1. Garen

    MLM products are a dime a dozen. Really, don’t understand why so many people are so interested in MLM products. I mean buying stuff in bulk and distributing them seems to be like a tough business model.

    Years ago I made the mistake of buying stuff and bulk and then couldn’t ever get rid of it. Kyani seems like just another program I have seen a million times.

    For what it’s worth affiliate marketing is such more lucrative, though.

    Thanks for the heads up.

    • Scam Busters

      Thank you Garen for your well thought contribution. People are interested in MLM partly because of the hype and greedy. Worse still, MLM affiliates ‘force’ the opportunity on their social network which accept it due to already established trust. You bulk order the stuff, pay for delivery charges and deal with customer complaints…. only to earn $5 gross profit. l totally agree with you that affiliate marketing is the way to go.

    • Andre

      This review of Kyani just does not do it justice. Question is, have you really seen its compensation plan? There are numeral ways of earnings in this company. Thanks to the dfy business model, theres not much work involved.  The geneology tree, along with fast start bonus gaurantees payment upon first month. This Company sells consumable products so there isn't any storing, and you are required to have 100qv only monthly. So there is no bulk ordering. This is a true lucrative compensation plan that it has along with a car program. You should let me invite you on the inside of Kyani. I really believe its beneficial for most anyways.

      • Kyani’s compensatiom plan is plastered all over internet to attract new recruits. There is NO real business with guranteed outcomes. If you do not bulk buy then how do you increase your earnings? l happy you ‘believe’ that its beneficial because real statistics show otherwise.

        • iggyfoss

          You do not bulk buy! Customer orders from the distributor website. No money loss if no sell 😉 (sorry my grammar im french) lol

        • Charllee Dodson

          I would just like to say that unless your a distributer in the company you dont know if you bulk buy or not and, correct me if im mistaken, but your basing this assumption on companies of the past.

          • Thanks for the heads up. l will definitely update my review. Thanks to FTC pressure, most MLMs are stopping this tendency of over burdening distributors with unwanted products. It was one of the reasons why Vemma’s MLM side of business was closed and partly the reason why Herbalife was fined $200 million. Still, there are issues with forced purchases to meet monthly required PV whether you need the products or not which to me equates to forced ‘bulky buying’. Kyani must also stop registering discount seeking customers as distributors which does not only inflates failure rates but significantly increases sales to distributors vs those to real (non-participating customers). That is a red flag which Herbalife got burnt for. It is sad that MLMs will have to fight for legality forever!

        • Nelli

          I know its crazy huh! I can’t believe Kyani isn’t like all the other companies that make you buy bulk and jack all your money for the guys at the top. And to think that there’s idiots out there who judge all blacks, whites, mexicans, or Muslims for the actions of a few individuals. Anyway Kyani rocks my socks off with its sick comp plan that I happen to have a true testimony of. Sucks what ppl with minimum wage work ethic/employee mindset are missing out on. NO BULK! It’s mind blowing; just for me, myself, and I, and my team still winning. Thanks Kyani 😀

          • Thanks Nelli for your contribution. Yes, Kyani nearly got burn’t for forcing its members to buy products in bulk, although you can still do… if you want to. (The review will be updated accordingly).

            …. jacks all your money for the guys at the top‘ .. are you getting REFUNDS from the monthly donations you are making to the people who sucked you in and are at the top of you?… l guess NOT.
            ‘….just for me, myself, and I’ .. yes, you are FORCED to buy a monthly quota whether you need it or not, otherwise you loose on RECRUITMENT based rewards.
            You are so myopic that you can’t even realize that Kyani needs ‘…ppl with minimum wage work ethic/employee mindset..’ to purchase its products and fund their up-line before they too can RECRUIT others to do the leg work for them. Isn’t common knowledge that the new people at the bottom of your ‘winning’ team are using their wages to pay YOU and founders of Kyani? Have you ever imagined what would happen if ‘…ppl with minimum wage work ethic/employee mindset..’ would ALL quit their jobs today and join Kyani? Your ignorance is beyond imagination and you don’t even realize that the role of MLMs is to wipe off those wages of new people who join to feed those at the top.
            By the way, ‘Who manufactures Kyani supplements that you are forced to gobble each month? … for the first time you made a clever guess ‘…ppl with minimum wage work ethic/employee mindset..’. Don’t let the comfort of being at the top of the little pyramid you are creating make you BAD mouth the very people that are feeding you. It is people YOU, who are idiots their whole body who gives MLM a very BAD name … LOL.

          • Troy

            Nelli Well done ….love the comment…the world is full of so much negativity …your mindset rocks…love it

          • Tj

            Sucks that you are flim-flam/pusher of the bs that you bought into. It’s pathetic as is your lies here.

        • Where are those stats? Where is th r evidence that yhe products aren’t scientifically formulated for optimal health? You show a stat of 6 people complained on a 13 month period, i challenge ypu to find any business in the world that does not get that amny complaints in a 12 month period. What do you base all your assumptions on? Because it seems awful easy to bag the heck out of a company, attempt to blacken their name, then have amazon ads promoting the very products that you say is making people rich! It’s called being hypocritical mate and spreading false information so you can create a loyal following eager to hear how clever you are. No proper research has been done on Kyäni, your article is far from complete or even critical, it is your attempt to grab affiliate income while distributing your own agenda!

          • Thanks Richard for your well thought comment. l thought it was the other way round; there MUST be evidence that a product works before it is sold to the public. Why should someone invest money in testing that products ‘…aren’t scientifically formulated for optimal health?’. Kyani must prove beyond any reasonable doubt that their products are useful to humans who have been living a health life for years without them. Yes, there is a disclosure that Avert Scams is an associate of Amazon which means Amazon can display any ads of their choice relevant to the content. There is no recruitment or begging people to consume what they do not need. ‘…while distributing your own agenda’ you are spot on. Who would create a website to distribute EVERYONE’S agenda?

      • Bok

        Totally agree

        I found the review nothing like what I have experienced with Kyani

        Also the people writing buying heap of stock get stuck with it bla bla

        Look into it first you don’t hold stock

        I’ve been in 4 months I have the car I’m not a high roller , chosen etc

        I out tank and out earn the guy who signed me on so its not the same as all the dated versions

        Learn before you judge

    • Sandra

      Look into a Company Called Rain International.
      There main product is called Soul . sn organic cold processed seed based food suppliment.
      Consisting of Black Cumin seed, an anti inflammatory , Red Raspberry , Chardonay grape seed that have anti ageing and anti oxidants plus D Ribose . I have ben taking Soul for six months and it has changed my life.
      In August of 3015 I was having to take Trulicity for diabetes and pain medication for cronic back pain as well as suffering brain fog . After
      two months on Soul I was off sll the meds and my brain fog has been replaced with the clearest thinking in twenty yesrs. My ADD son
      who owns his own business and deals with so much paperwork, says he eon’t miss a day without Soul , it has made his life si much easier dealing with the paper stress.. every single person in my life who has started taking
      Soul has seen and felt improvements in there health.. I don’t have to sell them just convince them to try taking Soul.. it sells itself..
      there is si many scientific studies including Brunswick Labs on Soul it will take you teo days to watch them all. This is the Real Thing.
      The Power is in the Seed..

      • ‘Look into a Company Called Rain International’ Thank you Sandra for letting me know about Rain International. l will duly have a look at it and its pyramid looking compensation plan. All that language of ‘Personal Enrollee’, ‘forced monthly product purchases’ sounds like a replica of Kyani. Everyone knows that Brunswick Labs are bogus and are notorious for ‘approving’ MLM based supplements including those of the recently collapsed Vemma Network pyramid scheme. The review will be on the first page of uncle Google soon. Thanx.

        • Androo

          Sounds like isogenix all over again!
          All these health supplement pyramid style payment plans that force people to buy and sell makes me laugh

        • Matthew Hatton

          Are you sure that you are running a credible website here. It sounds more like you are running a website based on only your own personal opinions rather than contextual facts. You are exactly the type of person that makes the stigma around Network Marketing so negative. Because on multiple occasions just in this forum alone you have voiced your own personal opinion using the same vocabulary that ignorant people use. Next time why don’t you actually use facts and research that you have done, because you would think that someone who runs a website that reviews MLM companies would actually do some research.

          • Go create your own ‘credible website’ and share ‘facts and research that you have done’. How ‘credible’ is a ‘credible’ website? ‘Credible’ to who? What are you using to measure each website you visit’s credibility? Yes, l share my own personal opinions, on a website l pay hosting for out of my pocket — do you have any problem with that Mr Internet Headmaster? So why are you not sharing the so called ‘facts’ that you know and researched about? If you think l am a guinea pig for MLMs and their products, you are lost. Let Kyani do the testing and get certification that their products do work, l will NOT do that for them! l am sorry if the person you were trying to recruit pointed you to this review and hit the road. Don’t take it too personal, you don’t own Kyani you are just a victim of the hype.

          • Javier

            lol matthew talking about facts but than you show none! Don’t say only report facts when this site has multiple facts. Unlike you who just likes to go on rants, i actually researched the facts on this site are true, do some research yourself kid. Or just don’t say anything about stuff you know nothing about. Go buy some Kyani and see how it turns out for you. I’ve seen multiple posts of people trying to resell these for cheap because nobody wants to buy it. I mean atleast google before arrogant comments. Unless you work for MLM companies that would make sense why you would trash any comment against them.

          • Jimbo Slice

            I don’t understand why one would write a review on the product without trying it first. I understand one might think all MLM’s have a scam tendency, but one should also do their research on it’s compensation plan.
            I have not tried the product yet so I touched base wiith a distributor I know; he is sending me a week of samples of all 3 goodies of the Kyani Health Triangle (Sunrise, Nitro, & Sunset). I am a skeptical person, especially when I comes to MLM companies.

            If it really is a product that can affect one’s health in the manner of changing their life, I might be interested. I just think it’s important to try something before critiquing. Would one critique a movie prior to watching it? It seemed like this topic turned into critiquing MLM’s in general instead of the product. I will post back with the results of my experience.

          • You only ‘try’ a product if you have a deficiency that you are aware of. Taking it because you want to review it or there is an opportunity is lame.

      • T

        how much is a 30 day supply of core and soul?
        I’m comparing products. They both have similar ingredients just from different sources. there is only so much info i can get online about Rain International without having an upline or a referral person. it is nice the rain international has some testing labs to prove some of what they claim. the only thing is that i am super skeptical about products that cost over $100 BUT i did try a sample 7 day pack of KYANI and before i knew anything about it being a MLM company i did like the results i got. i was sad i had to stop after the 7 days because at the time i could not afford to purchase the month supply. since i didn’t have anyone preaching to me about the product the results were not in my head. i did not know about Rain International before though. i didn’t know about KYANI before either, ha ha ha. well, if there is a way to get a free sample of Soul and Core i would love to sample it to see if i get the same type of benefits and KYANI. I’m in western Washington.

    • Jane

      You don’t buy Kyani in bulk, as a distributor you don’t purchase it for your customers, they simply go on to your website/back office and order for themselves. Don’t most companies including our government have the shape of a pyramid??? This is not a pyramid, you are purchasing a health and wellness product in exchange for $. I absolutely love this product and love my job. #Kyani

      • Stop parroting that Donald Trump statement that, all companies are pyramids. His Trump Network failed dismally because it operated a pyramid scheme and was not only ‘shaped’ as one. The pyramid structure of most companies are based on merit, NOT who joined the company first. Go and ask Vemma network why is was closed down FTC because it was operating a pyramid scheme when it was selling ‘health and wellness product in exchange for $‘ Ignorance has no defense.

        • Ronald H Medlock DC

          OK, I had respect for you until you started bashing Trump. SMH…really? Get off the Trump bashing… your article is an opinion piece at best, and because of your Trump statement your opinion is like an ???…everyone has one…. I am a Chiropractor for 20 years. As a Chiropractor its not about how you feel, its about how you heal. In these days with GMO’s and processed foods its not about the Calories its about the CHEMICALS!!! And thats not an opinion, its a FACT!!! And I like the MLM industry as a whole for its diversity on natural supplements… you just need to be more a consumer and less a sponsor… and beware of artificial ingredients such as “maltodextrin”, “Soy” and such…Now, I wont get on a bandwagon, but I will say that your opinion is YOUR opinion. And I think its starting to look like a poor one at best… BUT, I do like the affiliate info… and will take a look at that… been thinking on blogging myself…

          • Kay

            You’re a chiropractor. Enough said. Studies of GMOs show no harm to consumers. GMOs are not chemicals. And if you think discussing the FACT that a Trump company acted fraudulently, and intentionally so, is considered “bashing,” then it would seem you don’t quite understand the definition.

      • lynda

        agreed the government is the biggest pyramid scam ever. lets focus on that corruption and not on products that are truly healthy but sold with marketing benefits.

    • Ashley

      You don’t buy in bulk and sell like herbalife and itworks. You give out samples and give the people your website.

