1. Karen George

    I received an email promising to be paid $500 to observe a money gram store. The email informed me that after supplying my address, that I would receive a package to cover the cost of a transaction at a Moneygram facility.
    Sounds a bit fishy to me, particularly after reading info that claims payments are $3.00 per survey. $500 sounds great, but I’m not sure I’m trusting enough to provide my USPS mailing address… Despite obviously having my email address, they also ask for that in order for me to “register.” Still no answer to the question, “legit or scam?”

    • Sounds too good to be true. Have you confirmed with PineCone if the email actually originated from them or their email account has been compromised? You need to visit the official website to register. It’s up to you to supply all the required information if you want to participate.

      “Still no answer to the question, “legit or scam?” Unfortunately no-one can answer that question. Someone joins PineCone, takes surveys and get paid – calls it legit. The next person takes the same surveys and instead of getting paid their account gets shutdown without being paid a single $ – calls it a scam.

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