Can You Rank a New Website on the First Page of Google.


Keyword Ideas

l love carrying out experiments to see what works. l am currently perfecting my ‘free manual keyword research tool‘ which exploits weaknesses l observed while using established tools (stay tuned).

At the moment l am also experimenting with various methods to rank on the first page of Google beside You Tube videos. l will be sharing results soonest.

Well, so l thought ‘can a new website (created Jan, 2016) without any back links rank on the first page of Google? So l bought a domain ‘Affiliate The website is a ‘big’ project in waiting which involves students trying out various ‘make money online programs, software and methods’ then write detailed reviews on successes or failures.

So, l only posted one keyword based post on ‘iPoll Apk‘ review. That is an app for a survey site. l am still to post my TOS and other important pages then leave it to marinate.

There are NO any other keyword focused pages or posts on the website, NO back links or even social signals. l even used a third party tool from Moz (see screen shot below) to confirm the statistics.

Google RankingI was surprised to see it is now ranked on first page of Google. l just made sure my keywords are in the Url, title, description, alt tag of one of the images.

ipoll apk

Although the keyword has a  low search volume of 210, it is worth it if you can land on the first page for such a keyword. If you can get 5 such keywords per article, you will start seeing your traffic trickling in.

What l learned from this case study.

  • Keyword research is key to getting ranked on Google or any other search engine. l am not taking of keyword stuffing of course.
  • It is good to write ‘great content’ but without keywords it will be buried under the rubble of thin keyword based content.
  • Links are still important if you want to beat your competition for high search volume keywords. Using a few keyword research hacks, you can find ‘low hanging fruits‘ that can propel you onto the first page of Uncle Google.
  • l don’t think Google really ‘loves fresh content‘ that much. This is a website with only ONE article or post in months.  Remember thousands of new (fresh) articles are posted on content syndicating websites such as Hubpages, Infobarrel …. yet they are hardly on the first page of Google….. DUH!

Some of the Google experiments are already bearing fruits. From 4000 visitors a month to 30 000 in 4 months. (See screen shot below).

Avert Scams Traffic

Do you also want to try out a few suggested keywords?

  1. If you are struggling to get your website ranked on the first page of Google.
  2. You are NOT in the make money online niche.
  3. You need me to suggest a few keywords for an article with a potential to land you the first page of Google.

Just write a well thought comment about this article and enter your website URL in the commentary box below? Let’s see how it goes.

P/S NOTE : My suggested keywords are NOT in any way a guarantee that your website will be ranked on the first page of search engines for that article.


  1. Roger

    Very useful info. Anyone looking to rank on the first page of Google should definitely check out these guys: I don’t usually recommend services but they’ve gotten me to the front page every time I’ve used them.

    • Thanks Roger. l will have checked out the website you have recommended and it seems as if they are more into link building. You probably need a website with lots of content in-order to absorb all those links without raising eye brows of search engine bots. l will let one of my students test drive the service once the Affiliate Laboratory is up and running.

    • is leasedadspasce a scamHi Justin, Sorry for the late response. l have visited your website and left a comment a few days ago. l hope your commenting system is functional.

      l can tell, you have an idea about keywords but you are only including them as a tag cloud below the review. You are ranking for ‘is leasedadspace a scam’ (see screen shot below) on the first page of Google which indicates that your website has got lots of potential. The keyword has got low search volume though.

      Here is my suggestion;

      1. Learn how to use H1, H2, H3 tags in your content the right way and in a hierarchy. Tags indicate to Google bots what keywords you are focusing on. l include my main keywords in the URL or link, H1 tag (Main title) and in the description. l will include variations or sub-titles under H2 tags. Other less important titles can be put under H3 tags.
      2. Your titles in the URL are too long! [is-leasedadspace-a-scam-or-legit-traffic-platform-review) ‘Most search engines use a maximum of 60 chars for the title’ according to All In One SEO plugin that l use. You can install the plugin and it will help you stick to recommended title length. You Linklden for business title is equally too long.
      3. Other general issues; (Sorry if this sounds a bit harsh, but l have to say it).
      a) l generally don’t encourage anyone to waste time on these ‘advice’ posts on Linklden, Facebook Ads, How to get traffic to your website etc because you will NEVER rank for those terms and no-one will believe you when there is not a single comment on your website to show that what you are saying works. You can never out rank authoritative websites such as Hubpost, Ad Espresso, Backlinko for such search terms, neither can you provide any valuable content than them. Only write such posts when you now have reasonable traffic to your website. Concentrate on program reviews and you can find new programs that are easy to rank for by joining this community where people advertise their opportunities for free.
      b) Consider rewording your profile description. Let people be the judges according to the value you are providing to them. Do’t make those ‘l can teach Gurus’ claims. No one will believe you.
      c) Add more reviews to your website. Unless you are doing this as a hobby, how do you expect traffic from less than 5 reviews on your website? l wrote less than a 100 reviews in 2 years which is quite pathetic. One of my competitors posts 5 reviews per a week. We both need to take this seriously if we want to earn any life changing income.

      I hope this will help you and others who read this comment. Tell me how it goes. All the best.

      l hope this will help you improve

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