1. You say that people complain because they are forced to pay money that’s funny because in every business you have to pay an upfront fee to start if you are in a business where it’s little to nothing to start is not the type of businesses you would want to get into because you make little or no money and you get that money back when you recruit three people and you spelled paycation wrong so many times

    • Ergonomic

      Thank you E Dub for expressing your opinion about Paycation travel. l totally agree with you that you need ‘capital upfront’ to start any profitable business. However, when you are paying Paycation upfront, you are NOT starting a business. What business are you paying for, when your money goes to pay the person who sucked you into the pyramid and David Manning who owns the Ponzi scheme? Which type of business pays your money back by RECRUITING OTHERS as you rightfully said, without selling any PRODUCT? At least you are agreeing with me that Paycation is not a travel agent training program but a pyramid scheme where ‘RECRUITMENT’ is the name of the game.

      • Kimberly

        There is a focus on bookings as well as the business side. I am with a great team that gives you ‘secrets’ concerning travel and rental cars. I’m going to book my first cruise for next year with help from my sponsor. Question: Were l you signed up with Paycation travel?

        • Scam Busters

          As l said in my Pycation Travel review, l have no problems with any one focusing on travel bookings or affiliates who sell ‘real services’ to ‘real customers’. That is the essence of legitimate affiliate marketing. l have a problem with the recruitment side of Pycation travel and also not paying commissions for air travel like other players in the same industry. You are left with a feeling that Pycation is pocketing air travel commissions. l am happy to hear your success story with Pycation and enjoy your sponsored cruise. As for your question…. l have no intention what so ever to sign up with Pycation for the reasons l have given in my review. Besides,if l was an affiliate why would l write a negative review on Pycation Travel instead of converting thousands of visitors to my website to join through me?

        • E Dub

          I would like to share an update I don't like saying bad things about companies but from my personal experience I had to quit paycation due to too many people including myself not getting paid travel commission and I will report this to the BBB it's a red flag when they take 3 months to get travel commission but yet you get paid the same week when you recruit someone. David Manning sold the company without notice and the monthly fee increased I wouldn't suggest paycation travel to anyone smh.

          • Scam Busters

            Thank you for the upadate. It is not surprising that Paycation is not paying travel commissions on time yet affiliates sucking newbies into the Pyramid are paid on time. It only shows what REAL ‘business’ David Manning is into and values most….. recruitment, injection of more cash and building the pyramid. David Manning only runs a pyramid scheme for less than 5 years before hitting the road with his loot and Paycation is not an exception. Who ever thought his former Ponzi schemes; Traverus, Travelworks International , and Hi 5 would close doors? History repeats its-self. He will be creating another Pyramid Scheme soon called ‘Fools are born everyday‘ … lol. As usual, it will be somehow disguised as a ‘travel agent’, hires payment software from Price Line and in a few years pretend problems only surfaced after he sold the company. Same people who where at the top of the collapsed pyramid schemes are the first to jump into every DM’s new scheme and wheel goes round again. 

          • Angie

            How do you get out of it without them debiting the $69 from your account? I just joined and I’m having mixed emotions about this

          • Chelle

            I’ve been with Paycation Travel 2 and a half years now and I’ve gotten paid for every travel bookings I made. Of course, vendors do have a time frame for payouts and I haven’t missed not one commission check.

      • Hey

        Totally booked a trip, commission is over $500, if u sell travel you’ll get paid u don’t have to recruit ever. Plus it’s worth the travel club alone. That’s y I got started just to take trips

  2. I agree that they focus too much on the business opportunity side and not the travel booking side that raises flags but you can travel cheap and possibly make some money too.

    • Ergonomic

      Thank you ‘Paycation Scam’ for taking time to leave a valuable comment. l totally agree with you that Paycation focuses more on selling a ‘responsibility‘-(to recruit others and pay monthly subscriptions) disguised as a ‘business opportunity’. The same business model that led to the demise of YourTravelBiz.com. A quick Google search for ‘cheap travelling deals’ will show you that Paycation charges you more in fees than Priceline for the same trip.l therefore doubt the financial prudence of paying Paycation over $700 per year in anticipation of travel discounts you can get elsewhere for free. For starters, Paycation does not offer any travel discounts, it just searches for travelling offers and deals from Google then post them on their website. Besides,you can join Priceline as an affiliate for free and it will pay you commissions on airline tickets. Paycation will not pay you a dimme for selling airline tickets.Naturally,because Paycation travel discounts are less competetive affiliates are forced to focus their energy on selling the ‘business responsibility’.

      • Susu

        The only reason that the fee is high is because depending on the agent who is setting up their commission. Im an agent for paycation and I also have booked with them and it ask you how much you want for commission. Company like Delta and Southwest when you do a vacation package it tell you how much percentage you cannot go over. When I book my trip I look on other website to check out the price plus you can always do a price match. Plus you are able to talk to the company itself that you booking for. When I have issue with my booking I call the company itself and for my understanding the company itself detects the commission not paycation. Please if you going to do all the review make sure you get all the information plus yes they want you to build a team but just like avon and mary kay you make commission while selling the product. Avon and mary kay also started just selling their product and in 2012 they started telling people that they can add people under them to make more money so is avon and mary kay also a scheme?

        • Vee

          I was thinking that same thing. I buy from tupperware, pampered chef, cookie lee. All who want you to recruit in order to make a commission. I don’t see scam buster talking about those pyramid schemes. Oh, maybe because they arnt as new as paycation. How are those not pyramid schemes when they promote the same team building

          • Thanks Vee for an interesting reply to Susu’s comment. Since part of the comment references the owner of Avert Scams, l thought l should chip in. l am aware of Tupperware and Pampered Chef but Cookie Lee is new to me. Unfortunately, with new MLMs being launched everyday and some still in the pre-launch stage there is no way l can review each and every program. l don’t like writing poorly researched reviews just for the sake of it. If you would like to post any unbiased and factual reviews of the mentioned programs on Avert Scams please let me know. Be assured that there is nothing personal about the reviews posted on this website.

        • Karma

          Amway is the worst pyramid scheme, considering I almost fell for their luring and joined. Boy, I never been so happy to keep my little money in my life.

  3. TravelGal

    I am not sure why people keep saying paycation gives you 75% commission on travel bookings because that is not true. A friend of mine joined paycation and booked a trip for me. I found a deal on travelzoo for tahiti (flight from LA + 6 nights hotel for $1257/person, amazing deal). So I asked my friend if he could find something cheaper. After 2 days of research he came back to me with the exact same deal. But I booked through him since he was a friend and it would help him out. So i booked for two people, came out to $2500. He got $62.50 in commission. Basically since they don’t get commission for flights they only get commission on the part of the package that is the hotel (which was about $400 probably not the exact number). So of the $400, 75% goes to xtream travel and 25% goes to paycation. Of the 75% that went to xtreme travel, xtreme travel gives you 10% of that as commission. So 75% of 400 is $300, and 10% of that is $30…the trip was for 2 people so $30 X 2 = $60 which is the commission he received.

    I already know this is a pyramid scheme because you can make money based solely on referrals, you don’t need to sell product which is the definition of a pyramid scheme (if you google pyramid scheme you will see this definition on several federal/government websites). Basically when you join you become a travel consultant (NOT a travel agent so don’t call yourself one) and you receive an IATA number which you use for your bookings.

    My question is……I already have a well paying job but I have a passion for travel and would LOVE to get experience booking vacations. I’m not worried about loosing a couple hundred dollars and I could use this as a home business to write off on my taxes. I figure once the pyramid collapses and the company closes I could use the experience I gained to start my own business in the travel industry. I would NOT refer anyone, I would solely be concerned with just booking travel. So if FTC closes this down or deems it illegal, would I get fined or be in any serious trouble for being a part of it? That’s the only thing I’m concerned about, otherwise I would join just for the experience on the travel booking end.

