1. The wise one

    You forgot the part where BBB has people complaining because LLR is charging tax on shipping charges in states where that isn’t allowed. Additionally they are charging the tax of the seller (consultant) when they should be charging the tax of the buyer (customer). Customers are buying online paying the origin tax which is incorrect. LLR assures consultants this will be fixed soon (that was two months ago when they mandated charging tax).

    LLR doesn’t fall in the same category as Vemma though IMO. Consultants definitely sell this product to consumers, 74 million they stated in June 2016 product sold by consultants.

    “Ever changing policies e.g. you can no longer earn commissions from purchases by your down-line. Now you need to wait until they sell the products to earn a commission no-matter how long it takes.”

    That’s not accurate, consultants still earn bonus checks based on what their downline purchases from LLR (5% for first level, 3% for second level if you’re a trainer in the company, 1% for everything else if you’re a Coach or Mentor in the company)

    • Thanks for sharing your opinions and observations.
      -l mentioned about ‘tax on shipping’ as another common complaint by LLR distributors.
      -LLR uses an MLM based business model and compensation plan just like Vemma, what only differs are the products. Network marketing was used by Vemma and LLR trains its distributors to use similar promotional methods.
      -Products are being sold to Consultants by LLR, NOT to non-participating consumers. Sales are receipted in the name of consultants and NOT final consumers. You missed the point. l was not talking about consultant sales.
      -Now you are talking of ‘trainers and coaches’ who obviously earn commissions for the services they provide. l am talking of direct sponsors in my example as mentioned in the ‘amended compensation plan’ if ever you you had the opportunity to read it.

    • Sammy

      They charge sales tax on clothing when shipping to states that have no tax on clothes. I live in Minnesota ~ no sales tax on clothes. When I buy from an out of state consultant I am charged her state tax on my order!! Every single person who works for this company knows this is wrong and they won’t fix it. Lularoe is about to have another BBB complaint. QVC and HSN charge sales tax according to where the item is being shipped, not where they are located. Lularoe is not up front. I’ve also heard of consultants waiting 3 months for their refund for returned goods. Unacceptable!

      • Erin

        Actually, when you start a home-based consultant business, you are to charge whatever your current state’s clothing tax rate is.

        • Sandy L

          Sales tax is supposed be be charged on Point of Delivery, not Point of Sale.

          It is WRONG to charge Washington State sales tax for shipments to California. If Lularoe is charging sales tax on interstate shipments, they need to charge based on the delivery address. In California, there a different rates based on ZIP code. This gets VERY complicated.

      • KrisW

        Think of it this way… If I had a brick and mortar located outside of your state, and you just happened to be shopping at my store, you’d still get charged tax, right?

        I know very few places will do a tax exemption if you show your ID, but that’s each businesses discretion. Just because you’re shopping online for LLR, doesn’t mean you get the same privileges as shopping online from Amazon or Macy’s.

        Which brings me back to my previous point… If you were shopping at a Macy’s brick and mortar store, and asked them to ship it to your home in another state, you’d still be paying sales tax from the state you purchased it from.

        • Sandy L

          NO that is wrong. Sales tax is charge for Point of Delivery. I worked at a national chain department store, like Macy’s, and when we shipped to another state, we had to look up that state’s sales tax and charge the rate for the DELIVERY address.

          I currently manage an on-line store. If a company has no physical presence in a state, they don’t have to collect sales tax for the DELIVERY address. They are trying to change that law, but at the moment it is not enforced. My company only has a physical, brick and mortar store in one state. We only collect sales tax for delivery to that state. Delivery to any other state has no sales tax.

        • Frank lablanc

          You pay tax for the state you live in/billing address. Otherwise, smart consumers would only buy from consultants in tax free states.

        • Nancy Anne

          Well, yes, because I purchased it at the Macy’s IN THAT STATE. When I am sitting at home purchasing on my computer, I am purchasing IN THIS STATE! I have never had to pay the tax on an item for any state other than my own. Except with LuLaRoe. This is illegal. And the company needs to get this straitened out or else they are going to have big legal issues in the near future.

        • Susan

          Sales tax is always point of delivery.

          I live in a state with no sales tax. I often shop in neighboring states for large ticket items that have state and sometimes local sales tax. Even if I pay in store, I don’t have to pay tax if the items are shipped to me. This saves me hundreds to thousands of dollars a year.

    • Karen

      I also have an issue with a consultant that lives in a different state charging me sales tax when my state does not charge sales tax on clothing. I was told that since Lularoe has a NEXUS status in all 50 states which means that the exchange of goods occurs in the state of residence of the consultant not the customer. There are many grey areas of that and from what I read changes occur daily. I was also told that the consultants do not have the right to override an invoice, so she had not choice but to charge the sales tax.

      • Sammy

        People have filed complaints with BBB and were reimbursed by LuLaRoe for sales tax paid on clothing. I believe if what they are doing is legal they would not have paid it back.

      • Lauren

        It makes sense that if your buying clothing from another state which has a sales tax than you need to pay it just like the consultant did.

        • Just a Guy

          It all depends on when the purchaser takes possession of the merchandise. It if is at the point of when the seller puts it in the mail, then it is the purchasers responsibility to pay sales tax in the state of purchase. If it is set up to that seller is responsible until it is delivered to the purchaser, then the seller doesn’t not charge sales tax because the transfer of goods is in the state of the purchaser. So as I said above, it depends on how LLR shipping policies read, if any. If I read this article right, then the consultants are the ones on the hook to make this determination and LLR is just covering their behinds by charging it to all because most consultants, unless they have prior knowledge, will not know. You are all right, LLR should address this and make a decision, if they have not already, which method they are going to use.

      • Sandy L

        If the product is shipped to you in another state. You should be charged sales tax based on your shipping address. Sales tax is Point of Delivery!

  2. Knowledge is power

    This article is almost 100% inaccurate in every sense of the word. Your cons list seems to be just pulled out of thin air. Any bonus’s you make don’t even come from your downline’s sales. It comes from what your downline purchases at whole sale. Meaning LuLaRoe gives you some of their product profit. Your downline will never see a chunk of their profit going to you. All of LuLaRoe’s products are hand made, which makes them vulnerable to human error. As for the BBB complaints, all of those should be made through the individual consultant. Not every consultant follows LuLaRoe’s ethical guidelines. Unfortunately because of those consultants, and those reviews it gives the company as a whole a bad name. LuLaRoe puts restrictions one where they want the product to be sold because they don’t want just anyone selling it. There are consultants for a reason. The owner started selling at home parties, and if she had a perfect world, that would be the way it stayed. I do realize that your article is coming from an outsiders perspective, but please, do some more research before posting an article like this. If you wouldn’t mind though, could you go into more detail about bulk buying by the distributor and why it is frowned upon.

    • You are saying that the article is 100% inaccurate yet you go on to list 3 points that you think are inaccurate?
      1-‘It comes from what your down-line purchases at whole sale’ – NOW it is only paid after your down-line sells the product which makes sense given that they can return the products if they are not sold.
      2 – You agree 100% with the review that one of the LuLaRoe complaints is on clothing defects because l quote ‘….products are hand made, which makes them vulnerable to human error’.
      3 – LuLaRoe BBB complaints include those from the very consultants that customers must go to if they have issues with the products or service. l read ALL the complaints and the responses!
      4 – Restrictions on where to sell LuLaRoe is obviously imposed on their consultants and NOT ‘… just anyone selling it’. You only need to have the money to purchase the mandatory inventory to become a consultant. Your money counts. You will NOT become a consultant ‘..for a reason’. Go try it.
      5 – ‘… your article is coming from an outsiders perspective’ yes it is, and is based on information from LuLaRoe website, Comp plan and BBB complaints. The information is in the public domain and as you can tell, the outsider knows your company better than you!
      6 – Go and read FTC MLM guidelines or cases and proceedings of companies so that you can learn ‘why it is frowned upon’. Good reading.

      If you are one of LuLaRoe distributors, you are one of those who ‘.. give the company a bad name’ due to your ignorance!

      • Julie

        The above commenter was absolutely correct.

        Bonuses are paid on what your down-line purchases at wholesale. Bonuses are paid out the following month. They are not tied to sales whatsoever. Your information is incorrect.

        I’ve worked for many retail chains and LuLaRoe’s sizing issues are no different than almost any retailer.

        Certainly there are growing pains and areas where improvement can be made – but isn’t that the case with any fast growing company?

        I appreciate honest reviews, but I feel the one you wrote is misleading and from your response to the commenters it seems you are excited by bad comments, but bash good ones, which is pretty telling.

        LuLaRoe empowers many women – head on over to Instagram and you’ll see thousands of lives that LuLaRoe has enriched, in many ways.

        • No bonuses are paid on down-line purchases because some of the consultants fail to sell the products and return them to LuLaRoe. Which of course makes business sense. The review pointed at the ‘growing pains’ so that anyone who reads the review knows what they are getting themselves into. Now that you have admitted that there are ‘growing pains’, why don’t accept that what you are calling ‘bad comments’ are people who experienced the ‘pains’?

          One of LuLaRoe’s terms are that you must NOT speak negatively about the products. So what do l expect to find on an Intagram profile where distributors try to empress newbies just for the commission and because they were muzzled by the company’s TOS.

          l don’t own the internet, feel free to write your ‘honest’ LuLaRoe review and share your perspective. Don’t forget to drop your consultant link in the review so that you can earn bonuses off people who join your down-line. Besides, you only parroted a fellow consultant’s view on a single issue … does that paint the whole review as dishonest?

      • Ben

        Spot on! If you do not even know the commission plan you should not be posting here as it make you look STUPID. Read the agreement that LuLaRoe has posted on-line. I will agree that the support from home office needs a lot of work. I experienced first hand how painful it is to get a question answered.

        • Ben

          TO Clarify: Scam Busters is correct on the commission statement. Why would you get paid a commission on an order that could potentially be returned?? I would love to have my down-line order
          $25,000 of inventory so I can get 5% and then wait 60 days and then return it and then re-order again.
          It’s a stretch but you get my point …

          • Chris

            There IS a “restocking fee” which is more than the commission paid (15% I believe).
            I’m the husband of a consultant and I quickly went to the back office to make sure of the compensation plan. The document reads: “SPONSOR – You will be eligible to earn a 5% override bonus on the Dollar Amount of the Orders of your new Personally Sponsored Fashion Consultant. Orders and bonuses will be calculated per calendar month.”
            This is currently what the policy is and as far as I know for the past year, what it has been.

    • Holly

      The clothing is not “hand made”. It is manufactured in a factory, like all other chain company clothing, on machines. Hand made items cost thousands of dollars.

      • Amanda

        I completely agree with you! I’ve been buying lularoe for about a year now and within the past few months I’ve gotten 4 out of the 7 pair of leggings I bought with holes in them! If they were handmade, they wouldn’t be so shotty. Also, one thing I wanted to point out is that in the article she had said most items were made in America. That’s false. I have more than half the styles they offer and not a single one was made in America. The sizing can be so off at times too. I have some leggings that are os and big on me, others I’ve sold because they fit like a tween size, and tc that is snug on me, all made in different places. I was thinking about giving it a go and becoming a consultant, but having to send back 4 pairs of leggings in the last two months and only being told that ‘they heard there was a problem with a batch or two’ isn’t making me want to fork over anymore money.

