Are You Sick Of Constantly Falling For Scams Online?

If you read this story to the end …. it MAY change YOUR LIFE for good….

l am sorry if you expected a to watch a professional video on auto play, showing big houses, fast cars, bank account screen shots or any of that BS…. Add on fake video testimonials bought for $5 from Fiverr.

l too fell for many get rich quick schemes, auto pilot systems and bought drums of snake oil.

It was only after stumbling on a legit affiliate marketing training program, did l learn how to build a real online business.

I mean a real online business…

affiliate marketing success stories

Even if you have No E-mail List, No Money to get started, No Bank Account, No Tech Knowledge, No Prior Experience requireed. Even if you are a complete Newbie.

But you have the Passion, Drive and you are Teachable. You will get trained.

l know that sounds like a marketing fad ….. but it’s true.

Better still, you can start building your business today…. for FREE.

Unfortunately the FREE Membership is slowly being phased out. If you can NOT create a free account, it may mean that the option is no longer available in your country … SORRY!

Checkout if the program’s Free Membership is still available in your country …..

Dear Frustrated and Probably Scammed Online Opportunity Seeker,

Are you tired of all the LIES? … like the ‘too good to be true’ offer below?….

Too Good To Be True

Sick of buying CRAPPY products that don’t work?..

HATE the fact you still haven’t cracked the code?…

I know how you feel. l would love to help you change that….

But before I do…

You should know, I’m just a normal person staying in Stockholm, Sweden

I could not land a job in Sweden because of the language ….. so l decided to make money online.

I was sick of having to wake up in the early hours of the day and learn a new language, new alphabet with letters with ears …. Ö , ä, å.

I was tired of freezing my tail off working during the night distributing newspapers … Dagens Nyheter and Svenska Dagbladet.

I would come home from my night job every day tired, smelling of fresh ink and frustrated, BUT with an even stronger desire to make money online…

The more l tried to find legit online opportunities ….. the more l got scammed.

I used to hate myself for not succeeding in learning the language fast enough. Constantly got ANGRY when nothing worked online…

Life got so bad at one stage, I had to distribute newspapers at night, go to school to learn Swedish during the day without ever catching a nap …..

The freelance job l was doing online was too cumbersome ….. my fingers developed blisters from clicking the computer mouse.

My eyes became sore.

I took long sucking surveys online that is if l am not disqualified. Only to get less than $10 (80 Sek) a week …. which only buys two loaves of bread here in Sweden … Duh!

online surveys

Read on…. l will show you how you can use the same 30 minutes to write a product review that drives perpetual traffic to your website and offers.

Ultimately I had to make a decision…

Before I reveal how I escaped the rat race and finally made it, let me ask YOU a question?

Are you in the same position I was, trying to escape the rat race and achieve financial freedom?…

If you are, then I know how you feel…

You’re just like me and we’re cut from the same cloth. We both want financial freedom…

…so rather than TELL you HOW the affiliate training program l am going to show you CHANGED MY LIFE… …

Avert Scams review

 Now l Withdraw Money When Ever l Want.

OR show you videos with me cruising to Archipelagos, driving my Volvo, account screen shots and all that HYPE ….

Which makes you feel warm inside…

I’m going to SHOW YOU… how the same program can also IMPROVE YOUR LIFE ……

I’m going to show you HOW l learned to create websites like Avert Scams for FREE

You are probably reading this article while l am actually in the dreamland …. that is how you create passive income.

You only need to go through 10 FREE lessons ….. by the end of the 4th lesson your website is up and running.

affiliate marketing website examples

Look I get it…

I used to do EXACTLY what you’re doing… I’d browse the Internet, for different ways to make money online. Read loads of program reviews

Now l don’t waste my time reading reviews or programs which are FREE to join and NO account details are needed … l just try them out.

I joined the email list on every blog. Visited and joined various programs. Most of which, l never confirmed my membership. Let alone complete my account profile set-up ….

And l expected to succeed….?