    • Ergonomic

      Thank you TravelGal for the sharing your real life experience with Paycation. While the commissions payed by Paycation through Xtreme Travel are exceptionally low. The entire travel agent business is characterized by low commissions when compared to other affiliate programs. Paycation pays more commissions for recruiting new members, a reason why most of its consultants focus on the Ponzi or Pyramid building scheme. Who would want to break off their back selling once off travel bookings with low commission instead of enjoying recurring income from their pyramid down-lines? Since Paycation focus mainly on recruitment and its training is riddled with up-sells running into thousands of dollars, l am not convinced that it is the best palace to learn travel affiliate marketing. You only need to learn how to create quality travel websites, get them ranked in search engines and convert website visitors into paying clients using affiliate links. There are many free travel affiliate websites such as Priceline which also pay you commissions for air travel. From my experience, FTC will not punish you if the Paycation pyramid scheme collapses because you will be one of the victims. The purpose of affiliate scam reviews are to make sure you make an informed choice. Since you are NOT ‘worried about loosing a couple hundred dollars’ which may run into thousands of dollars, Paycation’s endless up-sell funnel is definitely for you. Manning will be smiling again, all the way to the bank.

      • TravelGal

        Thanks for the advise I wanted to get a starting point to get into the travel industry so I was thinking I could start with paycation. Although how would I loose thousands? Yeah I would be paying the $70/month and the start up fee but I don’t see any other fees listed. Plus when i start booking travel commissions can help pay that monthly fee or some of it (depending on how successful I can be with bookings).

        I didn’t realize you could be a free affiliate for priceline etc so i will research first of i could go that avenue with my own website instead. Although to get an IATA number I would need to have an established business first per the application. Also to be an affiliate on priceline for example I’m guessing I’d have to already have an established business but I’m going to look into it.

        Thanks again for your comments/advise

        • Ergonomic

          l am happy if you found the review useful. $70/month will only get your nose into Paycation and the most basic training. If you want to access more ‘valuable’ training (1) You must upgrade your membership (2) Purchase endless highly priced training modules. You can also read this Paycation Scam Review if you need further details. If you join, don’t forget to keep me updated on your progress. All the best.

          • Susu

            Listen Im happy you ask question but you are not in the company so stop answering question that you do not know. You only pay $70/month and we are affiliated with priceline and Expedia, delta, southwest, united, and much more and we also are affiliated with Disney. Yes you can do training with paycation but in order to keep some of your credential you have to take training with the company itself. I only pay 70/month and I haven’t had to pay anything else. I do my training with the company itself. I do not have to upgrade anything please do not throw prices if you do not know.

          • Do you know what an up-sell is? Find out before you exhibit your ignorance. Anyone can promote those companies that you have listed as an affiliate for FREE and earn 100% of the commission offered. Why are you donating $70/month to Paycation which in turn get a chunk off your commissions? Now l believe it when they say a ‘fool joins the internet everyday’.

        • Jktravelcenter

          Hi Travel Gal
          I came across your comment concerning Paycation. I recently joined Paycation for many of the reasons you listed. I researched many different venues for homebased travel consultants and chose Paycation. So far I am very pleased! I have not run into any major upsells and my first commission check from bookings was more than the $69.00 monthly fee. After the initual training all of the continued training in the back office and through travel venders has been free because of our relationship with Xstream Travel. I am able to book travel directly with major venders which is great! Your friend who joined paycation will help you if you decide to go that way. Happy Travels!!

          • Scam Busters

            Thank you for your comment. l hope Travel Gal will make an informed decision. Thumps if you are promoting travel and not focusing on recruiting others into the scheme. Unfortunately, the ‘Jktravelcenter’ website is an expired domain full of spam and there is no any travel being promoted. l had no option but to delete the spammy link and l don’t advise anyone without an advanced virus and anti-spam software to visit the website.

        • Lisa

          There are so many other great options to help someone get into the travel industry. I have been an agent for 28 years, offer mentoring and can also refer you to some really good companies that will train you and pay you very good commission splits.

          • Scam Busters

            Thank you Lisa for your advice. Kindly list the ‘good companies’ in the commentary box for everyone to see. Kindly, stop posting your email address for people to send you private messages. l also had to retrieve this comment from the scam folder (by chance) because you included an email address in the comment.

          • I would like to find out about a better option for travel agent training. I live in So Cal. Are your contacts online or physical locations?

            Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


          • Prestige Agent Network is a company that utilizes home based agents. It is a subdivision of Prestige Travel Systems which is a full service Travel Agency. The home based business is not designed as an MLM although you can earn a referral bonus. There is no monthly fee as well. Call 800-940-8801.

            PS. Most airlines DO NOT pay commission for domestic airfare to most travel agents anymore (even full time ones at a retail agency). That is why agents have learned to sell package deals (adding hotel, car, tours, & attractions).

    • Kimberly

      So it’s obvious he didn’t pay himself a commission. Being that he is independent, he had to give himself a commission. He can find the cheapest rate, call the toll free number and ask for the TA discount. It will be worth the time searching for the most affordable rate.

    • T.C One

      You people can NOT be serious! ??? Can anyone on this post explain why Paycation has earned TOP awards with vendors such as Carnival cruiselines, Funjet, Royale Caribbean, and a bunch of other MAJOR vendors if they are a scam, that, "Only focuses on recruiting?" Is there anyone on this post who can explain how members of Paycation/Xtream Travel have increased sales of TRAVEL for Priceline by 400% from November 2014 to April of 2015 if the focus is on, "Recruiting?" Priceline only has 500 affiliates, and Paycation is one of them.They are a company with a net worth of over 65 Billion dollars, and they trust Paycation with their name, and money the on line. How much is you people's net worth?  I'm not sure where you people are getting your, "facts" from, but you're spreading lies about a company you know NOTHING about.  Secondly, you CAN earn a commission on, "airfare only" IF you are competent enough to learn how to work your business. Many people never put time into LEARNING the business, and then they get on forums like this and say, "it didn't work," and it's a, "scam." The truth is, you were too lazy and incompetent to get any type of benefit out of it, so you gave up and quit. I really wish people were honest about why they fail at network marketing, instead of spreading lies about a legitimate business model to cover up their own shortcomings.  As far as commissions not getting paid, that has been settled. They were backed up at the home office due to the rapid growth of the company, and limited staff. If you people knew anything about the various stages of business, you'd know that Paycation is in, "formulation" so there's going to be some kinks that needs to be worked out. There's nothing to pout about, or be alarmed over. I work full time for the state, and we currently don't have a budget. This means I MIGHT not get paid, "on time." Does this make the state of Illinois a, "Pyramid scheme?" That word is tossed around too much, and many people can't even give you a solid definition of a pyramid scheme without running to Wikipedia, and posting half a of definition. Everyone is getting paid there commissions, so please, stop spreading the lies.  Now, if this company is a, "scam" feel free to enlighten me on why so many people are getting travel agent rates on rental cars, hotels, and excursions? While you're at it, let me know why Xtream Travel is ranked #35 out of over 3000 travel agencies WORLD wide. 

      • Cool down T.C One, you don’t own Paycation. Don’t take it personal, you are NOT David Manning…. Lol. First of all, did you read the review? If you have read the review you would find out that most of your questions have been answered. Let me summarized the review and clarify a few issues.

