1. forestflame

    Not that negative an appraisal then. If the business model is not flawed, people really could make some much appreciated money out of this concept.
    From what I hear, many successful people are already reaping the benefits. What’s wrong with that?

    • Yes, this was one of the most generous review of a program with such a heavily flawed business model. As long as you know that the adult population of Britain (even if they all join the Life Tree World Pyramid Scheme) is not growing at the rate at which people are being recruited into the program, it will self implode. Eventually, we will have 1 million people who need 6 people below them just to reach Senior Star Distributor level. Now 6 million need 6 people each just to reach SSD level = 18 million people. 18 m * 6 = 108 m. So as long as those at the top are making ‘much appreciated money out of this concept’ and ‘reaping the benefits’ off those below them who will ONE day find themselves with no-one to recruit … ‘What’s wrong with that? Anyone can truely see that there is something wrong with this concept. History will just repeat its self. Soon there will be problems with payment systems, migration to a better website, increase in monthly grocery quota ….. then you know chickens are coming home to roost.

    • Emma curry

      Well no doubt you will remove this post and don’t fret, I will be removing myself from all your groups but just incase anybody is reading this who is thinking of handing over their hard earned money, here is my experience;
      I placed my first order on June 15th for a hamper worth £165 and it never arrived.

      I tried ringing many times and just couldnt get through. I have
      sent at least 6 emails but had nothing but the automated response
      saying they will respond within 48 hrs….I placed my first order on
      15th June and paid £165. I had not received anything at all, not
      even any communication to explain the delay. The one time I managed to
      speak to somebody at LTW, they told me certain items had been out of
      stock but were being resolved and the order would be out to me by the
      end of the week;…, that was over 4 weeks ago! I requested a refund by email several times. I sent Beth Robinson a private message and got no response. My immediate above me helped as best as she could and finally succeeded in getting someone from LTW to call me. She knew nothing of the history but assured me she would process a refund and it would be in my account within 3 days. Instead, I get an email from Hermes saying they have a parcel from LTW to deliver. My mentor and I both sent emails stating that this wasn’t what had been agreed and this parcel must not be delivered; all to no avail. I received the hamper today; 9 weeks after I ordered it. What’s more, the contents were meagre; I’m really not sure if that’s the complete order as the products sent amount to no more than £50 worth of supermarket shopping. I am disgusted and certainly don’t want any further involvement in this complete sham of a company; i do understand that the company is new and will have some teething problems, but can you in all honesty recommend this to people you know with a clear conscience. I certainly wouldn’t want to involve any of my friends and have warned my down chain not to bother placing their first orders.

  2. Watts

    This is no different to any other network marketing company when you speak about running out of people. Ltw will be expanding into Europe and then the rest of the world are you saying that the rest of the world will run out of people then you are also saying that every single Mlm company will run out too, ltw sells products that are used daily unlike other Mlm companies that force you to buy and then sell products you would never have ordinarily purchased, LTW is definately worth looking at as a business opportunity without a doubt

    • Yeah, there can only be a limited number of adults in any given geographical location, who are willing to take up the responsibility of buying those who introduce them to Life Tree World free groceries. That is what they all say ‘we will concur the world’, ‘we are expanding into new territories … blah blah’. So your assumption is that Brits will not run out of people to recruit because soon they will be sponsoring Germans into the scheme? How is that achievable?
      Who will the Germans recruit if hundreds of Brits are swarming to get a share of new recruits?

      Who would ordinarily purchase all those liters of cooking oil bundled into hampers by LTW? Since LTW admits that if you buy individual items it is cheaper than the hamper that is forced on you, why do people ‘ordinarily purchase’ the highly priced hamper? Because the company made sure that the hamper will give you more MLM points than buying each item separately. Are you really sure that LTW’s selected grocery items they push to affiliates in hampers are products EVERYONE would have ordinarily purchased?

      Yes, LTW is worth looking as a ‘responsibility‘ to PAY for groceries chosen for you each month and BUYING groceries for those at the top. As long as distributors are continually recruiting new people and turning their clients into competitors, it is inevitable that a point of saturation will be reached sooner or latter. For your own information, if more products are being sold to distributors (participants) than to ‘real’ customers – a Pyramid Scheme is being created. We all know what happens if authorities get to know about that.

