Are You Sick Of Constantly Falling For Scams Online?

My Story

If you read this story to the end .... it MAY change YOUR LIFE for good.... l am sorry if you expected a to watch a professional video on auto play, showing big houses, fast cars, bank account screen shots or any of that BS.... Add on fake video testimonials bought for $5 from Fiverr. l too fell for many get rich quick schemes, auto pilot systems and bought drums of snake oil. It was only after stumbling on a legit affiliate marketing training program, did l learn how to build a real [Read more...]

Wealthy Affiliate : Free Online Affiliate Marketing Training, Tools & Support.


Have you ever wished for free affiliate marketing training, excess to free tools and free support? Well, now you are a minute away from ALL you need to get started with affiliate marketing .... All In One Place. Wealthy Affiliate University, brings together all the tools you need to not only to get started with affiliate marketing, but you can earn while you learn. You will find; systematic affiliate marketing lessons, essential tools and forum support. All on ONE intuitive desktop, [Read more...]

The Anatomy Of A Viable or Failing MLM.

MLM Scam Avoid

The Anatomy Of A Viable or Failing MLM. One of the the visitors to Avert Scams asked me for advice of how to avoid joining non-performing MLM or Network Marketing companies. Well, l am not a fan of the two business models, but l thought of writing a rough guide on how to to use third part spying part tools to dig out important information about any program. If you were wondering how you can find out the amount of traffic visiting the MLM website, its sources, destination and various [Read more...]