1. Nikki

    I was just looking at your About Avert Scams | Avert Scams site and see that your website has the potential to become very popular. I just want to tell you, In case you didn’t already know… There is a website service which already has more than 16 million users, and most of the users are interested in niches like yours. This traffic network advertises you to thousands, while also giving you a chance to test the service before paying anything. In box if you are interested.

    • Ergonomic

      Thanks Nikki, for the offer. l will in box and check it out and will be posting a review here at avertscams.com about my experience. l hope that your traffic is not from ‘robots’ some of which only visit the contact me page for seconds —- lol.

  2. Gety

    Thanks for the info. Will definitely tryout your recommended affiliate marketing program since it is free to get started.

    • Ergonomic

      Thanks, Hans for the words of encouragement. Sad, that you once fell for a scam like what l did before deciding to inform others.

  3. You need targeted visitors for your What is Avert-scams All About? | Avert Scams website so why not get some for free? There is a VERY POWERFUL and POPULAR company out there who now lets you try their traffic service for 7 days free of charge. I am so glad they opened their traffic system back up to the public!

    • Ergonomic

      Thanks Brittany, l will read some reviews about Raised SEO before trying it out. If l do try it, l will write a review on my experience here on Avert Scams. One more tip: try to personalize your comments because l Google search comments before approval. If the generic comment has been repeatedly posted all over the internet, l permanently delete it.

  4. Rozella

    I see huge monetizing potential on your page. I browse your website
    often on my smartphone and don’t see any ads. You can monetize all your mobile traffic very easily just by installing simple wp plugin, just search in google for – mobile ads plugin

    • Ergonomic

      Thank you Rozella for the heads up. l will search for the plugin when the time comes to monetize the blog.

  5. I find your site very honest on a topic that I’m very passionate about: Helping people avoid home business scams by educated them to many of the common ‘Guru’ practices going on inside products being sold in the Internet Marketing Marketplace today. I just published an e-book on Kindle to give both beginners and serial failures inside the IM realm some no-nonsense information on how to avoid IM scams. Great site!

    • Scam Busters

      Thank you Guru Crusher for your words of encouragement and helping people avoid being sucked into ‘Gurus’ bottom-less sales funnels. Read a sample of your book and l liked your precise definition of the term ‘Guru’. All the best.

    • Hi CG? l am not sure about ‘that site in WA’ that you are referring to? However, please not that Wealthy Affiliate is not a marketing place in which you can promote your own product or opportunity. WA provides web-hosting if you want to move the website you already have onto their servers. You will have to create your own websites inside WA. You can create 2 websites for free. l hope l have answered your question.

  6. Thanks for the great help, it’s really useful for beginners like me, I got some knowledge about affiliate marketing, some unsuccessful affiliates are shouting that affiliate marketing a scam, keep exposing scams.

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