1. Joe Donau

    You are a live saver. Thank you!!! Thank you!!! very much for the review. This DA sounds similar like MOBE which I got hooked up several years ago and after License Right I didn’t go any further.

    It turned out to be like you said, “promoting membership after membership and nothing substantial.

    Your review is true to the bone or what is behind all these MLM programs.

    Thank you.

    • I am glad you found the review helpful. Your compliments are greatly appreciated. MOBE is actually 50% cheaper than Digital Altitude. You will spend months raising money to buy the next up-sell. Add on the money for paid advertising such as Solo ads ($30-$50) for just a 100 clicks. At the end of it all, you leave empty handed and broke. You are just paying for tools to promote someone’s business.

  2. Tamika Stevenson

    They are a big scam. I got scammed out of 2057.00. My $1.00 trail fee was refunded. I had 5 days to request a refund after purchasing the rise program of $2057.00. After requesting my refund before the 5 days was up I received an e- mail from the traffic funnel themselves that the Aspire program uses to generated traffic to their program (Cash Network).

    The e-mail stated, ” Please read this notice carefully.

    To ALL current and recently applied affiliate applicants to Cash Network.

    All affiliate accounts relating to Tim Donovan’s offers have unfortunately been inactivated.

    The offers affected are:  Done For You Business and Business In A Box.

    Although there is a much longer explanation to this situation, here are the basics:

    – Upon research Tim along with the Cash Network team discovered that there were affiliates using unauthorized methods of promoting the opportunity.

    – Only Email marketing was permitted. One such example was telling prospects on social media that they can signup for $1 and make $XXX.  This is unsubstantiated claims and could not continue.

    – Later the prospect was asked to signup to Cash Network and do the same thing as their referrer.  This is an unsustainable business model.

    – Cash Network was only the tracking platform for these offers.  We are NOT the advertiser/owner.  

     – We are a PRIVATE by referral only network for mainstream affiliate marketing.  

    – This was a special project we agreed to help with in order to help the most about of people alongside Tim Donovan.

    – Tim Donovan does not work for Cash Network and is an independent business.

    –  All current applications are being denied.  This is a final decision on most applications.

    – Although many affiliates to these specific offers have been inactivated, all payments due will still be paid.  

    – If any affiliate wishes to dispute their denial and/or inactivation please send an email to:  network@cashnetwork.com

    In your email please outline:

    – Your experience as an affiliate marketer
    –  Previous earnings history and where you are
     currently sending your traffic such as offers and other networks.
    – What are your traffic sources and how many clicks are you sending daily/monthly?

    SPECIAL NOTE:  Any derogatory comments on our public pages or to our staff members will result in permanent inactivation and/or permanent denial of current and future applications.


    Cash Network.”


  3. I saw their marketing. I’m suppose to buy it as it is just $1 trial for 14 days. Now after reading this review I understand what they are trying to do. Very helpful. Thank you.

  4. JJ

    Yes, they keep Emailing me to join this! What about Sponsor Shopping , my Sponsor who is successful
    and offers bonuses may attract the prospects I found and got interested to sign up under me as
    my Sponsor and other Big Players in Aspire have a lot of advertising that will compete with me if I join as I am not that experienced in online High Ticket sales!
    Also looked at a Top Tier program Tidom, how does this compare to Aspire in terms of making money?

    • You are spot on JJ. If you look at one of Digital Altitude highest earners you will realise that he has go websites such as ‘hotmlmcompanies’, ‘marketingextreme’, ‘worklesslivemoretoday’ and several other lead generating websites. The very business strategy that l recommend He does not use ANY of the costly methods that Digital Altitude teaches you such as paying for solo ads, Facebooks ads etc. l have added Tidom to my list of pending reviews.

  5. Yes, thank you for your review. I first went to a MOBE free night of basically getting pitched and it was good into starting up with their program. I thankfully only gave a $100 deposit and am now asking for that back (within the 3 day guarantee). Next I found Digital Altitude, but after reading your breakdown, it makes total sense. I also gathered that it was basically selling the same program to others and no real “product” so to speak. The MLM business is a hard one for me, because I hate recruiting. I am obviously looking for something to help generate a residual income. These two are not on my radar any longer. I will look at your offer, I have experience with Web-hosting. Let me check it out!

  6. I was contacted by Skyline Markets in May last year. I didn’t know much about trading and I was hesitant at first but the broker convinced me that I didn’t need much experience, and he said that he would guide me and teach me. At first, my trades were working well and I felt like I was really learning and picking up things fast. During a period of about 8 months I made deposits to my trading account totaling $40K. In January this year, my account balance reflected over $90K. I felt that I had done well and I wanted to withdraw some of my earnings to treat my family to a holiday. My broker told me that I would need to pay brokers commission before my cash could be accessed. I had already purchased flight tickets on my credit card and I was relying on my investment to pay this back, so sure that it was my money. I felt forced to taking out an additional loan to cover the brokers commission of $9,400. After I paid this amount to Skyline Markets, it became literally impossible to get hold of my broker. A “senior broker” eventually responded to me and said that I would not get my funds because I had signed bonus agreements. I was not aware of the consequences of this at the time. I did some research to investigate the legalities of this. It was really the first time I became suspicious, and it hindsight I can’t believe it took me so long to realize I was being scammed. I was in total dismay to find out that I, along with many others, was a victim of Skyline Markets. I would be in very serious financial trouble now if I had not found help through a mutual friend by hiring Geminihacks (dot) (com) to help me recover my funds including profits made within a week thank you so much guys.

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