    • IMY


      • Jinae di Nisci

        I absolutely agree with you. Their products are ridiculously inferior & overpriced. I have lost money with these charlatans & they have continued sending me rubbish newsletters about other crap they’re doing rather than grant my refund. They’ve ignored my request for so long that now it’s past the time. I’m going to be lodging complaints with the DSA, Action Fraud & anywhere else I can think of

  3. Anon

    Wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole. These people earning their unproven bonuses, hope they have told their parents, siblings, neighbours, that they need to register as being self employed when the join! After all, they will be an ‘independent business owner’ … 5.Independent Contractor. As a Lifetree World IBO I fully agree that I am an independent contractor, and should not consider myself to be an agent, employee, partner, legal representative, or franchisee of Lifetree World. I also agree that I will be solely responsible for paying all expenses incurred by myself including but not limited to travel, food, lodging, secretarial, office, long distance telephone, and other expenses. I recognize that i shall not be treated as an employee of Lifetree world for any purpose and that Lifetree World shall not be responsible for any sick leave, tax, or similar matters, or for the procuring or establishment of workers’ compensation insurance or other insurance or any superannuation in respect of my activities. This is not a contract for the supply of services or the performance of any work by me.

    • The job is to recruit others and tell them to do the same if they want to recover their costs. Contractors hardly read the TOS let alone share them with potential recruits. Greed can not be tamed.

    • Tina

      It’s the same as Avon. I work ‘for them’ too. Ie I’m self employed too but I sell their products and try to get others to join – and I’m sure people will run out at some point, it’s the same for all MLM’s

    • Anon

      Interesting that today there is currently only one share holder as the other shareholders resigned and transferred their stock to him meaning that the current stock valued at one pound per share – £100 is all his so he reaps the dividends. He is also still active on his other dissolved company. As IBO, the money you make is not his but you give over a lot of money to ltw by purchasing the products so basically he gets them. There are currently approximately 15000 members. Each member has to spend at least 500 pounds to become a dustribter. All the money goes to upwards to the shareholder who will dissolve the company before the next accounts are due, which by the way are not subject to audit as ltw filed an audit exemption under the small business act. So once he has amassed the recruiters via the IBOs he will be running off with your money, your downline collapses and nobody is accountable, except for you of course as you are and independent business operater. It’s all there for everyone to read at companies house and just follow the trail.

    • Astrid

      If you are a child-minder, window cleaner or blacksmith then you rely on others to give you and income, you need to be registered slef-employed AND there is no sick pay if you can not work so how can LTW be any different, please?
      If you decided to open a shop would you not, honestly, expect family and friends to buy from you instead of from others?
      My family and friends have been offered the chance to join and if they do they make money whereas if they dont I still make money as I always keep looking for new people.
      MLM is never a scam as long as you follow the rules in the DSA

      • …. if they do they make money‘ You know this is not true and is what gives MLM a bad name. Statistics demonstrate that 90% of the people who join MLMs will not make any money. ‘MLM is never a scam as long as you follow the rules in the DSA‘ For your own information DSA was formed by MLMs themselves and is NOT regulating authority. How many MLM companies which are part of DSA but were found on the wrong side of the law by FTC? In any case, if MLMs follow the rules they will get broke … lol.

  4. Beaudog

    It is clearly an unsustainable business model anyone with a simple understanding of maths should be able to see this and it is basically a pyramid scheme regardless of what they may choose to call it or say otherwise as the product itself is irrelevant (there’s just not the margin in food and domestic consumables especially branded items to support the payouts promised in the long term) and the big money only coming from recruiting others. There are many such similar schemes out there right now, all claiming massive rewards for minimal effort, claims that are usually, when you dig deep enough, hard to substantiate.
    If anyone wanted to get involved then I would say bear in mind that if sounds too good to be true then it probably is and you need to be comfortable taking money off people you know who probably then won’t make any themselves and will most likely at some point in the expansion end up losing money. I also suggest you take a look on google street view at their head office/distribution centre in Manchester and do some due diligence with a company/ CCJ search on the directors.
    If you want to make some real money doing multi level marketing or whatever they like to call it then why not start your own independent MLM company (just a few quid to register a company) you then just need to copy Treelike World’s model with a plausible product (it doest matter what and the supply/distribution of which you subcontract to a third party to make it easy) a bit of savvy social media promotion, Youtube vids of Cult follower like people saying you’ve changed their lives and made them a fortune, then sit back to watch the money roll in from your Villa in Spain (at least that’s the theory) You will need to be morally bankrupt though. Finally looking at one of the promo vids on Youtube I’m not sure how much I’d trust the word of a bloke who does his sales pitch in his underpants!

