1. DosGhost

    Scam Site BigTime they dont pay half of there users and they take advantage of new users i have seen this time and time again with all ShiftCode Websites. all of shiftcode websites are scams its one of the reasons that CPAWAY refuses to have anything to do with them anymore.. they only pay you about 20% of what the offer or survey is really worth. and if they clame instant paypal STAY AWAY! because the 1st one or 2 payments will be sent but if you have anymore they refuse to pay you and block your account. Especially RewardingWays they are only about money. if you dont make them anything with in the 1st few weeks they will ban and remove your account saying your spam or cheating.

    • T.Reece

      Agree. I made a simple complaint in the “Shoutbox” about not being paid what I was owed well over the 24 hour mark. Only to be met with super aggressive, immature users telling me to “go cry” if I dont like it. Or calling for me to get banned simply for asking a question.

  2. eric rothschild

    they are a phucking scam, reported them and watch out for bigcityguy, he steals your credits, this is a huge scam, all moderator steel.

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