.

      Saiviant business model doesn’t make sense for a long term investor.

    • Rick

      Just to add a note. The cash back for groceries,clothing, etc program has been merged with the travel program and it is all worldwide. It’s possible and actually very easy to profit from the membership using only the cash back feature. They do also have another feature for members and that’s a savings benefit membership to print coupons for immediate use.
      You technically aren’t making money on the cash back because it was your money in the first place. You’ve already paid taxes on it. Therefore you don’t have to pay taxes again on the cash back. That’s why the limit. I’m in it and I’m happy and I haven’t recruited anyone yet. Just the cash back is a good deal with the savings coupons.

  10. Karen

    As long as there aren’t any problems getting the 20% cash back for what you purchase, what’s the problem? Yeah, referring others in and making a few bucks wouldn’t hurt, but I’m thinking more of getting $115 a month for spending what I already spend, where I already spend it. But it’s not something I’ll jump into without checking its legitimacy. I don’t have $125 a month to throw in the trash.

    • ‘… getting the 20% cash back for what you purchase, what’s the problem’ — of course no-one said there was a problem with that. As you rightfully noted, it hurts when you are claiming $115 a month and paying $125 a month so that the person who recruited you can make ‘ a few bucks’ off you. What if Saivian, deducts $15 to cover its costs and give you your $100. No one will get ‘hurt’. Making a loss of $10 a month will obviously hurts!

      ‘Yeah, referring others in and making a few bucks wouldn’t hurt…’ —- it hurts those who you are making a ‘few bucks’ from if they also can’t make ‘a few bucks’ by referring others due to the inevitable market saturation caused by geographical limitations. There is NO infinity number of adults who ‘… have $125 a month to throw in the trash’ in UK or USA. In the end, hundreds of people below the pyramid have no-one to recruit and they too won’t have ‘—have $125 a month to throw in the trash’. So they will quit and there will be domino effect as the pyramid implodes.

      • Peter C.

        Uhh… I have a solution that I personally did and worked. I paid for my prospect to register for the first month. Then I helped him get his first 3 members (the basic requirement to receive $5/day). This worked and he shows up every week to a Saivian Starbucks hangout group which I have formed from the getgo. I think that any Network marketing without the “social” aspect is just shitty and greedy whatever mlm that may be lol. The first reason to do mlm I think is to introduce a great service/product to others that you’ve used personally in order to be a genuine representative of the company. Then mentor and equip your downlines so that they can replicate what you did. If you have a focus on just the network part, then just help your downlines to succeed because it ultimately makes you successful. I witnessed so many sponsors just ditching their downlines after all that convincing to get them to finally join lol. Such a fail..

  11. Concerned

    Explain how the market gets saturated. MLM has been around for a very long time. The more people know about the company and the more people are using it gives it a legitimate business service. Are you against MLM or were you burned by one before. What’s your end game or purpose ? How you make your money ? Trust I don’t ask questions that I don’t already know the answer. I am just wondering if you will be so honest to everyone reading these comments.

    • Explain how the market gets saturatedDefinition of saturated market:

      Situation where practically every prospect already has the product (or its substitute)

      Now, ask yourself how many house holds in America and are willing to pay $125 monthly so that they can get a 20% cash back? Market saturation occurs when hundreds of ‘prospects’ who wants to part with $125 monthly have joined Saivian and they can’t find millions of new people to recruit. That is how the market gets saturated. I have given you an answer to a question that you ‘…don’t already know the answer’. The other questions, you have answers already because the are fully answered inside About AvertScams page. All the best.

  12. Peter C.

    Thanks for laying out your views objectively. To give my own testimony. I’m using the Saivian cashback system from the Philippines, and all I can say is that I’ve been using my circa card linked to my ewallet fine so far. I’ve also recruited 41 members, and have been making the promised earnings thus far through the networking scheme. I guess I’m one of those odds who haven’t had any problems yet? Also, when I studied business in college, typically, a business sells a product or a service. Saivian is the latter. One of which, Saivian is selling the access to their unique platform (Instant Savings Benefit ISB Platform), where they have placed all of their MAP registered partners allowing only RSM members to access and search/book/shop etc. with discounts. Of course, purchases can be made using the Saivian’s circa card as well. I think this might be important to add–I’m still in my mid 20’s, and as much as I think that mega corps making billions of dollars by simply selling electronic softwares and files to be not so legit(because it’s not tangible), I also think that the general consumer must understand that this is now becoming today’s trend replacing what used to be a tangible product in the past.