      • Do people really visit your blabla.Kyani.com website to buy products or they just go to Kyani.com and you get nothing? MLM companies know very well that people are unlikely to buy a product on the first visit to your replicated sub-domain. They will instead visit the main website to purchase the product if they really want to and they get 100% profit. Unless the person is already enrolled under you or the MLM has a long lasting cookie policy, you don’t earn any commissions for referrals. Worse still when you are marketing the opportunity offline. Why do they insist on replicated website instead of allowing you to build your own branded website to promote your offer?

        • Tom

          Customers need a distributor number for ordering, so the one who referred them to the site gets credit. Distributors provide when someone is interested. The products are great actually, and I was skeptical as a scientist should be. The Nitro Xtreme works well removing or minimizing soreness and the sunrise is a great energy booster. It helped reduce the amount of coffee I drink during the day. It also helps reduce my brain getting tired. I work 6 or 7 days a week. I’m a terrible sales person but like the product as a user.

          • Jose Villarreal

            I’m sorry to disappoint you all but all you get is vitamin E and Omega 3 which you can get it at Walmart for $3 a bottle so good luck for all of you make your own research take one of those bottles take it to the lab if you’re willing to spend about $150 for you package deal you can afford $30 take it to the lab you get the results next day and believe me you’ll be surprised when it’s in there is just vitamin E and Omega-3 vitamin E you bye at Walmart 299 a bottle and hello everybody

    • David Bird

      MLM is a model that’s been used for years to allow people to make an additional income that has created. More millionaires in the world than any other source. Plus it gives opportunity to give people personal freedom to create an income to allow them to have personal time to be with their family or do what they want to do at their convenience.
      Questions or doubts email me (e-mail DELETED) retired Sheriff Supervisor.

        • Maureen

          I’m enjoying reading the banter, but you should do a proof-check and spell-check edit before hitting “Enter” to have more credibility.

          • Thanks Maureen for the heads up. Unfortunately, l am not writing these reviews to gain credibility. l can hire English native speakers like you to ‘spell-check edit’ all the reviews on this website if typos were in anyway a measure of credibility. It just shows that l am only human. Anyone is free to get scammed if they think this website and reviews are not credible. Greed can not be tamed. l have nothing to loose.

    • Zoran

      What would you think if you’re in a company that does not require you to buy bulk products? You just have to recommend them for any purchase after your recommendation get points that are converted into money every month? All You have to buy is ONE product ONCE and become a life time member. Then, with HARD WORK and financial practically zero risk you can earn good money. ???

      • Bianca

        Hi Zoran, You dont “bulk buy” but you do continue to buy a monthly supply for personal use. in my opinion you cant sell a product you dont believe in, and morally i wouldnt do so.

    • Many MLM’s are designed where you never buy in bulk or handle the product. That’s what attracted us to the one we are in. We show a presentation, they sign up for a membership, order product from their own website & we get a commission. We have earned a check every single week for almost 5 years & have not “sold” one product, just lots of memberships. Not a bad gig!

      • Frank

        If you have not sold one product to a customer, 100% of your income must come from having recruited a downline. Sounds like a pyramid scheme to me!!

    • Donna ellis

      Kyani has worked wonders for me! I was taking 80ml of insulin 2 1/2 months ago when I started the product and now I take none!!! I am able to walk 5ks and run a mile with no pain after being diagnosed with osteoarthritis and autoimmune deficiency and fibromyalgia! So now tell me that kyani doesn’t work!!

      • Andy K.

        Would you like to add another health problem to the list? It’s an insult to the people that actually suffer from these health issues for which there’s no cure and for which certain treatments “may” help.
        By the way, 80ml of insulin would have killed you the first day. Stop the lies to make a buck!

        • Lennonrn

          I’m actually an RN, and yes 80 Mel’s of insulin would kill someone but not 80units. 80units is a high amount but indicates that this person has severe diabetes. Ask questions before flying off at the mouth. His 80 ml input may just be in error?

    • Why would anyone join a company that forces you to “buy in bulk”? Might as well become an Amazon affiliate if that’s your game. Kyäni has no customer minimums. No sales quotas. Basically no requirements at all. Literally. All you need is 100 personal volume points a month to get paid. 100 volume points is 1 (one) order per month. (Hint: It can be your personal order.) But, if you have customers, that volume counts as your own. So you don’t even have to be on autoship. That means it’s pure profit. Simple. Too good to be true. Yes. But still true. There’s a reason they’ve put in over 100,000 distributors in less than 2 years. No quota’s. No minimums.

      As far as pay goes, it’s simple. You get commissions on customer orders and you get commissions on people you sponsor + you get RESIDUALS based on volume. Make sense? You volume includes, customer orders and everything in your downline (including their customers and the people they sponsor).

      If a customer wants to order some products from you, you send them to your company replicated site and the warehouse ships it directly to them, handles all customer service issues and you get paid. Simple.

      Maybe I’m slow, but can someone tell me why this is so complicated for some people?

      • Please stop giving misleading answers on this website. You begin by contradicting yourself ‘Basically no requirements at all’ YET ‘…you need is 100 personal volume points a month to get paid’… sounds like a requirement to me. As usual, the false claims that gives MlM a bad name and Kyani in particular. Unfortunately, this time you lied on the wrong platform. It just shows that you don’t even know how many distributors are with Kyani at the moment. You are ignorant of the fact that Kyani publishes income disclosures which unfortunately do not reflect your claims. l visited the website on which you claim that you got 100 000 Kyani sign ups from and checked on the traffic. A whooping 400 visitors per month (see attached screen shot)… LOL. If wishes where horses…. Now, for the protection of my visitors, l will not be publishing ANY comments from you on this website in future. You can only read reviews and whine!
        False Kyani sign ups claim

    • Jessica blanchard

      I just wanted to mention that in kyani the distributors actually do not buy any product to sell. The only product we have is the product we use for ourselves . Costomers buy the product threw an app. Its set up like if you were ordering somthing from amazon. The dustributor only shares the link with their information on it so that the costumer nay unlock the app. And thats the full extent.
      Sincerly jessica blanchard

    • I am a promoter for le-vel ? The products are amazing, no stocking, 100% free biz model, products DO work, been thriving 2 1/2 years..???
      MLM is the way the go if YOU are passionate.. U can get paid on OPE but only if you are a good team leader!❤️

    • Matt

      You don’t buy in bulk that’s the thingyou only purchase your own product although you can purchase samples to give out to people of interest.

      • Do you ‘purchase’ your own products as a distributor or they are auto shipped to you every month and money is deducted from your account whether you need the products or not?

    • Ramona Ray

      Unfortunately I feel your review is inaccurate…the products do work and the company works for those work it…like any business it takes time to grow…the leadership is amazing and the people who are making a lot of money are there to help all…success always comes to those who never quit…so I feel your disclaimer is untrue…nice job trying to persuade others …the only way you can truly make a statement is if you walk the walk then you can truly talk the talk .Fortunately there are some who find out for themselves…

    • Thad ferry

      You actualy don’t get them in bulk. You get fee products and just hand them out. I’m “hopes it will bring customers, I’m a gym rat and it realy did help me sustain a healthy lifestyle wile eating like shit. There products are not bad at all, and do work. And I have actualy became a representative. Luckily for me there were non in my area so I made a lot of money. I also have a 9-5 and it helped me make extra cash. I didn’t get s car tho. And I still on the payroll and I haven’t done anything in week… so I’m making like 2 paychecks and double my income. I’m sure it will slow down and disappear, but it was great to get me out of debt. And I still
      Use the products. My whole family does. I’m not saying they are perfect or trying to get anyone to buy it or work. But it is actualy not a bad deal. If you’d like to actualy learn more form some one that works for them. Send me a text or call 814 603 2970 (no I won’t sell you anything or try to get you to market it)

  2. well explanation on pyramid schemes and MLM. I think you got the point there. I just have a question because I had a very bad experience with pyramids now I cannot trust anything looklike them. Could you give us more information on how much (in %) they will give back to each level? like there is a limit when it becomes impossible for them to pay back the affiliates. What is the percentage?

    • Hi Jaquiba, Its a wise decision to stay away from pyramid schemes. l don't think there is any percentage of commissions Kyani will fail to pay as long as affiliates are religiously paying for their monthly products and promoting them to other people. 

    • Sara

      Well it seems like the fear of pyramid is that the company is shelling out too much money and will be unable to pay it back to people. Kyani and MLMs allow people to have and operate a business at low cost, no employees means leas overhead.

      The distributors as a whole earn 52.4% which is such a ludicrous number in total. But because at minimum we must find one person to consume the product a month/ take our self in order to get paid revenue is constantly being built. So even if you had no customers or partners that month but had already built an organization you would be getting paid on a % of their efforts as well as them consuming the product through auto ships.
      What is so great about Kyani is there is no sales quota, you can have no partners and still make money through sales, you can also have no customers and make money through partners. Even better is we get paid after each franchise partner or customer. 1 triangle of health customer nets you a $40 commission per customer, and with an 88% retention rate it becomes a true method of residual income.

      • The ‘sales quota’ is your compulsory monthly auto-ship of Kyani products, whether you NEED the supplements or not. Yes, as you said ‘52.4% which is such a ludicrous number in total’ and the burden is passed on to affiliates including YOU and customers who pay the grossly inflated prices. The price is not based on the real value of the supplement but on the need to pay the ‘52.4%’ to recruiters. Can we have the proof that Kyani has an ‘88% retention rate’ from an independent source?

        • Loki

          Why is 52% ludacris? Tell me one industry that doesn’t mark up their product to adjust for manpower and other overhead. (Restaurants commonly mark up their food well, well over +100%)

          I’m not mad at this article, be it biased and super misleading with all the awkward bold font placement, but don’t title the article Kyani Product Review, when the only actual product reviewing was mentioning a blueberry.

          • Are your referring to the 52% that Kyani adds on the value of its products in order to appease distributors a mark up? If that is what you are implying, then we are not on the same page. l rest my case. That ‘awkward bold font placement‘ is the reason why your eye balls are reading this article. Yes, l titled this article ‘Kyani Product Review’ and l am very pleased with what l wrote. l am SORRY that l didn’t write that Kyani products are ‘made from exotic berries or my son, mother, daughter, pets etc are now off medicine because of the supps or that l felt good after gobbling the berries‘. Feel free to write your own well thought review of Kyani products as you wish and l will NEVER question your motive …. lol. Try blogger or wordpress.org if you are a freebie seeker. You are free to come and siphon some traffic to your ‘great review’… lol.

  3. Alex

    Wow, really looks like you had to be careful with your choice of words, I'm sure they have a whole team of lawyers threatening anyone who speaks ill of them.  A hot chick in my FB feed is posting how she is getting her dream car…picks of the car, but none of her in it…from a selfie-queen…  I can't believe how stupid the general populace is.  Even if it were true, how about buying a house to live in first?  No, nice $100K+ car.  

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts. The hot chick is probably a bait. l have developed thick skin Alex. l recieve threates from attorneys, advocates and lawyers telling me to take down my reviews. They even tell my hosting company to take down my website ……. its like a war zone.

      • Jennifer Rich

        Your “war zone” can be stopped by writing an 100% review not a half thought out one. The fact that you have not consumed the product yourself makes most of this article unfit for publication. In my research, I found that they offer a 100% money back guarantee for their customers so essentially you have nothing to lose other than this partial review of an article. As far as bulk purchases, nobody carries their own stock, the company mails customers the product they order. To your comment about weather or not distributors are being written checks by their up line if they fail. That is the funniest thing I’ve ever read regarding a business investment! No franchise in the world would do that. You have to work in order to get paid. You also eluded to Kyani being a pyramid scheme (your inserted disclaimers did nothing to hide that) A pyramid scheme does not offer a product to sell, perhaps you need to look up the definition. Then we come to the people at the top making the most, that my grossly uninformed reviewer is corporate America. Unlike corporate America the person at the “bottom” as you put it, has full potential to make as much money as they want, it all comes down to work ethic. Now to address converting customers to distributors, that would be up to the customer now wouldn’t it? You also might want to research the MLM business as a whole and see what the investment vs potential wealth falls in against traditional brick and mortar business. Now to you BBB portion of your article, this company has been in business since 2007 and that’s the only consumer complaints they have, that’s freaking AMAZING in and of itself! I dare you to find another 10 year old company with less complaints. Let’s get to the car, sorry to disappoint your readers but this is true, you get this at only the 3rd rank in the compensation plan. You have to choose a white car less than 5 years old, that is the only requirements. Just a little advice on the validity of your reviews, perhaps you should remove the links that make you money.