        1) Paycation runs a travel promotion business and a recruitment scheme. It is the latter that l said is a scam. Therefore, Paycation can win a billion awards for promoting travel …. that is not a problem. It should be actually winning more awards because all loyal affiliates are its customers. The more newbies Paycation and Xtream RECRUITS, the more money they make for themselves and for Priceline … it is that simple. I hope you are answered. My point is, if Paycation is an ‘affiliate of Priceline’ as you rightfully said; why would any sane person join Paycation and pay the ever increasing monthly subscription fee instead of joining Priceline for FREE?

        2) Manning, who owns Paycation clearly state that he will NOT pay commissions for air travel. So what’s your point? Remember we are talking about Paycation, NOT you! Ooh, so all those who did not make any dimme with Paycation were ‘lazy’ and ‘incompetent’ …. Lol. l like that egoistic view. You sound like D Manning spokesperson. Fortunately, due to your confusion, you go on to state the REAL reason why people fail. a) They were NOT BEING PAID THEIR COMMISSIONS – so how did you expect someone burdened by a monthly fee but not paid their commissions not to ‘give up and quit’? b) A company ‘winning awards’ and is ‘worth 65 billion’ had ‘limited backend staff’ … perhaps these people you called ‘lazy’ quit because they could not get support they needed due to poor planning by Paycation management. Besides, why only travel earned commissions affected while recruitment based commissions were being paid in full and on time?

        In conclusion, people get travel agent rates because they are fleeced every month. Is that difficult to deduce? By the way, how did you land on MY website? If you are making billions with Paycation why are you searching for ‘Paycation Travel Scam Reviews’? Is there something you are doubting about your ‘legit’ company? Are you somehow feeling that you are being scammed? Are you paid to visit affiliate scam reviewing sites to post vitriol? Why don’t you be polite and stop painting everyone who did not make any promised money ‘lazy’ and ‘incompetent’. Reasons why people quit Paycation are different and personal. Now go back to work, more recruits are needed, there is a target to meet and awards to be won! After all, your monthly payment is due soon.

          • You are most welcome Debbie. You can check out this free travel university  if you are intrested in promoting travel. It is the same Uni that Paycation sends its people to learn after fleecing them. Take the tests and if you qualify the program owners will train you on how to promote their travel packages.

        • Mia

          I wholeheartedly agree that affiliate marketing can be done with “droves” of merchants, less the monthly recurring fee of $70/month. I attended a Paycation presentation hosted by a friend yesterday.

          Casen point he had my undivided attention until he announced the recurring fee. Yes. It costs something to run a business, but this model gives me pause. Learn “complimentary” affiliate marketing instead. It’s the same residual concept. $$$$ while you sleep. ???. Wake up and wise up pyramid subscribers.

        • Rlm

          Lol. Great reply. I’m do glad I checked out your site before joining. I was laid off a couple of months ago due to down sizing. It did look too good to be true.

      • Ms Tee

        Thank you for your input. .because I’m in Paycation for travel I do no recruiting. .but if someone wants to join for discount travel then fine.so I’m selling a product. People please get correct information. .like any other business every business is not for everyone. .yes like all jobs you have to learn your business and do the work

    • I don’t forsee the company collapsing any time soon. It could but I just don’t think so. I think that depending on which team you join, you may find that one team focuses more heavily on travel. My team is strongly strongly travel driven. Our training is EXCELLENT. People are joining because of how travel focused we are. Our particular team is filled with teachers, school principals, surgeons, engineers, CEO’s in other companies, bankers. i am not seeing people joining who don’t already have a sense of leadership. Quality tends to draw quality. One of our team members MADE approximately 250K SELLING TRAVEL in 2015. Don’t listen to people outside. Join and diligently work at selling travel; take every training that comes your way. You will be amazed at how much income you will make. It has taken me 3 years to really build my client base but I am doing very very well SELLING TRAVEL.

      • As long as Paycation’s affiliates are its main customers who religiously pay their monthly subscriptions, it will remain viable. The only challenge is maintaining the 49% (affiliate sales) to 51% (external sales) balance. If there are more sales to affiliates than external customers then there is a danger of inviting FTC. So is Paycation selling more travel to external customers than its affiliates?….. only David knows. That is one lesson MLMs and Network Marketing companies must learn from the closure of Vemma. If you are sticking to selling travel, keep up the good work.

    • D.J.

      I have to disagree with you I’ve been in Paycation for a year. And I don’t focus on the recruiting at all. And a pyramid scheme is where you only benefit at the top by recruiting. But since paycation you can actually sell travel it is not a pyramid scheme. I think the lazy people who don’t want to do anything are crying foul. I got into paycation to benefit my own travel, I get 75% of my commissions because I’m smart enough to calculate what the commission would be and to ensure that I get my fair share. So your calculations are incorrect. I don’t know what your friend did but he probably booked your hotel and flight separately in which case you do not get Commission on airfare. There is not a travel agency that pays you on airfare alone. Which is why I travel agents don’t book airfare only.

      And to the ”review” writer, your terminology is misleading.but a real travel agent knows what I’m talking about. I have a feeling that you wrote this article to incite controversy. And are probably one of those lazy people I spoke about that couldn’t make it work and quit. I think it’s a good thing with paycation because years ago if a person wanted to be a travel agent they have to bring their own Client List with them and our work at a host Agency for certain amount of time and sell enough travel before even getting paid commission.

      • ‘And are probably one of those lazy people I spoke about that couldn’t make it work and quit’… LOL. This review has been read by thousands of people. Imagine if it was a positive review of Paycation and 1% of the people would join my down-line? The people who can’t make it work go around the web sharing their frustration and showing their desperation as you are doing. If it’s working for you, zip up and enjoy money from suckers you recruited. Cool down, you don’t own Paycation and even the top earner Don Bradley has moved on and created his own MLM called Plannet marketing.

  4. Travel Scams

    I feel Paycation as well as other travel pyramid schemes will shut down soon. The more they spread their “business” cult, the more people will find out about their fraudelant ways.

    • Scam Busters

      l totally agree with you. All money making pyramid schemes will eventually implode and Pycation is not an exception. One of the largest product based pyramid scheme called Verma is at the brink of collapsing after being sued by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Affiliates are already panicking and the leaders are abandoning the sinking ship. Probably they will migrate their offices to another neutral country or close then come back with another fancy name.

    • Anonymous

      The companies have been around 14 years and tux continuing to grow th travel industry is doubling bc of baby boomers hence more travel & I been working a few months and made over a grand in commissions plus direct sales and residual income. Priceline websites are provided to us but we use whatever vendor we choose ,

  5. It's definitely a scam

    I believe Paycation is a scam. I only inquired because I wanted to be a travel agent, which was cheaper. I ended up paying 129.00 to start up, because the lAdy convinced me it wAs better to recruit others. Reluctantly I did it. She told me once I get 3 people added is when I’ll be on my own. It’s 59.99 a month and it went up to 69.99 per month. Once you get 12 people to sign up you don’t have to pay the fee. They act as if they promote vacations, but they promote recruiting people. I had people go to my site to book hotels, rental cars etc. I never received my commission. Plus the lady that was helping me decided to stop helping me. She had missed some appointments that I set up for people to join and I requested a different individual. They told her and she blocked me from everything. Now I’m on my own paying 69.99 a month. I asked them for a refund and I haven’t received anything. I have contacted the FTC. It sounds like a pyramid scheme to them as well. Plus to even get your commission it takes about 45 days and for people going to my site(priceline) I only mAde about 30.00 which I have not received and it’s been well over 45 days. Don’t do it!

    • Scam Busters

      Thank you for sharing your Paycation experience and l am sorry for the problems you encountered. The so called Paycation business opportunity is pyramid scheme disguised as a travel affiliate program to avoid being legal action by FTC or BBB. The earlier you leave this scam the better. Why not create your own travel website and sell services for reputable companies such as Priceline who also pay you commissions for air travel. What ever you do, don’t quit. There are many free legitimate affiliate marketing programs out there.

