1. Ola dan

    Hi, am Guider OLA DAN, A 10K+ in MMM Nigeria on 15th and 16th of Sept 2016, i provided help of #100,000 each and 26th of Sept 2016 i provided another help of #500,000 total #700,000 and 13th of Oct 2016 i got help of #5,679,000 and the total money was paid into my bank account. God bless mmm Together we can change the world.contact DELETED@gmail.com or WhatsApp DELETED

    • Thanks Ola for you input. MMM Global is doing very well for you despite such an astronomical fall in traffic to the website (See screenshot below). If you are doing very well why are you so desperate to get recruit people by spamming websites and posting your contact details all over internet? It shows how desperate you are to get your money back by sucking others into MMM Global pyramid scheme. Mavrodi is busy creating FAKE accounts of people who ‘provided help’ and punching figures into their accounts. You help those people thinking its peer to peer and Mavrodi will be laughing all the way to the bank. Wake up before its too late! The Nigerian parliament has ordered a crackdown on MMM.

      MMM Global Pathetic Traffic

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