Long Tail Pro vs Market Samurai Keyword Tools.

Long Tail Pro vs Market Samurai

​Spencer Haws created Long Tail Pro after using Market Samurai for years. The idea was to improve on Market Samurai cracks that he had noted. Therefore, when comparing Long Tail Pro vs Market Samurai it is more practical to focus on their differences. The two tools are more similar than they are different.
In this article l will discus;

  • ​The differences between LTP and MS.

  • What l do not like about both tools and the one that finally won my heart.

  • How l easily get blog posts ranked on the first page of Google using LTP. (Pycation Scam Review as a Case Study).

  • You can then download Long Tail Pro for free and give it a spin.

Long Tail Pro vs Market Samurai.

1. Seed keywords.

Both tools require you to enter seed keywords to begin the search. However, you can only enter a single seed keyword in Market Samurai whereas Long tail Pro can search for 10 seed keywords simultaneously. Long Tail Pro can save you tonnes of time this way.

LTP neuks Market Samurai on this aspect.

2. Key word filtering.

Market Samurai only allows you to filter keywords after generation, while Long Tail Pro allows you to select filters before generation.

Why bother whether words are pre or post filtered?

Well, l prefer to select filters before the search. My website is likely to rank for the term ‘affiliate’ if the keywords contain 6 keywords and above. l therefore do not want to wait for the keyword tool to generate hundreds of keywords with less than 5 words before l can filter them.

3. Key word competitiveness.

Both Market Samurai and Long Tail Pro will show you both Domain and Page authority which are important for ranking. There are certain websites with a high Domain Authority but l can beat some of their individual pages.

Long Tail Pro’s Average Keyword Competitiveness (KC) will show you how each easy it is to rank on first page for a certain keyword. l know my website ranks for keywords with a KIC less than 30 and almost definitely for those below 20.

4. Pricing.

Market Samurai costs $147 plus monthly add ons. Long Tail Pro costs $97 plus $27 if you want Long Tail Platinum features such as own keywords input and one click competition analysis. Better still they both have free trial versions.

You can therefore test them both and subscribe to the one you like.

Download Long Tail Pro Free

Given the speed, simultaneous seed keyword research and intuitive dashboard, LTP is worth the price. It is also unerringly accurate and you can predict whether your content is going to rank or not before wasting precious time.


5. Keyword Tracking.

Download Market Samurai Free

Market Samurai rules the roost. It allows for cloud tracking which reduces the risk of your IP being banned by search engines or the annoying typing of Google security codes. LTP’s keyword tracking tool can cause you to receive Google high web traffic warnings or frequent requests to enter security codes. You will have to adjust the time period between requests..

6. Usability.

Market Samurai is less intuitive, has a steeper learning curve when compared to the clean and easy to use Long Tail Pro dashboard.

market samurai alternative 2016

l bet you can interpret LTP results before going through any training. You will however need to learn how to cherry pick less competitive keywords and identify weaknesses in page titles.

long tail pro 3.0.13

Long Tail Pro and Market Samurai Weaknesses.

As l said before Long Tail Pr vs Market Samurai review is like comparing two sides of a coin.

  • They require software download. This is likely to degrade your computer memory. You also need install Adobe to run the programs.
  • Market Samurai very slow. Of course Internet speed and the computer you are using matters. Compared to cloud based software BOTH tools are not that fast. l would recommend them for light jobs because they can be a pain if you are running several websites or blogs.
  • Too much manual work. l personally want my keywords down loaded and automatically analyzed for competition according to set filters. l hate clicking and waiting for the software to revel the KIC of each keyword. We all carry out our research differently.
  • Long Tail Pro also needs to increase on saving options. Let me save my keywords as PDFs if l want to.

Long Tail Pro Tutorial (Case Study).

After using both tools’ free versions l settled for LTP and l will show you how l can easily get my posts on the first page of Google. However, Market Samurai remains an excellent Long Tail Pro Alternative.
Of course, both keyword tools will NOT guarantee you first page ranking onGoogle unless you know the tricks to beat your competition. My target when l am carrying out keyword research is to out rank at least 2 websites appearing on the first page of Google.

l carefully analze the 10 top ten results and identify weaknesses in the wording of the page title.

Long Tail Pro competitor analysis.

For example, people use figures instead of words when searching for products with numbers in their names.

l would including the number ‘4’ in figures and not in words  in the blog post title. That will increase chances of hitting the first page ranking in Google.

How l ranked Pycation Scam Review on first page of Google.

Paycation Review

One of my avertscams.com subscribers requested me to review Pycation Travel. After a through research it was time to carry out keyword research.

l used a one of the hundreds of free keyword tools called Keyword Shitter … you probably have not heard about this tool.

long tail pro alternative

It is free, fast and easy to use. It reveals hundreds of phrases people are exactly typing into Google. It is cloud based so you will not have problems with Google when mining keywords. It produces nested keyword hierarchy built around your seed keyword. The downside being that as the name implies, at times it really shits …. useless junk.

When the tool is ‘done’ or you stopped the search, either download them or just copy ‘n paste them under ‘my own keywords in LTP’.

So after pasting the 308 key words on Paycation Travel, l chose filters before the search; Minimum local search (USA) …. 10, Global search 10 and latter KIC maximum 30.

Paycation scam review

92 keywords met the criteria set. l then choose keywords with the highest search volume and lowest competition.

Used Pycation scam in the title Search volume Globally (GS) …. 1900 and KIC of 22. Used Pycation travel scam in one of the titles …. (GS) 880 and KIC 23.

At first LTP rank checker ranked the keywords as out of range, pages 250 plus. Within two weeks the rankings had improved to number 88 and 71 respectively although comments had already started rolling in….. l had stirred an hornet nest.

long tail pro platinum free

30 days down the line l was on first page of Google…. more visitors and more comments.

Paycation Scam Another idea would be to post ‘Paycation Scam Review’ using a well optimized video on You Tube, slides on Slide Share, write post on Quora or Reditt then view how many spots you will have occupied on Google’s first page.
Unfortunately, Google retrieves information according to relevance and location. The results are not conclusive.
You too can get ranked easy to rank keywords using Long Tail Platinum.

Where to buy Long Tail Pro.

It is sold at click bank which makes buyers qualify for the 60 days money back guarantee. You can get Long Tail Pro free download here.

l would like to know which keyword tool you are using and how you can easily analyse competition in the commentary box below.