        • Jennifer

          I forgot to address another part of your less than informative article, Kyani is in over 60 countries. Try again on its approval elsewhere

        • Thank you for the rant. Here are a few points to note;

          1) ‘…100% review not a half thought out one’ — the internet is free to everyone. Go and write your well ‘thought’ review, mine is based on research and facts.
          2) ‘—fact that you have not consumed the product yourself…’ — Do you consume poison so that you can write a review that it kills? Who said l must consume products before writing a review on my own website if l may ask Mr Internet Headmaster?
          3) ‘…. they offer a 100% money back guarantee’ — ONLY on products that you didn’t open or partially consume. Read between the lines. So how do you ‘test’ without opening? Common sense.
          4) ‘…nobody carries their own stock…’ — true, but not at the time when this in depth and well researched review was published.
          5) ‘…regarding a business investment…’ this surely is not a ‘business’. Only Kyani is in business, you are just one of their brainwashed customers.
          6) The person at the ‘bottom — has full potential to make as much money as they want’ — while their up-line get commissions and bonuses off their sales. The more your downline makes, the more the up-line is patted on the back. Visit the compensation plan and educate yourself. They don’t call them pyramid shaped for nothing. In ‘corporate America’ people are rewarded based on experience and education. In MLM, school dropouts make most of the money because they can’t even tell when they are annoying others. They either lose all their friends or get the ‘white car’.
          7) ‘…BBB portion of your article….’ for your own information, any issues resolved on BBB they will be deleted off the platform after a certain period of time. How many issues where resolved and deleted? Did you see any complaint posted 17 years ago?
          8) ‘…you get this at only the 3rd rank…’ — my readers want to know if the car is for free? If it is tied to a level which you can only achieve by recruiting X number of people or is based on sales by your downline then it is not for free.
          9) Why should a company force me to buy a car of a certain colour, when l have worked tirelessly to achieve the 3rd level? l will also pay monthly for the ‘white car’ of Kyani’s choice.

          l am sorry if the you lost a potential recruit after reading this review. Better lucky next time.

    • Andre

      The hot chick you saw didn't pay for the car, the company does. She only chose the one she wanted. Your eyes did not deceive you. It's really happening in Kyani.

      • bdb

        LOL, why r all ur posts at 4 am? if their products r so good, y don't u take that sunset thing to help you sleep?

      • Dawn

        I was contacted via Facebook by Darren Birks as a private message asking me to send him $599 to join his team. When I questioned him about this after he told me it would cost me nothing to be on his team he blocked me. Why do this to me if it isn't a way to scam money off me? Also yesterday he bragged about getting a free car from this company. It's not the company that does it. It's the people making a big profit from scamming people at $599 per person. Surely this is not legal?

        • Good to hear that you dodged the bullet Dawn. It is unfortunate that Kyani members are now so frustrated with shouldering the ‘responsibility’ sold to them as an ‘opportunity’. You can not do that with the program l recommend because everyone who joins can communicate directly to the founders of the affiliate training program. If you are reported to have fleeced other members, your days inside the community will be numbered. Thank you for sharing your experience and helping others not to fall for the Darren Birks scam.

        • Noell

          The 599 is the midline package… It bills his business faster. It is for those that want to take it and sell it. Kyani has help me feel better with my MS. I also eat well and do my best to stay well. I get to know ppl before I offer anything. Most of those that buy out from me don’t want to sell it, I’m not in it for the car or the money, just to help ppl feel better. I’m sorry that happened, we r told to not act that way.
          The car thing does happen. When you reach a sales level, they give $1000 for a down payment & a stipend per month to help you pay for it. The first one has to be white.
          The owners of kyani also own the Idaho Potato fields in Idaho so you can go on to Kyani’s website and donate potato packs for people who are hungry.
          Just like any business you get out what you put in. If this is not for you and that’s okay it’s not for everybody.

      • Thank you Racel for the heads up. Yes, you get a car if you convert more customers to distributors than others. Kyani is just saying, instead of giving you a bonus for handwork, let us psychologically entice others by buying you a car.

    • Caustic

      I have a hot chick in my social media feed who I have known for years. She was with Kyani for less then a month when the gave her the keys to a brand new Mercedes SUV. No scam, no joke.

      • Lauri

        May I ask what you need to do in order to RETAIN the car? I’d be willing to bet the title is in the company’s name. Just wondering.

        • You personally buy the car. Depending on the month it is when you reach sapphire you get 1-3k down and 500 a month for a car. As long as you maintain sapphire or higher rank.

          Sapphire- 500 a month
          Diamond- 1200 a month
          Green diamond 5k a month
          And black diamond 10k a month for your car…..

  4. My Friends Daughter is so passionate about this product and is convinced she will have her brand new Mercedes any day now .

    today she was telling me that they are feeding the starving In Nepal, after doing some research , this did happen but only for 1 month in May 2015.

    i hope she doesn't get burnt but I'm pretty sure she will  

  5. Laura

    The company is owned by mornan families (2) whom were both already established multi millionaires and whom do not take anything from the Kyani company… They use the proceeds to fund and provide food (potato packs) for starving people and havd built schools etc in remote areas… They also put the rest of the profits into the company i.e. paying for training or international accomodation for staff at events etc. nowhere it claims to give you a free car they simply makd the repayment for you which is an amazing bonus on  top of your weekly and monthly pays. Just thought u should know.. Also it is  ranked the highest turnover averaging over 56Cents per dollar directly to distributors. 🙂 

    • Thank you Laura. Now l know that; 1) if you steal and give the proceedes to the poor …. you are not guilty 2) If you train people on how to sell your products it means you are not taking any profits from the company 3) Kyani is ranked highly for over pricing its products because it pays its distributors 56 cents per each dollar consumers spend on its products.  That was quite informative.

    • John stuart

      I am not for or against Kyani.

      Every company even governments make money. But at least you get a product that's good for your body. With so much fast food out there this is just a supplement and with conscious eating exercise and will power you can become healthier. 

      All the other stuff is superficial.

      I would give this a go for 6 months. It's got 24 vitamins in it. No coffee or sugar. 

  6. Sara

    My husband is a Kyani distributor and is already receiving checks in the mail from Kyani. We personally know 5 Kyani members who have surpassed Diamond status and already have 2 luxury cars that are paid for by the company. These people have showed up to our home to host private business receptions (PBRs) using powerpoint. The only thing that could get in the way of your success in this company is YOU. Kyani is not a scam. 


    I am a stay at home mom of 3 kids. I actually see my husband moving up in this business. The products DO work. Since my husband has started taking them, his high cholesterol has went back to normal. His 65 year old mom also takes the products and has more energy and health than ever. Check out the thousands of testimonials on YouTube just to understand that the Kyani products sell themselves. And BTW, there are plenty of studies regarding wild Alaskan berries and Nitric Oxide and their positive effects on the human body. Three scientists won a Nobel peace prize for their studies on Nitric Oxide. 


    We never have extra products laying around. We literally fight over the products lol.


    Also, the prices, business model, and the compensation plan has changed, therefore your information is outdated.


    Kyani actually started in Europe in 2007. It didn’t even show up or start selling in United States until about 18 months ago. So the company is still in its infancy and there is plenty of room for growth.


    Kyani is now the number 1 fastest growing network marketing company in the United States.


    Like most people, I was skeptical when my husband brought a sample pack home to try. He got the sample from a married couple he met at a restaurant. I gave him this look and warned him not to try another MLM company like 5LINX or Amway. But after about 3 days, we noticed a huge difference in how we felt. Anyways, I’m glad that he ignored my warnings and stuck with it. He has already reached Jade status after only 2 weeks and has made me a true believer in the business and the product.


    I wish everyone the best of luck in whatever they decide to do. If you are tired of working like a dog, care about helping people acheive optimum health, you have a positive attitude, then give Kyani a shot. Drop me a line at (Email DELETED) and I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions and put those skeptisms to rest.


    Or visit my website (Link DELETED).

    • Thank you Sarah for leaving a typical example of what happens when patients become sale persons. Where is the proof of all your claims? Unfortunately, no-one will reach you through an email and link to your generic/replicated Kyani website posted on MY website. Let Kyani teach you how to create your own websites and promote their products. l had to retrieve your comment from spam because of the email address that you included. Eat, drink and sleep your Kyani if it is working for you!

      • Chad

        The last comment from "Sara' is what is keeping me from going to a Kyani meeting.  I am familiar with MLM and also care about my health, but I also know that there are a number of difference supplements and vitamins that can be taken to improve your health.  The dishonesty used on these canned(bot) statements(like the one above from "sara") is the problem I have with these types of products in general.  I've tried the products and honestly wasn't impressed.  Personally I feel like if I were going to be a part of a MLM campaign…my best option would be to devlop a nutritional supplement and start pushing it.  Develop a web app, and start my own marketing campain then I can really get rich considering all money would funel to the top, or charge 99 cents for the app and lower the price of the product.  As long as there are sheep there will always be a wolf.  When Kyani is gone, there will be another and another.   The product won't make you rich…the effort you put into selling and recruiting could do well for you though.  

        • Thoughtful comment Chad. l think there is some training inside Kyani on how to write these generic ‘it worked on my dog and my cat’ comments. You would rather focus your effort in selling Kyani products and earn commissions than waste time on recruitment hoping that your downline will put equal effort. If they don’t sell, you have lost your customers.

          • Jonathan

            The comment from sara was verbatim on another forum lmao. So much passion to copy and paste. Kyani recently made it to my city and I can’t step out my door without someone trying to get me to a “meeting” at the end of the day it’s a supplement regardless and I can’t stand people that go from sitting on a couch eating cheese puffs to health and fitness champions overnight because of a pep talk. And in addition if you make money overnight without putting in the time and effort to cultivate a real skill set do you think you really have something good? That’s just my 2 cents

          • T

            this is just so funny to read all of this banter back and forth. i agree that MLM companies are a risk. i am involved in a financial services company that has some MLM components but we are not allowed to advertise. everything is regulated. all these comments about Kyani and other products would not fly with my company. i just think all of this is funny. i just want to try the Kyani product and wish i could just go to the store and buy it but i can’t. i have to find a distributor and go through a big hassle just to try it. i’m not for it or against it. i just can admit that it costs waaaaay too much to continue on a monthly basis.
            sorry for my rambles.

      • Jfruit

        Just an FYI people in Kyani DO have there own websites and I hope you have a chance to try the products and maybe even go to a meeting for Kyani than you can make a more informed judgement. I have never cared for MLM’ S and never been a health nut but I thought I would at least try the products. I gave it a shot and after 3 month’s I went to the Dr just for a general checkup and to my surprise my cholesterol ( which was well over 495 due to genetics) was 197 after only 3 months ( and YES I had it checked before I started the Kyani) because I was skeptical because if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. I had refused to take the cholesterol medicine they had kept me on since I was 25 because it caused me a lot of pain and it was damaging my liver and it barely lowered my cholesterol. That is just 1 problem it helped and I could go on and on. So give it a REAL try then come back and do another review and I bet it will be a lot different. Just sayin’ DON’T KNOCK IT TIL YOU TRY IT! Best Regards, from a happier and healthier me.

        • Good for you. You tried Kyani products because you had problems with your cholesterol. l don’t have a problem with my cholesterol, so why should l ‘give it a REAL try? In any case, even if it works for me, l can not start parroting that Kyani products do really work? That would be lame and an over generalized statement. l also don’t buy over priced MLM products for your own info.

          • Maureen

            I’m with you on not buying overpriced supplements. I can get pretty much any vitamin,etc.-rich juice drink I want for a fraction of the price at Costco. I have a cousin, however, who is wildly in love with the product and makes numerous personal claims of improved health benefits to herself and each of her many disabled and health-impaired foster/adopted children (she’s taken in over 20 through the years). She’s a remarkable person in herself, and I don’t doubt her health claims at all, but I also believe those ingredients are available in any number of other, much less expensive drinks and/or supplements. Almost anything that replaces the junk food most of us have grown so used to will make markedly beneficial differences in the way we feel. When I cut out sugar for a few days, for instance, my aches and pains practically disappear! No, I’m not going to pay MLM prices for anything anymore!

          • T

            can you find a product that has all of the same or similar ingredients for cheaper then (about) $140 per month? i am not 100% sure on the price per month but i have been trying to research it. i am not a KYANI distributor but i want all of these ingredients and i would have to take at least 25 bottles of supplements to create the same ingredients. and most supplements you take don’t get absorbed into your body from the pills.

          • Unfortunately, no one knows IF the products do indeed have the said ingredients except claims by Kyani science? ‘...i would have to take at least 25 bottles of supplements to create the same ingredients‘ — so the question you MUST be asking yourself is, ‘Can one bottle or pill contain so many ingredients in useful quantities recommended by independent scientific research findings?

    • James

      I do love people who spout these claims but provide no empirical evidence.  Please provide some links to actual evidence.  Perhaps, release your tax releases so we can truly see how much  yo make from selling a supplement.  Ironically, I have tried to product.  I was given a weekly trial box as a gift because I am a big fitness enthusiast.  I did not know at the time it was an MLM based product.  I truly like the product.  It is similar to advocare.  I never tried their products but have heard good things.  

      Sara and Andre provide biased marketing advertisement.  They provide no empirical evidence or data backing up their claims.  That is what is wrong with the online world.

      Try the product, but as far as selling it…. I have no dog in that fight….