        • Donna M Getz

          I currently own 22 pair of leggings. 14 bought in the last 6 months. Not one pair have any issues except for size. I wear TC and a couple seem a bit loose but not so loose I can’t wear them.
          I treat them as I would nylons.
          Also, they and the rest of my LLR clothing are not made in the USA and most certainly are not handmade.
          But again, as far as quality I have never had a problem with any of my leggings and I have owned some for 3 years.

      • amanda

        Exactly. Of course there are hands involved. Hands run the sewing machines in the factories. This does not qualify them as hand made. It is a production line in a standard factory. The tights are manufactured by Chinese and Vietnamese women who earn maybe 3 dollars a day and have to work at a dizzying rate to keep their jobs.

    • Chantel

      I look at the product line and they are made in Guatemala. Not all of them, but some. If you don’t know your counties from China to Guatemala where China is know for just producing, you would see that Guatemalan’s care for what they produce. Visit both counties and make your assumption then.

      • Susan

        The products (at least not the leggings and some of the other styles) are not made in Guatemala. They are made in China, Vietnam, etc. Look at the labels or ask a consultant to do so. Fit and quality issues are problems that LulaRoe continues to have, and at rates higher than most retail stores. This is from personal experience and those of friends and other reviews online.

  3. Sarah

    The quality of this brand is horrible. As soon as you touch it, you can tell it’s cheap polyester. Very over priced. Nothing that is all polyester should cost that much, no matter how cute. Not a business I will ever be interested in buying from.

    • Stefany

      I am not a consultant or anything but you said you would not purchase this product, and by touching it you could tell it’s cheap.

      Have you ever WORN the clothes?? The fabric is so different for different things. I have numerous pieces and none of them are the same.

      I am a mother of 2, and always on the go. I am comfortable in these clothes and I feel like I look great. So I’m not sure which “Cheaply Made” clothes your looking at… I don’t feel like its cheaply made at all. Just because it isn’t something you like… Doesn’t mean its of poor quality.

      • Frog-Freak

        I have to agree! All the items I’ve purchased have been incredibly comfortable & in no way been “cheaply made”! I wud hafta say that if you’re new to LLR, if at all possible, go to a pop up party 1st because you see the product for yourself & can try EVERYTHING/ANYTHING you want & you will have a better understanding of all the “sizings” & fabrics. This will help you for your online shopping experience then too. When shopping online too, if you are unsure of the color, you can always ask the consultants or PM them as they are there to help you. I wish everyone the best shopping experience & to remember, you get out of it what you put into it, so don’t be so fast to tarnish a company’s name because you didn’t take the time to ask questions before you purchase.

      • Jessica

        I am not a consultant I own over 40 products and me of them are poorly made. I have so far been very impressed my purchases and will be buying again. Nothing I have is polyester. These clothes are soft and comfortable adorable. I have nothing but a great experience with each of the consultants I have worked with.

        • Missy

          Over 40 products and buying more?! Just how big a wardrobe of this stuff does one person need? Glutinous consumer or consultant in disguise? I’d guess the latter.

          • Laura

            Um, I’m not a consultant just someone that got addicted to the clothes. I’ve only been shopping LLR for about 12 days and already have 3 pairs of leggings, 2 Julia dresses and a classic tee. I’ve got a bunch more on the way too. So no, it’s not unheard of in the slightest for customers to own quite a few pieces.
            Missy, maybe you need to stop being judgemental.

          • Missy

            Nope, free country, I can share my opinion, thanks. Clothes are often poor quality, many times horrendously ugly, frumpy, and downright laughable, and always overpriced. Just another MLM marketing scheme, this time for those who want to look like dowdy sister-wives. Good luck finding your unicorns.

          • Becky

            I have over 40 items. Not a consultant. Fell in love with the line last summer and was already looking to replace my aging wardrobe. The fabrics are amazing and the pieces are very versatile. I can easily wear most of them at the office or casually. I have received two items that were constructed poorly. Both were promptly replaced. Two different good consultants that gave me an option of a refund or a new item. My preference. There are bad consultants out there, just like any of these types of home businesses (31, tupperware…) and I say if you are going to go to BBB then be sure to name them specifically in your complaint. As for the fabrics. My understanding is that the fabrics are made here in the states then shipped to other places for assembly. The sizes in general are different from off the rack in a store. I learned this by going to an in home party to try pieces on. Also, not all the fabrics are the same. Some are light t-shirt material, there are ribbed knits, and heavier ones too. Each stretches a bit differently and because of this the size will be slightly different. I know that a ribbed knit will be a bit baggy so I size down. I love this stuff and the consultants I buy from are very happy with their businesses. I feel some of the comments made here are miss leading and one sided.

        • Duchess Gummybuns

          Dude, I own several LLR myself and the first listed material on EVERYTHING is polyester. I’m currently wearing a Carly that is 95% polyester and 5% spandex and leggings that are 92% polyester and 8% spandex.

        • Holly

          Nothing you have is polyester? What kind of material is it? Because I know for a fact that the leggings are a polyester/spandex combination, 90/10.

        • TJ

          Wow. It amazes me to see how people treat others simply because they don’t like their leggings or have an opinion about how many items one should own in their personal wardrobe?!? These aren’t exactly life threatening concerns or even anything that affects others so it’s interesting that it would give cause to try to insult someone. I can see how political and/or issues that personally affect you can bring about an emotional response and ugly words are said, but that fact that someone owns more clothes than you think they should and/or it’s of a brand you personally don’t like is cause to be ugly, is quite revealing. What purpose do comments like these serve? I don’t like what a lot of people wear and I don’t personally think a person needs to own 10 vehicles but if they like to wear it or they have enough money and possibly a use for or even just want to have 10 vehicles, more power to them! It’s certainly not something I’m going to use as fuel for being ugly to them. But clearly not everyone is going to share my view. It’s just something I don’t understand personally.
          I happen to love many LLR prints and styles and simultaneously think others are butt ugly, but I would never insult someone just because they like something I don’t.

          Considering they have around 40 different lines/styles (many different tops, skirts, dresses, wraps, leggings, men’s, ladies, children’s lines) and they approve for printing hundreds of prints every day, I’m questioning this opinion is based on even knowing what’s available. It’s hard to imagine that that many different options in 8 sizes for most styles, would all produce the same “frumpy sister-wife look”. It leaves me wondering the wardrobe choices of the person making these comments. I’m sure someone out there might find that style unattractive and I hope they don’t go out of their way to make sure it’s known.

          It’s actually very common for LLR shoppers to own well over 40 items.

          First, the majority of what is received is of good quality and without defect. The source for this article is from a place that collects complaints and issues. It would only seem fair compare that to comments in a place where people report the praises and positive reviews. They are all over the place.

          Secondly, part of the genius behind LLR’s success is that prints are so limited and can’t be ordered from a catalog in a desired size or style. This along with doing pop up sales rather than always posted inventory, creates a sense of urgency and demand which encourages shoppers get something they like quickly or they may never see it again. It can also be “addicting” to shop this way, especially when you love so many of the prints and love the way the clothes fit/feel. The rate of return shoppers purchasing again and again (not just with the same consultant but collectively) is VERY high.

          So it’s not at all rare for a person to own 40 pieces of LLR. In fact under 40 pieces of clothes in your wardrobe seems pretty uncommon and many shoppers come to wear LLR almost daily (considering there are so many looks that can be achieved with so many styles and prints available) so it makes up much of their total wardrobe. There are far more people that have tried LLR and would share in the viewpoint that it is of good quality and fits very nicely (you do need to understand their sizing recommendations and know that one style is meant to be worn multiple ways and therefore you need different sizes based on which look you want) and is very stylish, verses those who share the mean spirited comments made above.

          I concede there is definetely an issue with some leggings that are making it passed QC and shouldn’t but if you sell 100,000 leggings and if even 100 have a defect, it doesn’t make the entire line of leggings plus the other 40 products you make all bad. It means there’s an issue somewhere that needs addressed. And there are several points made in this article that I agree with (although several I do not). I have some issues with LLR myself but there’s no brand or company I sheepishly give 100% allegiance to and defend on all issues. However my point here is less about LLR and more about the fact that people treat others so ugly with no real motivation that I can see.

          More flies with honey…..something like that, lol!

          • I’m just trying to find out how to exchange or get a refund on a pair of LuLaRoe leggings that have holes in the seat of them. Can anyone help me? I LOVE LLR and have several pieces, but I just need help with this issue. The consultant advised that she can’t take returns of something that has been worn…and I understand that. But WHO do I contact? Thanks in advance for your help!

      • R

        I love the clothes, but YES on cheaply made. I have like 7 pairs of leggings, 5 that have holes all over them. Some had holes probably right away but noticed when I went to wash them. The FIRST time. My cheap target leggings don’t even do that. So 25 bucks is a lot to spend on leggings u get about 3 wears out of. Love the tops I have though! I just wish there was a way to return, or reach someone faster, like if my pants got holes from Target I have a lot of days to return them and it’s easy. Where this is impossible and disappointing when my leggings all have holes.

      • No Koolaid

        I have worn the clothes and bought a few items. Cheap stuff. Seams are not reinforced, seams are missed, the fabric is 95% poly! Pills after first wear, leggings have holes, sizing issues are deplorable. I have stopped buying and throwing my money away on disposable clothing. Do a search and you will find DeAnne stating that leggings are meant for 3-5 wears and that the holes will always be an issue because of the how the fabric is brushed.

      • Heather Durham

        Read your tags in the back, 98% polyester 8% spandex MADE IN CHINA … Now purchase or next time when in Wal-Mart look at their 3pack- Fleece lined leggings.. It’s 95% polyester and 5% spandex.. SAME FABRIC! Oh and they’re 3 for $15 that makes them feel even better than “buttah”

      • amanda

        They are cheaply made, trust me. I have been in the fashion industry for many years and teach in the fashion department at a local college. You might love the product and look good in it but the fact remains they are cheaply made of inexpensive fabric. As one other person noted, the patterns are not even matched at the seams as good quality garments are.

    • Law

      I just got my first order and was definitely disappointed in the fabric. For the price and sales pitch I thought it would be a beautiful cotton type blend. I also felt the sizing was off. An expensive mistake unfortunately. 🙁

      • Jess

        Almost all the materials are synthetic man-made fibers. It’s so disappointing. I will also never purchase from them again

        • Elizabeth

          A lady on a community sales board was selling some because she bought them, tried them on and didn’t like them. She was selling them for less than she paid because she said the person she’d bought them from was making it difficult to return them. She wanted her money back and they wanted to just exchange them. Anyway, I bought 2 pairs because I’ve always wanted to see what the hype is about. I am never able to be on the computer at the time of those sales and haven’t been able to get the prints I want. I’ve also been hesitant to order because of sizing. Well, I have worn both pairs I bought from her, and there are noticeable differences in the sizing and feel of them. One is tighter than the other, and one is way longer so the fabric bunches up on my ankles. One is lower cut too. So, for something that comes in only 2 sizes, I would expect consistency. One is almost too loose, the other almost too tight, and they are both the Tall and Curvy (which is another complaint I have..not all plus sized women are tall). They are soft and look nice, but I am hesitant to order more because who knows how they’ll fit.

