1. Margaret Hughes

    Rubbish – its a scam. Me and my husband are trying to get our money back since last September without success.

    Pure scam!!!


  2. Moira chapman

    Beware!!Profit 25 is a scam,we invested some of our hard earned money in this rip off scheme. We are trying to get our money back.barclays bank in London are accessories to this scheme, we have written to them,no reply,we have contacted Malta police and ministry of commerce, when we return to our residents in belgium we shall report our concern to the police ,we shall not stop trying to get our money back.I want to sue the people behind this evil scam.

    • Thank you Moira for sharing your bad experience with Profit 25. It will help others make an informed decision whether to join Profit 25 or not. l hope you will recover your money. Banks must also document such complaints and warn anyone who wants to send money to such schemes.

  3. Deborah

    If I could get a word to describe profits25 Ignominious act of illegally taking money from people, then i have underrated how Evil they are.
    It is pure Evil and they even bully and intimidate people. i have a bitter experience with them. please DON’T INVEST YOUR MONEY! We put £700 since May 2015 and I haven’t stopped making the clicks. No bank Card sent. PURE EVIL.

  4. Mike

    Hello people,
    Don’t even try to join this scam company, I entered because a friend of mine invited me, however after more than 2 years making clicks, I did not receive the payment card, and it seems that it won’t arrive ever. All my time Lost,.

  5. AaaaaaA

    I lost a lot of money with this mother (f)uckers.
    They made a lot of milions taking in consideration all the people that played, oviously everybody lost all money put inside. I am for making a group or organising a ligal way to bring them to justice, if we are many it will be easy, today all electronical trace can be fallow it’s not imposible.

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