The information is available for free online mentality WASTED LOADS OF MY TIME  …..

Common’ you need a structured program that has been proven to work.

I purchased countless products, trying new and attractive but expensive opportunities that only left me out of pocket and even more overwhelmed

I was starving for a SOLUTION to end this hunger of being financially stuck..

I was near the end of my financial and emotional limit

I was at the point of giving up and thinking that I would never ever make it online… worse still, English is NOT my first language.

The DRIVING FORCE that kept me going were the thoughts of learning yet another new Swedish word. Images of me trying to PUSH my newspaper laden cart out of snow. Taking constant crap from subscribers …if they get their news papers late.

Subscribers wanted their newspapers ON TIME and would not give a dame about weather conditions…

Or worse…

I was scared that they would write complaints to the office and l get money deducted

The money was ok, l would get 13 000 SEK after tax for working 3 hrs a day for 25 days…

Sweden Minimum Wage

This is the minimum wage in Sweden and will hardly take you through a month …. worse still with kids to take care of.

But one of the Free websites l had created, started to produce some results ….

I knew l had finally  broken the code….!

l upgraded my Wealthy Affiliate status to Premium Membership and the advanced training helped me triple my website traffic in 2 months.

You know that once you get traffic to your website …… there are endless opportunities to turn visitors into customers.


Avertscams traffic


I had stumbled upon this NO fluff, NO BS affiliate training ….

No one spends hours telling you HOW much is in their bank account.

Better still, it is the ONLY affiliate training program without a SINGLE Up-sell. The monthly Premium Membership fee is fixed. You can even pay a discounted fee for the whole year.

l stopped spreading myself too thin… focused on building my business. Below is a recent Avert Scams traffic update. As traffic increases, INCOME also increases.

Avert Scams Traffic Update

To Succeed Online You Must Focus On ONLY a SINGLE Program …

This statement ultimately changed my life forever…

Hoping from one program to another will waste loads of your time … talk of chasing TWO RABBITS at one time.

Most of the programs l joined where too technical to understand …. Half the staff was fluff. Lots of HYPE to drive me into the next up-sell.

Yet, the program l am talking about made it sound so SIMPLE 

The training explains a simple proven formula for earning semi-passive income online and has worked for decades

The training is so streamlined and the tools provided makes the process so EASY. Even my 10-year-old can create a website in a minute or less ….

As you can see from the Web-builder (screen shot below) …. just plug in ‘The Name of Your Website‘. Choose a ‘Look‘ or template. Hit ‘enter‘ and in a minute your website is ready….

In fact the average time it takes, is 34 seconds

Wordpress Web Builder

It is really that EASY ….

Do not take my word for it. Enter a fictitious name of your website in the space below. Click on ‘Build it Now’….

Follow the simple instructions and watch as the magic happen. Don’t worry, you can delete it later and build another one. Just wanted to prove my point.

Anyone, who can type, click a mouse and follow instructions can do this…. Gone are the days of learning about website coding.

Everything you need to know to earn passive income will be covered thoroughly on the inside and…

Don’t Worry There’s No Hurdles To Jump Over! 

Once you set YOUR website up, and follow the guidance…

You will SEE, with time that … This REALLY works…

It was an amazing feeling when I made my first sale online…

With time l could comfortably provide for my kids …

I knew I was onto something here…

I had finally found something that worked… it is working for 1 000s of active members too. Check your ranking after joining.

And… after all the struggle I finally felt RELIEF…

FREE from that feeling of helplessness and despair.

And now I am going to give you the the keys of earning income online …

Join For Free

Here’s What This Will Help YOU with … I am confident in the RESULTS l have achieved … And… I KNOW it works… even if English is not your first language.

Read any of my reviews and you can pick one or two grammatical mistakes….

I hope the person l hired for $5 from Fiverr edited this article well. l wanted my story to be understandable.

