1. Daniel S

    I joined likesxl on October 19, 2016 and 2 months later has only earned 180 € with a 1400 € invested i have 28 packs and probably wont reinvest hopefully i will get my money with time but will take more then 120 days like they were showing, by my calculation at this rate will take over a year. Dont bother with this.

  2. Cookie

    I started with Likes XL in july 2016 and a friend of mine in october 2015. We didn’t know anything about making money on internet. One of our friend told us that it is a very good company, no ponzi scheme and blabla. We trust him, but now we can’t take our money out. They changes rules whenever they want. You can’t take out your money until at least 150 PRPacks mature, which will never gone happened because profits is so low!!! Those who were smarter than us started to take their money out in july when they started to say that they can’t pay because of investigation and more lies and lies!! Please, be careful, i lost my money doesn’t mean that you too have to be robbed by these liars. What they are asking is don’t give bad reputation for likes XL because it is your money and bring more people in the company so that we can make big money for you. I’m not that kind to fool others in order to receive my money!!! Even if it is your brother or god himself telling you to put your money in Likes XL, please say a big NO cause you gonna lost all your money. It is a Ponzi, they take from you to give to others and when there is no more fools to give them the money then they start to change rules and telling you that you have to wait, but it will be forever!

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