1. Gary LaBlue

    Just wanted to throw some wood on the fire here. I purchased my wife a full set of knives and utensils in 1986 from a young college student raising funds for college tuition. I’m proud to say that in 2015 I returned the steak knife set to Cutco for re-sharpening at no cost. Cutco has a 100% warranty on all their products which includes lifetime FREE sharpening service. Last year 2016 for Christmas I purchased the full set of stainless steel handled knife set (12) each, and the (12) piece flatware nicely arranged in a mahogany display box. I also purchased the full set of Cutco Pots and Pans Cook Ware replacing very much worn out mix and match that my lovely wife had accumulated over 40+ years. Yes the Cutco Product line is pricy but in my humble opinion it has been well worth it. I’ve purchased pocket knives with engraving for business associates as gifts, gardening tools, scissors for the kitchen, scissors for sewing, and cutting boards from Cutco.

  2. Someones mom

    Totally agree that the product is great but the sales tactics are ridiculous. Such a great product could easily grow via normal sales channels and not seem so sinister with these stupid, dated sales tactics. I wouldn’t buy these knives just based on the sales pressure I’ve experienced even though they seem like a decent product….and I’d NEVER let my kids sell them!

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