Can You Rank a New Website on the First Page of Google.

Keyword Ideas

  l love carrying out experiments to see what works. l am currently perfecting my 'free manual keyword research tool' which exploits weaknesses l observed while using established tools (stay tuned). At the moment l am also experimenting with various methods to rank on the first page of Google beside You Tube videos. l will be sharing results soonest. Well, so l thought 'can a new website (created Jan, 2016) without any back links rank on the first page of Google? So l bought a [Read more...]

Are You Sick Of Constantly Falling For Scams Online?

If you read this story to the end .... it MAY change YOUR LIFE for good.... l am sorry if you expected a to watch a professional video on auto play, showing big houses, fast cars, bank account screen shots or any of that BS.... Add on fake video testimonials bought for $5 from Fiverr. l too fell for many get rich quick schemes, auto pilot systems and bought drums of snake oil. It was only after stumbling on a legit affiliate marketing training program, did l learn how to build a real [Read more...]