    • Gaye Moore

      I am seeing this in April of 2016. I am so sorry you had a bad experience. The problem often is that you get money hungry people who have no intention of helping. I will say that I had the same issue. I am glad that I didn’t quit. I self-taught. 🙂
      All of a sudden I found myself in the same city with two of the top selling people of travel. In one month, they have taught me so so so much about travel and how to get paid inside and outside of Paycation. I have only used my website 4 times. I prefer using the vendors. Commission is much much much better. The website is for my DIY type people
      In three years, I made a lot of money but I plan to get like my new found teachers. One lady made 250K last year SELLING TRAVEL. It really is achievable.

    • Scam Busters

      You made my day Larry. Paycation is indeed another duck quacking like ‘Holiday Magic’. That was long back, 1964 to 1974 ended with a 2 million settlement. We never learn…. greed rules our ego.

  6. sarah

    Hi…..ive been looking into joining paycation now for nearly 4 weeks…..something is stopping me handing over £99 plus £45 a month with no idea wether im actually going to cover that fee. the emphasis seems to be on recruiting more so than the travel…..yes some of the deals are fantastic but belong to the Xtreme travel club ie condo apts in mexico. As i said all the emphasis is on getting new BLOOD!!! It does excite me because they go on retreats for training and some of the stories of success are really inspiring but they are also YOUNG and care free from those i have seen in the videos and pictures…..I however am not!!! I just want to get a foot into the travel industry but i cant see how it is possible 🙁 feeling disullisioned

    • Scam Busters

      Hi Sarah, l salute you for exercising due diligence before joining online affiliate programs. Paycation monthly fee is not justified given that they just comb the web for deals and put them in one place. l know Paycation deals which are more expensive and cheaper elsewhere on the web. Reviews on Paycation hide the pyramid side of business which is based on recruiting new people behind selling of travel. Its a way to also keep below the radar to avoid detection by international policing organisations. Do not ‘feel disillusioned’ yet because you can still legitimately join the travel industry without any fear of making a loss. Learn how to create and drive traffic to websites in any niche at Wealthy Affiliate . Once your travel website is up and running, join travel companies affiliate programs such as the one offered by Priceline and sell travel to earn commission. This way you will be able to wet your feet in the travel industry without the burden of monthly payments even if you do not make a dimme. Better still, Price line will pay you commissions for booking air travel which Paycation keeps to line the owner’s pockets. All the best. Don’t give up.

  7. CeeCee

    I am only wondering about booking travel through paycation, not joining the business. Is it a legit way to book travel? Are the deals they are offering real? They allow you to make payments on your vacation so I want to find out if it’s a legit travel agent before I make the first payment.

    • Scam Busters

      Unfortunately, l have not booked any travel with Paycation and l can not therefore guarantee you that their deals are perfect. Most complaints are however aimed at the ponzi scheme run by Paycation not how they handle travel bookings. You may consider paying using online banks such as Paypal so that if anything goes wrong the chances of getting a refund are high. Enjoy your travel.

        • Scam Busters

          You are most welcome. All the best. Feel free to come back and tell others about your experience with Paycation so that they can make informed choices.

  8. Gaye Moore

    I really just want to address the issue regarding commission on “air travel ONLY.” No travel agent whether in an mlm type company or outside of one is paid commission on AIR only. The only thing that allows an agent to make commission on air only is to do one of two things. Either the agent will mark up the price of the air fare OR charge a service fee. Most agents today tend to steer clear of booking air only because the airlines do not pay commission.
    A second thing to be cognizant of is that Yes, Xstream Travel DOES offer its agents an affiliate website but that is not all they are offered. My site has been used 4 times. I am very very hands only and book travel for my clients PERSONALLY. I use the host agency Xstream Travel because they take care of the part I hate, THE PAPERWORK. There are agents who sell the business opportunity and there are agents who BOOK TRAVEL. I BOOK TRAVEL and though that does not pay residual income, it does pay a very very nice income. My DIY folk can use my website but for a better more well put together trip that pays handsome commission, my clients get the best travel agent ever, IN MY OPINON. (big smile)

    • Scam Busters

      Thank you for your opinion Gaye. l am happy that you are concentrating on the real business of selling travel and you are not concentrating on the pyramid building side of Paycation. Unfortunately when l checked traffic to your website it shows me that you hardly get any visitors if any. l totally agree with you that there is no need to book “air travel only “ when you can make more money by selling travel packages. Wish you all the best.

  9. Travel

    There are two sides of the business. The recruiting portion is totally optional and this seems to be the portion that everyone is focusing on as being a scheme. This side of the business is no different than any MLM company. The travel booking side is legit and its very hard to argue that companies such as Priceline, Disney, Carnival would do business with a company that is a scheme. These companies has a corporate image to protect and doubt they would jeopardize it with entering into business with a Ponzi Scheme. Just my 2 cents.

    • Scam Busters

      l totally agree with you that it is the ‘recruiting portion’ of Paycation that is not legit and anyone serious about selling travel is against it. Thank you for informing others that Paycation does not have its own infrastructure to run its business and it pays Priceline for the services (affiliate websites and payment systems). Paycation will then in turn re-sell Priceline services for a profit to its own affiliates. A probable reason why Priceline offers a Free affiliate program while Paycation affiliates pump out $29-$79 every month. Sending your ‘2 cents’ soonest

    • Schylon

      Major companies WILL NOT put there brand on the line if they knew that company’s like paycation was running a scheme, that’s common sense for anybody that have sense.

      • Scam Busters

        Of course it runs BOTH a legit travel booking business and a pyramid scheme. It is the Paycation pyramid scheme that sucks. People are paid for bringing people into the pyramid scheme without selling a single booking. Besides Paycation basically gathers travel offers you can get for free onto their website and make you pay them monthly to get excess.

  10. Skeptical

    Pyramid scheme indeed. I have a loved one that was involved with it. The folks involved are “vultures” with smiles..Stay away..

  11. Crump

    I LOVE what I do in Paycation Travel. And with that being said, I work BOTH the travel and building a business side. And, if I walked into a pyramid scheme, sign me up for wanting to HELP others successed in this INDUSTRY, become Financial Independent, working from home and enjoying a world that is constantly CHANGING.

    • Scam Busters

      Here is a definition of a pyramid scheme;

      Pyramid Scheme‘ An illegal investment scam based on a hierarchical setup. New recruits make up the base of the pyramid and provide the funding, or so-called returns, given to the earlier investors/recruits above them

      This is Paycation’s compensation plan; Earn 8% for each person coded to youwho pays their monthly subscription of $59.95. Earn a 100% match on all the residual coded bonuses your personally enrolled active CTC’s earn.
      So by the ‘building a business side‘ and ‘wanting to HELP others successed in this INDUSTRY‘ means recruiting new unsuspecting people into the Paycation pyramid scheme and YOU earning commissions from their $59.95 monthly payments? What model of business building is that? If you are enjoying yourself at Paycation, why are you busy defending Manning’s business and spamming websites with scam links?

  12. Phoenix

    I’m so glad I came across this site. I know someone who joined paycation. Had never heard of it until he joined then I seen it on Instagram after searching the hashtag and then people were on Twitter taking about how it’s a scam.

    This is my point of view after watching the video on paycation sure and reading reviews. Yes, it’s possible to make a lot of money but only if you recruit people into the scheme. And by the very definition, that makes part of paycation a pyramid scheme. Even if I decided to focus on the travel and bookings part only, it doesn’t seem as if people are making money soley from that aspect. These deals aren’t one of a kind, just recycled deals from other sites. So you’re paying $150 startup then $70 a month just to book travel and the commissions on that are so small. Add in your time and I don’t feel it’s worth it.

