Top Ten Tools l Use To Grow My Business.

Affiliate Marketing Tools

Tools that you need to build your own business online. l only recommend tools that l have used or l am still using so if you have any questions let me know in the commentary box below. To be frank ... l want it stupid simple and cheap. As long as a cheaper tool can achieve my intended goals, why bother paying for an expensive one? For my money sites, l upgrade the websites once they get traction and can finance the expenditure. l am loss evasive. There is no point in spending money [Read more...]

Are You Sick Of Constantly Falling For Scams Online?

If you read this story to the end .... it MAY change YOUR LIFE for good.... l am sorry if you expected a to watch a professional video on auto play, showing big houses, fast cars, bank account screen shots or any of that BS.... Add on fake video testimonials bought for $5 from Fiverr. l too fell for many get rich quick schemes, auto pilot systems and bought drums of snake oil. It was only after stumbling on a legit affiliate marketing training program, did l learn how to build a real [Read more...]

Wealthy Affiliate : Free Online Affiliate Marketing Training, Tools & Support.

Have you ever wished for free affiliate marketing training, access  to free tools and free support? Well, now you are a minute away from ALL you need to get started with affiliate marketing .... All In One Place. Wealthy Affiliate University, brings together all the tools you need to not only to get started with affiliate marketing, but you can earn while you learn. You will find; systematic affiliate marketing lessons, essential tools and forum support. All on ONE intuitive [Read more...]

What Really is Affiliate Marketing?

Old Days Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is an effort to make money as we used to, back in the day…WAY back in the day. A sales representative would stand at the door of a Brick and Mortar shop. Invite passersby inside the shop. If they bought any product, the sales rep received a commission. It worked back then and probably is still working to date.... Why people like you are doing it the easy way. You see, since the coming of internet people hate standing on shop fronts. Besides no-one likes [Read more...]