1. Kathy Penberthy

    I am an IBO in Genesis Pure. I do not sale the products nor do any othere IBO’s offered by Genesis Pure. Yes, Genesis Pure is about Whole Health! I have also researched other products, offered by other companies, hands down, GP has the purest products that I have found. Having been on multiple medications for some time, I was searching for more natural products to help my body regain its ability to heal. There are hundreds of MLM companies out there doing the same thing, or I guess you have also researched them too, right? Genesis Pure does not lay claim to ” a cure” it provides products to help put ones body into a more healing state of being. Big drug companies would like to have all health and nutritional companies go away! Gee, if a person were lucky enough to bring their bodies back into a more healing state would we need to poison them with drugs that don’t offer a cure either, just a band aid. Genesis Pure products have enabled me to come off of meds that caused tremendous side effects on my body. Isn’t that everyone’s goal in life to become drug free and live a healthy life. So, before you slam GP know that big drug companies, by the way, make trillions of dollars off of all of us (or I guess you already are aware) and most often to not cure us. Drugs offered by these companies area very pricey to my friend. I am very passionate about my company, yes, there are many MLM’s out there, I chose Genesis Pure and am happy that I did.

    • l glad you found Genesis Pure products useful, but it does NOT mean they are useful to everyone. You are definitely not a representative sample of the world’s population. Are you sure drugs are more pricey than products sold through MLM business model? With 50% mark up added to the real market value of the product to take care of the distributor’s commissions and bonuses?

      • Just Asking

        What drug is useful to everyone? Also, how can the person that posted not be a sample of the world’s population, aren’t they one of the numbers indicative in the world’s population? Regardless to how small or big the sample is, she is representing a percentage of the world’s population. Also, is there no mark up added to drugs? Do drugs guarantee whole health?

    • Terry

      I too am a GP IBO and I wouldn’t ever trade that for anything. I am thankful everyday for the last 3 years that my client introduced me to this amazing company. I feel proud to be part of an amazing company who have sincere and beautiful people. I remember Lindsey Duncan from the 80’s and for anyone to call him a fake has no idea of the knowledge that man has. I remember years ago when the big talk was how chiropractors where quacks….hmmmm but now they are okay? Lindsey Duncan has changed lives and has made such a tremendous difference in so many lives it was only a matter of time before the attacks were coming. Anytime anyone has ever “shaken” up traditional medicine and the pharmaceutical companies has been ripped to shreds. I say I feel blessed to be part of something that will win. Maybe instead of judging a company that has and is helping so many people you can judge the companies that charge an arm and a leg for medications that cause severe health issues. You know they don’t call it the food and drug for nothing. The food they sell is as healthy is so toxic they know we will need the meds to help offset it, no that is a crime. Thank you GP for having such high standards for us. I don’t care what anyone says about you, you guys rock!

  2. Shelice

    I have nothing to do with this product. I am a 43 y/o female who was diaganosed with multiple sclerosis 13 years ago. Luckily, I have no problem dealing with the numbness but the fatigue is life-altering. I wont bother trying to explain how bad it is because you wont understand. I take Nuvigil for the fatigue. Nothing else works (w/o a prescription). When I was away on a “girls’ weekend,” I was out of my meds and having trouble getting out of bed for 4 days. My friend let me try one of her energy drink powders from this company and it actually gave me at least enough energy to get up and go places. I have to take 4-7/day when im out of meds but its the next best thing. I dont think its a placebo effect and i dont have any kind of membership. I have only tried the energy single packs and i only get it from my friend when i dont have my meds. It is too pricey but its a life saver when i need it.

  3. Vicki Henson

    I use Genesis Pure products everyday. I take the Liquid Cleanse when needed for my asthma/COPD. I don’t use two inhalers anymore or don’t have to visit a doctor every 3 or 4 months. You may not like them. But I live with them. And, no, I’m not in it for the business. Just good health

  4. Shawn's former friend

    I think the GP sales suckers are all given special.cool aid to drink at their first meeting, it’s turned my friend into the equivalent of a Stepford Wife. Ask any doctor, because I actually have..1. do you need to balance your body? Doc replied, if you mean acidity? No, your body has the right filters and processes in place to do this, an attempt to balance would and could cause you severe loose stools..( oh look!? It’s working!! Glad I drank that Goya juice) 2. My friend is like a drug dealer pushing me to take sulfur..do I need to? My doctor looked at me.loke I was nuts, her reply was..go eat a salad with a cup of tea..that would have all the sulfur you need in a day. 3. My drug dealer..I mean Genesis pure pusher told me I need to cleanse. At this point my doctor was almost reduced to tears from.laughimg…she said..we are all provided with kidneys, liver, spleen,, small intestine, large intestines plus a really neat thing called the lymphatic system..taking all this stuff will literally make you poop..and poop a lot..to which the pushers say..”see!! ?? It’s working” when in reality by taking this stuff your body doesn’t need ..the loose stools is your body’s way of elimination of this crap you put into it..the claims of “oh!! I lost weight”..anyone would with horrid loose stools this stuff causes. The only one mailing money is the man at the top of the pyramid..the rest are his worker bees. Great article, and thank you for an honest review of a terrible thing.

  5. Cynthia B Sullivan

    I became an IBO until I learned that this outfit is a TOTAL SCAM! I called immediately to cancel. Now they won’t refund my money, which, I might add, only took seconds to take out of my account. This organization is COMPLETELY DISHONEST. Run! Avoid it like the plague! #criminallyliable

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