    • Astrid

      HaHa I remember an interview with richard Branson years ago.
      Everyone told him NOT to start Virgin record Stores as HMV was so huge! Also, flights were already covered but He went on to become a very rich guy by IGNORING those who told him Not To do what he did!

      • Sarah

        Yes but Richard Branson had an actual product to sell that was competitively priced that people wanted!
        And Virgin Records went bust long before HMV did.

  5. Sad, sad, sad. Nothing better to do than go around bashing MLM companies. Do you actually understand how they work or is every single MLM business a pyramid scheme? You’re obviously very bored so I would suggest a little trip over to America. They should keep you busy for a while.???

    • Hahaha — Michelle what about you going around trolling websites? Yes l understand how MLMs work and that is why l will NEVER join one. l also know the reason why they get busted. ‘is every single MLM business a pyramid scheme’ l never said Life Tree World is a pyramid scheme. Although l know of MLMs that were closed by regulating authorities for operating pyramid schemes such as Vemma. l am sorry if this review scared away your relative who you had nearly convinced to pay for your mandatory groceries each month. Yes, l am bored because of people like you who are frustrated by buying people who sucked them into this ‘pay for my groceries program’ and end up trolling my website …. lol.

    • Lee

      I agree. The majority of people here have no clue about MLM businesses and models and would give more credit if they did no what they were talking about…i personally do alrite in this business at only 2 months in. Whikst im not going to even begin to educate because i’ll be wasting my time i’ll leave the negative know no better bunch with this..

      The next time you go into work good old 9 to 5 where everyone works until their almost dead then spat out of the system with out a pension ask your boss to show you the company hierachy…i think you’ll find that you are actually all in a so called Pyramid…only one where you never or rarely win.

      How many of you 9 to 5ers earn in excess of £2000 per month? Because i know plenty of people who earn this and lots more in MLM. Look at the way the world and business is changing..for those of you who are clinging onto working for someone else for the rest of your lives getting no where you’ll do wise to at least find an online business or a traditional niche business at least because 9 to 5 is dead guys and your comments show that you are no where near aware of it.

      Point im making is don’t be a sheep, find the facts for yourself.

      MLM isn’t for everyone because it requires serious work and we all know that the average person is lazy and expects a money to fall in their lap.

      On the flip side MLM is completely for certain brand of individuals and the earnings to make life changing money ARE there for the strong willed determined individual.

      Most of you if not all of you who slate MLM i bet you’ve never even tried it just bouncing off someone elses failure or playing sheep simply because you do not understand the industry.

      Again. Step out fir yourself..this is why 99% of the nation is dam broke because of mind conditionong we’re taught most of our lives to go work for someone and anything outside of that is a scam when the resl scam is the bloody employment system.

      C’mon guys WAKE UP

      The world is built on Pyramid models

  6. I am a prominent member of LTW and I will say honestly that even this review was written almost against LTW but still this is a very honest and complete review.

    The very first thing we need to learn is difference between Pyramid Scams and MLM businesses. Pyramid Schemes are illegal.
    Amway is a MLM making over $18 billion a year, Avon is running from 134 years, them Herbal Life, Jenuesse, Forever Living, Organo Gold, all of these are legal MLM companies same as LTW which are providing 1000s of people source of income.
    MLM is one of the biggest industry in the world and it doesn’t necessarily work according to rules of mathematics but of statistics and probability. I won’t be able to explain or teach all that in this blog.

    LTW is expanding to Ireland in couple of months, Europe in 3 to 4 months and India in start of 2017. We potentially have 6 billion customer base (because everyone eats), so saturation will not be an issue.

    I carried a challenge with all the teams in the company (when we had over 10,000 members, now it’s over 15,000), the challenge was to find any random 10 items on any single website of any superstore which in total are cheaper than LTW. No one was able to win it. When you do shopping, you go to one store (or website) but when you start comparison you start comparing all the stores. In real life you won’t buy bag of sugar from Tesco, Tea bags from Asda and Milk from Morrison! You need to take in account the delivery charges or travel costs also to have a fair comparison.

    The £35 one off lifetime membership fee gives members facility to have these items delivered to their homes (anywhere in the UK) for free when they shop over 50 points. Not discussing yet about our lucrative compensation plan which has enabled 100s of people to ditch their normal job and earn through LTW.