  13. Bryan Williams

    When I was told about Saivian several months ago I smelled a rat. However, I decided to join so I could review it from the inside. It was exactly what I though it was…a pyramid scam. I cancelled my membership. I didn’t care about the lost joining fee.
    Your review of this company, it’s business plan, Comp plan etc. is to be commended. It’s completely in line with my findings.
    What struck me very quickly was that the cashback on retail shopping was only available to US members. I am not in the US so for me and every other international member, we could only get cashback on International travel. To get cashback to the levels they’re promoting, I would have to purchase USD$625.00 of international travel every month to get USD$1500 cashback per year max. OR spend USD$1250 per month on international travel to get back the maximum payout of USD$3000 per year. Apart from the fortunate few jet-setting wealthy, who, of us lesser mortals could or would spend that amount of money every month on international travel? It is so sad that so many people get themselves sucked into scams like this. What is even more sad is they are often the ones who can lest afford losing money. Their desperation to find alternative sources of income makes them easy prey to the unscrupulous fraudsters out there. MLM is a great business model if done right with the right product and with a good, ethical company. Unfortunately, too many people look for the fast easy money. Frankly, they should not be in business or even look at getting into any type of business unless they are willing to learn, be trainable, put the time, work and effort in and help others they sponsor to duplicate their efforts.
    It obviously hits a raw nerve with me seeing this and so many other similar scams out there ruining peoples lives. It also brings the Networking industry into disrepute.

    • Thank you Bryan for taking your time to share what you observed after joining Saivian. That is quite interesting because if you are to spend ‘USD$625.00 of international travel every month to get USD$1500’ that is USD 125, exactly the amount you need to pay each month to remain an active Saivain member. No gain, only the pain of going through the process of getting cash backs. If you don’t recruit new people into your down-line, you can easily make a loss.

  14. pip Claire

    I am an international member and I am getting my cash back as the company promised … Not sure why Mr Williams could not do this ..

  15. Unwavered

    All I can say is that some of this information is factual and some is not. I suggest you get your facts completely straight before you mouth off to unsuspecting readers (though I fail to see why anyone would blindly believe what they read on these blogs)! I’m not about to correct the many errors in your facts because you should have done your research properly in the first place! Even some of the comments have errors which you have adopted as fact without checking!

  16. Jay

    I think alot of these defensive messages that also sound vaguely like testimonies from the website itself, are actually people from the Saivian company.

    • Rosemary

      I totally agree!!! I was convinced to join by a “friend” never saw any payback on my spending $300 weekly… suckered is a good term.., this company responds to questions only by email on their own server..??? When you call their support number it might be days before they return your call… if they return it at all! I would love for one Saivian person or representative to read this and reply to me and give me good phone number so I could try and “redeem” my cash back !!!

  17. Frustrated

    I have to say
    I have been in Saivian since April and I haven’t been able to get any of my redemption money. I have called everyone in this business to try to get my money. I have 5 months of redemptions that they owe me. I have had them to put my account in expired status and change part of my password
    Wasn’t even able to sign in to my account. I have called and texted and emailed every major player in this company
    Every time I here it takes 60 days. It’s been well past 60 days. If you want to use the cash back program only good luck getting your money.

  18. Caprice Turner

    This has been a very interesting read from all and i must say that the biggest pyramid of all is in a 9-5 job working for someone else to make them rich. it has a CEO at the time then Managers, supervisor, leading hands and right at the bottom are the workers…they recruit people and pay a minimal wage that allows you to move up slowly if your lucky you may make it to manager. At the end of the day, you will never make it to the top unless you are the CEO. I have had my own businesses and spent more time woking to build it that i had no quality of time or life with my family, because i was so exhausted. I am now looking at home based business to better my life and have quality of life to enjoy. I just think its sad that others put negativity on others when all they want to do is have a better life for their families and share it with others. We have joined now also and are only doing the cash back redemption, and we share it with others because its the right thing to do. Regardless of whether you work the business or not Saivian pay you daily just for sharing. we don’t recruit we just share and they decide. Once you have 3 people join membership you give the rest who join away to help others . Seriously how can you fault this act of helping and receiving just for sharing. We make money back on money we have already spent that we will be spending regardless. The membership we pay for is still worth it as we still earn on money we already spend. I am in other cash back programs and none are anywhere near as good buddy. Just wanted to share. Thank you for everyones input 🙂

    • Comparing a 9am to 5pm job to an MLM is lame and only parroted by the ignorant. CEOs are at the top because they invested in education, have experience to run cooperate entities and besides they don’t get burnt like Vemma. The distributors were parroting the same Trump rhetoric when their Pyramid Scheme was busted. Trump learnt the hard way that 9-5 jobs are NOT schemes when his own Trumpnetwork went under while companies running legit businesses where people are promoted on merit are still running. In MLM, only the dump and school drop outs are at the top because they are too dull to assess the dangers of joining the schemes. So, they jump in head first. No wonder why the failure rates and attrition rates astronomical.

      So you call paying Saivian membership fees, claiming cash backs and recruiting people to make money off them a business? That day you will stop paying your subscription is when you will know that you are not creating a business by working 24/7 recruiting people to join Saivian. For your own information, Saivian operates a business based on a Multi-level Marketing model. ‘Sharing’ the opportunity is called RECRUITMENT, and the people you recruit then share their subscriptions with Saivian are called your DOWN-LINE.

      You now hate other Cashback programs because they don’t allow you to fleece your loved ones which you seem to be enjoying. Thank you for sharing and allowing me to explain a few concepts to you.