    • Jasmin

      Just let you know if you have not already noticed, the above Sara's comment (sing praise to kyani) has been posted in more than a few forums whereever people have negative comment about the brand. AS IF she searched for all negative comments or articles on google and sent her uniformed reply to each one of them.

      The question is WHY?? If you are a distributor, can doing so increase your income? NO coz even if people do join bcoz of her comment, she wouldnt benefit from it coz its not her line! 

      Then WHY? All i could think of is that Sara is hired by the company to make up stories to help with bad publicity of the product and business.

      • Jasmin, l totally agree with you. The message is just copied and pasted on every website with a negative Kyani review. Is kyani a good product, if it takes such desperation to sell it? Sarah is an affiliate of Kyani and had left her links to her duplicated Kyani website which l obviously deleted. She just paste her claims and spam affiliate links without even reading the reviews.

    • Margaret

      Where is the proof for: “Kyani is now the number 1 fastest growing network marketing company in the United States.”

    • Bryan cortez

      Hahahahahahaha im sitting in a hotel lobby waiting for my girlfriend and this woman that works at kyani( about to go to a presentation) just have me this whole speech almost to the letter and her friend added the “I was skeptical at first” bullshit this is hilarious

  7. Drew

    Kyani works, I tried it and it cured my cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol and toe fungus. No, I'm kidding. I had a chick on Facebook try to recruit me for this crap and it just bugs me how stupid people can really be to fall for an MLM product. A few years back, a friend tried to recruit me to join that knives selling industry, CutCo or whatever. Long story short, I really hope people don't fall for these kinda things.

  8. Angela

    My son has just  started in the Kyani business. I was also skeptical . He asked me to try the product so I agreed . I've always had a problem with fatigue and am a breast cancer survivor . I've tried many different supplements over the years with no change in my health . Well what a difference a month makes . I'm so happy that I tried this product , it has been amazing for me . It's a subtle change , I no longer nap during the day , am up later at night and out of bed earlier in the morning. The nitro has made a huge difference to my recovery from intense workouts .  My overall concentration and  focus is so much better. I don't take any pre or post workout formulas , I don't need them . Every body has got something to say about mlm or pyramid schemes or whatever , for me this product has been a revelation , if my son stopped with this business I would continue to take the product . I don't really care for the opinions of others but if you want to judge something shouldn't you at least give the product a go . I'm not going to recommend a movie or a restaurant to a friend if I haven't been there first. For me I'm more interested in facts than opinions . As for the price , for the results I've had I'm happy . In the past I've chucked out numerous amount of out of date supplements. I've always given anything I've tried a red hot go with no results . So grateful to my son for asking me to try this , it really has changed my life. Happy Days .

    • Thank you Angela for sharing your experience on one of the reviews on Kyani products. l am glad if the nitro is working well for you. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean that it works for everyone and there are no ‘facts’ that attest to that or empirical evidence except individual reports like yours. Yes, we talk about MLM and pyramid schemes because it is a wrong business model full of hype and deception. That is the focus Avert Scams.com. l would really have wanted to ‘give the product a go’ if l lacked focus and concentration and see how it goes. Even if it would work for me, it would not mean that l would blow a trumpet and say Kyani products really work. To reach any conclusions on the efficacy of using a product you need a statistically significant number of participants. Measure the base level (current concentration and focus levels). Split the sample into two groups; the experiment group – give nitro for ….. months and assess concentration and focus level at intervals. Control group – will not consume nitro and you also measure the variables. You then control most of the factors such as the food the participants eat during the period and so forth. After the experiment you then use statistical methods to verify if your results are significant – nitro may work under the experimental conditions. Without such processes, any claims that Kyani works are hearsay or testimonials NOT facts. Of course there is no need for being worried about the price, your son gets the added 50% on the price back as commission. Continue taking your nitro if it is helping you. All the best.

      • Michael

        Our bodies need nutrients that we aren’t getting in the garbage foods we eat. lol, saying it won’t work for everyone is like saying water won’t keep everyone alive. It’s why we all feel like dog shit and it’s also why the king of all pyramid schemes big Pharma is raking in $billions. People are looking for the most effective convenient delivery system for nutrients NO ONE IS GETTING and EVERYONE NEEDS. And people are waking up so this delivery system is timely. I’ve been doing nutrient loaded spice shots for my delivery system and sometimes skip it because it consumes time. But I’ve noticed a dramatic change for the positive since doing this. Food is nothing more than a delivery system for nutrients whether it’s a hamburger or an apple and we aren’t getting it in the food we buy.

        Evidence? lol, and how would “evidence” convince you without trying the product yourself.

        You reviewed this without trying the product? lol

        • Thank you Michael for sharing your valued opinions. Supplements are definitely not like ‘water’. Affiliates sell them to you because they joined a supplement based MLM and you are their ‘warm target’. NOT because you ‘NEED’ them? They also want to sell you an ‘opportunity’ to do the leg work for them while they reap commissions… period. A friend of mine joined Herbalife and my family woke up needing Herbalife Appetite Suppressants as a matter of urgency. Did we really NEED this? l have a question for you, How many types of over priced supplements do l need since there are 50 essential body nutrients? Sorry, l ONLY take what has been recommended to me by a certified health worker. Yes l reviewed this without testing the product and l will NOT be doing so any time soon. If you have read the review, you will note that l am only against the business model and false testimonials by affiliates. Even if l were to try the product and it ‘worked’. It would be utter stupidity to blow a trumpet telling the World to gobble Kyani supplements because they worked for me. If that is what you will call ‘evidence’ then l am sorry we are not on the same page.

          • Charles Ruzic

            Even if you are not on the same page, you cannot deny the huge number of positive comments. Yes I know the problems with MLMs, but I have just begun try Kyani. I understand that there is a possibility it will not work for me, but I know that it has worked for many others. I put out more money than I would like to, but the probability of improving my health & also possibly earning an income is ample motivation. In 2011, people thought I might die. I was on 17 prescriptions including al of the world’s strongestt pain relievers. Thankfully (perhaps because the addictive pain relievers were continually changed) I never got addicted. I have been offf them & most of the other prescriptions for 3 years. Anyone who wants to contact me can email me at (EMAIL DELETED) Chuck Ruzic

          • Just by chance, l managed to retrieve your comment from the spam folder. Any comments with email addresses rarely pass through spam filters. Even if they do, they get deleted by website owners in order to protect their web visitors. l am happy that Kyani has helped you improve your health. Good lucky with your business prospects and don’t forget to come back and share your success story with others.

  9. zee

    i think this Kyani product/distributor program is just hype.  everyone going to the meetings and listening the the "jade" "emerald" and "diamond" leaders are being feed a fantasy because unless you plan on working every single minute of the day or traveling leaving your family days at a time, you will not make the kind of money you are being promised.  the whole "work for yourself and have more time with family" is simply not true.  if you want to become "diamond" status, you can never be home relaxing with your family, you will be at meetings recruiting more distributors.  smh

    • True that. It is indeed a ’responsibility’ disguised as an ‘opportunity’. Once you are a leader, it brings in more responsibilities instead of you enjoying life while earning passive income. I will stick to creating niche websites which in the end people can visit and buy products 24/7 even while l am in the dreamland.

  10. Lexi

    I have been annoyingly approached a few times about kyani…one of them was a family member. Just great right? No hiding from that one. None of them could tell me about the supplements besides what was printed on the sample packaging and in the pamplet. They all had success stories of a friend of a friend of a cousin of an aunt…lol but it wasn't enough to convince me. I wasn't only approached to try it, but to sell it right off the bat! Because one of them was a family member, I went ahead and agreed to try the 7 day supplement kit to be nice and honestly, to get her off my back. Lol Before I knew it, I was being recruited to sell and attend seminars and such. Hold up, not happening! I had to stop her in her tracks and let me try the supposed amazing product for myself. My results? No results to document, as it did nothing for me. Then I get the, "A lot of times it takes 2 weeks to a month to feel results"…then why just a 7 day trial? I will not be conned into buying $150 worth of product to try it out. It's no wonder they get "free" cars with the outrageous pricing. I also didn't appreciate how verbatim each distributor was with their sales pitch. They were like little pushy robots sent off with one script, and then if they get stuck or bombarded with questions, they refer you to their website which is also useless. You can't bash it until you've tried it….and well, I've tried it and I can bash it all I want. Lol It does not work for everyone. 

  11. Felina

    What I will never understand is why people like you guys take time to talk about others. Ok if you don’t like it fine!.
    Don’t work for you oh well.
    The owners of Kyani has never failed in anything they have done. just business families like all the rest.
    I am part of Kyani, I have a home, I have a car, I work hard, I love people. and more than anything I love God.
    Every job is a pyramid if this is what everyone thinks, so take some of your time and just be good kind people, no need for all the criticism and bashing of any company, they are all out here trying to do the same thing.
    Don’t work for you good.
    works for me good.
    Everybody is not going to like everything, we have our winner’s and complainers. bathers and just ignorant as well.
    How much do you give to starving countries ,
    How much do you service others
    How kind are you to a homeless person.
    God will judge us all one day for everything we do. If God is the head of your life these type of issues would cease.
    Just thought I would chime in and say, We’re happy and we can smile everyday, we are blessed with a good company, and if you don’t like it well good for you.
    God bless you all….

    • Don’t take it too personal Felina, you don’t own Kyani. We just tell people what they are getting themselves into before they join MLM programs. Imagine, joining a program such as My Online Business Empire assuming that membership will cost you $49 per month and only to realize that you may end up spending a whooping $25 000 paying for endless up-sells. If telling people to avoid loosing their money to scams is a SIN. I am guilty. God is for us all. Stay blessed too.

      • Robert

        After reading all of your comments and hearing these replies, I must interject. The problem in this whole matter is that your bias toward affiliate marketing leaves your opinion completely biased and with a negative perspective of MLM companies.

        The difference is that in your affiliate approach there is no person to person communication. So for a person like you, that would rather sit behind a computer screen “creating niche websites for people to visit”, an MLM approach is not practical. Though, for others who are more socially interactive looking to market a product they believe in and probably use themselves and are willing to get up off their ass and put in the hard work that has actually been shown to pay off, the MLM approach may work.

        It seems to me that most people who get into MLM, or network marketing, that really make it, are those that really believe in the product and use it. As a personal trainer I could incorpaorate a product like kyani into my business as an added supplement for clients, and if clients really like it, tell them how they can do it for themselves. But for those who jump in as a get rich quick scheme, well,…we kind of all know how that usually turns out.

        • Yes, l hate MLM because the business model only rewards 3% of people at the top. It is a high risk business model because if 51% of the products are being sold to affiliates and only 49% are sold to outside customers it is labeled a pyramid scheme. The recent example being that of Vemma which was shutdown after failing to maintain the balance. Unfortunately, distributors are not privy to such information and they get caught up in the cross fire. MLM companies view failed distributors as freebie seeking customers …. lol. That ‘person to person communication’ in Network marketing and MLM is what l hate most. Peddling products to your loved ones and neighbors that they DON’T NEED and are NOT searching for because you joined an MLM is the most disgusting behavior. So your training is so useless that you now want to abuse and fleece clients by offering them MLM based Kyani supplements? Now you know why l love affiliate marketing …. l only sell products to people who need them and are actively searching for them. l don’t ruin relations or abuse my customers… DUH!

  12. Gaye Lynn Craig

    I have a dear friend that has recently been ,”launched,” into the Kyani “family”. And they reiterate everything you have said, but sadly, I’m afraid for her. That this “fad” will come to an end, just like other MLM’s before it. Money is to be made, and she has told me all about the Diamond status, and so forth. She is a born sales person, me? Not so much. Been around Amway(grandaddy of all MLMs, Ambit energy, etc). Doesn’t hold interest for me.I tried the product Sunrise(tastes horrid), couldn’t tell a difference. My husband suffers from RA, so he started on the Sunset. It did seem to help his hands, however, he also has a heart condition and the product started interfering with his heart. He is SUPER sensitive to meds. So we both have stopped taking the product. Personally, I didn’t see or feel any benefits from the product. Also, people, in general, need to do some research. I feel I could get the same effect from Centrum Silver, lol. Just my honest opinion.

    • It is sad that people dice with other people’s health by pushing products that have never been scientifically tested as solution to their ailments. Just for the sake of earning commissions.

    • Frank

      If Kyani ‘started interfering with his heart’, then the company and all its distributors should be told. It’s about time someone mentioned ‘side effects’.

      • jac

        Not a kyani user or seller. But if you have a heart condition on meds then they should have talked to their doctor first especially if you know you are sensitive. They should probably stay away from all supplements. Many drugs (even prescribed) can interact with each other…some foods even interact with drugs! Just saying that you can’t exactly blame a company when it states to get medical advice first.

