1. OMG!!! …LITERALLY!!!  Great articlae and very well put. many thanks for the info, I know who I will be saying away from…..LOVE the  " defrosting a chicken"…as a married with children adult that is a perfect metaphor for somethingthat is part of everyday life for me. Totally speaks volumes of why to stay away from OMG, besides thatthier prices alone are crazy! THANK YOU for this awesome article.

    • Scam Busters

      Thank you Donna for the words of encoragement and sharing your thoughts on OMG Machines. You will ne literally paying for the hype NOT the results. No one commands Google on which websites or videos to rank.

  2. Tony

    I just canceled my membership at OMG Today. To be completely honest, one of my worst investments I’ve ever made. Their training videos are mostly an hour long with 90% of that time, is of them telling you stories and not focusing on the actual training. The webinars are not really helpful and they put you in the mindset of a get rich quick but adds no value to that with the training. I think of time as money so when i watched these webinars clicking through almost every training video within the month i was there, these guys seriously do more bragging then actual teaching. Please please I do not want anyone to make the same mistake as i did. There are lessons within OMG that can be found either free on the internet or you can find a program that is WAY cheaper than them.

    • Thank you Tony for sharing your experience with OMG. Unfortunately, you wasted one of the valuable assets in life … your time. l totally agree with you that most of the content in videos is fluff, brags about themselves with testimonials at the end as social proof. Add on, winding explanations of simple concepts. It is all about how much the OMG gurus are making and how powerful their system is. Unfortunately, people want results yet in reality there is nothing to show. People fall for they hype and leave in dozens as they realize that they were sold snake oil.

    • Linda Allen

      I was going to join OMG tomorrow and I see you said you cancelled…..they said you CAN’T cancel. But you did? Thank you I really hope you answer me…(linda.allan@aol.com you can email me).

  3. Josh

    I totally disagree.  I was a member at Wealthy affiliate University for 2 years and my best months were 500-700.  Ive learned more in 4 months at OMG, and am hitting 3K per month pretty consistently now.  The fact that you (and a previous commenter) think the videos dont have anything but fluff is odd.  He must not have gotten into the training, and you must have never been a member there.  Sure, the webinars where they are trying to bring people in are pretty hyped, but the training inside is great.  Another thing I find odd is all these reviews are from sites that look identical, leading back to Wealthy Affiliate.  I guess it is easy to lose objectivity when you are trying to earn an affiliate commission.

    As for a previous commenter, he should probably find another thing to try because it won't work for him no matter what.  People that lay the blame on anything but themselves are destined to fail.

    • It is the training from Wealthy Affiliate University that is now making you 3K per month. l bet if you had started at OMG you would be searching for websites out ranking yours and leaving spiteful comments as you are doing. Yes, if it takes 2 hours to explain a concept that can be explained in 10 minutes the rest is fluff. Wealthy Affiliate rocks and is FREE to join and you can keep your free membership for ever. You found this website because l successfully out ranked yours and that of you bosses. Its you who is obviously destined to ‘FAIL’ after you have realized that OMG does NOT own Google. Time to go back and watch more videos and buy up-sells inside OMG. Maybe there are more new ways to rank on first page of Google they have discovered worth 1 billion dollars… lol.

    • Amine

      Totally agree with Josh, i ranked my SEO agency website in 2 months and outranked all the agencies on my town after 3 months at OMG.

        • CJ

          If you really know anything about SEO, and how to analyze competition, you’ll see that no SEO has been done on the OMG training site (main site) mainly because they don’t need to rank it because they only do training there. The methods they teach are the ones used to rank each coach and students money sites.
          FYI, you know nothing about OMG, even this review is total BS. OMG is not One Man Group dummy, it’s One Man Gang.
          Feeling sorry for all the people you have misled all this time.

          • If you are doing well with OMG why are you searching for OMG scam reviews? Are you wondering if you got yourself into a scam? Or maybe you were screwed up by Google’s recent Possum algorithm update which ruined you rankings for local SEO websites? Are you just pissed off that your website has been out ranked for OMG Review by someone who paid $369 for SEO training while you are paying double that figure each month? Have you noticed how desperate OMG affiliates are to get ranked on Google so that they can suck people into OMG for a commission. Look at how they try to rank websites using keyword domains such as OMGmachinesreview2015, OMGreview2016, theOMGmachine, OneManGang.org. If those are the methods you are taught, they are total BS. Google is now smarter than that. That is why you are here venting your frustration in public. l am sorry, you can only whine and live with it.

  4. Dayvon

    I wish read this before I bought it. Tai Lopez just released a social media course that actual yields result. Couldn’t buy because I bought this and I can’t get a refund. (Sigh)

  5. OMG Graduated

    Honestly, NHB is black hat SEO filled. Quick rankings, play the game with Google and hope they don’t get bit. Not worth $7K. Not worth $3K. Maybe $2K because they have their moments. But dang, $7K???

    Check Kotton’s website, Fletcher’s site, SEO audit and you’ll see black hat SEO at work. I’m going to throw them both off the first spot, just cause I can 🙂

    • You are spot on. There is hardly anything ‘new’ around the web. It is the same rhetoric you find everywhere. So far l have discovered that most courses teach the same subjects and only differ on how they suggest you do it.
      1) Local SEO – Buy a country based domain. Write posts with /city/niche or keyword. Buy links or build your PBNs to point to your money site. The rest of the training is on how to create the silo linking structure, hide PBN foot prints and all the crap about sending bulk social signals. Create schema markups etc. Embed some videos and submit video sitemap to Google. You can rank and rent to clients or offer clients services for a fee. Unfortunately, Google has cracked its whip on these. Just ask the the question ‘How do you intent to rank my website?‘ Don’t forget to record the comedy.
      2) YouTube videos – keyword research, enter keyword in title, description and tags. Upload video using live streaming. Blast a few links and views etc. Rent out the videos or send and tracked calls. Lead generation.
      3) Dominate foreign niches – use Google translate. Hire a freelancer to translate or write articles. Monetize with CPA.
      4) FB or Bing Ads – lead magnet, collect email and you are likely to end up at ‘clickfunnels’ paying for one upsell after the other.

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