    My friend was trying to explain how awesome it is, the benefits etc, but he still has another job and hasn’t really focused on paycation. So he’s telling me about these free trips he gets and I asked him “well, why haven’t you traveled yet” and his response was defense, it raised red flags. I agree, it seems like the booking part only is okay. Still not a great way to earn extra money because of the low commissions. The money is in the recruiting which is wrong.

    I won’t be joining. But good luck to those who have our will join.

    • Scam Busters

      Well said Phoenix. Commissions for booking travel are very low, worse still if you are using Pycation’s websites with spun and rehashed content. Surely if people are making thousands of dollars booking travel as Pycation affiliates, why are they so emotional when the ‘business opportunity responsibility‘ side is criticized. Pycation is a pyramid scheme disguised as a travel booking affiliate program because you can literally make money without selling a single booking. If it was NOT a pyramid scheme, l would surely write a positive review and turn visitors into customers.

  13. Vegas

    I was just in a meeting of theirs yesterday evening here in Las Vegas NV, after a friend invited me I decided to look into attaining some extra income. What i found was nothing but red flags left and right. Having been a sales manager for a multi-million dollar operation I know what im staring at. Consequently I noticed that the entirety of their speeches revolved around recruiting and profiting exponentially of the recruits.. They did not really do anything to explain what actually drives their income margins, expenses and sales. In every sense of the word it is a pyramid scheme that has no doubt changed its disguise on many occasions. I regret that an acquaintance of mine has fallen into it but i will not be the gateway to the community for him.. However it is living proof that there will always be wealthy people preying on those with low income that lack the ability to identify such schemes….

    • Scam Busters

      l could not have it any better. Selling travel is just a bait to recruit innocent souls into the scheme. Once you are in, the first lesson is on ‘How to make money through recruiting new people into Pycation’. What type of business is based on teaching you to turn clients into direct competitors. At the end of day YOU + New Recruit (competitor) = Pycation recruiters and religiously paying clients.

  14. Ruth

    I am so glad I read all of these comments before making a decision to join. A consultant lured me in through Facebook and just offered me a “coupon” for $50 off the “Certified Paycation Travel Agent” package. I am desperately in the need of earning supplemental income, as I am a single mom working a full time job mostly based on commission. Something told me to research this program. There were so many things about it I wasn’t quite comfortable with. Some things are just too good to be true. 75% commission? And they tell you that you could be making up to $30,000 per month in roughly three years, that you have to build to it. The consultant told me I could cancel at any time, but then I read somewhere in the fine print that you must notify them within three business days of joining. Otherwise, you’re sucked in and paying them every month for who knows how long! Thank God I didn’t join. I hope I do find something to make supplemental income that is actually legitimate.

    • Scam Busters

      Thank you Ruth for sharing your thoughts and experience with Paycation Travel. The truth is, 75% commission is only after a list of deductions by Paycation from your earnings. There is NO business in real World where earnings are guaranteed.Three years is a long time and by then Paycation and the agent will have fleeced you of $149 less the coupon discount $50 = $99 and a monthly fee of $69.95 x 12 x 3 years = 2 518,20 Add on the up-sells and time wasted. One of the legitimate ways to make extra cash online is to learn how to create your own websites. Add valuable content, drive traffic to read the content then sell your visitors products from reputable companies such as Amazon.com and earn commissions. You can go through these 10 free affiliate marketing lessons without even creating an account. It is free to join and you will also get all the tools you need to get started, coaching and instant support if you run into challenges. No Credit Card or coupon needed to get rolling.

    • Shani

      My name is Shani I'm a director with Total Life Changes. I partnered with TLC less than a year ago and have seen a substantial increase in my income. I am earning more with this company than I ever have with any direct sales company. I have been in the industry of network marketing for about 5 years so I’ve seen a little success but never experienced the type of income that I am making with TLC. My WHY has totally changed…I am now focused and determined to help others earn at least $1000 per week while regaining their physical confidence.  LOOKING FOR 12 SOLID PEOPLE READY FOR CHANGE!!  50% RETAIL 50% CHECK MATCH 50% FAST START!! I HAVE POSITIONS AT THE TOP FOR THE RIGHT PERSON

      • Scam Busters

        Thank you Shani for leaving a spam comment on my website. In return for your kindness, l have written a detailed review on Total Life Changes scam. It is indeed a product based pyramid scheme as you stated, you have ‘positions’ at the top of the pyramid. How are you going help others earn $1 000 when YOU, as a director IS desperately looking for recruits to the extend of posting spam all over the internet? Can you  in lighten me on how you are accurately measuring ‘regaining of physical confidence’. Anyway, here is a free affiliate marketing course which will teach you how to build YOUR own website and promote TLC without spamming websites and blogs. As a bonus, you will get the essential tools in one place. Thank you again for offering this over-hyped and under-delivering scam for review.

    • Jill

      if Paycation was a schem how can you file taxes under your business name how can you write off your household expenses. I have been with Paycation I paid 69.95 one time I have quite my full time job cause one of my commission checks is greater then my work check for 3 months and I was making 16 a hour it all sounds like a schem coming from someone who never even worked the business. So what y’all are saying is that your job is a schem right you have to pay to get to work pay to eat at work why the big boss sitting back making money off you YALL gotta do better with always listen to everything you hear. I AM A 100% Paycation abd that’s because I work my business

  15. Tonya

    I have worked for other travel agencies in past and Airlines do not pay commission. Period- to anyone… Has nothing to do with paycation so that information is false. It is very clear as a CTC you get 75% of the commissions paid.. if pkg was 1300.00 and funjet pays 15% that means commission is $195.00
    195.00 x 75% = $146.25 that is what you make.
    Ive been an agent selling travel with them since Mar 2015- never had any issue with my payments, getting what was expected, etc.
    Its work…but its not for everyone However, that does not mean it usnt exactly as presented.

    • Scam Busters

      Agree with you that not ALL airline ticket sales are commission-able. However, agents can have access to net rates or private fares that they can then sell a profit. A few air lines still pay commission on international flight for certain classes and routes. Paycation MUST pay air travel commissions when they are due than making it a policy not to pay.

  16. Yvette

    I love how involved you are in terms of responding to comments.  I happened upon your site as I was investigating Evolution Travel USA, which from what I can see, is an EXACT replica of this Paycation thing you folks are talking about. 

    This bleeped on my radar after a friend (who I had just told about my husband having health issues) said they weren't "a car salesman, " but that I should check out this site.  It was a direct link to their page,  and contained a video featuring a youngish man with corn rows and a business suit, talking about this "exciting opportunity" and featured a more conservative looking man from what appears to be a long-standing travel agency (Archer Travel), who I'm supposing is to add legitimacy to the whole deal. 

    What really raised my red flag, was when I could find NOTHING explaining a pay structure on travel bookings. It was all recruitment-based,  and the travel aspect was just a sidebar. 

    I looked everywhere (BBB, Google, etc.) for both this Evolution place and their affiliate Archer Travel (both based in California, with,  coincidentally the SAME address), and could find nothing. Further research eventually led me to this site, and I now feel completely justified in my initial  (No f—  way!) gut reaction the minute the site appeared on my screen.


    I don't even know how to respond to the friend who referred me. Although there's no way in the world I'll sign up, I can tell she already has, and I really want to tell her to run far,  far away! 