    Clubcards will never make you financial free, because you have to spend those club card points back in the same superstore. LTW introduces the products according to its customer base’s requests. They are gradually increasing products and will eventually sell everything which is available on all other superstores, Amazon even including household, wholesale and even cars.

    Increase in product range is directly proportional to the number of members in the company. LTW is growing by the compound rate of 10% every month!

    • Thank you Rizwan for the compliment, l really try to be as neutral as possible in my reviews although l am not a fan of MLM or Network Marketing programs. Unfortunately, there are times when you need to call a scam what it is. Thank you for a quite refreshing and informative comment. Now, l am going to point at a few issues that may need further clarification.

      1. Yes, Pyramid Schemes are illegal and some MLMs are legal even though they are constantly battling it out in the courts of law to prove that they l still legal. l have read FTC guidelines on pyramid schemes, read the whole thesis by a prominent MLM attorney,Kevin Thompson, on the differences between the two and various other articles including court judgments on closed MLMs. What is actually important is to know HOW MLMs turn into Pyramid Schemes and get busted? For example, Vemma operated for 10 years as a legal MLM, gradually turned into a Pyramid Scheme which was closed by FTC. So , how do you know that LTW hasn’t crossed the thin line and is not a pyramid scheme? To answer this question, you need to know LTW’s sales ratio to affiliates as to real customers (non-participants)? Without those figures no one can tell the current legal status of LTW, neither can l. That is why l didn’t call Life Tree World a Pyramid Scheme in my review. It can turn into one though if sales to affiliates are more than sales to outside customers.

      2. LTW is expanding to Ireland, India, Europe etc, that is good to know. BUT how is a Briton going to recruit say a German or Hindu speaking customer to their down-line using network marketing and printed pamphlets? Even if you are to use social media, you can foresee the language barrier challenges. The expansion is great for LTW and NOT for affiliates. Issues of Geographical limitations and saturation still remain a real issue for those who jump onto the band wagon at the bottom of the ‘pyramid’ structure. You now have 15 000 members, so hypothetically, if 15 000 affiliate recruit a 1 000 people each = 15 000 000. And if the 15k do the same = 15 000 000 000 LTW affiliates in Britain. Still, you remain admant that there are no saturation issues? Worse still, when you read around forums people are complaining of having been invited to join LTW by a dozen people?

      3. So, if groceries are ONLY delivered for ‘free’ if you purchase 50 points worth of products, does that sound like a ‘free shipment to you? It only means that LTW calculated and factored in the shipment costs into groceries worth 50 points. Worse still, you will have paid the once off £35 which l can tell you are not sure what it is for?

      4. ‘..which has enabled 100s of people to ditch their normal job and earn through LTW‘. These false claims are the ones that gives MLM and Network Companies a very BAD name. Can you show everyone where you got these statistics? What about showing us the official Life Tree World Income Disclosure? Of course, l am not talking of ‘testimonials’ by members like you. You are saying LTW currently has got 15 000 members, how many of those members do you need below you to earn an income that makes you quit your job? What about ‘100s’ (hundreds) of members you are claiming already did?

    • John

      If Lifetree World is so great I would like to know why it has already had its Direct Selling Association (DSA) Prospective Membership removed which I have personally had confirmed.
      The concept is great, however, all of the problems they have had including late payments to their IBO’s should indicate a company with big problems and that goes without people waiting for six weeks for a 3-5 day delivery.
      If a decent company took this concept i’m sure they would pprobably be one of the best MLM companies the UK has ever had but i’m afraid that will not be Lifetree World.

      • Thank you John for the well thought input. I am still to confirm Life Tree World DSA exit. If LTW was booted from an association created by MLM companies for non-compliance, that is a big red flag. Yes, its true that people are not being paid on time, lots of complaints about both late and short shipment of products. Imagine after putting all that effort in recruiting a prospect and LTW fails to deliver the products. l checked on the traffic to one of LTW main websites and took a screen short below. If they don’t up their game, we will see an early LTW exit from the MLM world.

        Life Tree Word Falling Traffic

    • Lucy Aldrich

      I have been trying to get help from up lines and eventually the company itself and defended it for months, but no more. The way I have been treated has been inexcusable and I was incredibly upset as I thought it sounded good when I joined. I was advised against it constantly but kept fighting. Too many things have happened now and I do not believe that this company will be able to function much longer with everything that is happening. Please do not join this company as you will get NO SUPPORT. I have just been dropped and it has been appalling. I will no longer be part of this scam.

