1. Hello..love the review..I have also activated weightloss site..I see problem already!

    I went thru found a product and went to order it to see if the hop shows in my clickbank dashboard..Nope!!!  Looking into it further…I did update my clickbank id already before activating site too. It still shows someone else on bottom of order form (not my id link)!!!

    not pleased yet!

    I'll get back to you..



    • Update!


      All fixed..It seems there is a two step process in activating…and not very clear in this regard.

      Test driving now in traffic!

      • Scam Busters

        l am happy you found a solution Kevin and thank you for caring to share your progress. Use the chat option when ever you run into challenges. l am still to check out the traffic generation training. All the best. Keep me updated on your progress. All the best.

      • Mike Gerke

        What was the solution to embed your clickbank ID into the site, because I have the same problem. I have entered my clickbank ID, I clicked the Activation link, checked my status and it showed the weight loss plan site had been activated, but when I check the product links, not my ID. It is clickbank affiliate ethiccash.

        Plus, with the free site they are siphoning off the traffic with the sign-up forms in right bar and, the Garcinia product is not clickbank so they are making the money off of that. Also, one of the clickbank products promoted on the site is a dead clickbank product… not there anymore.

        • Hi Mike. If you have any problems with setting up your Click Bank ID, contact support using the chat box. They are quite responsive. Yes, l have found out that they are making some changes to their website which prejudice affiliates. l will be reviewing my article and black list them if they don’t address pertinent issues. Thanks for the heads up.

    • I gave them my information to get free website and instead i get taken to a page with different payment options. where is the free website?
      today is aug 10, 2016. Why do people keep saying that you can get free website from instafilliate.com?
      Also, if you make a payment, do you have to get autoresponder like aweber or getresponse?

      • Thanks for the heads up. l will check if they no longer have the so called ‘free’ websites and update my review. In any case, it is only one website on which you enter you CB affiliate name as an URL extension. There is no auto responder, they manage your list and send their own offers.

  2. Interesting! I will have to check them out! I am glad it is working for you. I had never heard of them. Looking forward to seeing how you progress as you give updates. Thanks for sharing such a great review!

    • Scam Busters

      No worries Eloah, l will kep you posted. It is a new program which a friend refered me to and l thought of giving it a try. So far so god. Results are trickling in and l will be publishing them soon. It is totally free save for offers to pay for more websites if it is working for for you.

  3. Richard

    So anyone made sales if any and how long site been running.

    Want to say Thank You to OP for his bringing this forward and actually testing it and would like to know his results to day.

    • Scam Busters

      Yes, l have made a few sales from the day l posted this review (weight loss is a prime niche). The challenge is on how to drive traffic to the site, if you are not in the weight loss niche. It takes time to get paid by Click Bank, so no guranteed payments yet but l will keep everyone updated.

  4. Nnamdi

    Hello, I have never heard of Instaffiliate. After going through your review I realize that this is indeed too good to be true, but it is. Nevertheless, having a ready made hosted website with contents in it is great but having to spend money to send ''targeted traffic'' to it is another issue that anyone should be considering as minus. And moreover, knowing that the website and the contents are not technically yours at the end of the day is another concern.

    I would pass on this bro, because I would rather build a website I can call my own, and be able to sell if I choose to.

    Thanks anyway for the review…at least for being honest.

    • Scam Busters

      Thank you Nnamdi for your valuable contribution. It is indeed a relatively new program which l decided to check out since it is free to join. It is true that owning your own website is the best way to get started with affiliate marketing. The problem with InstaAffiliate is that if Click Bank changes its policies then you are doomed. The website is also gaining from free direct traffic after the initital visit using your link. l will see how it goes and report back.

    • Scam Busters

      Hi Ruthie, from my experience the sites are all the same and only differ according to niches. Your special links to the website generated after entering your Click Bank id are what matters and will lead to you being credited with the sale when you send traffic through them. More like sending traffic to the same Amazon website using different affiliate links.

  5. Denis

    I'm sorry for those hoping that this is something special, but it's not. Actually, it's the worst program I've ever spent my money on.

    I would love to go into great detail, but they have a long obscure small print TOS page and I'm sure they would accuse me of disseminating proprietary information and initiate a lawsuit.

    What I can say, is that I bought all the upsells, but after checking them out and seeing what the program was really all about (unbelievable), I requested a refund. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION FOLKS – They refused to issue any refund because they have a one line statement in that obscure TOS that says no refunds. Yep, my fault (?), I ticked the box without reading the complete TOS (like everyone does?) Who's ever heard of a large scale program like that, that refuses to issue refunds? Red Flag right there!!!!

    So then they send me an email, asking me how I liked the program – I told them eight valid points and what did they do? They canceled my account. So yep, $300 – $400 down the tubes. They took my money and closed me out of the program as well.

    Situations like this give IM a bad name.

    The one thing I will say, forget about organic traffic to these sites – Won't happen.

    • Scam Busters

      Hi Denis, Thank you for the update and word of advice. l am sorry that you lost your money after purchasing up-sells. As a rule of thump, l only pay for up-sells using money generated using the basic program. If the free website cannot generate any income, l do not think it is a wise idea to buy up-sells. As l said in my review, l am still using the free done for you weight loss website and l highlighted likely up-sells. l also advised those who would like to join InstAffiliate to exercise due deligience including reading TOS between the lines. l agree with you that it is difficult to drive organic traffic to these sites unless you already have websites in the respective niche. l am sorry though for such a loss.