I literally was able to finally QUIT my night job and focus entirely on this PROVEN system…

“Introducing Wealthy Affiliate

Here’s A Sneaky Peak At A Fraction Of What You’ll Discover When You Say ‘YES’ And Access The Free Members Area:

Wealth Affiliate Training and Tools

BONUSES if you used any link on this website to join this program; 

You will try out ALL Premium features for 7 days which include:

  • One-on-One coaching from me.
  • Direct excess to the founders of the program.
  • 24/7 live chat and direct email support.
  • Onsite Keyword tool for unlimited searches. …. and lots more.

If you really like the Premium Membership you can pay as little as $19 in to continue with the program for a further 30 days.

Premium membership includes; Live webinars.

Live Webinars

  • Unlimited hosting for websites, live chat support and much more….

“This Is As Simple As Following 4 Easy Steps”

The TRAINING that takes you by the hand to get your first website up and running …

The program is NOT jealousy. You can use your websites to promote ANY products or affiliate programs of your choice … even those l labelled as scams on this website. The choice is yours. Of course, NO adult themes.

The Free program is being phased out in some countries. So make sure to get your instant Free for ever account…. NOW!

It remains free unless you choose to upgrade to Premium Membership …

l could have bought ‘testimonial videos for $5‘ …… BUT l didn’t …… There is no need to influence people to make a certain choice.

Video testimonials

What Is This Life-Changing Opportunity Worth To You?

The content that comes with the Free program and the tools is easily worth WAY MORE THAN $199.

However, the program is there to help as many people as possible find their freedom and happiness.

So it is free to join. If you can’t join, do not despair …. you can still take the affiliate lessons without even creating an account. That’s a steal…

Joining this program is a risk-free decision you will have made.

NO account details are needed to join ….. 100 % FREE to get started.

Wealthy affiliate free account

Go through the training, build your websites and promote them.

If you don’t like the program for any reason … you just call it quits! There is nothing to loose. l understand that NO make money online program is for everyone.

I am so confident that this MAY work for you. Yet, there are NO guaranteed results in real business.

Nokia is pulling out of the smart phone business because of losses; yet Apple is killing it.

I will see you on the inside! Will welcome you and give you further instructions.

l know navigating a new website dashboard can be a challenge and overwhelming. That is why l will take time, to show you around.

If you join this program TODAY. You will see it is the best decision you’ll ever make in your life. That’s my promise …

Join For Free

Frequently Asked Questions?

Can I Really Make Money With This Method?

YES you can! If you follow the training and most importantly YOU take ACTION! This is ‘Real Business’; you get what you put in. There are billions of websites using this method to earn income online. Millions of bloggers earn commissions for selling Amazon products through their unique affiliate links placed on their websites.

What Does This Method Entail?

Money is made on the Internet by selling products and services to people. This program will show you Step By Step in detail, how to get people in front of what ever you are selling. Provide ALL the essential tools in ONE PLACE. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to promote CPA (Cost Per Action), Affiliate Offers, eBay, Amazon, eCom Or Anything Else.

The money you make with your FREE WEBSITES, is 100% YOURS.

The websites are yours, YOU promote and sell what you want. You can even create a website for your kids or Church. The choice is entirely YOURS.

Can This Really Bring In Passive Income?

l prefer to call it semi-passive, because l still need to post more reviews. Answer questions by visitors. Once your website starts to get a decent amount of free traffic, you are set to turn those visitors into customers and get paid.

Can A Total Beginner Who Doesn’t Have A List, A Website, Tech Knowledge And No Previous Experience Really Do This?

Yes, absolutely. The Free program takes care of someone who has heard the words ‘affiliate marketing‘ today. Premium Membership is for the seasoned willing to scale up their businesses…. and every one in between.

How Much Money Can l Make With This Program?

It is up to YOU. You have the training, tools and support that you need to excel. l created 9 websites in various niches and l can even create 20 more. You need to take ACTION. Be consistent and patient.

If you want to get rich quick …. SORRY… this is certainly NOT for you.

l will gladly answer any questions you have before you join this program.


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