  19. Thoughs

    I am not in Saivian but It does sound like you have a rant against MLMs. I work in a regular Marketing firm and beleive me, Saivian is not about to go down ever with the massive amount of money they make collecting Data.
    The fact that they do not share some of that money with their members is not really fair if you ask me since I looked at their video and it makes it seams like they do.
    Running out of people seams like pretty impossible for thousands of years if you think of the world population and the fact that it’s so easy for them to open up new countries fast since the product is a membership site (by the way in my business I build Membership site for clients, mostly coaches, with regular non MLM businesses and that is a product that they do sell) A membership site with videos to learn something is a product (I’m sure they have some of those videos in there)
    I personnaly would not like if my income depended on others beeing motivated and I rather it depend on me or employees that I can fire if they do not work out (not beeing stuck with a downline that you cannot fire)
    The problem is that most people do not have the entrepreneurial minset that is needed to be sucessful in MLM.
    I have been a MLM called Arbonne before and it ended up beeing too much work to have to recruit more people as people kept getting out (even though it was completely legitimate and the products are wonderful, I am a customer for life). It’s true that cosmetics are a very competitive field.
    Even if I made great money by people’s standpoint it was small to me for the amount of time it required. So I left, but I still think it’s great for others, like moms who want to work from home and do not need a huge income. Most people are ok with 2500$-3000$ a month full time from home (MLM is not part time).
    PS: BTW for the people in Saivian, if you do not want this site to go up in google, stop writing comments and staying on the page for a long time as it is making this site rank higher and higher. Probably something you do not want… You are helping a Wealthy Affiliate site rank itself through your comments and your long page views. Brilliant by the way!
    PSS: Isn’t Wealthy Affiliate a membership site that makes it’s members sell memberships? LOL

    • 1) ‘—sound like you have a rant against MLMs’. – Yes, l do and l am enjoying my sweet revenge and sprucing my ego.
      2) ‘Running out of people seams like pretty impossible’ – Saivian cash back program is NOT available in every country and not everyone is going to join the program.
      3) ‘I build Membership site for clients, mostly coaches’ – people pay to receive coaching NOT for membership. l can join Saivian today and sell membership without watching a single video if there are any.
      4) ‘The problem is that most people do not have the entrepreneurial minset that is needed to be sucessful in MLM’. – people with entrepreneurial mindset DON’T join MLM, it is NOT a business. You just need to be deceptive, have no conscience and ethics.
      5) ‘—it ended up being too much work to have to recruit more people as people kept getting out—‘ – welcome to the world of MLM, the attrition rate is above 90%. It’s like sucking golf balls through a garden hose.
      6) ‘— if you do not want this site to go up in google, stop writing comments and staying on the page for a long time as it is making this site rank higher and higher’. – LOL, why not practice what you preach, you almost wrote a comment double the length of by review. l actually disable comments on most of my websites, they attract trolls and imagine the time l am wasting replying to your rant?
      7) ‘Isn’t Wealthy Affiliate a membership site…’ – you don’t pay for membership, you pay to host 25 websites with web-email addresses, use onsite keyword tool, choose from 2 400 website themes, training on how to get your content in-front of eye-balls, live chat help 24/7 including from the owners of the website, link tracking software and so forth. You don’t pay for membership so that your data can be extracted from you and be sold to other companies. ONLY, 10% of people promote WA FREE membership.

  20. Mikayla Bonds

    I just heard and was introduced to this company. If your credit score is good you can join. If your credit score is bad you can join. Use a prepaid or debit/credit card. Most or a majority of people cannot have credit cards. This is a way of giving people money. Now don’t get me wrong on here. Savian may or may not be with what you say. Not only that people that want to work from home are getting tired of hearing the same exact thing over and over again. People want to hear and see something new. You hear about (MCA,Facebook ads on your account, Younique, Chew the fat off) I am with Younique and chew the fat off and other affiliates. I have recieved my money from when I buy from Younique and other Independent contractor compaines.

  21. alice

    Pay $125 per month and claim back up to $60 per week . To me that means $240 per month . . I can see the profit there . Can’t any body else$

    • Pay $125, recruit 5 people and earn commissions off their subscriptions even if you didn’t claim any cashbacks. ‘…. l see a profit there’. ‘Can’t any body else’ see a PYRAMID SCHEME!

  22. Debbie Genereaux

    I don’t understand where the issue is if you just participate in the cash back program. Our family easily spends $300 per week in groceries, eating out, etc. If I turn in those receipts for 20% cash back each week, that is $60 cash back per week or $240 cash back per month. If I subtract the $240 cash back I received from the $125 I spent, I come out ahead $115 per month. I don’t have to recruit anyone to participate in this cash back offer. Why would I not want to participate in this to earn an extra $115 per month?

    • How do you expect to understand where the problem is when you commented before reading the review? Here is an excerpt from the review which you did NOT bother reading.

      Yes, Saivian has got a legit 20% cash back program used as a front for the Pyramid Scheme. The scheme is totally independent of the legit cash back program except that you can fund it with money you get from your claims.

      NO one said there is a problem with getting cash backs! Read between the lines.

  23. James H

    I got into this because my wife’s boss felt that she owed someone a favor. Saivian is the biggest scam ever! You can only redeem your cashback once every 30 days, but you need to renew your $125 membership every 28 days. According to the guy whose downline I’m in , processing your monthly cashback will take up to 90 days. 2 seconds to take your $125 membership fee, but up to 90 days to get your cashback! Also, you can only get your cashback in increments of $125 (125 or 250). You can’t even make 250 the first month ( $60 a week x 4). A big pile of b.s. Anyone reading this, don’t get involved in this nonsensical scheme.

