1. Lynn

    I have been a member for years and have never had any problems, until recently. I have completed several surveys and instead of getting my credit, I would get re-directed to join Survey Spot. My security software would alert me of a Trojan Virus. After trying to contact Opinion Outpost several times (through emails), they finally responded. They told me that I would have to wait until the Survey closes to see if they gave me credit for completing the survey and that could take several weeks. So far, I have about seven surveys that have been completed, including the one I just finished and was re-directed to join Survey Spot! I have had enough, I am going to cash out and unsubscribe. I will just have to take a loss on those surveys pending verification. I would not recommend this site to anyone, unless they enjoy wasting their time.

    • Ergonomic

      l totally agree with you Lynn, Opinion Outpost used to be a great survey site until it was acquired by the company that owns Survey Spot. If you compare Opinion Outpost vs Survey Spot, you realize that the former is deteriorating to the sub-standards of the latter. Its time to cash up and hit the road. Most survey sites make money by letting people take surveys then force them to abandon their money or points through unorthodox means. When you are almost reaching the threshold they stop sending surveys opportunities to your inbox.

    • Ellen K

      How can I email them? The button to redeem points doesn't work, and there's no "contact us" option anywhere on any page.

      • Scam Busters

        Hi Ellen, l am sorry to hear that you are failing to redeem your Opinion Outpost points. That is the very reason why l quit Opinion Outpost and will not waste my time on any other survey site for that matter. A quick search revealed this phone numbers, one from Opinion Outpost BBB review page (877) 254-1234 and the following email address helpdesk@opinionoutpost.com. You can also get in contact them on their FB page https://www.facebook.com/OpinionOutpost/ Wish all the best. Once you manage to redeem your points, its time to hit the road.

        • Kara Johnson

          Guess I’ve been lucky because I have never had a issue with them. Get dq,d from survey’s well into them but everything else is fine. Customer service has always been good. I have not been enticed to write this nor am I a worker of oo. Been with them for about 3 years now.

  2. CryBabyArtist

    Everything you wrote about is true to my recent experiences too. I’m sad because they were once a GOLD STANDARD, in the last few months I’ve encountered every single problem you’ve detailed above. I used to belong to Survey Spot in the way back past until they turned into their mascots doo. I’m sad, but I’m thankful that I ran into this editorial to save me the kind of frustration I could find myself in. Shame on the people that rip us off online just because we can’t confront them face to face!! and I do me SHAME on them and they do rip us off. our time is worth something our insights are truly very valuable and a lot of us rely on the few dollars we could make to get ends a bit closer to meeting. Shame on them and thank you for confirming what I was experiencing and saving me wasting time and my very valuable input.

    • Ergonomic

      l am sorry about your bad experience with Survey Spot. They all start by setting excellent standards and once they have recruited enough people they start being scamy. Take it is part of the learning curve. l established avertscams.com in order to shame such people.

  3. I was a member of Opinion Outpost for three years. During my last year, I experienced increasing problems with their server and also had problems cashing out.

    Then, early in 2015, I decided to update a few things in my profile. I hadn’t done so for a year and I figured it was time.

    My account was frozen. When I asked why, I was told it was because I had been giving irrelevant answers. Um – really? For three years? I had been telling the truth or alerting them when I could not complete a survey because of the inconsistent and nonsensical questions asked.

    They supposedly ruled on my “case” and asked me to join again, but before they could warn me that taking a survey they had already sent too soon could result in my being invalidated.

    I was invalidated, but they then kept asking me what I thought of their customer service. Every time I answered, I received a new survey! I then told them that I just wanted to leave! Upon which I then received almost a carbon copy of the letter I had first received when I tried to update my profile.

    By the way, I am over 60 now. Perhaps they did not wish to have me as a member anymore.

    • Scam Busters

      Thank you Iva for sharing your experience with Opinion Outpost. l totally agree with you that it used to be one of the best survey sites online before it was bought by Survey Spot.l am sorry to hear about your sad experience after completing surveys faithfully for such a long time.Its time to move on. All the best.

