1. Michael McCusker

    When I first joined YTB in 2007 it took me about three hours to review everything before joining, which really isn’t much time at all. When I saw the presentation and comp plan for Incruises I was hooked. I have seen many presentations and between having a product that was hard to market or a comp plan that didn’t make sense, if you could even understand it.

    If you haven’t seen the videos of the company there are two websites to go to. They are easy to understand and tell the value of the product. The videos also show the business side of it and how you can cruise for free or even make a lucrative career out of it.


    A few points about becoming a member and how it helps travel agents.

    *The #1 wealth building principle is to pay yourself first. Incruises has $100 monthly dues.
    *For every $100 you put in, Incruises matches it so you get $200 cruise dollars.
    *More bookings from existing clients.
    *You are able to expand your pool of clients.
    *It makes cruising more affordable for everyone including dream cruises and stateroom upgrades.
    *People can give memberships as gifts.
    *Business owners can give Incruises as part of an employees vacation package.
    *Families doing a yearly family reunion cruise.
    *Women doing a girls getaway cruise.
    *Bowling leagues, golf leagues, or any other affinity group.
    *Even just one person getting a group of friends together.
    Incruises makes it very easy to get your monthly dues waived and begin to earn residual income and leadership bonuses. From the car bonus with as few as 30 members in your downline, compared to other companies that require 500. Just enroll five other people who like to cruise as members and your monthly dues are waived. Between residual income and leadership bonuses it’s possible to earn up to 20% of what the members dues are.

    Best of all Incruises allows your spouse to also be a partner and member so your cruise dollars accumulate twice as fast. By one of you sponsoring the other you also can effectively double dip on residual and leadership bonuses.

    Incruises has a 30 day money back guarantee and I personally will give you a triple your money guarantee. If you haven’t tripled your money as a partner after the first year, I’ll pay you the difference. This makes Incruises absolutely risk free.

    Watch the videos on the two sites i posted above and I’ll be available to answer any questions you might have and also how to get you off and running with an effective plan of action.


    I look forward to working together to accomplish any goal you might have.


    • Thank you for the well thought comment. Kindly use the training you are paying for at InCruises to market your business. Syphoning traffic from other people’s website is lame and outdated. It just shows how desperate people can be even when they are lying and parroting rhetoric about a company. You know the truth!

  2. Thank you, ScamBusters for the thoughtful research and analysis. There is a gentleman frequenting cruise price tracking boards, schilling for this InCruise, with hyperlinks to his personally created domains who’s content seems to parrots one another,
    Closer inspection reveals that this fellow has his fingers in all kinds of MLM ventures, from personal care products to some kind of messaging app that is supposed to Wow you.
    Again, thank you for your research. I’ll be tipping my hat and saying “Thanks but no thanks”.

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