    • Thank you James for sharing your experience with Saivian. l was not aware that cashbacks take that long to be processed. What if your claim is rejected, do you get your membership subscription back?

  24. Major

    First of all, MLM’s are a legitimate way of earning money. It takes a lot of time and effort. There are many DSA approved and non DSA approved which have been around for a long time.
    Saivian, as you have said offers a 20% cash back program, with the potential of making an xtra $1000 a year. If you join a cash back scheme with a membership make sure you spend enough to make it worth your while. A little maths calculation will tell you. The option then is not to join if you won’t benefit.
    Those that promote the scheme, are being paid to promote it, and being rewarded with $ per day. Those that don’t want to don’t. So where is the problem? The only flaw at the moment is that Saivian aren’t making those that promote it enter a minimum amount of receipts. That would take care of any “pyramid” or “ponzi” claims. Also as far as I can see, promoting a membership scheme which gives value to its members via the “availability of cashback or Instant Savings Benefit” isn’t against any law. The recruitment of people is necessary for any business to survive.

    • Thanks Major for your input. DSA was created by MLM companies, so is that news that they approved one of their own? DSA will exist for as long as there are MLM companies. Vemma was closed but it was a member of DSA and hundreds other MLM companies. If you don’t see where the problem with rewarding people solely for recruiting others into a program then no-one will ever explain that to you.

  25. Deborah

    You are very nasty if somebody does not share your opinion. And that’s what all this is about !!! Your opinion !!!! Why don’t you do something POSITIVE!! Instead of causing doubt to people who are at least trying to make a living !!! We are not sat at home claiming from the state !!!! We are trying to earn a living and I am succeeding with Saivian & ALL my team is !!! We work TOGTHER !!!! Stop being negative about everything. There is always going to be ups & downs in any company !!!! Have u never had a bad apple from your store ????

    • You make a living out 0f $3 000 cashback? If you are ‘succeeding with Saivian’ why are you here spitting vitriol? You just show how frustrated and desperate you are to suck people into the scheme. Cool down. Anger is like rust, it destroys the person carrying it.

  26. I love this thread it just gets better and better. Still waiting for any of you in saivian to show proof of a single earning. Ewallet screenshots are not proof. Bank statements are and no one can provide this. No one is getting paid until someone can prove it. Email saivian-support.net and share your story. We may be able to help with cleansing your conscience as scamming is soul destroying.

  27. Carlos Dundas

    Taken to its logical conclusion, the number of “affiliates” on the lowest entry level will exceed the population of planet Earth…..who do they recruit? And that’s why they lose out, that’s why it’s a pyramid/ Ponzi scam…

    And, does anyone, anywhere, know of any businesses willing to pay 20% of cash spend to know what you buy?
    In New Zealand, one of the most popular loyalty cards in use is FlyBuys. They collect information on all your shopping at New World supermarkets, as does the OneCard for Countdown….Guess what? You get 1 point for every dollar spend, which roughly equates each point cash value at 16 cents. Yep, spend $25, get 16 cents ‘cash back’ to spend.
    That is the reality of the margins in data mining. Slimmer than a very slim thing, they only become profitable by the huge scale, the numbers involved……
    Please, understand this, no-one….NO-ONE….anywhere, is willing to refund 20% of your grocery bill to know you buy the same white bread and value milk each week.
    If you truly believe Saivian is selling data for 20% then you are just stupid. Photocopying receipts? Time intensive! Stupid. No…….it is makebelieve, fiction, a pointless task to make you feel as if you’re doing something to ‘earn’ your cash back…
    And, if you truly believe you are ‘earning money’ by recruiting others into this pyramid scheme, you are either stupid or just don’t care about those who will ultimately lose out when there is no-one left to recruit and cover the $125 monthly ‘membership fee’ that is used to pay the ‘affiliates’ further up,the pyramid in the belief they are earning money for doing sweet nothing……

    • Well said Carlos. Unfortunately no-one cares about what happens to the people they recruit, as long as they can make money off their subscriptions. The program is not even available world over and is only for families spending a certain amount of money each month on shopping. The cashback program is just a smoke screen. The business is sustained from subscriptions from people recruited, that is where the money is made. There are people making thousands of dollars without claiming a single cash back. Incentives and bonuses are based on how many people you recruit into the scheme, not how much you claimed in cash backs.

  28. I just looked into it and did calculations and it is an obvious pyramid scheme where the money comes from recruiting others eg getting them to believe what you originally believed in the first place.

    I did a calculation of my main 10 stores in the last month. 20 % of the total would be $ 158 with it costing me 175 (US to NZ conversion) to do it each month. This becomes free when you get 3 others doing it which would then mean I’m walking on the backs of slaves and trying to get them to get other gullible people to do the same. It is obviously not ethically principled but about sales pure and simple. Sad but true.