          • Kay

            I just bought two pairs of the same size and bc one is made in Vietnam verse china the Vietnam ones are much much tighter and weird sized. I have contacted the consultant and haven’t been able to return or exchange. ( there is a no return policy) but exchanges are allowed within 72 hours. By the time she reads my email the 72 hours will be up and I doubt I’ll be able to exchange them..very sneaky practice if you ask me. They often compare themselves to retail stores when shopping but when it comes to sizing and returns they don’t have the same policies.

          • Shelly

            The sizing of LLR leggings remains inconsistent regardless of which country they were manufactured. The company claims OS (one size) leggings fit size 0-10, and in some cases fit 0-12. They say it depends on the fabric/print, but if all leggings are the same percentage of poly/spandex then the specific print should not be a factor. However, after purchasing several pairs of OS leggings, I can see where some prints could accommodate a size 12, while other prints definitely would not.

            My complaint lies with the company’s overall inconsistent sizing of the OS leggings. You can put 2 pairs of OS leggings in the same prints and lay them side by side and they’ll be sized differently. From length differences to the overall size of the leg openings – there will be more than slight differences. So much so that one pair can fit, while the other exact pair might be so so tight the fabric seems to scream ‘Arrrrugh!’ and you can’t get them past your ankles. One would think the company’s ‘pattern’ for a simple legging would be made the same way in every country of manufacture, but sadly, that is not the case. The whole thing is frustrating beyond belief.

            I enjoy wearing LLR leggings – they are insanely comfortable. That is, IF I’m fortunate enough to land a pair that’s sized properly. How hard is it to use a pattern & make something with a given set of measurements so that the product comes out basically the same?

            I understand there is subtle differences in product sizing such as jeans, etc. But not so much so that 2 pairs of the exact size & style jean wouldn’t a person. LLR has much work to do on their sizing and it should be an immediate priority for them if they cared about consumer happiness with their products.

      • Leeann

        That’s exactly how I felt. Sizing was totally wrong and fabric was cozy, but not what I expected. Guess I’ve got a few spendy night shirts now. :). Oh well. Now I know. 🙂

    • Ben

      Sarah, it is actually very nice and comfortable clothing, you are paying a little extra for the value added by the consultant to help you mix and match your sets. Some folks like the personal touch and follow up customer service…some don’t.

    • Martha Parry

      I recently wore my first pair of black leggings. My cross-body Burberry bag is completely ruined as the dye from the leggings came off on the side of purse they came in contact with!!!! I did not expect that from a $25 pair of leggings. I have contacted corp office but have yet to receive a response.

      • Lynn Anne

        It’s common wisdom that you’re supposed to pre wash anything after you buy it, although it a lot of times people don’t. If you’re worried about anything with dark colors are bright colors put some vinegar in that first wash and it should set the colors for you.

        • Nancy Anne

          Are you kidding me right now? I pay $25 for a pair of leggings and I am supposed to PREWASH it, when there is no information enclosed saying I should? That’s jacked up. For $25 these leggings should be perfect- Patterns centered properly, stripes and directional prints matched at the side seams, and no color transference when worn. For the consultants to be Okay with this and make excuses for a company that is sending them less than acceptable garments that they then need to sell to recover their cost is beyond comprehension. The consultants should be angry. Not making excuses and, in this case, blaming the consumer.

          • Holly

            The fact that the patterns do not match up at the center seam makes $25 totally unreasonable for leggings. I wouldn’t care if the print matched at the center seam if they cost $9 (like the holiday print I just bought in Walmart), but for $25 the pattern should match up. It’s like wallpaper that has uneven seams & it looks terrible.

          • gail

            I tried on a skirt that was 35.00, the stripes did not match up and it looked ridiculous. If the stripes would have matched it it would have been cute but you could definitely tell it was not “hand-made”. I wouldn’t waste my money on it.

          • Missy

            Right on, Nancy Anne!
            “Common wisdom” is that fabric that bleeds is cheap and from a factory without proper quality control and testing in place. For the price, the quality stinks, and material is cheap, so clearly they’re making a huge overhead. If you don’t go through product integrity checks to make sure the materials pass testing (apparel has ALL KINDS of tests from wash tests to snag tests to color dye issues to holes, etc.) or go through any kind of rigorous samples to ensure the product fits well, etc., then it’s just “turn and burn”. Charge a huge markup and leave the consumer with the problems.

    • Barb

      LLR clothes IMO are for people that can’t dress themselves…..it’s sad that people don’t realize that this is a FAD and has NO longevity whatsoever. I rather buy my my leggings from target. When I was five years old they used to have a company called “multiples for kids”…google it and you can see the resemblance.

    • Bridget Viers

      I disagree. I have several articles of Lularoe clothing I have had no issues with the quality of the material, holes in my leggings (after wearing all day and after washing) and the shirts are extremely comfortable. I am very picky with my clothes and strive for quality and comfort. Ive had no problems with anything I have bought from any of the Luleroe consultants I purchase from. I believe the company is getting thrown under the bus by those who need something to complain about.

  4. Janice

    The way they treat their consultants is terrible. They have forgotten what the company is all about. They have gotten greedy and just want to sign up as many new people as possible. They tell the consultants to stop asking for product they paid for months ago. It’s not right!

    The sales tax thing is terrible. I don’t understand how they are getting away with charging tax to states that don’t have clothing tax.

      • Alver

        All i have to say about how much the tax amount is based on the fact where the product is held. Now with disributors they sell to consultants. Consultant pays it on the state the distributor has it in. Then the Consultant lets says lives in FL then anyone buying on the internet pays that consultants state tax on clothing. If you dont want state tax only buy from states that dont have it. If you’d like to learn more about what i copied and paste below goto https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/florida-internet-sales-tax.html
        The General Rule: Physical Presence in the State

        The current default rule throughout the United States is that you must collect sales tax on Internet sales to customers in those states where your business has a physical presence. The physical presence rule is based on a1992 United States Supreme Court decision, Quill Corp. v. North Dakota, that addressed the obligations of mail order businesses to collect sales tax on out-of-state sales. The decision has been extended to include online retailers. Generally speaking, a physical presence means having:

        a warehouse in the state
        a store in the state
        an office in the state, or
        a sales representative in the state.

        • Alver

          What i pasted is saying like sears they charge the your state because they are represented in each state. This is the part that confuses all of you. Consultants aren’t employees and therefore sell a brand above MAP to make a living. They are considered self-employed. Therefore they are only based out of the state they live. With that said the tax is based off their location.

          Yall have been misinformed about being charged your state tax. When in reality is its not your state tax it is where the business is located tax. They have to pay it for the business they made. Not the money that you spent.

          Take it this way- Your paying their tax to have your business. You have been wired from birth to think its your right to pay that tax, and its absolutely incorrect. You get taxed once and that is on your paycheck. The other tax you pay on goods is the company passing its expense onto the customer. For example for every dollar i sell i have to give the state 7%. Therefore it would behoove me to charge the customer $1.07 instead of a dollar.

        • Heat

          With all due respect, you are reading the legal language wrong, as is LLR. The sales tax should be charged to the consumer based on where the consumer lives, if the consumer resides in a state where a warehouse or store is located. LLR has “warehouses” in each of the 50 states, so therefore, the sales tax is applicable to all consumers and should be based on where the consumer lives. For example, if you purchase something from Amazon (or any other online store with the exception of LLR), the tax is based on the consumer’s location. LLR understands that the way they are charging sales tax does not follow tax law and has stated that they are “working on fixing it.”

  5. Jan

    I got a couple of cute outfits which I really like, but their billing is a disaster. I used a card (which was nowhere near its limit, and which I use all the time elsewhere with no issue) and it said “this payment could not be processed” … but it appeared against my Visa according to my bank. The consultant kept telling me it was my fault, even though I sent screen shots showing that LLR said it didn’t go through, and my online statement showing that it did. I tried four times, and had to wait two weeks with $300 tied up on my Visa until it was reversed. Not ok for a major business.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience with LLR. I hope the owner will listen and make an effort to address the challenges being faced by both consultants and customers.

  6. Brenda

    Scam scam scam.
    Unless you know a few hundred morons who intend to purchase from you monthly, you’re screwed.
    This is a FAD. No one, except those still trying to sell off inventory, will remember what this product is in 2 years.

    • Julie

      Yes and the way most online boutiques are run, gets the participants hyped up and the “thrill of the hunt” takes over. “Hurry! They only have 1,000 of this pattern! You don’t want to miss it! “. Then, a while later, I see an incredible amount of lularoe being sold in buy/sell/trade groups I’m a part of, on Facebook.

      • Paige

        I have seen people selling leggings in buy/sell/trade groups, but they try and scam you tenfold with their prices. It’s already expensive enough! A lot of people talk about the leggings…I got a few dresses from them and have to say they are quite durable in my experience and I never have to iron them which is a plus. I ordered a t-shirt from them and it is total garbage. I’ve gotten better t-shirts from Walmart. I agree that Lularoe needs consistency with their product.

    • Mom of 3

      I have several pairs of leggings that I purchased a month ago….so far, 3 pairs have holes in them (after only wearing them 1 or 2 times). They are incredibly soft and I wanted them to be great but the quality just isn’t there.

      • Donna. Strevig

        I too have gotten 2 pair and both have holes in them!! Very dissappointed with the quality of the product for the price!! Not buying nomore!!!

        • Holly

          I bought 3 pairs of leggings from someone who was dumping their inventory. I was not impressed—-they fit poorly, were fairly sheer (like the other Lulu**** brand out there) and looked like total crap after the first wash. Thank God they were only $10/pair. I would never pay $25/pair for them. Rip off.

      • Jill

        I got leggings that fell apart within the first four hours of wearing them. Very poor quality. I get to exchange them this week but now I’m worried I’ll get another pair that fall apart too.

  7. Linda Deese

    My complaint originates from online sales. I am very disheartened by the misrepresentation of the items in photos. I have bought countless items that were not the color of the photos posted. I have received items that look nothing like the picture advertised. To make matters worse, most consultants a rigid in their return policy, offering only exchanges. However, it is my opinion that there are situations that warrant a total refund including all shipping costs. In my case, I am referring to when the seller’s advertisement misrepresents the item color due to poor photography. If the item color was stated in the advertisement, it would dramatically reduce the the dissatisfactions with color. Unfortunately, I haven’t noticed any consultants listing the color of the item in their advertisement. I wish I could post photos of the advertised item and the item received. The differences are disturbing. I I’ll be glad to share comparison photos. If you are interested, please send your request to: LSDEESE@GMAIL.COM

    • Thank you Linda for sharing your experience with Lularoe. l hope the company will provide standard pictures of products to consultants to avoid such mishaps. Unfortunately, consultants will be defending their commissions and will try as much as possible to avoid refunding paid amounts. l have send a request for the picture and l can display them below your comment.