  13. Ms. V

    Kyani Products

    Hello, I have not been approached to sell the products or go to any meetings, but just to try the products and see how they work, since I am usually pretty skeptical about taking anything. I told the distributor I am not sure if it’s the combination of me working out and taking the supplements; however I am feeling pretty good these days and not feeling tired or restless. I already told the distributor I will not go to any meetings or become a distributor. I will buy the 30 day supply and see if it really works. This is just my opinion.

  14. Kyani scam

    I knew this is thing was fishy. I tried the sample and my neck and shoulders had this incredible 3 day pain. It felt like when you slept incorrectly however, the pain didn’t come over night. I took it in the early afternoon and by 7pm it happened. That was when I decided nope! Never!

  15. Telly

    There is someone at my job that distributes Kyani products. Pretty much all the staff has tried it. One person said she didn’t think it was for her and did not feel the affects. The rest of the staff really likes it and says it makes them feel great. Unfortunately only a few of them can afford that monthly bill. I’m going to try a week supply and see how I feel. One thing I won’t do is become a distributor. I have no time for that. I hope the product itself is good though.

    • l find it very funny that you people just try supplements because someone offered you a sample, when you are not aware of any body deficiencies. What does ‘feel great’ mean? How great is feeling great? Is it their hair, brain, toe nails or eyes that felt ‘great’ or it is the whole body …. LOL? What an abstract term which is difficult to quantify or infer any logical effect of the Kyani supplements from. Already your mind is primed to believe that the sups will make you feel great. Ever heard of the psychology of social influence? l am sorry that your work mates will not ‘feel great’ for life because they can’t afford the supps. Maybe you can pull your resources together, buy and share the Kyani Products then feel ‘great’ for life.

      • shayla whitehead

        Im an literally laughing out loud. “Im sorry you all wont feel great for the rest of your life since you all cant afford the supps. Why dont you all get together to buy it and share it?(paraphrasing) If people only went into deep thought on things like this. What would you do if this product didnt exist at all? What is the alternative? Isn’t that what the nutribullet was made for? When u cant stand to eat disgusting tasting but good for you foods on their own, you blend them to get the nutrients you need? I was just approached to do this also by a guy i dont even know through a comment I left on a post. Do you think im going to give 600 dollars with my credit card through a website? That alone just had me at no. But i got curious because he did say it would be of great help to my ms. I have to have everything as natural as it can be to keep me from flaring up. If people only understood its not the food its the chemicals. You can have salad and carrots all day but if its doused in chemicals you will not be exactly eating healthy. Just sad. Now i know that its not as health improving as he made it sound. Saved me in case i had a brain fart and decided to earn extra income by just offering people some half ass supps

  16. Kris P. Bacon

    Oh man! There’s so much hate. I was extremely skeptical as well but I am Willing to give it a shot. Keep in mind I have never done any mlm related business and was introduced through a good friend of mine. I will let you all know how I do. Sadly, there’s a lot of scum bags in mlm who take advantage of people or do unethical things just to get their opportunity going. The only thing they don’t realize is it’s going to come back and bite them in the ass. Not only
    Will they look bad, but the business also looks bad. I believe that is why it gets such a bad name. Of course some are more legitimate than others.The team I am Working for strictly advises us to not cram this down people’s throats. Maybe it’s just their up line not teaching them correctly, or they are desperately to get results. I feel like that if you are truly genuine with people about what you’re doing they will be more open to it. Like any business you get what you put into it. The only goal of a distributor should be to present the opportunity not force it upon people, but that’s just my opinion. I will repost in a few weeks and update how my experience is going.

    • All the best Bacon. Let me know how it goes. Another interesting fact about the MLM business is that you find the same people on the leader board of every other program. They know the exact date and time of the next MLM launch. They just need to be in the first 20 people to join and they move on to the next launch.

  17. Kris P. Bacon

    You are correct but you have to realize a lot of the top sellers also switch to another. Company because of the newly bustling market. I mean if, you were successful in one you will most likely be successful in another ya know what I mean? I hated mlms with a passion mostly because I dislike humanity as a whole lol but gotta make money some how, amiright?

  18. As an entrepreneur and worker in the supplement retail industry, there is 2 things to keep in mind with that kind of business:

    1. If they do make around 8$ profits on an average of 50$ product, that’s a 16% gross margin (not considering the 6$ off a 75$ product). Now let me give a business tip to ANYONE considering going in the retail business: IF YOUR MARGIN ARE LESS THAN 35%, DON’T PUT TIME AND MONEY INTO IT!

    2. The second thing I wanted to share with anyone considering this type of business, please keep in mind that someone working 40h/week at a 12$/h rate will do more money than 92% of the people in Kyani (or Team Fusion, as they like to call it)…

    If you’re fine with that, good!… all I’m saying is that a true entrepreneur will seize better business opportunities. But that’s just my opinion.


    • Thanks for sharing valuable tips Francis. People will NEVER learn. When Vemma was shutdown the lawyers told the learned judge that 91% of people who joined the program did not make any meaningful income and therefore must be treated as freebie discount seeking CUSTOMERS. They only distributed the products to themselves…. LOL!

  19. Kyani WHAT?

    This is such a joke.. I can’t believe I am wasting 5 minutes of my life reading and responding to this, but I guess the sense of guilt by not saying anything would be much worse…
    To all of the people who think there is some magical “get rich” scheme to get into and be apart of… it does not exist. The old saying, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is…” is a saying for a reason.

    I’m sorry but most of the people I see pushing these products are all wannabe millionaires.. If they spent half the time working hard and pursuing an education and legitimate career or entrepreneurial paths, they’d probably get there.

    My guess is that this company LEASES the car- it’s not even bought. So congrats on your lease? If they did buy it, congrats on your depreciating asset….and by the way, that debt is on their balance sheet.

    If the product is SO great, why aren’t they in retailers or building the company responsibly to employ and offer benefits and retirement plans?

    It doesn’t sound like a scam, it just sounds like a lot of misinformed people chasing a carrot dangled in front of them, chasing someone else’s dreams and success.

    These are all my own opinions- take them or leave them. I’m not a hater, I’m a realist.

    • Tomas

      Hit the nail on the head. And by reading alot of these comments, it seems to me that kyani have a really good online team trying to counteract any bad reviews 🙂

    • Betsy

      The cars are leases and if you don’t stay at that level the company stops paying you the $500 a month for the lease.

    • Matt Byars

      I’m making 13-16k a month. It started month 6 and has continued month 9. I will most certainly verify this.

    • Jj

      Glad I found this. A friend from college tried to get me in to this. I was previously cornered by two other people from my college for an amway scam. I said no to that and I will say no to this. I only considered this because the business I do work with is struggling. I feel like people may be succeotable to this kind of snake oil pitch because all their efforts to get educated and work hard are bearing little fruit. We live in a world where you now can make all the effort in the world, get no where and be told “well too bad, get a job you lazy Schmuck.” So it would make sense that this kind of lunacy can start to look appealing. Shame.

  20. Frank

    I agree. Many gullible people will lose money with this company. The car lease is in the distributor’s name, so the debt is on the distributors balance sheet. The distributor remains liable for everything, including tax on the ‘bonuses’ designed to cover the leasing payments. Unless the car is used for business, there’s no tax relief on any of the costs.

  21. Berry

    Kyani has the best compensation plan out of all MLM companies I have reviewed. Further more, the products work. I have seen numerous people with arthritic pain, be able to stop taking prescription pills and “claim” to be pain free. But i always say , “i need more proof then you saying that you can finally sleep through the night.” So they provided proof and brought their doctors to meet me. The products have thousands of testimonials. If you supplement regularly then you know how this simple combination of supplements; 1) makes consuming all of them at once easier and saves you money in comparison to purchasing 15-20 different supplements and having to take each one individually. Whats your health worth? I’ve shown multiple people how to work hard and get company paid cars on top of their five figure monthly earnings. Its not hard. It just takes work ethic. All I know is I can never go back to working a muggle job after succeeding in a home based business like Kyani. I know there are skeptics… would you like to see my tax return? How do I post a picture here?

        • Do you want to send it to me on his behalf? In any case, if he is making money off suckers who fell for the hype —- who cares? A fool joins the internet everyday and is soon parted with his/her money.

      • Kyani

        We get that you’re not easy to please not easy to scam nor gullible. You seem super smart. Have you been heartbroken before in your life? I sense that from you. Who broke your heart? I hope they are suffering somewhere because I can tell they must of really hurt you bad. ?

    • Why should l try ‘your’ products? l am healthy for now, thank you. Until and unless MY personal doctor recommends that l gobble litters of sups or hard swallow pills …. NO free trials for me. It’s like buying expensive software to increase your car speed from the set 200 km per hour to 500 km per hour when the country’s maximum speed is 120 km per a hour … just dumping money into a shit hole!

  22. Saul T Nuts

    What’s the bet 100% of you get in to kyani for the shot at cars and ‘riches’! It could be any product that you sprook really, you wouldn’t care. “Hey, have you heard of kyani?” Or “9inch rubber cock?” or “size 31 shoes?”. These people couldn’t really give a damn what they peddle to the unsuspecting, anything for them to have a chance at posting a rags to riches motivational quote on Instagram, blare Drakes ‘started from the bottom’ on repeat at high volume and have a shot at driving a brand new white auto. Seems to me that all participants are high on a lethal dose of ‘the secret’ mixed with ‘wolf of wall street’. Enjoy the nausea on your comedown dreamers.

    • You are spot on Saul. What most people don’t know is that; MLM companies are formed first, before the owners search for ANY product to sell to everyone who joins. They just pick on products to avoid being labelled a pyramid scheme. There are a some MLM companies l am going to review soon one of which is based on selling oxygen drops to each other called O2 Worldwide. They instill fear into you that the air is too polluted so buy the drops and sign up for auto-shipping. As usual, there are loads of parroted ‘it makes me feel good and increases my energy’ fake testimonials by affiliates. The other one called Four Corners Alliance Group, sells content scrapped around the web, spun and put into PDFs. Prices and pyramid levels depend on how many PDFs you purchase …. lol. Soon there will be an MLM based on selling dog doo to each other!

    • Thank you Skyler for your kind offer and link to join Kyani. l have cut and saved the link in my vault. By the way, does Kyani allow you to promote their products through your own personal website?

    • Frank

      Skyler, you posted on another website saying ‘Lets get this company noticed’. Well your wish has come true! Kyani has been noticed by Truth in Advertising Inc. and by the FTC

  23. Russ

    All I can say is this, my buddy who is into the mlm world is starting to sell this, he already takes the the same stuff (not brand) as a workout/life supplements so he figures why not try it. He got burnt by a different mlm that I kept telling him to be questioning the legitimacy of the company. So I am not into the mlm thing but I will say this. If you are not taking the supplements then you can’t truly review the product. If you are not in the company then you can’t truly review the compensation plan and if it actually pays money. Also the way to get ahead in life is hard work, if there is actually people getting lease repayments then those people are actually putting in the work to sell the product. Let’s not forget that there is some respectable companies that sell thru mlm, #1 is AVON. As with most mlm people get in for the fast cash and don’t actually work for it then nothing happens and they spread bad words on a company that didn’t pan out when they didn’t put in the work, shocker no work no pay.

    so I close with don’t bash something that all your info is off the internet, you can find anything on the Internet. You want to do a good review that is honest then try it yourself, give it a honest try and then you would have grounds for a good review.

    • Thanks Russ for sharing your opinions. Unfortunately, l only take supplements if they have been recommended by a certified health worker and not because someone tells me to do so. You don’t need to take poison for you to write a review on whether it kills humans or not…. unless you are an idiot. Compensation plans don’t pay money, owners of the scheme do. It would be foolish if not suicidal to think that as long as the company is paying distributors, the compensation plan is perfect. Vemma paid all distributors in full and on time BUT was closed because their compensation plan sucked. In any case, l NEVER mentioned that Kyani does not pay its distributors in my review.
      ‘As with most mlm people get in for the fast cash….’ I totally agree with you Russ, people join MLM because of the ‘fast cash’ HYPE being spread by both the owners of the program and distributors. l don’t blame them for falling for false promises of fancy cars (FREE BMW), big houses, passive income and so forth. They are victims. They also join because of pressure from ‘friends’ and ‘loved ones’ who take take advantage of their relations to earn commissions if they buy their products. Some people are just fooled by the ‘discounts’ offered if you choose to become a distributor oblivious of the auto-shipping contract they are getting themselves into.
      l also close by saying, if you tried the product yourself then feel free to go and write your own ‘honest review’ since you have ‘grounds for a good review’.
      TIP: If you don’t like my review ….. go write yours. You can NOT be a headmaster or supervisor on internet…. it’s beyond your scope.