  4. Marianne

    Everybody here…don’t use them. They are now under investigation by the FBI and I filed a Better Business Bureau complaint yesterday. They are scamming people out of money, claiming it’s a third party using their name, but it’s really them. I called their 877-254-1234 number after receiving a check for $2460 and they told me it was legit, but it wasn’t. A check cashing place verified that no account existed at First Tennessee Bank where the check came from. They’re trying to pawn off it’s someone else, but it’s them. DON’T USE THEM!

    • Scam Busters

      Thank you Marianne for the update on OpinionOutpost scam. It was surely a once thriving survey site but it has gone to the dogs.

    • Scam Busters

      l am sorry to hear that OpinionOutPost has frozen your account. Unfortunately, l no longer waste my precious time taking 3 cents surveys. They are all the same, you start well but as time goes on they stop paying you. Either their payment system is said to be down or they close your account without notice. If you are still interested in taking the risk, check the recommended survey sites on Survey Police or Full Time Job website. Exercise due diligence when choosing survey sites to join and do not part with your cash for any reason.

  5. KayT

    My account is frozen. I contacted the then through the help desk email and their asking for my address, date of birth, full name, etc. to track my account. I don’t feel comfortable giving my address…should I just quit?

    • Scam Busters

      l am sorry to hear that you are having problems with Opinion Outpost. Do you remember giving them your address when you completed the application form? Most likely they have your address already and only want to verify if you are the true owner of the account. l do not think there is any foreseeable risk. However, the decision to quit or stay is entirely up to you. As for me, l value my time so l quit.

  6. Betty Darden

    I've worked for Opinion Outpost for almist 3 years. I wasn't sure if they were on the up and up, because at times, I'd work on a survey and  right into the middle, I'd get cut off with some message telling me I've been disqualified because I violated the survey or someone else was using my PC. Mine you, i'm the only one that uses my computer.  In the meantime, around August of 2015, I got this check in the mail for $2,345 from Opinion Outpost. I said, well, they finally came through.At first, I was kind of scaptable because the envelope that it came in didn't look official. But, since I knew the company, I decided to deposit into my account.   Big, Big mistake. Not only was the check a fake. I ended up having  to pay all kinds of overdraft fees, along with processing and fragulant fees.  Anyway, when my bank got finish calculating all the mistakes this check had caused me, my out-of-pocket fees totalled up to $249.82.. I immediately TRIED   to contact Opinion, but, no one ever got back with me.

    Today, Jan. 1, 2016, they decided to take away all of my cash giveaway points, which was 65. I tried calling their 800 number and I got a recording stating that the phone number was temporarily disconnected and to call back later.  I didn't know professional companies had such nonsense.  This is my final contact with these CROOKS!!!

    My advice, don't waste your time. There are some legitimate companies out there and they pay.


    • Scam Busters

      Thank you Betty for sharing your terrible experience with Opinion Outpost. l am sad to hear that they are even sending fake checks.The take over of Opinion Outpost by Survey Spot brought in a lot of unprofessionalism and a once flourishing company was turned into a scam overnight. l also jumbed the ship after the take over and l hope others will, before they continue wasting their time. Besides the survey rates are now pathetic. All the best with other survey sites.

  7. Cervanic

    I was also wondering what the heck was going on. OOP used to be so easy to use and get paid. I used to get tons of surveys in 2014. I did not pay much attention last year, being busy with other things. Now I am in the "no surveys" every day zone. At least it is not just me.

  8. Imbrium

    I joined about a day and a half ago and (thought) I loved opinion outpost.  I used to do survey offers within a couple Gameforge browser games to earn free in-game currency and found OOP infinitely less frustrating.  Surveys were pretty easy to qualify for and the time-wasting on ones where I didn't qualify was very reasonable.  Money was easier to rack up than the other two sites I've used in the last couple days (Fusioncash and CashCrate) and it has the lowest cashout requirements I've seen (plus, you can cash out when you want instead of only getting money once a month and only if you've met the minimum).  There seemed to be no shortage of surveys to try to qualify for.

    I racked up nearly $5 through a combination of both long and short surveys and then logged off to go to the grocery store and do some stuff around the house.  2-3 hours later, I tried to log back into the site from my laptop (was on my desktop before) only to be told my account was frozen due to "data concerns".