    • Jolie Roy

      The return policy is inconsistent. I’ve received a refund from 2 consultants for items that didn’t fit (2 out of 4 of the OS leggings I received were too small, but that’s another story). Another consultant told me they don’t do refunds, but let me keep the small pair and gave me a credit (probably didn’t want to resell them knowing they ran small). I found 2 different policies when I googled the LLR return policy, which is confusing for a consumer.

      The fault of the sizing is the manufacturer. I’ve been told that leggings made in Vietnam and Bangladesh had sizing problems, but it’s been fixed. Would be nice to know the date of manufacture for the leggings because I wouldn’t have bothered buying them and having the return issues if I knew they were part of the sizing group that ran small. Not sure if I will be buying more leggings from them because of this. It’s a crapshoot now, but I was very pleased with the first 4 pair I received. Fit and looked great.

      • Rogue

        It shouldn’t matter where the clothing is made. They all follow the same pattern. It’s the companies lack of quality control that is the issue simply because they are not enforcing it with their manufacturers. The variability in sizing, the different leg lengths, the holes….are issues that LLR needs to resolve, it should NEVER make it to the consultant or customer. Granted, yes, we are human so there will be some that make it through, but the defects that I have found are alarming in numbers! Not worth the price that they are mandating.

      • I have had the same issue. My first 2 leggings OS after wearing for 4 hours had small holes. They fit. The materialis either very thin or no give. I was very disappointed since I only heard good things. My consultant is get and will exchange, I just don’t want to keep running into the same issue. ????

        • CV

          And let’s just remember that as a consumer, I shouldn’t have to ask, know to ask, or even be aware that products made in different countries will run differently size wise. That’s ridiculous!

          I actually thought all the products were made in the USA, which was appealing to me, because the rep had a sign outside her tent that stated that. If I had known that my $25 leggings were made somewhere else, I wouldn’t have paid that for them and kept on walking. I was willing to pay it because I thought I was supporting American workers. Then, not only that, they ended up unwearable with holes and falling apart seams after one wearing. Shameful, this company should either go out of business, or halt operations until ALL OF THEIR ISSUES ARE FIXED TO A REASONABLE DEGREE and the Better Business Bureau upgrades their rating from an F. They are doing a disservice to their reps and their customers.

          • Thanks CV for sharing your experience with Lularoe leggings. The company admits on its website that leggings are not American made. l am not sure if it was your assumption or you were lied to by the rep?

      • Elizabeth

        I have 2 pairs that were made in Indonesia and the sizes are way different despite them both being the “Tall and Curvy” size. One is longer than the other and looser fitting, the other is tighter and shorter in length and sits lower on the waist. There should not be this much inconsistency with sizing with things you can’t try on and that come in only 2 sizes. And, they make it hard to return them. Annoying.

  8. Finally kb

    I was just waiting for one of these articles to come out. Was hoping I wasn’t the only one thinking ” You have to be stupid to sell this stuff and buy it.” I find it funny that people continue to try and sell things that you have to buy into. The merchandise almost always gets sold for cheaper somewhere down the line, outside of the company.

    I have found leggings that are oh so buttery soft sold other places for anywhere from 5-15 dollars. That’s why I refuse to buy from LLR. They can’t live up to their claims of better quality, when their competitors sell it. My sister use to buy it. She stopped because LLR downgraded the quality of the clothing fabric. I also find it funny that the skirts use to only cost 20$, but now that it’s a fad they are double or more.

    One last rant. I saw the LLR warehouse had a FB page so I clicked on it. The top comment was by someone saying you can’t trust the sizes. That poor person was not help with their problem, instead the representative told them they didn’t know what they were talking about. People should be able to just pick the same size and not have to check where it was made first, if a company is really about quality control and claiming to be better.
    Ok I’m done, thanks for the article. 😉

    • Thank you for your well thought comment. l hope Lularoe consultants will forward some of the suggestions to their management. Most people have common problems related to billing, sizes, colors, refunds and taxation. These are issues which can be easily addressed if the management commit themselves and avail resources.

  9. JR

    I am just learning about the sizing discrepancies – terrible. I guess the consultants know about it bc during a live sale I heard them specifically covering where each item as made- apparently they are different! Super annoying!

  10. Frog-Freak

    I’m just a typical customer of LLR. I discovered it thru a family member who discovered it, & I have to say that I’ve had no issues of any sort so far. The clothes are very comfy, & all the consultants that I’ve delt with have been fantastic. Very helpful, explain everything up front bout sizing & details of it all too with how it all works & such, etc. I believe the person whom sells the product can “make it or break it” & the customer has to listen & take their advise when purchasing. I’m thinking that sum of the quality issues may be either due to outsourcing or maybe the persons having the issues aren’t following the care instructions? I just want people to know that I haven’t had any issues with any part of LLR so far & I absolutely love their products!

    • Thank you for sharing your positive experience with LLR products. l hope both consultants and customers will benefit from your tips. Unfortunately, if the problems emanate from quality issues due to ‘outsourcing’, ‘following the care instructions’ won’t make much difference.

    • Kim powell

      I also have about 6 outfits and have had no issues and love how some of the pieces can be mixed and matched. You can turn a dress into a shirt and a skirt into a top or scarf. Very comfy yet dressy enough for me to wear to work in a professional environment!

        • Wynter

          Exactly. My girlfriend wore one of the skirts as a top and was reprimanded at work. The clothes I’ve seen are casual and, if not washed separately in cold water, the colors can fade terribly. Not worth the high price in my opinion.

  11. Donna W

    I purchased a couple of items from a friend who was selling via FB. I got leggings, a skirt, a dress and a jacket. I come from generations of sewers, so I’m quite familiar with fabrics and construction and, overall, I’d say the fabric was on the lower end of quality. As to construction, the jacket I got had wide stripes, and there was an attempt on one side to match seams, but nowhere else. Just looked cheap. Not sure about the sizing. The TC leggings are supposed to fit 10-20. I’m a size 16, and they felt waaaay to too snug for my tastes. Bought XL in everything else, and the jacket was huge, the skirt and dress a little snug, but wearable. Wanted to like LLR because some of the prints are so pretty and I like supporting my friends, but based on this order, i won’t be back.

  12. Anonymous Monkey

    I’m on the fence about becoming a LLR consultant. The “Onboarding Package” really gives me pause. The $5000+ investment in inventory seems reasonable. LLR isn’t charging any start up fees- just pay for the clothes and launch your business. LLR says they can track the previous month’s purchases and then they use that as predictive info to create an onboarding package full of top selling styles. However, I’d like to spend my money on the products I feel my peers would buy. For instance, the leggings add on package has kids and tween leggings in it, but my peer group doesn’t really have a lot of moms with kids- I want adult leggings only. I’m not a fan of being forced to buy a predetermined bundle. It’s my money and I want to spend it on what makes sense for my market.

    This purchase by force model is repeated by consultants who try to force customers to by outfits and sets by pairing up hot designs (Unicorns) with cold product(Donkeys).

    So- why do the donkeys even exist? The LLR design team produces some designs that are instantly popular. It seems to me they would know by now what constitutes a unicorn and what is likely to be an unwanted old donkey. Why not focus on creating all unicorns and no donkeys? I do not know if they have a design review panel, but with thousands of consultants it would be silly to not harness all that input.

    LLR discourages consultants from returning designs that don’t sell. There’s a form to fill out and return shipping to pay and restocking fees. LLR should walk their talk and stand by their products- if a consultant can’t move it- they should be able to return it without any nonsense.

    LLR needs to protect its brand! Those donkeys end up being seen by thousands of customers who never make it to purchase because the designs do not appeal to them. They think LLR just makes fugly stuff and they move on to find something more exciting elsewhere. I’m telling you, donkeys never die- they just live forever in online shops, swap groups, and eventually do end up on ebay- damning the LLR brand all the while.

    LLR isn’t *really* that friendly to our plus size friends. Anything outside of the standard retail plus zone is scarce. I have a beautiful friend who is 6’7″ tall who would love these leggings- if they didn’t fit her like capris and only cover half her scrumptious posterior. She”d love the shirts, if only the arm holes and shoulders were cut big enough. Their design department needs a few lessons in drafting for plus size ladies and they should run with that out to a 7X!

    These are things that keep me form pulling the trigger. LLR wants to help women be successful? They need to listen to the input from their consultants and their customers. They need to stop punishing their consultants for LLR’s design missteps. They need to figure out how to make clothes that fit bigger body types. And they need to TRUST their consultants from the very beginning. If a consumer says – but I don’t think I could sell this dress to m friends- they need to listen.

    • Thank for your thoughtful comment. l too would like to see women empowered but the right way. Unfortunately, as you rightfully observed the mixing of good and poorly designed clothes looks like it is deliberate if not a company strategy. There seems to be always a catch in most MLM companies as they try to recoup moneys they spend on recruitment incentives and bonuses. Consultants are often bound by a see no evil, hear no evil clauses conveniently tucked in the TOS.

    • Rogue

      Don’t do it! You are so right about LLR needing to stand by their product. Any good company worth their clout will allow their distributors to return product without any hassle. LLR charges a 15% restocking fee if the item is returned in original packaging (cheap plastic bag), if not then the restocking fee jumps to 25%. They know full well that those cheap bags rip immediately when the consultant opens it.

      LLR doesn’t care about their consultants, they have made their money selling it wholesale to them! The length of time you have to wait until you receive your orders (3 weeks) is completely unacceptable. Replacements for items that are defective, about 3 months. And if you have an issue and have to open a ticket for resolution, it NEVER gets resolved no matter how many times you call and wait on hold for (1.5 hours).

      There is so much wrong with LLR, so much. Those that are singing high praises are the ones that are Coaches or Trainers or those that are trying really hard to build a team. Anyone that wants to tell me about growing pains, go fly a kite, because these growing pains were totally avoidable if they responsibly halted onboarding to service their existing consultants. This is called GREED. And if you complain or voice an opinion, you are told to stop whining by the Founder herself (very professional if you ask me). Or you have the CEO (the husband) contradicting himself left right and center, “Everything sells, but don’t buy inventory from other consultants because you don’t want their stuff that doesn’t sell.” Say what?!?! Yeah…..you want to see clowns in action, go to a circus, it will be cheaper.

    • CV

      Don’t do it!


      And this is straight from the BBB site:

      Additional Complaint Information

      BBB files indicate that this business has a pattern of complaints concerning receiving defective and/or poor quality products. Customers also allege getting double charged for ordered products. Other complaints involve customers being charged the incorrect sales tax for their state. Customers describe having difficulty reaching customer service for resolution to their complaints.
      On July 27, 2016 BBB notified the business of our concerns and requested their voluntary cooperation in eliminating the pattern of consumer complaints. As of today, the business has not responded to our request.