    • Jinae di Nisci

      Rizwan, You’re absolutely wrong when you say ” In real life you won’t buy bag of sugar from Tesco, Tea bags from Asda and Milk from Morrison!” I do exactly that normally, I shop in many different stores to get what I need & trust me, I spend way less for much more & the stuff is far superior to the stuff I got in one of your rubbish hampers! After getting a hamper from LTW I had to go out & spend an additional £70 to top it up as most of the stuff I wouldn’t use. I’m a cook fro scratch person so I don’t do tins, bottles, jars etc. That took my monthly shopping bill to almost TWICE what I would spend normally & as an unemployed person I simply can’t afford to keep spending a week’s benefit on crap. I did a little test to see if I bought items from the various sections that I would actually use & I would have to spend £331 to get the hundred points……more than 2 weeks benefit! Your company has carefully ignored my request for a refund until it’s now past the allotted time to get it but I will make sure that everywhere I see LTW advertised I will implore people not to touch your scam with a barge pole. Your company guidelines are unclear & you don’t find out exactly what you need to do in order to earn the supposed bonuses until after you join. I have video evidence of unethical & illegal behaviour perpetrated by your company & I intend to make it public. You people are a disgrace

  7. Gilliam smith

    Please be careful with this company , I was silly and joined but immediately realised my mistake , i worked out the cost of products in 2 of the hampers at average retail price , more than double. When myself and another lady questioned this they removed my comments (I was polite) and then they removed me from their chat group. I have had contact with many others who have never received refunds , on I know of I still waiting for shopping from almost 4 months a go. I would not have felt comfortable recruiting for this company. They are in court on Monday as a perfume supplier has not received payments.

    • It is not your fault Gilliam, these programs are over hyped by professionals and you can’t stand a chance. Worse still, it is promoted to you by people who you care for. MLMs strive by indoctrination and will not accept any negative comments from members which are likely to influence new members. LTW admits that their hampers are more expensive than the total sum of individual items because there are more points attached to them. You are literally buying over priced hampers to earn points.

  8. Ian

    I have done business studies and I can confidently say that these MLM schemes are a complete con, you end up basically being a hustler trying desperately to convince enough people to join up to the scheme to make your comission quota, only a tiny amount of people in the scheme ever get enough members underneath them to make any decent money out of it, These things either end up collapsing with to many members with suppliers and distributers being unable to meet demand or they get shut down after an investigation exposes fraud.

    • Well said Ian. People often believe the hype and they think getting people to sign up under you is a piece of pie. With all the bashing that MLMs receive, it is difficult to convince anyone to sign up.

  9. Sue Flay

    The Official Facebook page seems to have been removed. https://www.facebook.com/Lifetreeworld A lot of leaders seem to be hiding//deleting posts about it from their pages. Many are switching to promote a newly launched in the UK dubious 20% cashback off any shopping scheme. Be very very careful folks.

    • Thank you Sue for taking time to inform others about the risks of joining LTW. Indeed, l have visited the Life Tree World Facebook page and was greeted by a blank page. It is the nature of MLM leaders to abandon a sinking ship and drag their down-line into yet another scheme in which they again are the sponsors. I will be reviewing 20% Cash Back soon.

      • Laurence

        I agree with your conclusions and since I run a number of Facebook groups took the decision some three months ago to ban promotion of LTW.

        There are no direct customers in LTW from what I can see, therefore it falls under the Vemma issue of being a pyramid. It needs addressing and soon.

        Saivian which is the 20% cashback is a pyramid scheme no doubt.

        There is no CashBack and it is simply a money circulation scheme. BehindMLM has done a brilliant examination and wholly accurate in decrying its model.

  10. Helen

    It didn’t work for me, I shopped really carefully, I compared the prices of single items to those in local supermarkets and opted to purchase only items that I would normally buy. Unfortunately, the points to pounds ratio is so low that I needed to spend £220 to reach 100 points. That was fine – I still had my shopping and managed to find one downline. I was advised that I should have purchased a hamper however I wasn’t comfortable with paying £165 for a small box of food, only half it being stuff I would use. I attended a local event where I found the leaders to be quite dismissive of the cost of hampers. My order took 6 weeks to be delivered and eventually arrived without warning, the day after I had done my shopping. Personally, despite 6 weeks of solid promotion, I only persuaded one person to sign up. Towards the end of this time, I was almost dreading people wanting to look on the website as most of the products were out of stock unless you wanted healthy juices- it was embarrassing. I attempted a 2nd shop but most of the hampers were out of stock, and I couldn’t make up 100 points with the single products that remained. That pretty much sold it for me – if I can’t find anything that I want to buy then there is no point me being there- I was advised to look at it as a long term business investment but I honestly don’t believe the maths. The earning goalposts were changed too – no longer could you earn with direct downlines, you couldn’t earn until you had 3 downlines, who each had 1 downline each ( 6 people shopping in your downline). I’m sure there are many people who are happy with LTW but it made me wonder when they would change another layer.