  24. Berend

    I have read most of the comments and must say this:
    Any business is a pyramid scheme. Coca Cola, Microsoft, Starbucks, Walmart, etc….
    Guys at the top make the most money… And maybe fair, they did build the company and invested a lot.
    As an employee you work hard every day, the harder you work, the more the company makes. if you are lucky a small bit comes back to you.
    If you don’t perform you get sacked and all the customers you made for the business stay with the company.
    You can say a lot about MLM but at least it is honest. If you recruit a customer or a distributor he or she stays yours client unless you drop out. Let’s face it, earning a quick buck is not easy anymore. Those who work hard at finding customers make more money then those who sit back and think the business will come to them.
    Find a MLM where the product works for you.
    Don’t sell a product if you done use it yourself.
    Don’t sell a product because it makes you a lot of money.
    Promote a product that you believe in.
    I love IPhone, but if I show how cool it is and a friend buys one, I don’t get a reward from Apple. MLM do reward referrals.

    Again, if you are looking for some extra cash on the side, try some MLM products, they mostly give out trials, just like Nescafe do in the malls. (But they don’t reward you for referrals)

    Find a product that you like and would be happy to use on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
    Don’t, sell, nobody likes pushy sales people, let the product speak for itself.
    Give away samples, follow up and ask how they like the product… If the product is good and it benefits the user, the price is not outrageous, then most probably you found your first customer / business partner.

    Good luck,
    Abu Dhabi

    • Thank you Brend for your thought full comments. For the sake of others who will read your comment let me dispel a few misconceptions.
      1) ‘Any business is a pyramid scheme’.. Many businesses do have a pyramid ‘structure’ but they are NOT ‘pyramid schemes’. That is why Pyramid Schemes get closed by regulating authorities a case in point being that of Vemma. and the companies that you have mentioned continue to operate above the law. You need to read the real definition of a pyramid scheme. Even Amway, an MLM established in the 1950s is still fighting to prove its legitimacy 66 years down the line.
      2) Now you are contradicting yourself ‘Guys at the top make the most money… And maybe fair, they did build the company and invested a lot’. Thank you for pointing out that in real businesses, those at the ‘top invested their money to build the business’. CEOs also invested their money and time in educating themselves on how effectively run the company. In simple terms, they are at the top because they are competent. In MLM, people are at the top because, they got to know about the ‘opportunity’ first before others even if they know nothing about marketing. Forced Matrix in most MLMs ensure that they get paid from spill overs as long as the buy their monthly quota.
      3) Employees work for a company and they get an agreed salary every month. The salary in known and guaranteed. In MLM, you work for ‘promises’ of intangibles … freedom, life changing opportunity, passive income while you do what you enjoy. Of course, l am not a fan 9-5 jobs, that is why l show people how they can build their own businesses online and sell what they want.
      4) There are many companies who sell iPhones and would pay you a commission if you refer a friend using your affiliate link. The difference is, Apple will not add 50% on the price to burden the customer and to line your pocket.
      5) ‘Find a MLM where the product works for you’ easier said than done. There are thousands of MLMs with each one selling more than 50 different products. You will spend a lifetime and fortune searching for ‘products (that) works for you. You may consider being more practical when you choose to give unsolicited advice to others. The same goes, for your other ideas. For your own information, if you were to use ALL Kyani products and purchase them monthly, it will cost you at least 1 000 USD per month …. is that practical?
      6) About trying out supplements, this is what This is what NCAHF Vice-President Stephen Barrett, M.D. said after investigating more than a 100 supp based MLMs

      The products that have nutritional value (such as multivitamins) are invariably overpriced and usually not needed. The products promoted as remedies are either bogus, unproven, or intended for conditions that are unsuitable for self-medication

      Most people are forced to ‘try out’ supplements just because they happen to be known by someone who recently joined an MLM. It is NEVER because they NEED the supps. Almost all comments for Kyani, are because it worked for my mother who l am siphoning pension funds from, a son, daughter or my pets…. Don’t abuse your relations, sell them to people searching for the product because they think they need the supps. As you can tell from the comments, there are many ‘false’ testimonies about cure from ‘…conditions that are unsuitable for self-medication’. l will NEVER try ANY health supplement in my life, UNLESS and UNTIL it is recommended to me by a certified health practitioner.
      7) Thanks for the advice on how to sell MLMl supps. l wish people would stop this business of abusing relations and selling them over priced MLM supps just for the sake of earning a commission. People just buy the supps for the ‘opportunity’, if they visit Amazon, they will immediately realize that there are better products with realistic prices and will not buy into the hype. That is why you must ‘push’ them to your loved ones.
      Greedy can not be tamed…. all the best.

  25. b. sullivan


  26. Pete

    My friend recently joined them now he’s going on about the cars and how he’s gonna be rich, I could smell foul play in the air. I’ve been approached by many MLM recruiters in the past and the all talk the same game.

  27. Jonathan

    I think it’s okay to launch an mlm buster, but honestly don’t discount the company or products unless you are in it. Seeing from surface does not make you a professional evaluated but I understand your role to garner fan base to your website by enforcing your negatism towards semi-doubters or curious onlookers. I don’t think you need to learn that 90% of businesses failed in 5 years…with high risk.
    MLM is a legit business. It is often company is the problem that gives mlm a bad name. But its hard work. And you do loose down line and yes you need to sponsor. But it give rewards for your hard work and definitely pays better than your website.
    I have made 389,322 last month with mlm, how much did you make? Oh Wait, this is the part you will say…”thanks for your review but I will go with statistic”, the same statistic about the 90% conventional businesses fails. Lesson here, people fails not the businesses.
    My 2 cents. Stop giving yourself excuses , move away from your comfort zone and work hard for the next 2 years. Show me a person who constantly finds faults, and I will show you a failure.

    • Hahaha .. you made my day Jonathan, your comment is hilarious. Anyway, who are you to tell me to drink poison so that l can tell others that it kills? Sorry Jonathan, you lost your potential recruit because of this review. At least, another soul saved. Only the owners of the MLM know if it is legit or not, that is if they are maintaining the stipulated affiliate to external sales ratio. An MLM can become a Pyramid Scheme overnight. Ask Vemma affiliates who were parroting the same ‘MLM is a legit business’ or ‘all companies are pyramids cliches’ a few months ago what went wrong? Others were busy recruiting newbies a day after the ruling. They were caught off guard. MLM is given a bad name because the business model is flawed not because of individual companies’ behavior. Vemma surely paid its affiliates in full and on time BUT because it was using a flawed MLM business model it is now history. Of course, l make money with my other affiliate websites and ‘Avert Scams’ is just for alerting innocent people about people like you who delight in making money out of other people’s misery. Punching random figures on a keyboard will never convince the dumbest person to join an MLM. In any case, why are you visiting websites leaving comments full of vitriol and showing visible signs of frustration and desperation? This review is read by thousands of visitors per day. According to my goal, that is great success. Live with it.

  28. Jacob

    I created a really long comment but lost it as I tried to post it. I cant be bothered rewriting it again lol

    • lol…. it happens often. Now l write my comment in notepad then copy and paste it into the comment box. At times captchas report errors and everything is lost. At least you managed to let everyone know what happen and they can be cautions.

  29. Louis Fernandez

    There is great info here going both ways! I was actually part of Amway a couple of years ago which is a MLM. Everyone will call these type of businesses pyramid schemes, which are illegal. I’m not in it anymore, mostly because of time. There were many things I realized, pyramid schemes are where all the money flows to the top person whether they do any work or not. This is why I respected the business flow of Amway, they separated levels by percentages. There was a point, when I was actually doing work to grow my business, that I was making more money than the 3 people above me… for about 5 months straight. I was investing about 250 a month and was seeing a return of about 600-700. Not bad. But you have to put in time and work. The fact is a product is a product. You see on infomercials where people are selling laundry detergent and say is the best when really it’s the same, but they believe it. So. If you believe in a product, that willooks allow you to endorse it even if it didn’t make you money. You like a movie? After you watch it, you endorse to others even though you aren’t making money. Some will go based on your opinion of the movie…some might agree with you, some wont. MLM works, it’s just hard to push products that don’t have mainline advertisement. And you have to be willing to put time in. Not jut 1 or 2 hours, I’m talking 4 to 5 hours every day! That’s where I drew my line. It got hard and strained my relationships. I feel people tend to have bad reviews on companies based on the people they are working with. The good thing about these businesses: PEOPLE, the bad thing about the businesses: PEOPLE. Its who you are getting into business with. Whether is be MLM or standard franchise or any business. Everyone on here has good points. Glad I read this article.

    • Well said Louis. Indeed Amway due to too many costly brushes with law has made lots of useful changes. For instance, you are only allowed to recruit new people if you have sold a prescribed volume of products. Most of these MLMs, you join today, you get your referral link and tomorrow you are already recruiting. Even if you haven’t sold a single product, you can go ahead and recruit others. How then will you teach your recruits on how to sell ‘real’ products offered by the MLM? That is why people complain of joining the wrong team and in the end fail. l have read judgments on closed MLMs, Kevin Thompson MLM Attorney’s blog and MLM journals and they all have one major weakness. They don’t maintain a balance between value of products sold to distributors and those sold to outside customers (non-participants). The moment more than 50% of the sales are to affiliates, it automatically becomes a Pyramid Scheme according to FTC guidelines. We know that Vemma in the end tried to convince the jury to allow them to convert ALL failed distributors to ‘customers’ to escape their inevitable demise. l totally agree with you that in any business not only in MLM you need to put in a lot of effort to succeed. Unfortunately, the hyped videos on MLMs state exactly the opposite —- ‘earn passive income while you are on holiday or travelling, freedom to work where and when you want to, earn life time recurring income, working less than an hour a day … the list goes on and on’. If people buy into the promise, they are not in the right mindset to put in 4-5 hours of hard work. You can’t blame them either; they are lied to. To wrap up, only when MLMs reward selling of real products more than recruiting, force distributors to balance recruitment with retailing efforts and lastly stop the hype when recruiting, they will continue dicing with crossing the thin MLM/Pyramid Scheme line. Thanks for the well thought comment.

  30. Antwan

    I was looking at Kyani products and looked at what I was told to be approved in EU, REALLY full of crap I was shown a certificate by Dr Walter Vosgen which worked for Kyani to get the product imported to Germany. The certificate only tells me that the product was not tested for the benefits I was told about, same the Hungary one only tells that there is no illicit drugs in the product, I saw similar certificate of a company that wanted to export chocolate to Hungary so I understand that certificate is only optioned so Kyani can be sold in Hungary. Any have any medical certification information about these extremely expensive products.
    I may be called any name like others have been called here but with that only shows me that an arrogant person would have answered and would want me to think I’m on the wrong way so if I am show me how and why and proof that the system will not collapse as all other types of pyramid systems did before and sorry I forgot to say before I’m only 50% smart 50% not.
    Aussie Ton

  31. Brigette

    This boggles my mind!
    My son and his girlfriend are at a meeting right now for this.
    It may be honestly helpful to the body,
    But so is fruit, vegetables, nuts, legumes……
    If we source out the best food for our bodies,
    Why do we need to spend money on this?
    I may try some samples, but unless I feel a positive difference I will remain sceptical.

  32. Brandon

    A lot of thoughts.
    Glad i found this site, my facebook has become littered with this stuff.

    I cant help but think that taking this “supplements” works to a degree, just like eating healthy/healthier would. I actually felt better from eating an apple yesterday, which i rarely do. (true story)

    So in that sense, if this is something that can make people live healthier when they otherwise wouldn’t, then good for them.

    The stinky part of this whole thing is the MLM aspect of it. We all can’t be rich, it is simple math, economics, society, whatever. MLM is basically a legal pyramid scheme.

    MLM companies require you to fincially contribute to the company to remain employed(in the money). Legitimite businesses do not. Any money you make in the MLM is directly related to how many people you con to financially contribute to the company. The fact they are actually selling you something is only to legally protect them. If you are ok with doing that for a living, then good for you.

    Where is the money from all these payouts coming from?

    Kyani seems to be all about the recruitment, and growing the advertising lemming army which in turn increases their revenue. This is obvious because all the kyani people post the same things trying to prey on your weakness for greed and fear of missing opportunity. Why work a 9-5 when i can be home all the time and make these checks(which never show how much). I bet those levels and amounts to get those cars are directly related to a specific profit gained where the people you made sign up pays for that car for you.

    So there is a Million $ opportunities out there and I am supposed to believe that you are trying to get me in on it and post it to the world? We all are greedy and would keep that kind of information to ourselves wouldn’t we so we could get rich? I mean we cant all be rich can we?

    The only reason why there are stories of millionaires and people getting paid for doing nothing from this companies are from siphoning money from the rest of you who are affiliated with kyani. This is a pyramid scheme that is structured to do everything it can to not be classified as one.

    It is so clear to me now, the product doesnt matter to them. They just needed a product to actually sell so they are not a pyramid scheme by definition.
    They could care less if their product sells. I would guess it works just as well as eating blueberrys would make you feel better and a little bit of placebo.

    They make money even if their product doesn’t actually sell to consumers because they already have people paying them money for something they shouldnt and afraid to leave if only to miss out on an opportunity to get rich.