  29. Chris Small

    Just seen this pop up in a Facebook feed in NZ. They seem to use an inner clique to cheer on how much they are making and to attack anyone who speaks out. With the margins that are made on goods then a 15% Goods and Services Tax, then 20% to Savaian for the data ….c’mon that just doesn’t work particularly with hardgoods and travel that have barely 25% after Cost of Sales. Ponzi. Pyramid scam – the only easy money is for the dishonest and the brilliant… oh well whats the old adage about fools and money?
    Good on you for trying to make people think – although there seems to be an almost cult like reverence around these things.

    • Thanks Chris for your contribution. Once you are in you must tow the line. Someone joins Saivian today, tomorrow is already parroting how he/she enjoyed a 10 day discounted cruise to Hawaii while passive income was rolling into their accounts on auto-pilot. The levels of brain washing requires psychiatric help to reverse.

  30. Worried UK

    I have made inquiries regarding the Global Payment Card and still no one seems to have received one, these have been on order for months, the probability is you will never receive one.
    I would recommend to all who have paid for a card to ask there up line to arrange a refund and do not except even more excuses and delay tactics.
    I have also looked in to some of the previous comments, one in particular regarding Laura A Harte who was in the UK early October promoting Saivian in various venues including London, at the same time back in the US on the 13th October the U.S. Bankruptcy Court Records for the Southern District of Indiana were applying for a notice of possible assets, this is the link open-public-records.com/court/indiana-15523551.htm
    This I’am sure you would agree sets alarm bells ringing.
    I have also been informed that HMRC are now conducting tax investigations into MLM companies (not just Saivian) this has apparently been triggered by posts on various social media sites containing claims of $5000 / $100000 per month incomes.
    If you have not informed HMRC of your self employment you need to do so asap, for those of you who are on benefits you also need to contact the relevant benefits dept to disclose this income or risk losing benifits and risking court proceedings.
    I strongly recommend if you feel you have also been taken for a ride by Saivian and unscrupulous upline leaders who are knowingly still selling codes to contact Trading Standards and Fair Trades.
    The majority of people who get involved with these schemes are vulnerable and can ill afford the cost all based on false promises continually and consistently posted on social media sites.
    If you are a member of a social media site and been adversely effected by Saivian post the details of this site on your page.

    • Thank you for taking time to share your negative experience with Saivian and warn others about the card rip off. l hope every scumbag who claims to be earning …./month gets their tax assessed according to those figures and they are billed. In any case, they will just go to Saivian and download all the details of citizens participating in this scheme without declaring any taxes.

  31. Once you have realised the truth that you are contributing to the wealth of the saivian creators and that you will never get paid because you are foolish, only then will you return to the land of the living. Those who promote saivian are putting themselves at financial risk. The truth is you will never get paid. You will never get paid. You will only keep feeding money into the pockets of the saivian creators. Get out get out now. Don’t be an idiot for the rest of your life

  32. Thank you Scam Busters for your thorough research on this business. I wasn’t really sure if it worth looking into or just another scam to get your money. Now I know. Thanks for sharing!

  33. Noreen

    Im with Saivian and i love it, im sorry but i dont agree with your findings at all. Ive been with the company for 10weeks and im getting paid for sharing the company and how amazing it is. Majority of my team have already hit earnings and then we all get our cashback on top.
    It is an amazing company yes we pay a membership and to be honest i only paid once from my own pocket, same goes for my team. People are claiming upto £200 each month on shopping they would have done anyway.
    Several companies out there that make it impossible for anyone to earn with comp plans and its all the same process, difference is that im not lumbered with selling products.
    Great opportunity and there is nothing like it, so ignore the haters as they cant see people earning from an amazing company and want you to sell products which are expensive to buy and sell onwards

    • Thanks Noreen for sharing your positive experience with Saivian. Unfortunately there are few statements that are obviously not true because you do not really know how MLMs work.
      1) ‘… im getting paid for sharing the company’ – this is called recruiting and you are building your downline.
      2) ‘… to be honest i only paid once from my own pocket, same goes for my team…’ – you are surely NOT being honest. All persons are at the bottom of your downline or pyramid of recruits is paying subscriptions from their own pockets to which goes on to pay for subscriptions of those above them. What you are saying is impractical and only shows that you are a newbie to this MLM game — cool down!

      Don’t forget to show us the money… lol.

  34. RedWolf

    Here are the numbers, you guys can decide for yourself if this is legit or not.

    I will make this as simple as possible (3 levels), but hope you guys get the idea

    You pay $125/month into the company and can collect maximum ($250 from purchases + $5/day for your 3 referrals less your monthly membership $125 = $275/month)

    Your 3 referrals (level 2) pays $125/month, which equals to $375 (which covers your maximal payout of $275 and Saivian keeps the extra $100)

    Those 3 referrals gets another 3 members, so now there’s a total of 9 members on the 3rd level. Their membership fees basically covers everyone’s potential max payout and Saivian keeps $300 from level 2.

