1. MCNinja

    I have been curious and wondering about this company for a while now. But as soon as you mention at the start about “how easy it is to recruit” – the alarm bells immediately went off. Any MLM that starts with recruiting first before customers should raise a red flag.
    Great breakdown on the traffic stats!
    Btw…is your friend still in the program? And how is she doing?

  2. Chris

    Yuck – product based MLM systems are set up so only the top 10% can find ANY form of profit. Most leave the group with no money made and completely out of pocket. The main problem is the products – most of these are poor, poor quality giving the members no chance at building anything real..other than roping their unsuspecting family members into it!

  3. Geoffrey AYEBAZIBWE

    I thank you for your option but give me any business where success let is above 20% and I will tell you that the universe has laws such as gravity even 20/80 rule and better you learner for 18$ than not learn at all from [SPAM LINK DELETED].

  4. Sincere

    You know this is the second or third site calling 4C a scam. Listen the BBB states that any business WITHOUT A PRODUCT that only promote being paid to recruit is a scam. 4C has products, it doesn’t matter what you may feel the quality of the content is, the company has products, no longer a scam. The reason why so many people don’t make money is because they don’t promote themselves.

    • Any product is a PRODUCT — lol. You don’t know how MLMs cover their back from authorities do you? Who in their right sense WOULD buy a product freely available all over the Internet if it is not linked to an ‘opportunity’?

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