    • Mike

      Dennis, if what you said is true, then you need to refund your money if you can.  If you paid by Paypal, do a refund, if by Credit Card, call and do a chargeback.


      If that doesn't work, it might be possible to look into pressing charges.

      • Denis

        Hi Mike,

        I'd love to- Except they have all their bases covered. Inside of the TOS (fine print of course) they state: No refunds or chargebacks. And I ticked the box.

        Yep, I should have taken out my magnifying glass and read the full TOS. It's just that I've almost NEVER heard of a company who refuses to give a refund. I tried it and there were so many holes in the program, that I wasn't interested.

        Perhaps I can save someone else the money and headache of dealing with such a company. Good luck to anyone else.

  6. I have it ansd sometimes I click on it to see if these guys are scamming us, and 8 out of 10 times it lead back to me, so I am ok with it wheh i get 10 of 10 then I will upgrade.

    • It is great that you are testing everything Tmansid. That is the way to go. l will also ONLY upgrade if the free websites have generated enough revenue to cover the upgrade costs. So far so good.

  7. Pedro

    Why do all you guys think this is “too good to be true” or so paranoid about being scammed…

    Almost seems like you expect to be scammed or maybe even hoping to be scammed?…

    I think you guys have an oppressed mindset.

    To the OP, any updates on stats or how you drove traffic?

    • l am not sure who you are referring to Pedro. No one will get scammed unless you want to purchase more websites before you have made any money with the free websites. The money is payed into your Click Bank account. l have been busy and working on other projects. l will post updates once l have confirmed sales, that is after the 60 day Click Bank refund window.

  8. Gwendolyn Gail

    I was just checking this out today…Aug 2/16. The comments stop in April….was looking for an update after the 60 day CB refund window from ScamBusters…..but the comments stop there….any news?

  9. Andy

    it is too good to be true. Looks great as starers. nice professional website…but as was mentioned you don’t have any control over signups, altering links, etc.
    TOS are terrible. I had a ‘discussion’ with the helpful staff and all I got was quotes from the TOS about why I had no referrals. It seems that they keep them until you upgrade.
    The popup to Garcenia for a month’s supply for 79 dollars credit card is scammy. Have you ever tried to cancel such an order? It embarrasses my friends. ‘

    • Thank you Andy for your heads up. There are a lot of merchants who scam affiliates and l believe this is one of them. Besides, when your referred traffic revisits the website, they are likely not to use your difficult to remember link. Without a transparent cookie administration, you get ripped off. The Garcinia Carbogia free trial scam has been around the web for a while. You are billed after a few days and they continue to do so until you get a new credit card. l have since, revised my review to reveal the changes. Now they have done for you Instaffiliate Survival niche websites. Not worth the time.

      • Tim

        I just ordered the package ffor women over 40 but, it is no where to be found on their site I also checked my free site and when I clicked on one of the books to see it the link to Clickbank was working I got the message that the lilnk had be dis bled due to violaton of terms of condition.

        I will not be doing any more business with these guys, they don’t see to know what theyh are doing when it come to product delivery. I thought I had a lifetilme subscrptioons but it doesn’t work. I don’t think it is a scam the guys are just incompenent

        • Thank Tim for sharing your experience with Instaffiliate. Unfortunately, there is a thin line between deliberate incompetence and can easily lead to affiliates getting scammed. Imagine if you send visitors to a ClickBank link that is not functional and they end up joining the email list or purchasing other products using Instaffiliate affiliate links?

        • John

          Thanks TIm for the heads up. Have you had any further progress on this issue? There were a number of veteran marketers promoting this package and some of the previous ones. I am shocked they would continue to promote if people are just getting scammed by this vendor.

  10. Barry

    Oh Wow! Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment on the Instaffiliate program.Just was about getting ready to pull out my credit card to order and at the last minute decided to do some checking for reviews and found this site. Really appreciate all those who shared their negative experiences, as having been scammed online myself at times, it is something that it is not easy to admit to the world, that you have been duped. I applaud your courage and sincerely thank you for saving me money and frustration!

    • ‘… it is something that it is not easy to admit to the world, that you have been duped’. True that. l admitted in the front of the World and decided to take action by creating Avert Scams. Good to know that another dollar has been saved.

  11. I believe Instaffiliate is not what it claims to be. You are ‘given’ good looking websites but have no control and are at the mercy of whatever is presented including some obnoxious adverts that have nothing to do with the theme of the site. You can’t get email addresses, don’t know anything about any visitors or those who click to buy. And this really is inexcusable, there is NO support on my account, there is no way they can be contacted and even if one could, the responses from what I hear are not meeting your needs.

  12. They say there is a tracking of emails, but there is no follow-up.
    When you enter your email on the capture page, you do not receive any follow-up emails. Sometimes they send another offer with their affiliate link and not yours.

    I signed up and dropped,

  13. I am now curious as to why the comments have stopped. My guess, is that Instaffiliate has morphed into a different product. 2 years later, might have even become a different program from that one. Bottom line seems to be: get your own domain name, load up WordPress, and create your own product and splash page. Study up on traffic sources, and go for it.

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