    • Thank you Helen for sharing your experience with LTW. I really sympathize with you for being let down by a company that you had trusted. Imagine if you had recruited your friends, family members, work mates including your boss and neighbors then nothing is delivered for 6 weeks? l don’t think l will be changing my attitude towards network marketing any time soon. l am 100% confident in the business model that l recommend and better still you can even try it for free. LTW confirmed that hampers are expensive because they earn affiliates more points than buying individual items. l predicted that LTW will face teething problems because of the flawed business model and l got bashed for that. Surely, how can you manage your stock when you don’t know how many people are going to be recruited each month? Still it pains me when this happens because not everyone will have managed to read Life Tree World negative reviews. Now people are rushing to Saivian MLM in the hope of getting 20% cash discount on purchases.

      Anyway, take it as part of the learning process Helen, don’t give up. l was scammed too before l finally found what works. All the best.

      • Helen

        I am kicking myself really, I haven’t lost out massively but I should have researched it better and listened to the voice of business reason which told me that this wasn’t sustainable. LTW was a 2nd project for me so I wasn’t completely blind to scams. I’m fortunate enough now to be with a growing company, with a great business model and complete transparency from day 1. I like to turn negatives into positives – so from that perspective – it cost me £35 to remind me to listen to my gut feeling.

    • Anon

      The hamper actual content value is Between £60. – £,90 as confirmed at an event I attended. So the hamper rips you off first.

    • You made my day Chris… LOL. A company is having teething problems and everyone seems to be dissatisfied, yet you are looking for ‘positive stories’ so that you can join the business? Anyway, l managed to find one positive story on this Life Tree World Reddit thread. Below is a screen shot of the current traffic volume to one of the main LTW websites. All the best. Life Tree World Falling

  11. Charles

    I joined LTW when it first started. I am not a novice and have been involved in Network Marketing since 1972. I always do my due diligence when approaching any business, be it direct sales or otherwise. The concept that they promote is great. The problem with most MLM companies is that you have to convince someone to buy products that they have never heard of and that generally cost more than the name brands. If you can sell name brand products for the same or cheaper than the grocery stores, AND use Network Marketing to create a business where you earn on your sales efforts, then you would have a remarkable business. This was the idea that i was approached with. I paid the £35 to check this out. While they did have Name Brands, the variety was not there. Most of the products are inferior and seem to range to a lot of Indian staples ( All of the former Management are/were from the Sub-Continent). The Hampers had very few name brand products and to buy the products that you actually use and buy on a weekly basis was not cost effective, to receive the 100 points required to stay active monthly. We were promised that the management had made a deal with a well known UK supplier to the Cash & Carry suppliers and that LTW would be adding over 20,000 products to their line. Apparently the deal fell through, so no more products other than the few products that they add monthly.

    • Thank you Charles for your well thought comments and in-depth analysis of why LTW is in this sorry state. The concept was appealing but it doesn’t work with MLM. Imagine if 5 000 members recruit 15 000 new members in a week? How can you handle the logistics of transporting, warehousing, packing and shipment of the products? What if the 20 000 members recruit 5 members each = 100 000 members. Remember unlike Tesco, you can’t tell your customers (members) that products are out of stock. Neither can you tell affiliates or members to stop recruiting because that was the very reason why they joined the scheme. Before you know it, you realize that you need a warehouse bigger than the surface area of Heathrow Airport to store and pack the hampers. Life Tree World wind down was inevitable. They chose the WRONG and UNSUSTAINABLE business model. It was a matter of time.

  12. John

    love Lifetreeworld
    Do not believe what you hear – I can honestly say as a retired Headteacher I started working here to complement my pension and it is superb – they care about you and look after you and train you and regardless of age offer equality. So family friendly and great for us oldies too – The monthly events are super and I love the friendships i built x

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