    • Sarah

      I am afraid you have been given some bad information! I am a consultant and each consultant is at liberty to run their business. Unfortunately not all consultants are good business owners. The reason the tax is so is the fact we are indecent consultants. We are self employed. That would be like visiting a small boutique in AR and demanding them not charge you tax because you live in MI. It just doesn’t work that way. The plus side the consultants that do live in those areas are able to offer no tax to those shopping from tax states. Not all consultants force in bundles I don’t and never plan to. Also the reason Lularoe has bundled packages is to maintain product in a various amount of sizes when you on board. They have tried not bundling but left consultants wanting a certain style that dos not have adequate amounts for all sizes at that time. They do not recommend consultants introducing a style without the ability to offer ALL sizes. The leggings issues my mother in law is 5’10 and tall and curvy for perfect and not to short. You can never accommodate every single person but we try our best! Last but not least you are absolutely allowed to return inventory and never discouraged not to do so.

      • Dolores

        Tax laws are based on nexus. If you are shipping to a person, tax is charged based on the location it is shipped to, not point of purchase.

        Source: I work Luxury retail in operations and completed a project on this for a major brand in partnership with our taxation and finance team

    • Melissa Daams

      Anonymous Monkey, that was a great response. I whole heartily agree. Why do they have so many ugly things. I really want to like their product but $35 for a plain red shirt and ugly fugly leggings, no thanks. When I finally had my pop up, i couldn’t find anything i liked. My consultant has 1000 items in her collection, and I cannot find one thing I like that fits me. That is just really sad and not fair to consultants.

    • Lesley

      Ugh. Don’t do it. I pulled back from onboarding and have been increasingly grateful that I skipped it. Just keep reading. Too many consultants. Forced “super-happy” company culture. Too much shoddy workmanship. Too little concern for people heavily invested. Bad, bad, bad. And I have several pairs of their leggings that I love. Those don’t make up for all the negatives.

    • Holly

      The real “customers” in LLR are the consultants that buy the product from LLR. LLR buys directly from the manufacturer at wholesale, then sells it for retail to the consultants, who turn around & jack the price up to turn a profit. Those clothes are not worth what the consultants are charging for them. No way, no how. As soon as LLR get their $$$ from the consultants, they couldn’t give a hoot about anything else. And they keep their hooks into the consultants buy making them use their payment system that is often down. As far as I’m concerned, if I had my own “business”, I am not going to process payments through someone else’s system—-I’m going to process payments the way I want to. Also, if I had my own “business”, I’d purchase the inventory I want to sell to my target demographic—-not shell out $6,500 for pieces that I have no idea the print/patterns of. Solid color leggings would sell out like lightning, but LLR manufactures these ridiculous patterns/prints & calls them unicorns”—-what I think they are is fabric remnants they are getting for a song & then having the items made in other countries at sweat shops. I can get a decent pair of leggings at TJMaxx or Target for about $12. $25 is way overpriced for the leggings LLR consultants sell. But, they’re buying the leggings from LLR for what they would actually sell for at retail. There are many videos & posts online from “new” LLR consultants—newly “onboard” (or whatever they call it) and those that have been selling for a few weeks or a couple of months. There are no videos or posts from consultants that have been into it for 1 or 2 years—-why is that? Because it is a losing proposition. Someone I know recently got her first inventory, and the majority of the prints/patterns she received are HIDEOUS. How in earth she is going to sell them is beyond me. She sold the pairs of leggings that had interesting prints, but that’s about it. I have a feeling she’s going to be left with $5,000 worth of LLR clothing that she can’t give away because it’s so ugly.

  13. Anonymous Chic

    Thanks for spending the time to write this review. If you are considering joining the company, please do your own research. 49 complaints is nothing. That is not even 1% or even 0.5% out of the hundred million dollars in sales they do monthly. There were about 20-25k consultants around the time this article was written. So even with 49 consultant complaints, that is like ~0.003%. There will always be those people who will see the negative and complain. The company is going through growing pains as any company would if they Go through changes or re-orgs. It all takes time and training new people. It definitely isn’t a business for anyone. If you are the type of person who is willing to put in the work and make sacrifices for your family, then this is an amazing opportunity to earn an amazing income. Yes, you do need to be a positive person and believe that the company believes in you has your back, and it does. Most importantly you need to believe in yourself. High investment for high return and low risk. Prints are limited so it drives demand. Just look at how much some of the products are reselling for in eBay. If you decide to join, choose your sponsor wisely. I am a consultant for 3 months now and I quit my job as an IT Project Manager to do this full time. I love it!

    • Anonymous Chic

      I used to complain to my sponsor about a number of things. Duplicate prints, no unicorns, slow shipping, but now I don’t mind them at all because everything sells and everything is worth the wait. I am so grateful. Even stuff that has been sitting around for a while or something I think is ugly, it sells! You won’t believe it until it happens! I truly believe that there is something for everyone that shops at my pop up. How and why would you want to spend the time to pick and choose prints you want to order when you can sell what you have? It is your job as a consultant to put the clothes in front of as many people as you can. Most of my customers have never heard of LuLaRoe before. These clothes are not for you or your friends, they are for everyone: your mom, your daughter, your aunt, your grandma, your cousins, your coworkers, your neighbors, your hair stylist, your dentist, everyone has different tastes. I am booked for parties every weekend with women excited about the clothes. I don’t even need to go looking for people to book parties with. I sold close to 100 items this weekend alone at in-person popups! One party I sold 4 items, but I am not going to let that discourage me. This is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes a lot of hard work. You decide how much and when you want to work. You can do 2 parties a week or two parties a month. You get what you put into your business. I always make sure my customers have tried everything on and that they love it before they make a purchase and take it home. I also let them know that if they are unhappy, change their mind or find a defect, to let me know. I do exchanges and want them to be happy. You need to think like a retailer and provide excellent customer service. Just because there is a hole in your leggings or Irma Shirt, it happens, but it’s NOT normal. I’ve sold over $35k worth of clothes and have a little bin of defects. That’s not even 1% and LuLaRoe will replace your defects and ask you to bless others with them because most can be easily fixed. I’ve done fundraisers and LuLaRoe matches your donation. They are a real company with really genuine and smart people running it. They do it all for the consultants. How can you hate on that? They always strive to make things better. The quality of the clothing has improved a lot. Becoming a consultant is super simple to sign up and super simple to quit. This is your own business. Treat it like one and you will not fail unless you give up on yourself. That goes with anything in life. I am inspired and grateful everyday for this amazing opportunity for his this company. I do not go out and recruit people at all but I do have a team. They come to me and ask me to be their sponsor. Becoming a sponsor was not my intention at all. It just happened. I help any consultant out even if they are not on my team. We are not competing with each other. Sadly, a small percentage sees it that way, but I send my customers to other consultants if they are looking for a style or print I don’t have. The company is like one big family. The owners could easily sell these clothes to big chain retailers but instead they are giving any average person an amazing opportunity to make a really good living to support their family. Sorry for the long comment. I just get so passionate about what I do and I am so much happier now than working for the high stress corporate world. Becoming a consultant was the best decision I’ve made for my career. I work hard, but it is on my on schedule!

      • Holly

        You are a typical LLR consultant, ensnared in the cult-like thought process. Any place that sells a defective product would offer a complete refund—especially if they didn’t have the exact same product to replace it with, if that’s what was requested. Offering an exchange for something else when you only get one of them in a shipment is rather silly. Being a LLR consultant is not your “own business”—you have no control over the pieces you order from the warehouse, the only thing you order are the sizes. You have to process payments through LLR’s payment system. You are not permitted to sell the items on Amazon or eBay or other places that would increase your sales. You have to join “under” someone else, you cannot sign up as an independent consultant. You say you sold $35,000 worth of clothes, but you didn’t say how much you spent on those clothes, how long you’ve been a consultant or what your profit margin is. When someone buys clothing items at retail prices from a company that purchased them wholesale from the manufacturers, and then you jack the price up to make money, that is not your “own business” You are really the customers to LLR. As long as they get their money, they’re happy. They are on boarding 300 people per day, to the tune of well over $1million. Every Sue, Sally & Sarah are LLR consultants—it’s all over Facebook. The market has become saturated with consultants. Let us know how you’re doing in 2 years—-if you dumped your inventory because you couldn’t sell it or you bought a Maserati with your profits & are still selling LLR.

    • Thank you for your contribution. Allow me clarify a few points;

      1. ‘ ..49 complaints is nothing’ – these are ONLY documented complaints posted on BBB website. You are right, there should be thousands others around the web just by counting some posted under this review.
      2. ‘…going through growing pains…’ – l am glad you know there are lots of ‘pains’ distributors and consumers are going through. Feel free to share some of the ‘pains’ if you care.
      3. ‘…put in the work and make sacrifices for your family…’ – are you saying Lularoe’s advertising is deceptive? They NEVER talk about making sacrifices for your family. They talk of freedom (to do what you love), independence (being your own boss), love (sharing love and spending more time with your family) and so forth. Visit the website and watch the second video if the first one is still ‘not available’.
      4. ‘…reselling for in eBay…’ – selling on Ebay is prohibited by Lularoe’s owners because it reduces product value. Either there is no where else to sell the products or people discovered that they are that cheap.

  14. LDT

    I’ve been looking for more lularoe leggings online and I can’t find any shops selling them, found this website searching google [Link deleted by Admin] but it doesn’t have anything for sale, do you know where I can find anything lularoe for sale online?

    • Why not visit the official Lularoe website and below the page click on ‘FIND CONSULTANT NEAR YOU’ and buy the leggings from the recommended consultant? As l said in my review, consultants are not allowed to sell products on their own websites or online retail shops such as Ebay. Good lucky.

  15. Chris

    I like their leggings but I have also had an issue where I received a pair and there are holes up-and-down the seam. They seem to be made in Vietnam first then China then moved to Indonesia and so depending on where they were made the sizes all differ even though there are one size product and the a tall and curvy products. One size claims to fit anywhere from double zero to size 12 TC 12-22, but depending on where they were made that can change. I have ordered pairs that were perfect and then some that are see-through, too short, or bad quality that’s my issue. Besides a few faulty leggings their customer service is terrible, absolutely horrible!!! I have contacted them a couple times and was blatantly ignored. My question closed with no resolution and when I tried again again they closed it. Then I contacted them about these leggings that I got from a giveaway and the consultant said she didn’t feel like I deserved a replacement pair. She told me that she checked them before they were sent and I obviously popped the seam which was completely false. I went to go put them on and I looked down and it’s got holes all the way up the seam. Made in Indonesia, I think she sent me that pair specifically because they were no good. When I contacted Lularoe about this it was radio silent nothing, never heard back from them was no help whatsoever. If you’re going to start and run a clothing company you have to be liable for the product that you put out. Whether you win an item in a giveaway, which is something that happens very often to get people to join the groups the pair should be a wearable pair.

    • Cathy

      Do what I did, if you purchased with a credit card, call the card and have them refund you for defective merchandise. They will then deal with LulaRoe. I have had similar silence since trying to resolve my issues with defective leggings, and the representative has been less than helpful. (See my comment below yours.)

  16. Cathy

    LLR may be empowering many women’s lives, but they are also RIPPING OFF MANY OTHER WOMEN WHO ARE THEIR CUSTOMERS. My issue is with 2 of the 3 pair of leggings that I recently purchased. After ONE wearing, they had holes and were coming apart at the seams. LLR would not refund me, EVEN FOR THE DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS, so I called the bank that my card is issued through and got my money back. Now LLR can deal with them instead.