    It will look something like this:
    / | \
    / | \
    $125 $125 $125
    /|\ /|\ /|\
    $125 $125 $125 $125 $125 $125 $125 $125 $125

    Payout structure:

    IF referrals STOPPED at level 3 and each of the 9 members on level 3 collected the maximum ($250 grocery rebate less the monthly $125 “membership” fee = $125 “cashback”. The company has to pay back
    Level 1: 1 x $275
    Level 2: 3 x $275
    Level3: 9 x $125 = $1,125
    Total payout to these 13 members are $2,250.00

    Here is the question you should ask yourself before you join:
    1) If the referrals stopped coming in (in my example it’s level 3) Which company is willing to pay $2,250 for “marketing data” on just these 13 members? Is your data really that valuable that they can continuously pay the 13 members $2,250 every month?

    2) From their website “Redemptions are verified 30 days after receipt of submission and paid 30 days after verification. ” This is a 60 day window. Are they really verifying what you are purchasing or is it an “exit” window for the company to decide to really exit?

    • Interesting questions RedWolf. l hope one of the members will answer your questions. The 60 day window period ensures that every new recruit who claims cashback will pay at least $125 subs for two months. If they decide to quit before 60 days, their cashback amount will be forfeited.

    • becky

      You are very correct. I have $286 in cashback that I haven’t ‘redeemed’ until recently. Wow, was I in for a surprise. I have been paying the $130 monthly (there is a $5 fee they sneak in there) and since my cashback isn’t big yet, I only tried to redeem now. I wanted to just redeem all my cashback and just cancel because I wasn’t active. I discovered that the first redemption could only be a maximum of $125. I was livid but I did the redemption, at least I get back $125 and then I will cancel. I checked my Circa card after a week and no $$. I alerted support and here’s their answer:
      ‘You have never done a transferred to the circa card. You just did a redemption on January 25th. It takes 30 days for the redemption to be approved for a pass and 60 days for the redemption to be approved for cash back. By doing a redemption it does not go straight to the circa card. You would need to do it manually when the redemption becomes available for cash back. At the moment the redemption has not been approved.’
      THIS IS A BLATANT SCAM!! They are recirculating the money to pay everyone after everyone has paid 3 mos of $130.
      Everyone in this thread should report them to the AGs before they fool mor people. They are growing in leaps and bounds. From 94,000 in Nov to over 200,000 plus now. Just shows how many fools there are.
      As you said:
      Greed can not be tamed. Foolish flies follow the coffin into the grave.

  35. Matthew

    So a legitimate MLM has a PRODUCT or SERVICE, from your review it seems that they offer a service, something related to a membership benefit?

    • True Mathew, but when you look at it; you can make hundreds of dollars just by recruiting others without claiming a single cashback. The ‘service’ is not linked to any bonuses or incentives. Therefore the ‘service’ just like any other MLM is a smoke screen.

  36. RV

    I have been with this company and it really sucks. The service is bad, the “membership fee” is high, the return rate is very low. There are no family packages, there are no laid out structures or compensation plan. Example of a legit MLM Company, Motor Club of America. They have a service “product” that you sell and you make commission from it. They had a solid compensation plan with a 3×8 forced matrix plan which was very effective, but if I new how to market, I’d still be in that plan. Now they closed that plan and people started to move to different companies. If this is a business, why is there are no paperwork and there are legal documents? No rights no nothing. I see this is the exact path that Wake Up Now went and I’m not to thrilled about it. My sponsor was the one who orchestrated the Facebook media and was one of the top 10 leaders in Saivian and he even dropped out. This is a ponzie scheme because you can only make money by recruiting people and taking part of their money from their monthly subscription. I’ve been apart of many MLM companies and this is one of the most hidden red flagged company I’ve seen. Just make sure you have a back up company to run to when this company falls.

  37. John Johns

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your findings and comments. I was curious about saivian after sighting too good to be true earnings from people who appear to be “making it rain”. Now, I am in no way, shape or form an mlm devotee or even fan, after being stung previously myself, but I was certainly tempted by the allure of a seemingly glamorous lifestyle. So I decided to google the company, which led me here. To be fair to the person with the fabulous lifestyle I oohed and aahed over, they actually have their finger in more than one mlm pie and appear to be making a killing. I, however, don’t have the skill set that this person has, nor do I want it, so even if I did decide to take the plunge into mlm, I wouldn’t experience the success so many others do. And I’m ok with that because personally, I’m really uncomfortable with recruitment of others for my personal gain. Actually, had I decided to go ahead and join one, I’d more than likely get a quick jolt of what have I gotten myself into, followed by a realisation of ohh that’s why I don’t do mlm again. Thank you for your review, I found it succinct and hella sobering.

    • l am glad you found the review useful John. That is a great point, most people successful in MLMs do have several websites from which they collect hundreds of leads to who they just send emails with offers. If you are new to it and you are not well networked then you are doomed.