    • l could not have said it any better. You are spot on. The supplement MLM marketing process is the same;
      1 – you are told to try a sample.
      2 – if out report that you are feeling better you are either recruited into the MLM or influenced to sign for auto-shipment to avoid the deliberately inflated cost of once off shipment.
      3 – if you didn’t ‘feel’ any better from taking the supplement – either you didn’t follow instructions or you need to combine it with another supp.
      4 – if there is no satisfaction, you are taken back to the first stage – to try a different sample.
      5 When everything fails, you are told that supps are not medicament, they are just for improving your well being. You will miss an ‘opportunity’ to change your life, be your own boss ….
      It is true that a pyramid scheme is created first before picking on any product. For example Valentus is a Cofee based MLM, 4 Corners Alliance GroupBooks and PDFs of PLR articles, Dove Chocolate Discoveries – high end chocolates. the list goes on. As long as someone is making money off their next recruit, the product is a must have that you can’t live without.

  33. Marco

    Scam Busters,

    Thank you for placing my feet back on the ground.
    Last week I was invited to a Kyani introduction, got a free pack and an “öffer I Cann’t refuse”.
    Told them that i want to investigate first and found your site. Indeed my conclusion was that the product looks ok but my earlier experiences with mlm are that you pay way too much for the products.
    I’ll keep my affiliate sites and will let this offer pass me by.
    You are doing a great job. Tanks

  34. Annabella

    As promised I’m coming back to post my point of view: I’m a chronically ill lady of almost 70 and been suffering with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Degenerative Spine for about 23 year and normally I’m in pain 24/7. Some days are worse or better than others. I’m unable to do certain housework etc. I have had several operations up to last year..I ended on this site because one lady in My Fibro Team, was singing the glory of Kiani products and was saying that she resumed all what she was doing before she become sick…but she never mentioned it was a MLM! Because my health issues I fell into the trap of MLM not once but several times ending up with me being the best customer.Why? you may ask..although the product were good I couldn’t justify their exorbitant prices. I live in Australia and purchase my supplements from a reputable firm in the USA..when I need them and have a plethora of choices. To keep the cholesterol at bay I take Red Yeast Rice and CQ10..that it’s a total of about $60 x 2 months. My doctor and my Cardiologist are aware of my supp so that he asked for my papers to show to his collegues to look into alternative medication to lower cholesterol. A former GP prescribed be those horrible med that was causing the Fibro to flare up because was tensing all my muscles. Have changed GP since and he’s happy with the supp I’m taking..oh before I conclude, let me say that to energise my immune system, I’m taking Symbiotic Colostrum Plus…and I can see the benefit..I recovered very quickly from a knee total replacement. This it’s my story, I wrote it for those who are in pain and to show that they don’t have pay a fortune for those products from Kyani and that they can be free to purchase excellent products at very low cost without any pressure. Thank you for allowing me to show my point of view, I hope it will be of help to the readers..Certainly I will follow your comment.Thanks and kind regards

    • Thank you Annabella for the kind advice. l really believe there are products which can help people overcome their health challenges sold at justified market prices. l am glad, your health is improving because you independently searched for helpful products without anyone imposing them on you just because they joined a supplement based MLM. l wish you complete recovery all as you continue taking healthy supplements without an opportunity attached.

  35. Jac

    This is a really poor review that actually does not review the product but mainly just the business side of it of which there are false comments/opinions (or whatever you want to call them). As a doctor and having patients started on this I have had to go through the scientific papers to see if certain patients would be safe to take things with what medical conditions they have and what other medications they are on. Kyani have done the hard yards to pay for the research and there are also independent organisations who have researched the products. The 2 families that paid for the production of this product were already billionaires in their own right (not from MLM) and do not take any profit from the Kyani business, they also give distributors opportunities to help them distribute the potato paks that feed starving populations in developing countries, the distributor gets commission back from actually buying the packs as well. The fact people are going off your site to decide whether they use the product is quite sad really considering these are your opinions and not facts. If you are going to make comments on the product like…they have not certified the berries are even from Alaska…then give reference to where you got your information from. I am in the process of doing a literature review on the product (for my own benefit and of my patients so that I can give a full overview) and will provide that information once complete…for the time being I would just like to say that if you don’t have the references to back your claims then why post crap, just because you bought a website to write reviews doesn’t make you an expert. Unless you have some sort of science or medical education then I would not be making claims on the product itself…and most certainly for everyone else commenting I would not be taking the information you have provided as anything.

    • Where is your published journal on the efficacy of using Kyani supplements Mr Doctor? Who hired you to search for negative Kyani product reviews and parrot this poem by distributors. Why are the owners of Kyani not funding a controlled research with a certified institution and publish the results instead of funding a ‘doctor’ like you running a clinic with 5 patients (if ever they did? What kind of a doctor gives such an overgeneralized statement like ‘there are also independent organisations who have researched the products‘ without even mentioning a single organisation? You are really a disgrace to the medical fraternity, if ever you’re a ‘doctor’.

  36. Hector

    I read just about every comment and it was all interesting and at times hilarious. I like how the Kyani supporters say it’s about the hard work you put into it but if it is about hardwork then why even bother with a get rich quick scheme? I sadly against my own beliefs (on these kind of products) allowed my friend to post on my facebook wall saying “thank you Hector for ordering our product and blah blah blah helped your endurance, energy, blah blah blah.” I felt terrible leading ppl astray but he wasn’t the first to ask. He actually put a status asking if ppl can help him by allowing him to post on their wall but he wa vague and just straight said all types of misleading info. He came off as desperate, which led me to believe his wife wasn’t pleased with his latest “business” venture so me and many other allowed it. I can imagine how many testimonials are true. Even if some are true I seriously just can’t buy into it. My other has also done the same and to her parent. Her mom was pretty pissed, she has a legit medical issue and it had to be shitty seeing someone using it to profit. Shameful

  37. Lee

    Thanks for this i have being asked to join numerous number of times but something didnt fit. Question do u have a review about World Ventures…..Again i like the travel but…????

    • Yes, l have reviewed World Ventures. If you are a regular traveler, it is worth considering. The business side is the same old ‘pay those who recruited you and recruit others to pay you’ model. If you are interested in promoting travel, then l suggest you join http://www.travelagentuniversity.com/ for free and choose any business to promote. The business will offer training on how to promote their travelling packages if you qualify. Everything is 100% free.

  38. Keegan

    This company is a scam.. they hardly ever talk about their product… I listened to some asshole on the phone for a hour and was like so what is the product he said o just some pills but the point is to get other people to buy in…… yea right…buddy

    • People buy the products because of the opportunity to recruit others then make money off their purchases. So the ‘opportunity’ or rather RESPONSIBILITY is the selling point since there is NO scientific evidence which demonstrates the efficacy of using the supplements.

  39. Jeff

    I’ll start with mentioning I’m a financial advisor and have been in the industry for over a decade. I live and breath investments and have become very good at sniffing out the bad ones. Kyani smells like doo doo. If you think your going to make a lot of money selling a glorified multivitamin then you are either wrong or you have a lot of truly dumb/gullible friends who you are going to take advantage of.
    I clicked on a Facebook live feed of a “team fusion Tuesday” meeting today and literally listened to this slick sales guy talk about/prey on others greed the entire time. Not once did he speak about the products or the science behind them. It’s not about the product it’s about the dream of being rich. It’s about dispelling any objectives you may have against selling the product up front with lines like “I’m a family man who wants to help people and generate income for my kids schooling”. “I thought it was too good to be true too”. Yada Yada.
    Please don’t fall for these manipulative sales tactics. The “secret” to health is diet and excercise not some magic blueberry dust or nitric oxide.
    Trust me when I say this will collapse, the founders will have your money in their pockets and by the time you realize how bad you screwed up they will be slinging the next product that costs a few bucks to make but sells for hundreds.
    I can’t believe I have taken the time to write this but I can only hope that someone that reads it saves their money and doesn’t get suckered into such a horrible waste of time and money.

    Ps. I’m well aware that there is probably a small percentage of you reading this who did make some money on this. Please realize that you really took advantage of a lot if people who didn’t know better.

    • Well said Jeff. People really get a lot of help from such thoughtful comments. In any case they will be searching for a second opinion after being pressured to join Kyani. It’s a matter of time.

  40. Queenie

    I just left a “Making Magic” Meeting. Was invited by a friend. Was not told where we were going until we got there. Lots of White cars in the hotel parking lot. Lots of people dressed to the 9s. Women wearing Louis Vuitton red bottom shoes. Once the meeting started ALL of the presenters had been in business LESS than 9 months. The did NOT talk about the products other than a brief mention of we have three products and they are made of blueberries. The WHOLE meeting was on selling the business and how much $ you could make by sponsoring/partnering by use of this app. I left the meeting not knowing what product I was supposed to be interest in selling – other than how much money I could make by signing up friends and family to also sell this mysterious blueberry three product regimen.

    If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck then it must must be a pyramid…

    • Thanks Queenie for sharing your experience. The money is from recruiting others and telling them to do the same until there is no-one esle to recruit on earth. It has got nothing to do with the quality of the product. l have reviewed MLMs whose products range from Books, Chocolates, Oxygen Drops and so forth. The product is just for legitimizing pyramid schemes. Unfortunately, As stated by the Court in Vemma, “Evidence that distributors purchase and consume product for the purpose of qualifying for recruitment incentives is evidence of a pyramid scheme”. Distributors after forced to buy products even if they are crap to qualify for ‘residual income’, ‘Personal Volume’ bonuses and make money off their recruit’s purchases.

  41. hmmmm

    Very interesting, thanks for the info on this kyani hype that seems to be covering my social media account. Looked appealing at first and alot of my freinds signed up but they dont seem to have made much progress other than going to meetings and taking pictures of cars they want. Ill probably just join up with the guy thats bottling air and selling them to china seems profitable.

  42. Joodles

    Hi Scam Busters,

    It has taken me nearly 2 hours to read all the comments/replies. I searched Kyani as it was brought to my attention yesterday by a colleague (his wife joined a few weeks ago and earning good money. she decided not to return to work as a lawyer after having a baby coz this scheme is making her rich working at home and be with her baby at same time). I thought it sounded like a pyramid scheme and wanted to know more about this product. I have not spoken to her yet (no phone calls) but i already know my answer – NO THANKS. A couple of friends used to sell me Herbalife/Amway products few years ago but i don’t think they are distributor/seller of these products.You are correct….expensive supplements where i can get 50-75% off from a chemist warehouse for same kind of supplements. I think Kyani is new in Australia and currently recruiting potential customers/distributors for promise of getting rich quick for less work time.
    Thank you for the information and it is very useful and gave me a better understanding on PS and MLM’s and not being scammed. You are doing a great job.

  43. Royce

    Hi Scam Buster,

    Can you put a “Like” button option on individual comments? Because I would like to see some “Like” on some of the wise and genius comments above. 🙂
    Keep up the good work.

  44. Mansan

    I am unfortunately a distributor recently joined because a family member insisted honestly I don’t see no profit from it he is wasting more money every month the bonus he will loose it if he doesn’t maintain his position only attended one meeting myself all they talk about is money never mentioned the product if you want to get out obviously you will not get back your 600$ that you invested too late for me ….. Thanks scam buster surely wont continue on this so called business

  45. Admin

    Kyani Mormons will not be able run Kyani for a long time.
    How do you call a company which

    – has long outstanding debts (since January, 2016) to its distributors ?

    – has long outstanding debts (since January, 2016) to its employees ?

    – creates a tax avoidance scheme for individuals by using Payoneer system ?

    – manipulates with corporate taxes in Europe ?

    – includes in its CEO counsels former leaders of finance pyramid companies ?

    Do you call such a company Kyani SCAM, FRAUD, CRIME or LEGITIMATE OPPORTUNITY ?

  46. The only reason to join an MLM or anything in life is to have it work for you in some way to meet a need. To the owner of this site, you paid up font for this website for the url and the hosting. You paid your time in building it in WordPress and doing SEO as well. The quality of your site and the results you get from it are limited by how well your skill and ability is. If you suck, you would lose on the cost of it all and get burned because your site won’t perform. If you workout with bad form and pay a gym membership you will lose money and time and get burned from generating results. If you join a network marketing and get burned it’s cause you spent money and time you didn’t get back. However there were people in the same network marketing company who were making money and collapsing time frames. The proof was that they signed you up and the money you lost got paid to them. They are banking by signing up people. The same as how you are banking if your good at webites or any other thing in life. If you fail at MLM you have to quit. Same as a job. If you do something against a company policy you get fired same as a job. In MLM you get banned same as bring fired. If you need money you either start a business or look to get hired by setting up an interview. In MLM you set up an interview, you decide whether or not you want to be a partner and just like starting a company there is always a start up cost. If you fail to pay your monthly hosting you’ll lose your site just like if you fail to pay your monthly volume in MLM you’ll lose your business. It’s the exact same as life in MLM so if you fail at it then you must just fail mostly in life and not be a good sales person. You allowed fear to stop you. You’ve got to overcome. There’s only 4 reasons anyone buys anything and that is Appearance, Performance, Economy, and Security. Think about anything you’ve bought and I can guarantee it falls into these categories with one being the deciding factor. All you are doing with this site is hating on an Industry which is a waste of your time because the Industry won’t go away because there are successful people in it. I’m sorry you lost in network marketing or did you? You may have won. You paid to find out its not your vehicle or channel to wealth but that doesn’t mean everyone is just like you. Some people are made to be good at MLM just like how you may be made to be good at Website Development.