    The worst part was finding over 100 BBB complaints about the same issues that I had with their leggings. The company has known for some time about the defective materials being used, and yet, they are still being sold, at a premium price, I might add. I will never support this company again, and I hope all those “empowered women” find some other, more reputable company to represent.

  17. Elsa Segui

    I have tried to like this brand. Love the concept of it. Even like some of the patterns. The fabric is soft but does look cheap at times and they do a really bad job of matching patterns when sewing them together. The main draw for me was that i thought the clothes were made in the USA. However, I have bought 5 different pieces and styles and they are all made abroad. The products made in Vietnam and Guatemala are ill fitting and so thin they are almost see-through. The products made in Mexico are a little better quality. I still like looking through the Facebook groups and browsing the photo albums, but if I find something I like I always ask where the product is manufactured. Very seldom do the consultants respond to my question. It seems the great majority of the manufacturing now occurs abroad. I have decided I won’t buy any pieces that are made outside of the USA.

    • It is indeed a great concept if implemented efficiently. On the official website, Lularoe claims that ‘only leggings are outsourced’ unless there have been some changes.

  18. Teri

    I made a first-time purchase from a friend. It seems that only the leggings have problems. Mine did and my consultant is swapping them out for me. I had pin holes on the butt area and they got larger when I put them on. The top I got seems to be very nice and the dress is very flattering. I hope it’s only the leggings that are a problem.

    • Thank you for sharing your positive experience with other Lularoe clothes. Leggings are the ones outsourced and most complained about. l wonder why they just get rid of them or only outsource to a single country based on quality of products.

  19. Kim

    Issues with quality is a LuLaRoe problem. Issues with consultants not hearing back from corporate is a LuLaRoe problem. But, problems with customer service, including returns and shipping times to the buyer, is a consultant problem. One must remember that these are independent consultants operating their own businesses. Don’t like the photos that you’re seeing? Blame the consultant for poor lighting and bad photography skills. Not the company. Don’t like that it took 2 weeks to get your leggings? Contact the consultant, report them, don’t buy from them again and move on. I am not a consultant. I am a buyer. Are there sizing issues? Yes. Does it keep me from buying again? No. Find good consultants who will swap out clothes with you and who provide you with good service. I’ve bought $8 leggings from Roses that are great. But, I’m still going to buy my $25 leggings from LLR and wear the heck out of them. And, once they get all holey and rip all to shreds as some are claiming – they’ll become the best pajamas I own.

    • ‘Issues with consultants not hearing back from corporate is a LuLaRoe problem’ So if a consultants order products or ask for replacement items and Lularoe ignores their requests, how do you expect then to deliver an efficient service?

      • Sarah

        The problem is a customers purchase is not tode up with Lularoe Corp. unless it is a billing issue. Any issue regarding items should immediately be addressed by the consultant. Lularoe does not just simple send you a brand new exact replacement for some one. Your not just setting at the mail box waiting for the customers replacement. You take care of that when the issue arises. That is what seperates Lularoe problem vs consultant problem

          • No Koolaid

            The commission earned by Sponsors is currently a percentage of what is “ordred” by their downline consultants. But this will change in the New Year to what the original review stated, “that you can no longer earn commissions from purchases by your down-line. Now you need to wait until they sell the products to earn a commission no-matter how long it takes”. Also a new policy that came into effect starting in 2017, that they will no longer be accepting product returns, so no more restocking fees….the consultant will be forever stuck with product that they can’t move. Everything sells they say, but what efficient retailerl asks you to keep a product for over a year in hopes of selling it? This is why TJMaxx exists. This is not real estate people! Sitting on LuLaRoe doesn’t increase it’s value.

          • Thanks for the heads up. More changes are in the pipeline and it is always the consultant on the receiving end. The owners discovered that they actually earn more money through recruitment of more consultants or rather buyers than attending to queries.

          • No Koolaid

            Oh, and yes, DeAnne actually suggested sending small defects to a seamstress to get fixed and then sell them discounted.

  20. Nicole

    I just made a purchase because I was at a party and felt obligated to buy something. These clothes are ugly and way overpriced. I got a long sleeve t-shirt which is ok. I will probably just wear it around the house since it’s nothing special. I paid $35 for it!! I have similar shirts that I have gotten off of $5 racks in department stores. And it took me a while to even find something that I would not be embarrassed to wear. I did see a lot of things that my grandmother would have liked 20 years ago. Biggest ripoff ever!

  21. Jess

    I’m very UNimpressed with the quality of the LLR clothing I have purchased over the past 2 years… And the quality seems to be getting worse as their volume demands increase! For the same price or cheaper I can find USA-made organic clothing that has much better quality. I also have received bad customer service when I tried to return a dress who’s colors started bleeding into each other before its first wash even. I will never purchase LulaRoe again; I have had a couple professional seamstresses look at and feel the clothing I’ve purchased so far and basically say “this is crap”

  22. Marcia

    49 complaints on BBB has turned to 111 – just FYI and with an F rating. Unfortunately one of the people at my office is a consultant and wears the clothes to work – yes even the print leggings – and other women at work (some plus size and above) have copied her – even with the nude colored leggings. Insane and completely unacceptable. I know that they have experienced quality issues with the clothing as well – but keep buying it due to the draw of having to get it “now” or it won’t be available. Truly insane.

    • Wynter

      “…Unfortunately one of the people at my office is a consultant and wears the clothes to work – yes even the print leggings – and other women at work (some plus size and above) have copied her – even with the nude colored leggings. Insane and completely unacceptable…”
      I agree 100%. And who on earth thinks that leggings = pants, because they don’t! I’ve heard LuLaRoe described as “clothing for women who have given up”. My girlfriend, a total sweetheart, but notorious for being fashion-challenged, wore one of the skirts as a top and was reprimanded at work. The clothes remind me of the Garanimals concept except without anything actually matching.
      “(Customers) keep buying it due to the draw of having to get it “now” or it won’t be available…” LuLaRoe is the ne Beanie Babies of clothing.
      And what about the specific washing instructions? The girlfriend I mentioned, a busy mother of two, accidentally let her LuLaRoe go in her regular wash and…BAM…her inve$tment turned faded and cheap instantly.

  23. Bees

    I was super bummed out by my purchases. I went nuts over some Halloween leggings and both pairs had multiple holes within an hour of me sitting on the couch in them. My black leggings also got a grey worn looking fuzz on them within hours…no washing. I have worked retail for over half my life and I have never seen clothing fall apart so fast. They leggings are crazy soft but I felt like I was wearing a ticking time bomb so I am not getting much use out of them.
    I also got an Amelia. The fabric on it was not what I expected and it just didn’t look flattering on me at all and for the price that was a bummer. Lastly I got a randy. It is my favorite but still doesn’t fit very well and the quality is just ok.
    My big issue is I don’t feel comfortable returning stuff. Firstly because most consultants have exchange only policies and since the invintory is 100% random I don’t know if I will ever find something else from that person I want. Second the act of emailing the consultant, mailing the item back to them ( at my expense) and keeping track of the credit and watching for a new item at their next party is wayyyyyy more time and energy than I have. And thirdly…most importantly…the guilt of knowing how much time energy and money my mother of 2 small children consultant had to put into buying, photographing, advertising, shipping etc….just to have me return it and them lose money….I just can’t bring myself to do it. So now I have over $200 in crappy clothing. 🙁

    • Thank for sharing your experience with Lularoe leggings it will help others make wise decisions. At least you are considerate and you know that consultants are being let down by the company.

  24. Martha Parry

    My black leggings rubbed off on my Burberry cross-body style purse. This was only after a few hours of wearing them for the first time. Did not expect this from a $25 pair of leggings. My $800 bag seems to be ruined as NOTHING seems to clean stains off.

  25. Jennifer Moats

    My black leggings also have holes at the seam. I have hardly worn them and have always followed care instructions. I reported this to the consultant and she indicated that there was nothing she could do about it. Its ridiculous and really makes be doubt the quality of this company.

  26. Ella

    I decided to order although I had heard some not so positive reviews. I went to try on the leggings and my finger went right through the material. So now I am try to get ahold of the consultant. I wasn’t as head over heels on this line but wanted to give it a chance. But then they ripped. I tried but I don’t think I will order again anytime soon.

  27. LuLaNoo!

    It is sooo awful just how bad the customer service is!!! More like NON EXISTENT. The phone system literally never works properly and this is after waiting for HOURS! to speak to someone. You get put on hold for an average of about 140 minutes and for a few months now when you go through the couple hour countdown from about 200 people to 1 and its your turn the phone disconnects you! I’ve had it happen about a dozen times. They are aware of this but its still happening. There is also a ‘cool new feature’ so the recording says during your approx 140 minutes where you can leave a message and they will call you back. Yep, tried that about a dozen times too and have yet to hear back!!! Yes they are aware but its still happening!!!

    Why might one go through all this you wonder? Well when you literally have 1000’s of dollars in back ordered merchandise, missing merchandise, damaged merchandise and all of it has been going on for 7 weeks or longer! I can’t be out all this money with no product AGAIN but it is where I am at. I don’t even have it in me to try anymore not sure how many more hours a week I can dedicate to trying to resolve once and for all. Have also sent a few emails but they stress only sending ONE. I know there are hundreds if not thousands of other consultants dealing with these exact same issues but we really are told ONLY POSITIVE ANYTHING EVER which is starting to seem sort of cult like actually. The owners Deanne and Mark’s responses are always the same ‘They are trying their best to keep up and they Love Us oh so much’

    Soo where are they while all of this is going on? Well they are galavanting around the Country having Inspire Workshops and signing up 250 new consultants a day! Yes, 250 a day 1500 a week of new calls going through to a system that is not close to working to resolve all or any of these issues. Believe me there are tons of issues and we are told to ignore!! To be out hundreds or thousands of dollars with NO product is the absolute ‘Norm’ and I defy any consultant to say differently. If its not in your money being tied up in waiting for Inventory which sometimes takes weeks to months to get to never getting compensated for the damaged merchandise (were suppose to keep those and try to sell them or donate them) the missing (which they will admit they know your items weren’t there) but its impossible to get your missing items replaced never mind your money back to the dreaded constant Back Orders which I swear I hear all the time people waiting for months (myself included) with no money refunded and no product being delivered. A big email went out to all of us saying refunds are not being done or at least don’t ask for them its not POSITIVE!!

    How can they get away with all of this?! Surely it can’t be legal to hold on to peoples money like this when they have no product? I believed in this Company for a long time but all this madness and sadness happening and NO WHERE to turn to get any customer service help or any solution and they seriously DO NOT CARE they are too busy signing up as many bodies as they can. Its so backwards but Greed and Ego seem to be winning. They call it Bless and Build but seriously try calling customer service and see for yourself before you give any of your hard earned money away!!!

    As far as the quality EVERYTHING is outsourced!! I don’t where you got just the leggings! It started out that way made in the good ole USA but not in a very long time. China, Indonesia, Vietnam etc etc. the sizes are off the charts CRAZY!! An xxs is a normal Medium in many things! Also the newest styles are so simple they could be a first time sewing project and made for about $1…Its definitely gotten extra pricey for super simplistic.