  38. Virginia Yanos

    With all these negative comments by this site, the service membership platform of 20% cashback is an awesome value and is the CORE of this platform! Are you guys kidding me! Who or what other company offers 20% cashback!!! 3 components here ladies and gentlemen!
    1) 20% cashback
    2) Instant Savings Benefits from over 300,00 advertising merchants between 10%-80% in addition to the 20% cashback
    3) Optional: Affiliate Referral Commission Program that is available for anyone to take advantage of, but not mandatory…It’s about receiving compensation and an extra stream of income from WOM (WORD OF MOUTH)….America thrives on economy–buying and selling…Saivian is a service membership product per se and that is what I love about it…there is NO ACTUAL SELLING OF AN ACTUAL PHYSICAL PRODUCT because the PRODUCT is a SERVICE MEMBERSHIP of receiving benefits on something that we are doing on a daily basis already….we buy gas, we eat out at restaurants/fast food places, we buy things for our family, for our home, for our pets, we buy things for our daily necessities…this company is needed for the regular layman person….we are not about the bling bling….our vision is to help each person to save money, learn how to stretch our hard earned money, share with others — so that others will be able to create their own economy for themselves and their family. As long as one does his/her own due diligence of understanding the systems, processes, and learning the platform inside and out, one will be fine and will succeed….Saivian has grown to more than 200,000+ membership in about a year and over the holidays there were about 50,000 new members that signed up and in such a short amount of time. Saivian gave away almost 3.7 million dollars in Christmas bonuses for sharing the platform with others. Everyone who joins and who follows the Affiliate Platform, in addition to the Cashback Concept, will all reach the same final destination of 8000 people earning $3000/day = $90,000/month. This concept is doable and reachable with great team work & great work ethics!!! In addition, Saivian International is all about paying it forward. Once we have our 3 personal direct membership that we’ve shared with–like with any other compensation plan, this is the criteria to be in the commissions pool….everyone else that we share this marvelous and beneficial savings to, we help all our other team members to get their 3….this is why this is one of the best MLM companies that I have ever encountered, where we help others to succeed!!! It is SIMPLE, DUPLICATABLE, VALUABLE & constantly adding positive features!!! The Corporate leaders work day and night to ensure that we will have cutting edge technology in the cashback platform industry!!! My hats goes off to President EJ Dalius, Business Development Director Mike Kim, Operations Director Ryan Evans, Communications Director Jericho Phire… GO GO GO SAIVIAN INTERNATIONAL!!!

    • Thank for the rant. Please note that the ‘Optional: Affiliate Referral Commission Program’ is the MAIN business of 90% of the affiliates. Promoting Saivian and earning commissions off new member’s subscriptions without claiming a single cashback. Why are bonuses tied to the ‘optional’ recruitment program instead of how much you cashback?

    • Judy Zheng

      Thank you, Virginia That is totally true. I have been watching Saivian for 4 months, Saivian is growing up in health way. How to contact with you?

  39. Johnny B

    What if you are a business owner and you spend a lot of many anyways for example I would spend $300 plus on gas weekly. Good idea to get cash back. Why not share with other business owners like restaurants who spend a lot weekly. Sounds good. I don’t think it’s a good idea for a Joe Shmoe to join and not spend enough to get cash back. Good for business owners?

    • A business owner who spends hours photocopying receipts, wait 60 days for a cash back and looks forward to earn $3 000 (max) the entire year – is NOT running a business.

      • Johnny B

        I meant I have a trucking company and I spend more than $300 weekly on gas. Cash back would be nice. Not saying Saivian will be my business.

          • Asian

            Don’t be fooled, Johnny B!
            – The membership cost must be paid every 28 days, but you can only claim every 30 days. Therefore, you must pay at least $250 to claim the 1st month max. $240 cash back. (There is a limit of “cashback” maximum $60 per week.) Still you lost $10 after a month + extra work on this system & process.
            So, if you do not recruit people in, you will just keep paying them and do something wasted to let them gain your money. If you recruit your friends & they recruit their friends, you just earn your friends’ money and let this company earn their money too.
            Don’t be stupid and heartless. This company is dishonest, misleading people, passes off fish eyes for pearls. Once the ball rolls big enough & exploded, your friend’s friends lose money and you’ll be blamed.
            Though few hundreds or thousands is not a big deal but I have no reason to give these heartless people, especially the founder, for his own benefit.

  40. Click

    Go! Go! Go!,,,Thanks for Ms Virginia Yanos for setting everything straight about Saivian International…I’m just new with the company and it took me less than 2 months and I was already earning residual income of $600 per month. Take away or minus the $125 membership and I’m still up positively $475 per month…That’s $7200 a year and about $5700 net income minus the membership fee .that’s not even including my $240 cash back for every $1200 of my monthly expenditures that is available for me every 30 days as rebate from my daily receipts…and let’s stay with the actual facts here – When I first joined up this company, saivian was only on their 1st year of their Anniversary and only have about 44K membership Globally. and about 80 percent of that are all in Asia – and most predominantly in CHINA. The last update I got was Saivian International is now over 200K in membership Globally and are still rising immaculately. Been in business now just a little bit over 3 months and I say it works. The longer you wait – the more money you are loosing out on making. So I say keep track and save all your receipts for you’re just throwing that money earnings away the longer you wait…So take advantage of it if you can. And lastly, Saivian does works for the hard workers and if you are one of that kind, You will prevails,,,,GO SAIVIAM!!!!

    • Thank you Click for sharing your experience with Saivian. So you are earning MOST of your money off the people you recruited’s subscriptions ($600/month) and a MERE $240/month from the service that you joined the company for? You really helped me clarify the point that the money ‘residual income’ is in RECRUITING new people and living off their subscriptionS. The cashback is indeed a smoke screen and not where REAL money is made.