    • Scam Busters

      Thank you Yvette for you kind words and l am glad if this review helped you to avoid being sucked into a scam. lt is my first time to learn about Evolution Travel USA and a visit to their website did not yield much information. l have subscribed to their news letter and l will be reviewing the program in due course. According to third party tools l am using 85% of traffic to the website comes from Italy. Archer Travel’s major source of traffic is from Craig list, which raises a lot of eye brows. It promises rebates on travel commission for a monthly payment of $49. They claim that their ‘travel  prices are so low that they can not disclose them to the public‘ —- lol. From the little research l have done, Acher Travel will send you to Acher Travel Network and from there you are supposed to join Travel Agent University for training which is free. It is indeed similar to Paycation Travel scam whereby you pay $49/month to excess travel deals brought together from various websites. Instead of training you, you are referred to Travel Agent University which is for free. Inside Travel Agent University you will take up courses offered for free by service providers. If you pass and meet the requirements you will start promoting the service and earn commissions. All these websites traffic comes from direct visits by affiliates and links from various promoters in the the chain. l will write a detailed review though after through research. Stay away from this opportunity forever.

  17. Yvette

    You're amazing!  Thanks for following up. Most people could use some extra income,  but I instantly thought this was too good to be true. It's good to know I wasn't imaging things! Haha.  I look forward to reading your future review of this company.  Thanks! 

      • Razor Sharp

        Hello Scam Busters.  I to like Yvette above have been drawn to Evolution Travel USA, and like Yvette, I felt this was a little too good to be true.  I was wondering, after the past 5 days, have you gotten anywhere with your research concerning Evolution Travel USA.  They have a special that end in the next 4 days to start up for $30 and then pay the monthly fee of $49, $59 or $79 dollars; all with different commission rates.  Thank you for all the inforamtion you've provided, it's greatly appreciated.


        Razor Sharp

        • Scam Busters

          Hi Razor, l am still to write the Evolution Travel Review and l hope to do so soon. From what l have gathered so far, it costs 5760,00 £ + VAT to join and probably they have now introduced different payment options. In the meantime, you can read the Evolution Travel FAQ before you join. Since it takes time to create a new website and get free traffic be prepared to for advertising costs ….. we know how this can be costly. They also propose building your own brick and mortar business to promote travel…. l prefer working online! l am still to find out what is special about Evolution Travel, since they will register a website for you and you choose travel deals to promote…… which any one can do without paying such a high price. 92% of the traffic to the website is from Italy and less than 2% from USA. l am not sure if Italy has got a sufficient market for travel or it is where most affiliates are based. l will glad if you can share a link to the specials. l will keep you updated.

    • Jill

      So just like that you believe what this person is saying and you don’t know them from a can of paint but yet you can trust they word wowwwww

  18. Takingmytime

    Good afternoon!.


    So i have a friend who I didn't know was a part of the Paycation is a travel agent. However she offered me an opportunity to earn a free cruise for my family by helping promote the cruise. I said yes. As I began to promote people were coming to me asking me to book trips for them so I went back to her. She told me that I have base and she thinks I would be really good as a travel agent.   She showed me the video and I was immediately turned off because I have already done other schemes such as body magic and a vitamin on a pyramid scheme. Watching the video made my head hurt and I said I do NOT plan to recruit… i only Plan to sell trips and travel. What I was promised was trainings through specific cruise lines and resorts such as Disney carnival to name a few in order to specialize in selling travel and gain great rates through their company. I was also told I'd be given condos rentals for cheap and I could make a profit on flipping those prices and selling those trips. Is this true?   Is there any other way? I just want to create another income while doing what I love and offering affordable travel to people who may not normally be able to afford it.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience with a frient promoting Paycation. The truth is, l don’t have any problems with Paycation’s Travel side of business although there are up-sells and too much hype. It is the recruitment side of business that l personally do not agree with. l will suggest two options, you can join my recommended program and create your own Travel websites on which you can promote affiliate travel packages from companies such as Priceline which are free to join. Alternatively, you can check out this free travel university training which is recommended inside Paycation. You will choose resorts of your choice that you want to promote and the resort owners in-turn train you for free on how to go about it, that is if you pass their qualifying exams. All the best.

      • Mona

        I heard that the MLM travel company PlanNet Marketing/Inteletravel was a scam also can you do reviews on this company Scambusters!!!

        • Thanks Mona for the heads up. l will have a look. Smells like an X-Paycation top earner who got fed up and formed Plan Net Marketing by the name of Donald Bradley. Uses the same strategy as Paycation; They take your money then refer you to a travel agent Intele Travel either to get travel deals to promote or access training up-sells. You then invite others to do the same and earn commissions deducted from their payments. Website visitors are also channeled to another paid travel website called Intelligent Travel Society. Traffic to the website is still pathetic (20 000 visitors per month).

  19. Leonard

    Hello Scam buster, I am with evolution Travel been in it since Feb for the 30 dollar promo and yes I have brought people in but I do not force anyone to “build their business” I help them to book travel and to get registered with the different vendors which is free. no one is forced to do anything they don’t want to do… I like your site because it seems you are doing your due diligence to help people figure out if something is a scam or not. I am not here to promote my site or anything. this is pure supplemental income for me I run 3 other businesses(not mlm) so I enjoy doing the travel thing because no one is trying to get me to pay for stuff or upsell me into other things…. one of my downline doesn’t recruit at all all she does is book travel and yes there is a compensation plan on the travel side. We are nothing like paycation which tried to recruitment me but for the same fact of the price and the high monthly I declined. if you need help in trying to figure out of evolution is a scam just hit me up. I also take offense to one of the comments (not from you) about the founder having corn rows. So I have to have what straight hair for someone to be apart of my business?

    I run a business that brings in roughly 15k a week and I pay taxes and payroll taxes and guess what. I have tattoes all over my body and I am apart of a Motorcycle club. lets not prejudge on how someone looks. but other then that keep up the good work on this site. it will help people decide what they want to do with themselves and if its ok I want to put my email address in case anyone has any questions for me about running a business. not just an mlm. I started with nothing and saved my money and started my company and then started hiring people. it was hard but I overcame and now successful.

  20. I like your post, but your information is not accurate.
    1st the 29.95 is for the Platinum club, a program for those who just want to enjoy the benefits of discounts, and point cards.
    2nd the 40$ annual fee is only for those who wish to promote the business opportunity and only applies to a Certified Travel Consultant.
    3rd. It is true that one can become an affiliate with booking engines such as priceline, however these booking engines have requirements for your website and proof of sales. I Know priceline for sure has a mandatory 1000 in bookings within 1 month to be an affiliate. I tried before I joined Paycation. They do make it easy.
    4th, by your definition of a pyramid scheme, everything is as such. All the Jobs in the world pays their employees to recruit customers, pay their employees to provide a service for a customer, all the while the owners are the top earners in their business…. Anyone who aspire to be wealthy has a similar mindset.

    • Thanks Aaron for the heads up. l will check out the info. and adjust the review accordingly. On point 3, l totally agree with you that Paycation makes it easy to just add people to Priceline using its established account and will charge you all the way on every cent that you make. On your 4th point, l think you are mixing up terms. Yes, most companies do have a pyramid shaped structure based on merit (levels of education, experience etc). These can not be equated to Pyramid Schemes were the only qualification is being the first to know about the opportunity and recruitment into the down-line is the name of the game. Are you implying that if you buy a product from a company you are a recruit? Are you comparing this to signing of contracts authorizing to be billed monthly, pay your up-line until you die, signing of indoctrination contracts which prohibit criticism of the company and so forth? If so, then we are definitely not on the same page.