    There is more I could write but I think you get the jist! Until they can take care of the consultants they have they have no business signing on so many new ones!! I mean its what they pride themselves all the new people their signing on but really they should be ashamed of all us left in the dust!

    • Thank you for taking time to share your experience with Lularoe. This happens when business owners don’t reinvest profits into the business. There is really a thin line between ‘poor customer service’ and scamming people. Of course Lularoe founders discovered that it makes more money from new people coming in and making their first purchases than dealing with old consultants whose money they have already pocketed. l will find out if they are now outsourcing all their products. If they are doing so without updating information on their website, that is deceptive advertising, a scam at its worst.

      • Josephine Cool

        MLM 101… signing up new consultants even though they cannot service their existing ones. This among other reasons is why I consider them scams even if they aren’t considered that by law.

        • You can say that again Josephine. Why not stop recruiting and put your house in order first. If you take my money and do not deliver the service … you are a scam. Every other MLM that has been investigated has been found on the wrong side of the law. Even the MLM ancestors, Herbalife (recently fined $200 million), Vemma (business opportunity side of business shut down) and others. They are only ‘legal’ until they are investigated.

    • No Koolaid

      This is why I quit. Got rid of most of my inventory before you can’t give it away. I quit in the summer, and I still have backordered and damaged items that are pending. Ridiculous.

  28. Josephine Cool

    With all of these companies, how are they protecting your sales territory? If every person on my street becomes a consultant, then my potential customer base is reduced by that factor. I don’t care how good you are at marketing if 100 other people in your same area are also selling the same exact thing. This is the fundamental flaw with all these direct sales businesses, what to do when you run out of friends and family to sell to. Not to mention it becomes your life, you no longer go to social events with friends, they all turn into sales pitches. Uggg.

    • That is how MLM and Networking companies work. For example Cutco recruits mostly college students, they guilt their relatives into buying knives for them and once your ‘warm market’ is exhausted they dumb you. They keep on recruiting new people who still have ‘warm leads’ to sell which often buy the products mostly out of sympathy. Worse still, you are told to turn your ‘warm leads’ into competitors. So you end up having 5 employees, 3 family members, 7 Church members each with $5 000 worth of stuff to sell to the same prospects.

      • Melissa Daams

        Cutco does make a really good set of knives though. My parents bought some when they were first married more than 40 years ago, still the best knives in the kitchen.

      • Don't bash Cutco

        Please don’t compare this company to Cutco. I’m not a Cutco rep, but have been a customer for 35 years, AND have a set of Cutco from my parents dating back to 1960! Cutco stands behind their product with a Lifetime Warranty; you can return an item for repair or replacement, no matter the reason. Their sales reps may start out as college kids, but ours has been in the business for 17 years! Cutco makes a very good quality product, and the COMPANY backs it up.

  29. Sunflower

    It’s pretty bad when the owner of the company admits the leggings are meant to be like nylons, used 3-5 times. Really? $25 for 3-5 wears? They are adding 500 new consultants a day!!! MILLIONS a day. They don’t care about anything but that

  30. Mychal Santana

    I just left my friends house. She painted an RV van turquoise and turned it into a LulaRose store. It even has dressing rooms. It’s super creative! While this author may have some truth to her points, I would encourage her to:
    1: check out LulaRoe for herself ie,the patterns, the way they feel & fit, meet actual consultants)
    2: See the “Consultants’s” lives aside from LulaRoe.
    3: Please be careful when assuming the motives of “Consultants.”

    -Thank You

    • Lynn Anne

      That sounds adorable. As with any of these businesses, a lot of your experience is based on who your consultant is. It consultant can help all sizes are holes in the leggings but they can help you know what to expect of these are going to be issues. And they are definitely the first point for return so same thing there. I would love to see your friend’s Mobile store LOL

  31. Thank you Elisha for sharing your wife’s positive experience with Lularoe. l am sorry that l didn’t reply and approve your comment on time. l own more than 10 websites including AvertScams which receives more than 5-10 comments in a day.The comments are automatically screened and spam is removed off site then genuine comments are forwarded to me for approval. l still have access to the spam folder though. Since your mother did not teach you how to speak in public, your comments contain vulgar language so they were flagged as spam. You are lucky because l stumbled upon your comments in the spam folder and for the first and last time…. l decided to retrieve only one of your 6 comments for approval. Next time you use filthy language, be assured that your comments will go where they belong… down the poop hole.
    Cool down and stop crying more than the bereaved. You DON’T own Lularoe. You are only a husband desperately trying to defend your wife’s earnings — probably because she put all the family savings into this… LOL.

    Now coming to your rant…
    1) ‘…. it is NOT MLM-it is direct sales…’ MLM stands for Multi-level marketing. The person who referred (recruited) your wife into Lularoe is going to earn commissions and bonuses off your wife’s sales. Then for example your wife recruits your ex-girlfriend, she will also make money off her earnings. Your wife’s friend will also get a cut from your ex-girlfriend’s earnings. So, is your wife’s friend making money off your her sales because she ‘directly sold any products to her? NOPE! That is what is called an MLM, it feeds those at the top by fleecing those below them and if they feel the pain, they too are free to recruit their own people to do the leg work. Direct selling is just a polite word to brainwash the ignorant. Do some bit of research before you display your ignorance in public.
    2) ‘Her friend who referred her to Lularue made over $5,000.00 in sales her first month’ — have you ever checked how much one is required to spend before they get started? In business Profit = Gross profit – Expenses. Without knowing how much she spend, that figure is as useless as dog doo.
    3) ‘We have not found any holes in any of the leggings…’ – Lucky you, hundreds of people are finding gaping holes in the leggings. So should we say Lularoe leggings do not have holes because one couple did not find holes in a few leggings they purchased? You can guess the answer.
    4) ‘…hopefully she can quit her job and focus soley on this’— don’t get over excited my dear friend. Soon your neighbours and her workmates will be avoiding you as if you are skunks. When you are just getting started in business, it can only grow. Wait until the hype is gone and it levels off after you have sold the products to everyone in your phone book. Remember, just like you, people search for reviews before making purchases — – that is were AverScams in.
    5) ‘…its the freedom of being your own boss’ There is NO freedom in this. You must really toil and sell those bales of clothes, deal with customer complaints, host parties and annoy all your friends. Freedom is when you visited my website while l was in the dreamland because l know what you and hundreds others are actively searching for. l leveraged the power of internet. That is what we call a business — can operate on autopilot, is scalable and easily replicated. Yours is not a business, you are just door to door sales reps and you know you can only sell to the people around you. If they also join Lularoe, competition doubles over night.
    6) And 111 complaints-that’s it? – don’t rubbish people’s complaints, they spend their money paying for these products. You are right though, those are a few people who bothered to write complaints, there are hundreds others who just chose to stop buying crap and moved on with their lives. Why do you think a company in a multi-billion dollar industry is failing just offer decent support, provide better quality products (fitting with no holes)?
    7) ‘… are you the neice of the owner of Lularue.. she…’— Who told you l am a she?
    8) ‘You are really off on this one…’ LOL, look who’s talking now? Someone who does not even know that Lularoe is an MLM?
    Unfortunately, your last words say it all. You are probably a lazy husband, uneducable school dropout who watches too many movies. Shame, you are really desperate to stop people from knowing the truth about your wife’s business opportunity. Those products are OVERPRICED, substandard, ill fitting and some leggings do have gaping holes. You can only whine and next time try sucking a golf ball into a garden hose…lol.

  32. Melissa Daams

    I own 3 tops and 2 pairs of leggings for myself and 2 pairs for my child. Two of the tops have already got that pilly look to them within just a few washes, which i think is unacceptable for the price i paid for them. The leggings were both Tall and Curvy and the design stretched to a see through material and then got holes in it. Luckily my seller took them back and gave me a new pair. The new pair were even roomier and I was pleased, until I noticed the same problem at the end of the day, looking see through and had holes in them. I was considering selling for LuLaRoe myself when I considered how much money to be made there is, but I wouldn’t own this stuff myself. I prefer Kmart’s cheaper leggings that I have worn all summer long and haven’t had any fabric problems with which I bought for a fraction of the price. I guess it would be dishonest of me to sell a product I don’t even believe in myself.

  33. Stacy lewis

    Sooo I’m a fan of LLR. I have over 60 pieces and until today was perfectly happy. I put on a pair of leggings that have been worn one time before and washed and dried per LLR instructions and BAM full of holes. I have messaged my consultant and hope to hear from her but I’m still waiting. Very disappointed if this is the norm for these leggings. This is the first pair I’ve worn twice.

  34. Jaylyn Morman

    I’ve ordered leggings from this company a few times and I’m angry at myself for it. Each time, the leggings had almost, sliver-like holes around the crotch seams and on the back of the leggings in the butt area. I noticed right away when I was putting them on the first time and asked a consultant if I could trade them. She sent me a different pair…with with the same problem. Frustrated, I went to a local consultant and got a pair from her. I didn’t notice anything right way but I wore them once and then the fabric almost separated and had the same sliver-like holes the other two pairs had. Never purchasing again…

  35. Missy

    Are we allowed to post links here? I found this review of the clothing and purchase process to be excellent (aside from a lot of “like, literally” and an odd pronunciation of “eTcetera”). This is just someone who purchased the clothing, not a consultant, but it touches on many valid complaints. No offense if you don’t accept links, I really found this one helpful and wanted to share:

    • Of Course you can share any links if they are helpful to visitors who are searching for information on make money online programs. Funny enough, l had watched that video when l was carrying out my research on Lularoe business opportunity.

  36. Mary

    Well, I’ve been doing my research before becoming an LLR consultant, I have to say after reading all of this, I will NOT be signing up. I have done other MLMs’ (Market America, Weekenders, Park Lane, etc….)and was successful. They worked for me, because I worked them, and believed in the product. Customer service has to be number 1, as well as backing up your consultants who have invested in you. I, fortunately never had issues like I’m reading about here and none of those required a 5k initial investment. I have a few LLR pieces, purchased recently, so far no issues. Although, now I’m a little nervous about washing them or wearing them in public ;-). Thanks for the information!

    • Katie

      I myself am looking into being a consultant. I think every business has its issues. It’s just a matter of what your willing to put up with. I also have several leggings and have never had a single issue. I’m not too fond of the irmas because some are made of different fabrics. I’m basically in it for the leggings which I think most women are…that being said I doubt lularoe will ever run out of business. I don’t feel this is a fad. I find it insulting that some of you bash the leggings as if you wouldn’t dare wear them in public. I always get compliments on mine.

      • Not Being Kind Now

        Absolutely a fad. Grown women wearing pizzas and donuts and other ridiculousness out in public? The truth is truly that we would never wear this kitschy junk. And an admission, sometimes I’ve commented on loud leggings because they shocked me so much, I felt compelled. And trying to be kind, I say something nice, but shake my head after they walk away. Normally, your clothes should not be so distracting that people feel it necessary to comment on them.