  41. Gerry

    The money in back office is points or numbers from the $5 a day to $3000 a day for recruiting bonus..not money..the dealer takes 125 points get a ” pass code” to enter recruit and put $125 US in pocket or $170 cdn..A Ponzi..paid on bringing people in pyramid scam..The 20% cash back on shopping..also is paid in 125 Pass code,used to get a new recruit in..NOT paid by Saivian..a real Scam..

  42. becky

    Scam Busters, if you could update this review, it would be more credible. They’ve tweaked a few things because I heard they were trying to be ‘compliant’. They should have been compliant in the first place before they started fooling people.

  43. John

    There may be arguments on business model. But there is a fact without argument.
    If you are now in Korea or use a Korean IP address, you enter saivian.net, you will see a warning notice by the Korean National Police Agency that it is illegal. The warning notice has been posted since late 2016.

  44. Jen

    They are going into Hong Kong, too. I just have a few questions to leave people to think about:
    1) why i have to pay money before earning money?
    2) how can Saivian afford such a high rebating rate at 20%? What is the profit margin of selling big data to marketing teams of corporation? Indeed, can it tells me what corporation is buying data from them?
    3) Since Saivian is getting bigger and bigger, let’s assume all its members in the globe spend USD1billion / month. It means that it has to pay its member back USD200million / month. So here comes a question, which angel investors / banks will lead money to a business that is so new and yet the product is still in mystery? Even if there is, the lending interest must be very high, like over 10% for a year or more. If Saivian cannot get enough corporation to buy its data, can it repay the principles and interest?
    4) If it is such an exciting Big Data High-teah business model, why i can find no news about them in mainstream media?
    I hope Saivian can answer all my questions

    Thanks and regards

  45. Thanks for the review on this company. I responded to a post on a work from home facebook page regarding cashback on receipts and this is what they were promoting. I use multiple FREE cashback apps already and thought this might be something to add to my savings arsenal but after watching their video to learn I would need to spend $128 a month to belong to this “business” I searched online for feedback. This is not something I’m willing to invest in or promote to friends and family just to make money off of their membership dues and a small amount from my purchases. I’ll stick with the free apps I use for rebates and earning gift cards! Thanks again for the evaluation of Saivian!

  46. Malinda

    Not on a scam or a ponzi. What about your own site?

    You have a huge banner on the top of your site and ads that keep directing me to a site called Wealthy Affiliate. Are you looking for trending companies to bash to get more traffic back to your site from the search engine?

    A bit disappointed with the tone of the review – not really objective.

    I’ve been a member of Saivian for quite some time, and sites like yours always make things more difficult for us.

    The cash back program is unheard of in this industry and is used by the majority of members. In fact, as a ratio, more members use the cash back program than actually recruit. So the program is not a “front” but the key product.

    They’re successful in the same way insurance companies or gyms are. Many people don’t maximize the usage of their cash back incentive. To make this worthwhile to you, you must take advantage of the program to its full potential. If you get a gym membership but don’t go to the gym, you don’t blame the gym for the membership fee, right? If you get car insurance but don’t get into an accident, you don’t ask for your premiums back.

    Working in any company with type of model requires a sharp mind with a clear method evaluating the compensation model and product. I think the issue is that some people are just attracted to things like the energy of a salesperson or perhaps a friend that is talking about how great the company is. We must all evaluate carefully. If it is something we cannot turn into a benefit for ourselves, just walk away, don’t blame the model or company.

    • Malinda

      Also glad to see that you are allowing people to post reviews without moderation – at least it gives an opportunity from both sides to weigh in.

    • 1) From my own experience, Wealthy Affiliate is just a platform on which you learn about internet marketing works and you can create your own websites to promote any legit product of your choice. It is free to join and you can stay on free membership forever or upgrade your membership if you need more training, hosting space etc. You can even use the free training to promote Savian… lol.
      2) This site just exposed the other side of Saivian. If according to your claims, people are joining it mostly to claim cashbacks; why should this review ‘make your life difficult’? Oooh… you are in it to make money by recruiting others aren’t you? Did Saivian refuse to pay you your cashback because of this review? Sorry; l can smell the coffee?
      3) Why don’t you show us the figures? The number of people joining to claim cashbacks as to the number of people in it to recruit others like you?
      4) Do Gyms and Insurance companies promise ‘passive’ income and earning profit while you shop? No they DON’T? True, if you join the scheme and you don’t recruit other succers …. you can’t blame Saivian for the losses.
      5) l totally agree with you that we must ‘evaluate’ each opportunity carefully which includes searching for reviews such as these which are not from brainwashed recruiters.

      Peace be with you!

  47. Carol

    I’ve been part if Saivian since October 2016.
    Funny how they can travel in jets. Stay high end hotels. Dress like millionaires but they have yet to come up with a way to pay there people. You keep putting $$ in. 8 months. Promised 3 different cc I could load and get my $$ and have yet to get it. You can purchase codes and sell them to your team if you have a team ?
    I’m out

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