  21. Tina

    Paycation is constantly being attacked and scrutinized for providing direct sales and multi-level marketing. The real issue: Naysayers are upset because CEO Manning keeps figuring out ways to create opportunities for everyday folk. What’s the matter with allowing a novice to gain self-employment status, ie, start a legitimate business for $99 start-up; receive online training as a Certified Travel Agent for $50; maintain the position as a certified travel agent with a bonified IATA number and a website for $69.95 monthly; and recruit others through a very legal multi-level marketing framework?? A pyramid scheme is when working for someone you get paid based on a subjective yearly assessment, regardless of how much net profits created. With Paycation, earn while you learn, book your own domestic/international travel, offer others amazing travel rates, maintain a self-employment status (whether a Master’s Degree or a Felony), bring other like-minded people on board. Are you wondering my WIIFM (What’s In It For Me)? Fact: My life has been non-traditional and I have gained a plethora of assests from utilizing non-traditional opportunities. Creating financial freedom for ANYONE makes me smile. CEO Manning may have restarted businesses in the past but guess what, he gets better and better with pragmatic ideas for anyone (regardless of age) who wants to retire within 5-years. A scam averter is not someone who keeps people disillusioned from rhetoric. A real scam averter gives name, address, contact info as to be contacted. And oh, Avertscams is getting paid by ads as we keep growing this chat. Things that makes me go hmmmm. Check out Paycation for yourself: (AFFILIATE LINK DELETED). Peace.

    • This is your third comment Tina full of rhetoric typical of brain washed and indoctrinated MLM affiliates. No one said Paycation is a Pyramid Scheme,go through the review again. Yes, it is true that Google sends FREE traffic to Avert Scams and it pays Avert Scams for placing adverts on the website. What a stupid simple way to earn money without paying $69.95 per month for a fake IATA number which will not bring a cent into your pocket if you don’t know how to use it. If you are a novice and you are to pay $69.95 per month in the hope that you will get your money back when others join the program using your affiliate link you are doomed to fail. You will end up trolling websites as you are doing and desperately posting links to your ugly duplicated website which Scam Busters delete without giving a hoot. Use the crap training you are paying for to drive traffic to your website. This is your last comment to be published on this website. Live with it.

  22. Tina

    Scambuster will you print my chat? Submitted it but its not here. Also, why are the chats confusingly out of chronological order? More created confusion?

    • l am sorry Tina for the delay in publishing your comment. More than 10 comments are posted each day under various reviews. l visit AvertScams once in a while since l will be working on my other niche websites. Comments are arranged according to the date of positing. It is only replies to old comments that are posted below each respective comment which can be a bit confusing.

  23. thanks,for your informative information.i agree a serious person in travel will not concentrate in recruiting,am in Africa Kenya,a friend told me of the paycation,i didn’t mind $99.95 for a start, i wanted to learn something new.i have listened and watched their training materials but the focus is more on recruiting which am not buying(world venture is here) but the travel part is perfect,i would like to know if its legit?this will greatly help as one can access all airlines and book and mark up on tickets ,hotels,car rentals and cruises.here we only have IATA(for flights) which charges($70,000 bank grantee) for you to get IATA Number,and those who can’t afford goes through IATA persons who in turn charges you a service fee.some airlines here gives commissions depending with your volume from 1% to 10%.i was doing a comparison of the fares inclusive of taxes from paycation booking engine against IATA and price is almost the same.also did a comparison of hotel rates, against GTA,Expedia, TripAdvisor and their rate seems reasonable.. am tempted to start booking my clients and concentrate on marking up as we wait for “commissions”.. i would also love to hear more on travel part from those who are on travel,and am open to learn of other affiliates who can give better deals.

    • You can read my World Ventures review and decide if it is for you. Since you have your own website, if you are only interested in promoting travel why not search for ‘travel affiliate programs’ to promote without going through paid programs? There is also a free travel agent university which you can join and choose packages to promote? Paycation will still send you to that free university even after you pay them.

  24. Tina

    Avertscams is promoting their own agenda. People are so gullible. If you read all of avertscams, it is creating anti-paycation propoganda. Ask why? Ask why does avertscams send people to their sponsored sites? See the real motive people…

    • Why is Avertscams not joining Paycation, write a positive review about the program and make money from people who join using sponsored links? Why is Avertscams recommending 100% FREE training, tools and support to anyone who want to promote ANY travel affiliate program of their choice? Greed can not be tamed. It is a constitutional right to ignore advice and get scammed.

  25. Daniella

    I joined Paycation at the end of December, 2015, and I have to say that I’m having a marvelous time. I’d like to offer you a few perspectives to look at the business from to see if you would review the business again.

    1. I’ve been in business for myself before so investing into Paycation was not an issue. I just wanted to know that what they promised in the opportunity video was true. Im pleased to say that it all was.

    2. I never tried to recruit persons, I just shared the opportunity with others who were looking for a serious financial change in their lives. Lots of people joined. Some left, some stayed. Will anyone tell you they’ve been scammed? Nope. They all agreed that they got value for money. They left because they did not think they were cut out for the business. Fair enough.

    3. While I just share the opportunity, the persons who join, join for the business of selling travel. We live outside the US, so certain opportunities are not available to us. Paycation has made these opportunities not only easily accessible but also within a structured business model. This has become a very viable business, as these persons who joined, were actually doing the services for free before because the opportunity to be paid never existed for us. So it’s win win for us right now.

    4. I agree that if you join the wrong team, you will not get support. But that goes for anything. You work for the wrong company and you get demoralised, spend lots of time away from your family, and still are unhappy at the end of the day. So one really needs to consider who they are getting onto business with. Fortunately for me, I made a good decision, and I pass that support on to my team. They will all tell you they get great support. There are no complaints there.

    5. Paycation is a business within a business. This means that there is a lot of management required. I agree with the rank advancement based on persons enrolled simply because one does not become a travel agent overnight. While it’s possible on paper, it’s not feasible in real life. There’s a lot of vendor training and if you want to give your client the best experience, you will take your time to learn the products you are offering. While you are doing that, you are serving your team, helping them learn, helping them grow as Agents and individuals. That takes a lot of time out of your day, depending on the type of service you offer your team. It’s one thing to enroll persons and hit a rank, but a completely other issue to help those persons succeed in the business, and retain your earned rank. So I think recognition there is fine.

    As said before, I’m having a great time. Nothing bad to say. My team members are all doing well. It’s a wonderful culture that we have created. Not everyone is cut out for it, but to those who join, are given the right training and support and do what they are supposed to do (after all, it is a business, and there is work involved), this opportunity will be one of the best experiences they ever have. Well, at least that’s what my team is saying.


    • Thank you Daniella for your well thought contribution. Unfortunately, l can not rewrite this review because you are making a lot of money off your down-line.

      1) Well, others as you said didn’t find the Paycation video hype to be true and even Donald Bradley the Paycation’s Vice President didn’t find them exciting either, a probable reason why he and his down-line jumped ship and formed his new MLM called Planet Marketing.

      2) ‘I just shared the opportunity with others’ — for goodness sake, it is called recruitment or sponsorship in MLM Daniella. You used network marketing to share the opportunity. Sorry, l don’t remember calling Paycation a scam in my review.

      3) Why not speak for yourself and let others share their own experiences?

      4) Why are you comparing joining a company and joining a wrong MLM team? In real life, it is the company’s responsibility to equip anyone joining it with necessary orientation, training and tools to perform their duties efficiently. Why should it be a burden for the person who wants to join an MLM to know which team leader will train them well on how to sell the opportunity to others? Why should it be ‘fortunate’ that one joined a good team yet you are all paying the same monthly subscription? Why are newbies allowed to join Paycation and start recruiting (‘sharing the opportunity’) even if they haven’t gone through the training or even sold a single booking? How do l know that what you are claiming is true that you are a good team leader and how can anyone new get to know your capabilities before joining through you? l blame Paycation management for letting newbies down and allowing anyone claiming to a good leader to recruit others then leave them to fend for themselves. For your own information, one of the MLM ancestors Amway, no longer allow newbies to recruit before undergoing training or selling a specified amount of products because it nearly got burnt for it.

