1. Jamie

    Saw a link to Survey Junkie that advertised
    “Make $1500 per week taking surveys from home”

    Thrilled that you provided the real story on Survey Junkie because, clearly, the advertisement was (conveniently) missing a period in the middle of $1500!

    Think that their false and deceptive marketing practices should be another checkmark on the Scam side.

    • Scam Busters

      Thanks Jamie for pointing out the deliberate omission of the period on the promised amount. Most survey scam sites deliberately omit periods on payment threshold amounts. Imagine a survey company having a cash out threshold of $1 500.00 when they hardly pay $0.30 per survey. You will have to take 5 000 surveys before you can get paid and @5 surveys per day it means that it will take you 3 years to get your first payment.

  2. Donyelle Craig

    I have been using survey junkie and I can actually say they are full of crap. As soon as I was getting ready to cash out my account was blocked and that is a bunch of foolishness and not once did I break any of their rules and regulations for them to block my account. I see it as a scam they just didn’t want to pay me for all the work I did on that site. The other problem is after they block you they still fill your email up with all their survey and other crap. This site is a waste of time.

    • Thank you Craig for sharing your experience with Survey Junkie. It is unfortunate that you lost the money and wasted your precious time. l now use the same time it takes to carry out two 30 minute surveys to publish a post on this website that brings in thousands of visitors.

  3. Harold

    I just earned the1000 points needed to cash out for my initial payment, and received a message that that part of the system was blocked because of too many attempts to cash out. That was my first attempt. I see no contact information on the site. This is a total scam.

  4. Grace

    Survey Junkie disabled my account at the time I am about to claim payment! They said that I violated some terms. Blah! Blah! Blah! Be careful on joining this survey site or do not join at all. Don’t let your time be wasted!

  5. robbie kemp

    Same thing happened to me. You get to payout and they disable your account. No answer from customer service. They are making money off of your time.

  6. Jennifer

    I just signed up for SJ, filled out all of my personal info. and Facebook account. After they received this, got a message stating “Survey Junki is closed for today”. What? AFTER they got my info.

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