Coffee Shop Millionaire Scam or Legit?

Coffee Shop Millionaire Video

Its difficult to find an honest Coffee Shop Millionaire review which does not saliently promote the program.

The purpose of this review to inform anyone who wants to join this program to figure out if this is the best online opportunity and its possible pitfalls.

What is Coffee Shop Millionaire?

Coffee Shop Millionaire scam was started by Anthony Trister, years back to train people on how to become internet marketing millionaires. The training is provided through 12 main videos which are approximately 13 minutes long.

You are taught how to do local marketing, create Facebook fan pages, use Twitter and email marketing to promote affiliate products. Unfortunately, the training is not catching up with the frequent changes to media marketing platforms.

The generic training is now outdated and not worth paying a dimme for.

Does Coffee Shop Millionaire Really Work?

  • when you join you will access great online marketing techniques including using key words to get rankings in search engines to generate traffic to your website.
  • information is presented via informative videos made by some great online entrepreneurs including modules such as Info Product Killer, Short’s Niche Profit Classroom.
  • you get access to some training on how to use useful software such a Traffic Travis to analyse your web traffic.

How this will work for you depends on your experience with internet marketing and is certainly not a recommended program for newbies. If it worked, why would Anthony and his affiliates spend valuable time begging others to become millionaires?

Coffee Shop Millionaire Complaints.

  • the information is not organised and it can be overwhelming to a newbie. Too many conflicting techniques, without a synchronised or coherent way to blend them together to build a common strategy.
  • most information is outdated and is accessible on the internet for free.
  • you are forced to pay a mandatory $1 995 for website hosting for two years which is less competitive when compared to other sites. Remember you can host your website for as little as $10/year elsewhere.
  • help is through emails and if you are not responded to the system has no back up support to pick outstanding issues.
  • you are spoon fed by having websites build for you and populated for you which is a handicap if you need to pursue other business interests later in life. Probably they know that if you learn how easy it is to build a WordPress website you will not see the reason to repay the favour for having a website created for you with a burdensome web hosting fee.
  • allied to the above point, the website is populated with adverts and/or videos promoting other people’s businesses which are often inconsistent with your website theme.
  • There are lots of up sells for example you pay to download videos and MP3s. Psst….. there is rumour that you can use modern software to download the videos for free. A possible reason Anthony Trister, thinks that there are ‘bad apples’ trying to ruin his old system.
  • the refund process is not automatic and relies on private emails which if they are ignored you become helpless.
  • Coffee Shop Millionaire phone numbers are fake and always  switch to voice mail before anyone attend to you.

How Much Does Coffee Shop Millionaire Cost?

Membership fee $37.00 per month –  can be reduced to $27 if you know the trick when joining.

Full Access fee $147.00 – is never talked about until you fall for the dangling fruit.

Web Hosting Fee $1 995.00

Domain accusation $100.00

Add this to a number of upsells whenever you want to elevate your status or download a particular video. Additionally, you will have to purchase the low quality Coffee Shop Millionaire traffic and pay for the recommended outsourced products.

Most people who are looking for legitimate opportunities to make money online do not have such kind of moneys to purchase endless upsells. We are all looking for work at home opportunities after being laid off, need to supplement our income or just to get some extra cash.

Is Coffee Shop Millionaire a Scam?

Yes it is my opinion. The decision is entirely yours; l only opened the Pandora’s Box for you so that you make an informed decision. I don’t have anything personal against CSM and I admit that programs work differently for different people. You can visit and join Coffee Shop Millionaire using the link on the video above.

How to Get a Coffee Shop Millionaire Refund.

We all make mistakes and at times we get our fingers burnt. The good news is, if you purchased this scam via Clickbank then your refund is guaranteed within 60 days.

The bad news is, Coffee Shop Millionaire has up-sells which are purchased outside the safe Clickbank environment. These are difficult if not impossible to get a refund for.

Frequently asked questions about CSM;

Is Coffee Shop Millionaire Legit or Real?

It is a legitimate program which people can voluntarily join and can get their refunds via Clickbank within 60 days if one is not happy with the products. It is definitely not a realistic way to become a millionaire.

Just like any other make money online scam, you are made to watch a video full of promises of wealth. Scarcity and projection of artificial  competition are used   to provoke a sense of urgency for one to join the company.

If they knew how to become millionaires, why do they need you and your money?

As for me building two of my own websites for Free and accessing up-to-date Free training to promote businesses of my passion is what is self fulfilling (see Wealthy Affiliate Review).

Share your experience with Coffee Shop Millionaire below.

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