      5) A company promoting travel, rewards affiliates only based on how many people they recruit and NOT on how many bookings they sold? And you expect me to recognize it for that? NO, l don’t.

      l am glad you are enjoying commissions you are getting off your down-line’s monthly payments without selling a single booking. What about asking the person at the bottom of your down-line if they are ‘enjoying’ themselves as you are doing? What about concentrating on training your recruits and let David defend his OWN company? l don’t have any beef with Paycation and it is anyone’s constitutional right to join any opportunity of their choice.

      Take it easy.

  26. Marie

    This country is a pyramid scheme and your comments are ridiculous. I’m begging to think Scam Busters is a SCAM.

  27. MFER

    I went to a meeting hoping to learn more about Paycation, looking into starting a side-business with the travel industry. The presentation was pathetic. All about recruiting people and how to go to sleep while money falls in your bank account. I come from a family of successful workaholics and I consider myself one too. Love to dive into new opportunities and create businesses. We have three business in the house, and we WORK HARD. Just the idea of “going to sleep” while “others make money for me by recruiting others” almost made me throw up. Anybody that has started a business, grow it, and made it work, knows that it takes more than going to sleep and let money flow in your bank account. Ridiculous! Right there I thought, these people are crazy…! I kept asking during the meeting about the booking travels part of the business -that’s why I was there for! But they kept insisting on the recruiting people to be able to make thousands of dollars. All they talked about was the money they were going to make recruiting people. It was horrible. To me it was like being in a room with a bunch of lazy ignorant people that didn’t want to make nothing of themselves but fool others to make money …while they sleep..! YUK!

    • Thank you for sharing your experience with Paycation recruiters. It is true that no one who is part of Paycation is interested in selling travel due to the low commissions. Worse still the training focuses more on how to recruit new people than how to sell travel. People get paid from money paid by people they recruited and there are few incentives for selling travel. The motto is, recruit and earn passive income off your recruits’ subscriptions and on commissions they earn if ever they sell any travel.

  28. Marie

    The government make money off of your blood, sweat and tears everyday but no one seems to have a problem with that. The government is a major pyramid scheme. We work our butts off and they make all the money. People complain about Paycation, Primerica, Mary Kay, Amway, PrePaid Legal and other Network Marketing organizations focusing on recruiting but in my opinion, Macy’s Enterprise, Blue Cross and other companies do the same thing focusing on recruiting people to make more money for the company. If you bring others on board, they pay you a small one time bonus (not residual) for each individual you recruit once that person is hired. Ok once you’re hired by these companies and meet and exceed your daily quotas, they don’t reward with anything. Not money, award, a day off, nothing. You’re working hard all your life to build someone else’s business by making money for them. If your child gets sick, what are you going to do if your vacation has exhausted and there is no one else there to care for your child? Why should an adult have to ask PERMISSION to take time off from work or leave early, due to an emergency? Or if you’re a little late clocking in or coming back from lunch, due to circumstances beyond your control, why are you written up as if you’re in grade school? Network marketing is not a get rich quick business. A person has to work hard in order for that business to grow be it through selling a product or recruiting others to join a team. It’s up to the individual as to how that person wants to run the business. No one is forcing ANYONE to recruit. It’s just an option for that person to think about. Businesses recruit all the time. That’s why they have EMPLOYEES!

    • Thank you for the rant Marie. If everyone joins MLM companies where will the money to pay your recruiter and owners of the scheme come from? You really don’t have an idea of how MLM works, do you? People complain about MLMs that you have listed because their business model is flawed, benefits only 3% of the people at the top and the rest are failures. Add on poor training, up-sells, deceptive advertising and unethical behavior by members. Who is the Government? If you are working for the government, are you working for an individual to pocket half the profits while 90% of the people wallow in poverty? In organisations, people are up the ladder because of competence, NOT because by chance they where sucked into the pyramid before you. ‘Network marketing is not a get rich quick business’, yes it is not BUT, have you ever watched MLM videos? Promises of passive income, freedom, travelling while you make money, working a few hours a day…. blah blah? ‘No one is forcing ANYONE to recruit’… how do you recover your money if you don’t recruit? Remember, rewards are based on your recruitment efforts. Why would anyone join an MLM in the first place if they don’t want to recruit? There are many free Travel affiliate programs one can join without donating money to an MLM.

  29. Scam buster I would love your thoughts on G2Go Travel. There website is g2gotravel.net
    I was highly considering Paycation but I think I will leave them alone and go back to my first thought …g2go travel

    • Thanks Rodney for the heads up, l will find out what it is all about. For now l have visited the website and checked on traffic (see screen shot below). l have also checked the .com domain and the results are similar. If l were you, l would not join such a company. You can also use Similarwe.com for free to check it out and compare with other similar travel business opportunities. If you travel a lot, you would benefit by joining Paycation l guess.


  30. Shana

    I am a part of Paycation and have not had any issues or problems. It works if you work it, just like you can’t apply for a job and not put in the work but expect to get paid. Like anything else, if there is a negative there is also a positive. Everything is not for everybody. I travel a great deal and have been able to receive commission, discounts, free travel and not to mention a 1099 for tax purposes. Please do not let this site be your end all be all, like corporate jobs, in which I work full time, I experience the same ups and downs as Paycation does but do I plan to leave my job because someone has a negative view on it? No, basically, at the end of the day people it is all choice. Why argue back and forth about what another man is doing, I have met Mr. Manning on several occasions and he is a wonderful person and I love my travel business. With all these other travel companies out here that are TRUE SCAMS, this site only focuses on one, ask yourself why? To each it’s own. 100% Paycation Nation

    • Thanks Shana for your well thought comment. As l said before, if you travel regularly as you claim to do then it may be worth looking at Paycation. If you are just going in to make money, then you must think twice before plunging in. So Manning ‘..is a wonderful person…’ because you MET him? What a wonderful yardstick to assess if Paycation is worth joining. You obviously did not not visit every review on this website before commenting. l reviewed several companies using the MLM model to promote their products and services. There is nothing unique about Paycation. If it quacks like a duck; it is a duck.

  31. Mr. Nelson

    Joined Paycation through a family member with history in operating within pyramid schemes and avoiding them. The usual “store front” that “hid the real inner workings enticed me…

    There I am sounding like the author of this article. You have negative connotations.

    I have actually signed onto Paycation and I’m mid-way through my training. I have seen the results from someone who started in December of 2016, she has made leaps and bounds by actually applying effort.

    I’m in the military and see this all the time, people come to the Bx or minimall and sell their wares and when you see something you like, they take you to their back shop and take down your information and you pay for a product.

    I’ll provide updates with how this all goes, as sketchy and unreal as it seems, it can be negative, it could be positive, but I refuse to go into something with preconceived notions, history doesn’t fair well with those either.

    Is Paycation a scam? We’ll find out but my friend is about to get a new car with her monthly bonus, still walking in with a smile and a neutral opinion regardless of others’ successes and failures. . .

    I’ll keep you posted!

    • Mr. Nelson

      Quick Note: Don’t be disheartened by the outdated and lame sounding name of the “XStream University” it sounds meh but it’s actually VERY comprehensive. You won’t get through those lessons overnight, that’s for damn sure. Maybe in one week if you have no job and no dependents. But you’ll definitely finish with confidence in your knowledge. . .

  32. Zatoria Drummond

    This is bullshit! Paycation is not a scam. I’m a travel agent and you have to pay monthly for any host agency you sign up with. And not travel agents get commission on just flights unless they charge an outside fee to the client. You
    Have to book a hotel and flight package to get commission on both. The amount of commission you receive is based off of what vendor you book through! People who work hard make good money being a travel agent nothing is going to fall into your lap. This is the best decision I ever made! I get paid to travel!

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