    • Well said Tallon. What an interesting read. It’s true that creating websites requires skill to do so and it is not for a everyone. The good part is, it is teachable and you can host a website for as little as $10 for the whole year. You already have a great writing skills and only need a website to post your content than write comments on other people’e websites on which it can get trashed by the click of a button.

      ‘— the Industry won’t go away— ‘ l surely don’t want this industry to go away because l will run out of programs to review….LOL.

      ‘I’m sorry you lost in network marketing or did you?’ — l NEVER tried network marketing because l live in a country where l don’t speak the local language and the weather is unforgiving. Besides, imagine if l had written a positive review and promoted Kyani to the half a million people who read this review and only 1% had joined through my affiliate link? l don’t think ‘l lost it’ but l surely don’t want to.

      What do you think about Network Companies such as Vemma, which got busted and affiliates lost out? It surely has nothing to to do with the competency of people promoting it. It picked on a wrong business model which can turn into a pyramid scheme if not well managed.

  47. Blogarh

    Great article with useful information 😉 Recently I met someone who tried to recruit me. Ill admit i was impressed and wanted to believe the health benefits the product could offer, but i knew it was only overpriced supliments which can’t beat fresh produce.

    I started affiliate marketing only 6 months ago but I took the time to invest in web design! As you can tell I’m no journalist but I’m now making 4k a month! It was slow for the first three months but I kept on investing more time. Best part is I don’t have to harrass family members or friends to buy some product and come off as a used car salesman.

    Once you’re setup and have that income, I’d doubt you would tell anyone how you did it. No one in business would setup a rival and dilute their market.

    I’ve been conned before with something similar and you end up lying to yourself its going to work, but in the end you have wasted your time and credibility.

    • Thank you Blogarh for the compliment. l am glad you managed to break the code with affiliate marketing.Creating your own website is the only sure way on earning a consistent income online. You wake up and there is money in your affiliate account. People are hoodwinked into thinking that network marketing is very easy to do yet it has got serious limitations. They never think of what to do next when they have annoyed and guilted a few friends to buy products from them. Thinking that ‘working hard’ alone will lead to success is another lie people tell themselves. You only need to choose a sustainable business model that works like a clock 24/7. Someone told me that they will promote MLM products until either they loose ALL their friends or get the BMW… Lol. Why annoy loved ones when there are hundreds of people searching for Kyani products.

  48. Daniel

    I read about 30 comments and no one mentioned at least one of the science facts behind the Kyani products. For example Nitro FX. How about the studies that received Nobel Prize? Is that good enough? Is that worthy for your consideration? And don’t even try to make your own interpretation!!! These studies were made by hundreds of international scientists…
    ” Kyäni NitroFX™ is a proprietary blend of noni concentrate that increases the body’s natural production of Nitric Oxide (NO). Also known as “The Molecule of Life,” Nitric Oxide repairs, defends, and maintains every cell of the body. Studied extensively by researchers and physicians, Nitric Oxide has been touted as a powerful, health-promoting molecule by a large number of scientific papers. ”


    McKnight, et al. “Chemical Synthesis of Nitric Oxide in the stomach from dietary nitrate in humans.”
    Gut. 1997 Feb; 40 (2):211-4.

    GUO, et al. “Identification of a plant Nitric Oxide synthase gene involved in hormonal signaling.”
    Science, 2003 Oct 3; 302(5642):100-3.

    Del Rio, L., Corpas, F. and Barrosos, J. “Nitric Oxide and Nitric Oxide synthase activity in plants.”
    Phytochemistry 2004 Apr; 65(7):783-92

    Schaffer, et al. “Nitric Oxide regulates wound healing.”
    J Surg Res. 1996; 63: 237-240

    Taubert, et al. “Aspirin induces Nitric Oxide release from vascular endothelium: a novel mechanism of action.”
    British Journal of Pharmacology 2004; 143: 159-165.

    Hancock, C. and Riegger-Krugh, C. “Modulation of pain in osteoarthritis: the role of nitric oxide.”
    Clin J Pain. 2008 May;24(4):353-65.

    Jeschonneck, et al. “Abnormal microcirculation and temperature in skin above tender points in patients with fibromyalgia.”
    Rheumatology (Oxford). 2000; 39:917-921.

    Akerstrom, et al.,“Nitric Oxide inhibits the replication cycle of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus.”
    Center for Microbiological Preparedness, Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control. J Virol. 2005 Feb;79(3):1966-9. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

    Nitric oxide: From menace to marvel of the decade

    Reproductive and Cardiovascular Disease Research Group

    Arthritis Research & Therapy
    arthritis research

    UC Irvine researchers reveal structure of molecule that regulates blood pressure

    The Building Blocks of Erection: Nitric Oxide . . . and More Nitric Oxide

    Spiraling high blood pressure linked to Nitric Oxide deficiency



    Study Points to Role of Nitric Oxide in New Treatments for Sickle Cell Anemia

    Cortical feedback to the thalamus is selectively enhanced by nitric oxide.

    Nitric Oxide Deficiency Raises Cardiovascular Disease Risk in African Americans

    Study: Nitric Oxide Key to Brain ‘Booting Up’

    Heart Disease Risk Factor #1: Nitric Oxide

    Nitric Oxide Converted in the Stomach
    McKnight, G.M., et al., “Chemical synthesis of Nitric Oxide in the stomach from dietary nitrate in humans.”
    Gut. 1997; 40: 211-4.

    Nitric Oxide and the Blood
    “Duke researchers discover central role of Nitric Oxide in hemoglobin action.”
    Duke Medicine News and Communication. 3 Nov. 2004. dukehealth.org

    Gladwin, M., et al. “Role of circulating nitrite and S-nitrosohemoglobin in the regulation of regional blood flow in humans.”
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2000 Oct. 10; 97(21): 11482-7.

    Blood flow and Alzheimer’s
    Mazza, M., et al., “Primary cerebral blood flow deficiency and Alzheimer’s disease: shadows and lights.”
    J Alzheimers Dis. 2011 Jan 1;23(3):375-89.

    Bone Health
    Health News Report “Exercise and Vitamin D Help Prevent Falls in Seniors.”
    2010 Dec 23. healthnewsreport.blogspot.com

    Nazrun, A.S., M. Norazlina, M. Norliza and S.I. Nirwana, 2011. Tocotrienols as an anti-osteoporotic agent: The progress so far. Int. J. Osteoporosis Metab. Disorders, 1: 1-14.

    “Nitric oxide: novel therapy for osteoporosis.”
    Expert Opin Pharmacother. 2008 Dec;9(17):3025-44.

    Nitric Oxide and Recovery
    Diwan, A., et al.“Nitric Oxide modulates fracture healing.”
    J Bone Miner Res. 2000 Feb;15(2):342-51.



    The extract of Kyäni’s proprietary noni blend was tested at two concentrations in the presence and the absence of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) for its ability to inhibit angiogenesis using the aortic ring model.
    The rings treated with VEGF alone exhibited growth of the microvessels over the 7 days of the investigation.
    At no one point of time was any microvessel growth observed when the aortic rings were cultured in the presence of two different concentrations of Kyäni’s proprietary noni blend extract.
    Furthermore the two concentrations of noni blend also completely prevented any vessel growth in rings treated with VEGF.

    Did anyone checked out http://www.kyaniscience.com?
    It doesn’t look like Scam Busters did…

    • Thanks Daniel for your well thought comment. Thank you for confirming my point that supplement based MLMs just pick on a random scientifically supported ingredient and tell you that they included it in their product… LOL. All the papers you listed support the effectiveness of Nitric Oxide (NO) and NOT a single one was carried out to specifically test the efficacy of using Kyäni NitroFX. So you really expected me to read ‘Kyani Science’ and believe all those claims? Don’t you think by reading Kyani Science l will be just listening to Kyani sounding its own trumpet?

        • Lol…. cool down Daniel. Comments only appear when l personally approve them. The system automatically filters any garbage comments. Only useful comments get to me for approval. Some of the issues that may lead your comment being thrown into the trash are; overuse of capital letters (capital letters are used mostly for names and at the beginning of sentences – year one stuff). Any other ‘#¤&/%#”‘ will go straight to the spam folder. Happy commenting.

          • Daniel

            Dude, you erased my best comments….
            All Kyäni products are certified by The Ministry of Health in Canada. Should I listen to you? Common man, come clean, Kyäni is the best in the industry… From all points of view….

          • Kindly share the link to ‘The Ministry of Health in Canada’ certification of Kyani products. ‘Kyäni is the best in the industry’ in MLM there is NO best MLM company. They all operate the same. Recruit new people, live off their subscriptions and enjoy a percentage of their sales as a bonus.

    • Thank you Helen for the heads up. What an interesting read. This is just a tip of the iceberg. The most disturbing thing is Team Fusion was terrorising and blackmailing distributors while Kyani watched on the sidelines. Newbies are just pawns waiting to be sacrificed. Dog eat dog.

  49. I love this thread on MLM and the scams. Let me ask about the company JUICE PLUS. I see it has more than 20 prestigious medical and scientific journals have published studies on Juice Plus in the US and abroad. It’s whole food based nutrition, including juice powder concentrates from 30 different fruits, vegetables and grains. It’s not a supplement. It’s just fruits and veggies. Sound to simple but my kids love it and it helped me get rid of my cellulitis in my leg. I take it and my kids get it for free with child health study. Under $50 a month for the fruits and veggies not include it the berries. Whole food nutrition in gummy’s for the kids and capsules for me. My kids have not been to the doctors sick in 4 years. I take them for regular check up every 2 years. I’m just a happy consumer, I’M NOT A DISTRIBUTOR. It is a direct sales company. $50 a year membership to own- with no inventory for distributors. Can you do you SCAM BUSTER test on them and see what you might find. God bless. Again thanks for the info on this thread.

    • Thanks Jay for the comment. l will certainly look at ‘JUICE PLUS’. But if l were you, l would leave kids out of this. Most of these supplements’ long term effect say after 20 years are not documented. Heaven knows what could have happened if Pediatricians had not realised that some of Advocare’s kids supplements contain caffaine which lead to their discontinued use. Parents were ignorantly giving an addictive drug to their children. Imagine if research would discover that some of those supplements you are giving to children may lead to importance after 15 years of continuous consumption?

      Can you kindly share a link to an independent research specifically carried out on a particular Juice Plus product as a whole and NOT only based on its ingredients. Remember these companies have a tendency of picking on various ingredients such as Aloe Vera which research has shown to be effective in removing ABC. They then claim to have included Aloe Vera in their products so they are useful in removing ABC. They then back up any claims using already existing scientific findings. Research is NEVER on the real products that they created after mixing several scientifically proven ingredients. Whether the ingredients are actually included in useful quantities in the products, heaven knows.

  50. Mike

    O yeah…#ScamBusters. keep up good work. You’re running a tight ship. I’ve been glancing @this comment section for over an hour and you’ve shut pretty much every opponent down outright. Your a man of reason I can tell bc youre mentality and lingo remind me of myself. The sheep I suppose will continue onward to slaughter…But I cannot see myself neglecting my own reasoning and instincts. Kudos to all whom this has supposedly worked for, but I’ve yet to know anyone ever whom has been affiliated with and succeeded in MLM. I gotta side with #ScamBusters.

  51. Robin

    I cant believe I have read all these comments, but I have! Scam Busters has had be cracking up the whole time and Im quite impressed with how you respond to all these comments. As someone who has been involved with an MLM (ill leave the name out of it bc why does it matter, they are all the same anyway) I have been through it all! I have drank the kool aid, blacked out from it, and now I am just coming to. This was my first and only experience in working with an MLM and I didn’t even know I was signing up for one when I did. I thought this was a gift from God and how lucky I was to have found this. I was CONVINCED that I would be a millionaire one day just like my upline. I went on “earned” vacations (except I spent hundreds on my plane tickets), and never let my excuses get in my way. I cold messaged all my friends, posted on my facebook multiple times a day, charged over $15,000 over the course of 5 years onto my credit cards for “business expenses” but it didn’t matter because it would all be worth it. well 5 years later….Im still making the same amount that I was at year 2. Treading water while watching the whole team quit and my new people sign up. over and over and over again. Now that I am awake, I still pull in a tiny bit of residual income from all my past work, but the shame and guilt I feel from manipulating my friends, over coming objections, persuading people to buy things when I knew they didn’t want it in order to hit my monthly goals, spamming the crap out of my facebook….its all so embarrassing. Never will I ever get involved with an MLM again. Punching a time clock and getting a steady paycheck has never felt so good. If you decide network marketing is for you, well I hope for your sake you are part of the .0001% that make it big!

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