    That surprised me, since I had been incredibly consistent in all of my answers to "information" type questions and put a lot of thought into all of my "opinion" answers.  The only thing I could think of was that maybe it was an issue with switching computers.

    The error message said to contact them at helpdesk@opinionoutpost.com, so I promptly wrote them to inquire about my frozen account and included the information about switching computers.  I figured they'd get back to me the next business day, but just over 24h later, there's been no response at all.  They didn't even bother to send me an email to inform me when they froze my account.

    When there was no response from them, I googled the problem I was having and found countless links to sites where others were reporting the same issue… which is when my hopes of getting a "simple misundersanding" remedied/getting back to earning survey rewards were dashed.

    I appreciate that you've provided a phone number for them (which is hopefully still valid!).  I figure I'll call them and try to get my account unfrozen… then if I succeed, I'll do a quick survey or two to hit 50 points, cash out for the $5 Amazon gift code and be done with OOP.  From what I've read here, my enjoyable experience pre-freeze isn't the norm – I suspect if I gave them a second chance based on that, I'd end up regretting it.

    It's always sad when a great company that takes good care of its customers is bought out by someone who coasts on that reputation for as long as they can while running that business into the ground.  I'm thankful I got screwed over badly enough right out of the gate to make me investigate how common my problem was – seeing how many unhappy ex-users of OOP are out there voicing the same list of complaints is more than enough to convince me to get out now!  You guys have surely saved me a lot of time and frustration.

    • Thank you Imbrium for taking you time to leave your experience with Opinion Outpost. lt will help others to know that all that glitters is not gold. Most surveys sites start on good footing but they quickly loose morals as greed creeps in. Good lucky with your account restoration and cashing out.

  9. Georgiana

    I had a problem last night when I changed my e-mail address and tried to cash out with paypal and was a message where they said my membership was terminated due to violation of term . I did nothing wrong . I had 1000 points at that time and I can not acces my account now. Any ideea how can I get my money?

    • Sad to hear that your account with Opinion Outpost account has been banned Georgiana. Unfortunately, you can only get your money back after the ban has been lifted. l have found this thread on Survey Police forum useful on how best you can tackle the issue. If everything fails, go and make a report at BBB. All the best.

  10. Dennis Trotter

    I have been accepted by some company called Opinion Outpost, who has sent me a check for $2,500 dollars, while telling me I should take $200.00 for myself, spend up to $20.00 dollars in Walmart to conduct a store survey, to spend $80.00 dollars at Western Union, and to send the rest of the funds, $2,300 to the next survey taker in the Philipeans!

    From what I’m reading in these post, this is totally different and I smell a scam; I emailed them that I did not feel safe carrying that amount of money from my bank, where they want me to deposit a check from some Credit Union of Denver, and take the funds out the next day to do as they asked. They keep emailing back it is safe!

    Someone please reply as to your thoughts on what I have disclosed here today!

  11. This is a scam. There are only carrots dangled in front of you to extract more and more personal information that should never be given out to strangers in return for 5 points that supposedly will pay out when your reach 100 points. However, there are many reasons that surveys cannot be completed or that your answers are not reliable or that you do not qualify for the survey. So, you will waste your time to get a few points here and there and 1 point to win a chance to enter a $10,000 sweepstakes. Who exactly is running this site and where does this information go? The user gives out way too much personal information. Why did I do this? I followed a lead that says “Get paid $100.00 per survey”. Well that left me off guard to disclose information and then when I expected to get $100.00, I get 5 worthless points and more surveys that yielded in no points because I “did not qualify”. This is at best a waste of time and possibly worse case scenario, puts you and your family at risk. BEWARE.

    • Thank you Janet for sharing your thoughts. Indeed, the questions are so personal that in the end you really wonder how you surrendered such sensitive information online. l haven’t read any complaints of survey companies abusing people’s personal information though. Most of them delete the info. from their databases after a certain period of inactivity. Now l use the same time to write a blog post that sticks and brings traffic to my website for years.

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