  37. Lynn Anne

    I am hosting an online llr party next month, have been invited to a couple but never bought before. The one I was in last weekend (different consultant) didn’t have any tall/curvy shirts available at all and that is what I would wear…I mentioned that to the consultant throwing my ‘party’ and she said it is ‘difficult’ for consultants to GET tall and curvey styles. How could that be? How does a consultant order items? Also, the review here said ‘most’ items are made in the usa, but there is a lot about outsourcing in the comments. Are all leggings outsourced and all other items usa? Or different breakdown? Are only the leggings getting the holes, etc, or also the tees and such?

  38. Tammy

    There are a million comments and I’m sure this has been addressed…

    I am still paying tax on shipping for every online Lularoe order, so unless all of the consultants are pocketing the money (doubtful), they are still doing this.

    I have yet to see or own a piece of LuLaRoe made in the U.S., so I’m not sure what you’re referring to as far as domestic products.

    The clothing is very cute, comfortable, but quality is at best questionable. I personally don’t care for the company itself, but I’m buying the clothes, so I’ll leave it at that.

  39. Private

    Do you have any advice for consumers who have been ripped off by consultants using illegal commerce practices? I have lost over $500 because of illegal practices and would like to recoup my money. Corporate will not even reply.

    • l am sorry to learn about your negative experience with Lularoe. The only way to get your money back is through a bank charge back or filing a claim if you used PayPal. You can also send your complaint to Best Business Bureau and they will notify you if they manage to get hold of the company owners.

  40. Hollie Rance

    I got addicted to Lularoe in May when a coworker introduced me to the leggings. I have a few Irma tops, but mainly just scads of leggings. I think I have close to 40 pairs now (and this doesn’t include pairs I’ve purchased for my daughters and mother). To be fair, though, I was a leggings addict before I discovered Lularoe. I have several big hangups with this company that I’ll share. Yes, many of the Irma fabrics pill the first time you wear them (the rayon/spandex blend being the main culprit). I think it’s safe to say that the softer the fabric is the more likely it is to pill no matter how careful you are. I’ve received several tops with dye flaws that were obvious, but none with any holes or other problems. However, I’ve received leggings with unsewn/missed seams (several times); I’ve received leggings with fabric flaws (rough spots and the like), snag holes, and dye flaws. If I had to take a guess, I’d say the defect rate is probably about 10-15% which I personally think is high. Now, that’s not the real problem… the real problem is returning items. Most times, the consultants don’t have the same pattern to replace them with and you may not like the patterns they have available. A lot of them tell you that the Lularoe system doesn’t offer them the possibility to issue a refund, which actually seems to be true, though many consultants will refund through paypal or by check. And probably 30% or more of the consultants I have dealt with DO NOT respond when notified of a problem. Seriously. I can’t tell you how many times now I’ve had to call my credit card company and dispute the charge because the consultant will not respond to email, FB message, or posts made directly on their VIP pages. It really depends on the consultant and I don’t want to lump them all together… some are super responsive, send you return labels or just offer you a refund and you keep the defective leggings (in which case I just have them repaired, if possible). Others are just downright useless. Trying to contact Lularoe directly is pointless. You will waste hours on the phone and get nowhere (see the BBB complaints if you don’t believe me). And, I have yet to purchase anything that was made in the USA. Most leggings are made in China, Vietnam, or Indonesia… though I have some older patterns which were made in Korea and Mexico. Most of the tops I own were made in Guatemala, Honduras or other Central American countries. Not sure what, if anything, they make in the USA and quality control is what you’d expect from outsourced products. Nothing has slayed me more than seeing that QC 26 sticker right next to a missed seam in the fabric. The other day, I got a pair of legging with one leg 3-4 inches shorter than the other. Who’s checking these things? Finally, the sales tax issue really gets me. Some consultants charge sales tax on shipping, some don’t. If you are purchasing out of state, no sales tax should be charged at all, in my opinion. I just reached the point now where I only buy from consultants in states that do not have sales tax on clothing, because it’s ridiculous to pay $30.86 for one pair of leggings and take a 10% chance something will be wrong with them. 🙁 Even though I continue to purchase leggings because I love them, I don’t have many nice things to say about Lularoe. I think they have flooded the market with consultants now which is just going to make it harder and harder for those women to make a living. There’s no geographic restrictions. I can become a consultant and two days later my next door neighbor can get her call. They’ve outsourced the leggings, no doubt to increase the profit margin, but they haven’t dropped the price to either the consumer or the consultant. My last complaint has to do with the onboarding. I’ve been to dozens of “launch” parties now and some of the ladies have been really lucky: they received lots of “unicorn” prints, good variety of sizes and patterns and basically had fabulous launches where they gained 500 members in the course of a week. Then, there’s everyone else. I went to one launch party where the poor onboarding consultant got dozens of Halloween prints, three weeks AFTER Halloween. Another, had Valentine’s Day prints in July. Come on. Now, I know Lularoe knows which prints become popular because a few weeks later they reissue the same print in another colorway. If you want your new consultants to at least start off on the right foot… send them a couple dozen of the popular prints. DO NOT send them out of season inventory and expect them to make a go of it. I think this company may have started out with a certain ideal, but at this point, I think they are just a bunch of greedy jerks who don’t give a crud about their consultants or the quality of their product. It’s sad really. 🙁

    • Thank you Hollie for taking time to share your experience with Lularoe products. You are truly a ‘legging addict’. Most of the challenges can be solved if management make a commitment to do so. All the best in your future purchases.

  41. Liz

    Lularoe is TACKY, which is my main complaint! I feel sorry for all these housewives buying this overpriced crap, only to look ridiculous and cheap. Even the “lookbook” at lularoe’s website is eye-searing. I can’t believe there’s a market for this…then again, there’s no accounting for taste.

  42. Chris

    I wanted to love LuLaRoe. I was addicted to the hunt and trying different styles. The leggings are super comfortable until you keep buying them and realize that you are spending $25 to wear leggings once and then have to trash them because they get holes!!! I own 6 pairs of leggings and so far 3 of the 6 have developed holes within one time worn. That’s a 50% defect rate LuLaRoe!!! That is completely unacceptable! I have contacted those consultants and although I know it’s not their fault, they are super nice about replacing them(but of course don’t have the same pattern which is the whole reason I bought them in the first place). So basically you will pay $25 to get leggings with holes, have the extra work of contacting consultant to log defect and get replaced, and then end up with a legging pattern you don’t even want(that to be frank, will probably just get holes in them anyway)! So why would I pay any $ to end up getting leggings I don’t even want?!?!
    In addition I’ve witnessed that the sizing/feel of the leggings are different depending on which country they are made in. Come on LuLaRoe! Do you know anything about process and quality control? Your process should be validated to ensure no matter which facility you are manufacturing in that they each produce the same consistent process each time. Hire a process engineer!!! It irks me so much that your customers have to ask which country the leggings are made in so they know if they will fit or not. How is that for “bless”? What other product would you ever do that with? I loved the idea of LuLaRoe so much, but I cannot waste anymore time or money on a company and product that does not love me back.

    • Frugal Mom

      I just wrote a review below, but I ended up finding a MUCH better option for those soft leggings. I’ve not seen anyone write about QC issues either.

  43. Lori D

    I started buying Lularoe a few months ago when my niece became a consultant. I purchased many leggings as Christmas gifts and I myself now own 6 pair. I would say I have purchased 25 pairs of leggings over the past few months from various consultants. Out of the 25 pair, I had 1 issue with a pair snagging (that pair was made in Vietnam). I contacted the consultant (who was not my niece) and she gladly exchanged them for a new pair. Of course it wasn’t the same pattern, as mentioned above, patterns aren’t always available. I’m not someone who falls in love with a specific pattern and they have so many cute ones to choose from, I wasn’t upset that I had to choose a different pattern. I was just grateful to get the exchange. I can understand people being upset with the $25 price point, but the simple truth is, if you don’t want to spend that much, then don’t. As mentioned above, you can find cheaper leggings elsewhere. I have found that leggings purchased elsewhere are soft at first, but after a few washes they become pilled and uncomfortable. I haven’t found that with LuLaroe, they seem to stay soft wash after wash.
    I personally love the soft material and fit of the leggings. Cute prints are in style, whether it be a pair of Lularoe or a pair of fitness leggings.
    Besides the leggings I have purchased the Carly and the Amelia dresses, as well as the Perfect T. Sizing does run strange, but they supply sizing charts to help you decide your correct size in each style. I have honestly been happy with my purchases and will continue to shop with Lularoe, as well as with other retailers.
    I was very skeptical to purchase anything at first because of some reviews I have seen. I’m glad I took the chance. I’m sorry for others who have had bad experiences with the products, but I for one am a happy customer.

  44. Holly

    LLR has just been slapped with a federal class action lawsuit over illegal charges & collection of sales tax. I suspect this will be the final nail in the coffin for LLR. I found it odd that they started “on boarding” hundreds of consultants per day starting in the fall of 2016, and those people were waiting months for their “call”. I have a feeling that LLR knew they were standing on thin ice as far as the sales tax issues, and knew that a class action lawsuit was going to be coming their way. I predict that LLR is going to close up shop in the near future, as damages + legal fees for this lawsuit are going to be HUGE. The consultants will then be left with their butts swinging in the wind, unable to move whatever inventory they have left & unable to rectify problems. I believe that LLR knew exactly what it was doing from the very beginning. What is really going to hurt them in this lawsuit is that the tax issues were bought to their attention a LONG TIME AGO, and they did nothing to fix it until a little while ago. They had the ability to change how sales tax was being charged/collected & they did nothing. I presume it was because they were collecting sales taxes, keeping all the sales taxes collected in an interest-bearing account & never submitting that money where they were supposed to, then issuing refunds a couple of months down the line after they collected interest on it. If that is what actually happened, they are in for a HUGE reality check when they are ordered to pay back all the sales taxes PLUS the interest they collected on it. Sales tax is supposed to be kept in a separate, non-interest bearing account—-like an escrow account—and paid every quarter to the appropriate authorities. That, I believe, is going to financially cripple the company. All available evidence points to recent actions on behalf of the corporate LLR entity to maximize their profits, likely in preparation for the class action lawsuit. There are likely MILLIONS of people that have been charged incorrect sales tax by LLR that have either never received it back, or don’t even know that they were charged illegal sales tax. When forensic accountants audit the books, they are going to find a Pandora’s Box of hidden “treasures”. I will be following this lawsuit out of my own interest, because I knew there was something very fishy about LLR’s business practices.

    • Susan

      I was buying a lot of LulaRoe at the end of 2016, and I have suddenly started getting sales tax refunds from LulaRoe in my bank account. Tons of them. I live in a state with no sales tax on clothing, so I should never have been charged sales tax. I’m wondering why I’m suddenly getting those refunds from LulaRoe corporate now– a pending lawsuit makes sense.

  45. Nancy Blair-DeLeon

    I began purchasing LLR leggings a few months ago and I’ve accumulated 61 pairs of leggings along with other items.
    – I’ve never experienced different leg sizes
    – None of my leggings have faded, torn or had holes
    I do find the sizing a bit awkward but the consultant will say, “If you’re normally an XL, this is true to size” or “size down one size if you’re normally an XL, etc. ”
    – I find the quality to range from very good to poor — but that depends on the material.
    – My consultant offers exchanges or credits, only

    Overall, I enjoy the variety.

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