1. I have used GVO Conference (Hotconference) since 2008, and it was a very reliable service for a fair price (compared to all other webinar services like the ridiculously expensive GoToWebinar). I did join Pure Leverage but it was very problematic for use here in Brazil so I cancelled, and as it was introduced the conference room began to present serious problems. The original software was excellent and stable, then GVO introduced a new room built on a Adobe Flash platform which although it had many ‘bells and whistles’ it never worked properly. I contacted support and complained many times, even contacting Joel Therien, but he obviously was not really interested in updating the conference room – he has other projects. Even though more and more people are using smartphones and tablets instead of computers, GVO never made a real effort to make the room compliant with portables. It crashes constantly, or does not load properly. The only advantage, which is why I held on for so long, was the large public chat. But now there are systems based on Google Hangout. So, goodbye GVO…

  2. We’re still using GVO and PureLeverage tool suite for our businesses. I can say that If you’re building an online business with a little investment it is worth it. You should see that now they published GotBackup consumer based product which is great and I’m using entirely to backup all of my files on the go and never worry about HDD problems as I had before.. So if you’re looking to invest and start working with a great company I can help.

    You can check our website at anytime.
    Also we built 3B Project for the Home Business Companies around the world. Please see or get in touch for anything that we can help.

    Kind Regards

    • Scam Busters

      Thank you Suzan for the update. lt was a pleasure seeing GVO and PureLeverage founder Joel Therien again. He seems to have put a lot of weight …. lol. He has now changed the flamboyant videos into a poorly formatted ‘Free Marketing Training Course’ video … Duh! He never runs out of ideas on creating up sells to force on his gullible affiliates including the GotBackup and 3B Project (to be launched). Remember he once sold us a poorly ranking Joel Therien Blog platform which took months to come alive with its replicated websites. l found your GVO and PureLeverage review misleading, 1) Aweber costs $19 per month NOT $30/mnt and has more delivery rates than PL’s spammy auto-responder. 2) Hosting websites costs between $5-$10 per month NOT $30 per month. You want to wood wink people to think that PL and GVO are cheaper. Google Hangouts still offers a flawless Webinar hosting service compared to the over priced PL conferencing. Spamming well ranking websites with PL ang GVO promotion links is sign of desperation Keep your GVO and PL crap and l will keep my Wealthy Affiliate tools suite … because they can do the job.

  3. Carlos Herrera

    Well I only use GVO as a re seller hosting site.. Customer service is quick and good.. Thats all I use from them..

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